Dragon of the Eldrtich

"So, what is this place called again?" Issei asked idly as he sat on a picnic blanket, him and Aza leaning their shoulders on each other as they ate their lunch.

All around them was a land of red stones, a mountain to their back. Up in the sky had the massive planet of Jupiter to their left and to the right were...all the other moons and objects that orbited the gas giant.

Issei had to admit, it was rather breathtaking, in more than one way. It was still weird not need oxygen, but while it didn't harm him, the vacuum of space still gave a small chill to his being.

"Well, most Eldritch call it the Scarlet Teardrop, in your tongue at least. I think the humans named it after some nymph that raised that one storm god," Aza answered as held up a sandwich to Issei's mouth. "Here, take a bite."

Issei obliged, taking time to chew and savor it. "Hmm, not bad. Did you make this yourself?"

Aza looked a bit sheepish as she hid the lower half of her face behind a sandwich. "Well, yes and no. I tried to make it as a human would, but that led to some...accidents that I needed Yog to help take care of. So I just kind of...willed these into existence."

"Oh? So you could say I'm eating up your thoughts?" Issei asked playfully.

"You've been doing that for a long time," Aza said affectionately, nuzzling into his shoulder. "I'm really glad you're okay."

"Yeah, about that? I grew a spike out of my shoulder in that fight. Should I be worried?" Issei asked uncertainly.

"No, not at all," Aza said, tapping the shoulder playfully. "Your Eldritch nature just peaked out a bit more to help defend you. Like a drainel rush."

"...Adrenaline rush?" Issei guessed.

"Ugh, why must humans make such overly complicated names for every little thing," Aza complained.

Issei sweat-dropped at that. "I mean...?"

"Hey, our naming system is very straightforward if you know the language," Aza defended, grabbing a purple-colored apple and taking a bite.

On second look, Issei decided it might be an oversized grape. "Isn't that the same with all languages and names?"

"Yeah, but humans use languages they don't know or use anymore for naming things," Aza pointed out.

"...Okay, you know, that's fair," Issei granted. "So, is Nyarly still lurking about?"

"She always is," Aza answered with a sigh.

"Is there a reason you can't just put her in time-out?" Issei asked with a head tilt.

"Yes. No. It's...complicated," Aza said with a depressed sigh. "Issei, look, I...wasn't the best mother. Because, well...I'm the first mother, technically. Well, literally."

Issei raised an eyebrow. "Did you...have every one of the Eldritch or their grandparents?"

"Kind of. Eldritch reproduction isn't as straightforward as it is for mortals. We have...multiple options," Aza explained vaguely. "Anyway, my point is. I...didn't know how to be a mother. I couldn't! I was the first one to try it! And Nyarly is the way she is primarily because of me. And I don't...like punishing her because I feel responsible. Does that make any-"

Aza stopped as Issei pulled her into a deep hug. "It makes too much sense, Aza," Issei assured.

"...Really? You're not just...saying that, right?" Aza asked nervously.

"Aza, I'm beginning to realize that Love is the single strangest, most eldritch emotion in the universe," Issei admitted with a headshake. "It doesn't make sense, but it makes things make sense when they really don't, and it makes sure nothing is as simple as it should be."

"...Wow," Aza said in surprise. "That sounds like experience. Did you...remember some of your past lives?"

"No," Issei answered with a fond smile. "But...Aza? I keep treating this like it's something simple. Well, as simple as love canbe. But... it's not. You're the Queen of the Eldritch. And everyone keeps treating me like I'm someone important-"

"You are important, Issei," Aza said firmly.

"Important to them, Aza," Issei amended. "Look, I love you. I do, seriously. And to me, that's all there is. But after everything? It's finally sinking in that me being with you means a lot more to everyone else in ways I didn't care about at first."

"...Issei, you do realize you're becoming a God, right?" Aza reminded with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, but I didn't think that'd be much of a big deal for a long time still," Issei explained with a sigh. "I get it, you made mistakes at the "Dawn of Time" when you had no one to explain shit to you. I know "I" am still going to mess up even with you and everyone else telling me everything I need to know. We just got to deal with it, learn, and make sure to break plenty of bedframes in between," Issei finished with a grin.

Aza's ponytails stood straight up at the surprise shift in topic, her smile turning lewd. "Oh, we will break plenty of things that way, Issei. Beds, tables, planets, laws of reality."

"Promises, promises, Aza," Issei said with a grin.

Aza giggled and stole a kiss from him.

"...Seriously, we're not going to break this moon doing it here, right?" Issei asked cautiously.

"One way to find out~," Aza said in a sing-song voice.


There was an awkward moment after everyone returned to the clubhouse.

"What should we do now?" Tsubaki asked, looking between the two kings.

"If the Eldritch are to be trusted, the way home will be cleared tomorrow," Sona reminded.

"No offense, but should we even try that again?" Koneko asked, placing Gasper on the couch.

"Koneko has a point," Rias mused, tapping her chin. "But I think we'll be safe. If they're clearing the space between worlds, they'll at least be watching for another thing like this."

"That's a bit of an assumption," Sona remarked. "We'll have to speak with the Satans about another train. But for the night..."

"You can all stay here, of course," Rias allowed instantly before looking apologetic. "We have spare futons, but we'll need to share the beds and couches."

"Dibs on the couch," Saji said, moving his leg around. "If only so I have a place to perch my leg on comfortably.

"You can have a bed, Saji, along with some of the others," Sona stated firmly. "Rias and I will take the couch."

"Are you sure, Sona? Seriously, I don't mind the couch," Saji assured.

"You nearly got your leg broken by an eldritch fruit with thorns for tongues," Momo stated with a chuckle. "You get to have the bed."

"Besides, it would hardly be the first time Sona and I slept on a couch together," Rias assured. "Kiba, Koneko? Show them where we keep the futons."

The two peerages filtered out of the room, leaving only Rias, Sona, their queens, and the unconscious Gasper.

"Okay, so, Issei Hyoudou is not human anymore," Rias summarized with a thoughtful look.

"If he ever was," Sona agreed. "Even if we ignore that shoulder spike of his, having mental contact with the Daemon Sultana..."

"Oh, it's more than just mental," Akeno said with a meaningful smile.

"What do you mean?" Tsubaki asked, Sona and Rias looking at the half-fallen with interest.

"Issei and her are sleeping together," Akeno said with a naughty smile.

Everyone just stared at that with mile-long looks in their eyes.

"I was hoping that was just some banter between them, and not...something serious," Rias muttered, recalling all the innuendos between Issei and Aza. For all she knew, Aza didn't comprehend intercourse as non-Eldritch did. But, apparently, she did.

"Even if it's just an avatar in human form, that is still..." Sona trailed off for a moment. "Disturbing."

"He's still sane though, or relatively, " Rias observed curiously. "But if that's true, this dating thing isn't just an act of any kind. More to the point, the other Eldritch appear to approve of him."

"Approve?" Sona repeated incredulously. "Rias, were we watching the same thing? The Outer Gods treat him either casually or with respect."

"Madam Yi did say to give all thanks to Issei, not to her," Akeno recalled.

"And Aza herself is..." Rias recalled with a thoughtful look. "Indulgent? Doting? She practically treats him as an equal in their relationship."

"That's my point," Sona said meaningfully.

"...Sona, are you suggesting that Issei Hyoudou...?" Tsubaki asked carefully.

Rias sighed and said what Sona was thinking. "That man is effectively King of the Eldritch."


"A-are you sure it's okay we left before Issei and Aza got back?" Asia asked nervously as she sat in her room.

"It's fine, it's fine. Lady Yog told me I should wake you up and leave before everyone got back," Aika answered with a dismissive wave, taking a look around the greyed-out room. "So, you got a copy of Lord Issei's room? Oh, the perversion that must live in here."

"Perversion?" Asia repeated thoughtfully. "Huh. Aza did say that Issei, umm, removed some things from here."

"Oh, I bet he did," Aika mused, sitting at the computer. "Does this thing actually work?"

"I've never tried it. I've never really had much experience with computers," Asia said sheepishly.

Aika looked at her with a smirk. "Oh, I get to corrupt you with the internet. Joy!" she said deviously, turning around to turn it on.

Only to blink as the monitor blinked, turning into a giant eye.

Said eye proceeded to unfold into a four-way mouth, roaring out with a tentacle tongue.

Aika screamed and fell backward. Asia gasped, rushing over to try and turn it off by pressing the same button. She was surprised but relieved when that worked.

"Anyone get the number on that gaunt that hit me?" Aika joked as she sat up with a pained voice.

"Are you alright?" Asia asked as she crouched down and gasped. "You're bleeding!" she said, holding up her hands to try and heal Aika, who was bleeding from the nose and eyes.

"Yeah, that's what I get for taking my blindfold off," Aika said with a head shake. "Don't worry, I only lost about five percent of my sanity just now."

"Did you really?" Asia asked in concern.

"Yeah? Why wouldn't...huh," Aika stopped, looking Asia up and down. "You're not affected. That's interesting."

"Is it?" Asia asked. "I've had a few headaches, but nothing like that."

"Hmmm. The Great Center is less reserved around you, so you should be having some more issues than that," Aika remarked, grabbing Asia's wrist and examining the Twilight Healing. "Do these cure sanity too?"

"I don't think so," Asia answered uncertainly. "At least, it never seemed to help with wounds that were more of the mind or heart."

"Really? Well, it might have gotten an upgrade just from being loosely attached to the Queen and her Kungur," Aika remarked.

"So, the Eldritch really do have that sort of effect even on their worshippers?" Asia inquired with an uncertain tone.

"Oh yeah. We have some tolerance built up to it, but hardly anyone is truly immune to the strains they can put on the mind. More so if the Eldritch isn't really trying to be careful. Of course, normal humans not in the supernatural normally aren't at risk at all. Eldritch Camo and Cloaking keep them sane so long as they are blissfully ignorant."

"...Aika? Why do you follow the Eldritch?" Asia asked curiously. "I...don't mean any disrespect, but being around them hurts you. And I thought they...didn't really care much for mortals?"

"And my pain is part of my offerings to them," Aika answered with a smile. "But that's a complicated question. For most of us, it's the same as worshipping any other god, when you get down to it. We choose what higher being or beings we want to worship and put our trust in. We just choose the highest we could. And unlike terrestrials, Eldritch are eternal. We know our deities will be around for all of eternity."

Asia looked down, remembering that the God of the Bible was well and truly dead.

"Sorry, didn't mean to poke that wound," Aika apologized. "And yeah, getting too close to them hurts us. The same is true for anything else, like getting too close to the sun or swimming too deep into the sea. You have to treat them with respect. Not like a king, but a force of nature that will destroy you without noticing, or a beast that will tolerate your presence if you don't provoke it."

"...God always brought me comfort," Asia said softly. "Does worshipping Aza and the others bring comfort?"

"In a semi-nihilistic kind of way," Aika admitted. "Asia? For us, nothing matters besides the Eldritch. They are more real than us, than anything. They are a true part of reality, and humanity would cease to be if they weren't fond of us. So think about it? What is more fulfilling than following the will of a being that you KNOW matters, and is important in ways you will never understand?"

Asia sat there in a strange, considering silence.

"Asia, the Daemon Sultana is the ruler of the universe, she can change reality just by dreaming," Aika continued. "Do you know what it means just to stand in front of her? To kneel before her? If she crushed my skull herself, that means there is no doubt I truly existed because the Queen of the Eldritch herself touched my head to kill me."

"...Does that mean it's impossible for them to love mortals?" Asia asked softly.

"Oh no, they can," Aika said with a chuckle. "Despite everything, Issei WAS human once, and the Daemon Sultana loved him so much she made him her Sultan. The Black Goat takes her most beloved followers and reincarnates them into her children. Lady Yog herself has had a child or two with humans."

Asia smiled a bit at that.

"But even if they don't love you back, that shouldn't stop you from loving them," Aika pointed out.

"Of course not," Asia agreed softly. "Love isn't always mutual. That doesn't mean it isn't real."

Aika just nodded in agreement.

"...Aika? Could... could you teach me some Eldritch prayers?" Asia asked timidly.

"Oh, Asia, it would be my pleasure," Aika promised, trying not to sound too happy about this turn of events.

Corruption Plan B was a-go!


Lemon Warning

Issei sighed contently as he lay on the tiny moon's surface, naked as the day he was born with an equally nude Aza resting on his chest, her legs curled around one of his.

He glanced around, somewhat surprised to see how...unaffected the terrain was. Normally there was some un-warping that needed to be done. Granted, one of the other moons above them had turned into a pyramid with inverted corners

"I wish these moments could last forever," Aza whispered, a finger trailing over his chest, the back of her hand covered in red scales with little thorns jutted out, pulsing in a pleased manner. "Maybe one day, we'll always be one."

The idea of a total fusion with Aza wasn't entirely romantic or appealing to him right now but in a billion years? Who knew what he'd think of it after some strange eons pass.


Aza gasped, the thorns pulsing in excitement now as Issei pushed up his knee, pressing and grinding it against Aza's pussy.

"Who said we're done?" Issei said playfully as he leaned over and began to kiss and lick at her neck.

"Mmm, or maybe we'll just keep making love eternally, once you can last that long," Aza purred in excitement.

That, on the other tentacle, had a lot of appeal to Issei in the here and now. "Best to keep practicing," Issei said as he reached up and grabbed one of Aza's ponytails.

Aza let out a small groan as he did, now all but humping his knee now.

Issei smirked as he got better access to Aza's neck. She liked it a little rough. Not too rough, not yet, but just enough to make her need to hold her meat-suit together properly.

Her hair wrapped around his wrist, tightly, and actually pulled his arm just a little harder, even as the hair turned into a series of tiny, clawless animal paws.

Aza breathed deep and it was almost a growl as she pushed him back down onto the ground. "You mind if I ride you a bit while you...rein me in?" Aza asked, moving to straddle his waist.

Issei didn't know if it was intentional or subconscious on Aza's part, but the moon had moved enough so that Jupiter was right behind Aza, framing her form as she looked at him with desire. It gave her a look of both primal need and divine regality.

In response, Issei bucked his hips up, his cock pressing into her wet, eager hole.

Aza inhaled before suddenly slamming her hips down on him, her hips meeting his with vigor.

Issei grunt in pleasure as he removed his hand from her hair and began to knead and fondle her breasts. But his tail picked up the slack, grabbing both ponytails and pulling back just enough for Aza to feel the tugging of her skin.

Where did he get a tail? Issei didn't question it anymore. Just like how he didn't question the red moon turning green below them or the distant mountain erupting with bright black water that streamed down the side.

No, he was too invested in attending to and being attended by this needy, lustful goddess. And Aza? As always when they made love, her eyes were always on him and only him: His pleasure, his body, his love, his lust, his everything. She wanted to feel every bit of his existence and he was all too willing to oblige.

Aza smirked and suddenly she now had three boobs.

The simplest of things sometimes had the greatest effect, Issei pausing for only an instant before lurching up to take the middle breast into his mouth, nibbling and biting it.

Aza groaned out something like the roar of a shrill dragon, wrapping her arms around Issei and pulling him closer…her many, many arms. Each is different, but all are Aza. Her nails would have claws through his back if not for the crystalized surface growing over it.

Aza chirped in surprise, causing him to pause. "What?" he asked, pulling back to eye her as his breathing was deep and craving for her.

"Mmmm? Did you grow a second cock?" she asked with a primal smile that was wider than her mouth, sweat illuminating her body.

Issei checked the feeling in his pelvis, his cock still buried firmly in the tight embrace of her womanhood. "No, that's a second tail," he answered with a smirk.

"With how it's going for my ass, I think it wants to be a second cock," she purred. "Here, let me help with that..."

She reached back and spread her cheeks, inviting the smaller, stubbier tail access to poke and prod her rosebud.

Issei practically snarled as he recaptured her lips, their humping redoubled with the efforts of his new limb to invade her more forbidden entrance.

Aza groaned and shuddered as it finally wiggled in, cumming on his true cock, her skin rippling into a blue shade for an instant as she struggled to keep hold of her disguise.

End of Lemon


"You'd think he'd pardon the occasional cock-blocking with all the cock-enabling I do," Yog mused to herself with a sigh, watching the lovemaking from a point in time that existed after "Before" ended and before "Later" began.

Her eyes drifted to Jupiter. She, in the future, was having a confrontation with Shub. She wasn't looking forward to that. She could feel her own future emotions like a human sees a storm: Obviously coming towards them with little chance of avoiding it.

Still, it wasn't like she was procrastinating. Someone had to make sure Issei and Aza didn't do too much to Jupiter's moons. Some of these were actually important after all.

"Still hiding, eh, Yog?"

Yog narrowed her eyes as she looked over her shoulder. "If you try anything-"

"Are you implying I would hurt my new Father?" Nyarlathotep asked with a smirk.

"No," Yog answered knowingly. "But if you do anything to interrupt them right now...?"

"Mother would be furious," Nyarly agreed wryly. "But I didn't come to talk about our new King."

"Then why are you here?" Yog asked pointedly.

"Oh, just checking in on my poor niece," Nyarly answered whimsically.

Yog snorted. "I'm touched, "Aunty.""

"I wasn't talking about you."

Yog froze as if stricken, slowly turning to face the cruel, golden eyes of Nyarlathotep.

"All the time in the world, and you spend every moment of it away from her," Nyarly said coyly. "How cruel you are to poor Shub."

The Hound of Tindalos appeared. Then another, and another, crawling from every corner of Yog's hole in the timelines, their oozing blue forms glaring at the Black Pharaoh.

But Nyarly, in all her wicked visages, only laughed. "Now that's cute, Yog. Go ahead, and destroy this form if it helps you vent. I have five more."

"They're not for you," Yog answered with an empty, wide, unholy smile. "Tell me, Aunty? How many of your precious toys do you think I can rip from the timeline? How many can you keep a hold of without ruining them?"

If anything, that seemed to delight the cruel goddess even more. "Now that sounds like fun," she said as she waltzed up to Yog, placing a lazy half-armed hug around her, Yog eyeing her the entire time. "But I wonder how many of those playthings you REALLY know about?"

Yog narrowed her eyes.

"It'll be so amusing to find out how many I kept out of your all-seeing sight, Great Key," Nyarly whispered.

Yog glared for a moment longer before dismissing the hounds. "Did you have something to say or did you just want to torment someone your own size for a change?"

Nyarly hummed as she removed herself from the Time goddess's form. "Despite everything, we are on the same side."

Yog didn't dispute that. Nyarlathotep was cruel to mortals and loved to twist the emotions of her fellow Eldritch, but she did aid them in her own ways.

"You should keep an eye on the sealed Eldritch," Nyarly warned idly.

Yog frowned. "I already am."

Nyarly turned to her with a mysterious smile. "Oh, Yog. You know as well as I that Mother's honeymoon on Earth is drawing all kinds of attention from around the cosmos."

Yog's eyes slowly went wide.

"Ahh, I see you remember that I am not the only one above your gaze," Nyarly said with a giggle, and Yog knew someone somewhere just died painfully. "Poor Yog. You must hate us, those of the Outer Gods that your precious time can't touch. To be reminded of just how truly fallible you rea-"


Everything stopped, both Outer Gods slowly looking out into real-time, where Aza and Issei were still humping like unearthly rabbits. But the Eldritch Queen was glaring over Issei's shoulder, beyond time and space, right at the vile goddess she had spawned.

Leave. Now.

Nyarlathotep met her mother's gaze before fading away into a mist of blackness.

Yog breathed deeply and felt even her true form uncoiling some in a faraway time and place. Dealing with Nyarly was always a hassle. "Hard to believe she's related to my parents."

End of Chapter

Hehe, well, more eldritch love making, Rias and Soa finally pieced together that Issei is basically the Eldritch King. Look, that might seem obvious, but from their point of view, its a strange and insane thought.

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