Dragon of the Eldritch

While it was a rather strange notion still, Issei rather enjoyed the dating and lovemaking on another planet. Or another planet's moon rather, but who cared?

However, he found the next part as amusing as it was annoying.

"Dammit, Yog," Aza muttered as they passed through one of the halls of the Agtsun'lutun. One that was more or less horizontal in direction, thankfully for Issei. "She knows I need her or Shub to send us back to Earth."

"How bad would it be if you tried?" Issei asked in morbid curiosity.

"You'd probably have to relearn all the new landmasses after I accidentally warped the continents into new shapes and places," Aza answered casually. "And probably kill, I don't know, a tenth of all humanity?"

That idea didn't appeal to Issei, but it also didn't horrify him as much as it probably should. "Yeah, let's not do that," he decided as he walked around a hole, leading down into another passage. "What's that smell?"

"Hmm?" Aza paused and took a sniff. "Oh, we're just over, umm, I guess you could call it rehab?"

"Rehab for what, exactly?" Issei questioned in surprise.

"Some Eldritch get addicted to...something...that I don't think humans have a word for?" Aza answered uncertainly. "We call it Kyet. You know how the Ozone keeps planets from frying?"

Issei blinked. "Ozone is an Eldritch drug?"

"No, Kyet is more of a concept than a physical thing. But if too much Kyet is eaten, the Ozone can't stay formed," Aza answered with a shrug. "It doesn't do anything for Eldritch Gods, it's not potent enough for us, but for the lesser Eldritch? It's addictive. And getting them un-addicted to it can make their bodies hurl and molt, and regrow eyeballs they weren't missing or didn't have."

"I...well, okay, I'm not surprised by the smell then," Issei decided to accept. "I guess it's nice you have a place to help get them off it."

"If you're Eldritch, you're Eternal. Which means that we're all stuck together," Aza pointed out with a smile over her shoulder. "So I'd rather most of us get along if we can."

Issei returned the smile but stopped walking. "Umm, Aza?" he said awkwardly, glancing down.

Aza blinked, realizing she was walking out on open air, having idly ignored gravity without realizing it. "Huh? Where are we again?" she asked, glancing around at the large void she had wandered out into. "Oh, right, this is the main entrance..."

As if on cue, Issei felt a small pang in his head but received no vision. Because none was needed.

Into the massive canyon floated an enormous tentacle of purple and puss-soaked flesh, covered with suckers linked with needling fangs and vile tongues. He followed the blighted limb, a leviathan onto its own, and found that led up to a massive orb of flesh that was hidden beyond some bluish mist veiling its titanic and manic divinity, with countless other limbs swooshing in the sky.

"Kassaogtha," Aza greeted with neutral politeness. "If you're here to visit your daughters, don't stop on my account."

Issei peered up at the entity while making sure not to fall off the edge. The outstretched limb pointed its tip towards him and Issei got the sense it was asking about himself.

"Yes, this is my beloved. He's still mostly human, so if you want to meet him...?" Aza said promptingly.

The limb retracted into the native rust-red abyss above the hidden moon, the Eldritch God ascending until the unfathomable form might be mistaken for a violet moon behind clouds.


Issei jumped in an about-face, nearly falling off the edge- if not for Aza standing in the air, holding his back up with one hand.

"Don't worry, you were safe either way," Aza assured with a smile as she help set him up right before stepping back onto the solid floor, giving Issei a chance to see the new arrival.

"So-sorry, Lady, Lord. I wasn't expecting to be using this form today," a woman said while spitting out something vile and possibly alive, with long bright-purple hair up in a ponytail, her eyes the same shade. Her clothing was, in Issei's best description, that of a sexy secretary. Her outfit was a dark red, almost black, that consisted of a thigh-length skirt, a leather pouch strapped to her hip, and a business shirt that did nothing to hide her cleavage, which was bountiful and held up a white blazer underneath. She had a shirtless collar, like a Playboy bunny girl, complete with a tie that came down between her chest.

"Really, Kass? What form do you visit your children in?" Aza asked curiously.

"This, but I didn't plan on being here today at all," Kass confessed with a sigh, straightening herself up properly. "I'm sorry, that was a rather poor first impression. I'm Kassaogtha, My Kungur, but you can call me Kass if you like."

"I think I would," Issei answered, enjoying the view, but also noticing that she seemed nervous. However, he didn't draw attention to her discomfort, since it was probably just from suddenly being in human form. "I'm Issei, by the way, but I'm assuming everyone in the faction knows that already?"

"Even the ones that haven't been born yet," Kass said in jest with a weak attempt at a smile. "Our Sultana's pipes and flutes have been singing pleasant tunes nonstop, for the most part."

"Pipes and flues...?" Issei questioned, looking at Aza.

The Outer Goddess suddenly seemed a bit embarrassed, scratching her cheek as she glanced away. "Being Queen of the Universe can be stressful, and so I made some music that helps soothe me."

"Lady Azathoth, you're scratching your cheek off," Kass warned, causing Aza to stop and let the damage heal instantly. "Shub told me that you were both here, so I dropped in to introduce myself. I thought it might help with the, um, thing you wanted me to help with."

Issei rose an eyebrow as Kass glanced between him and Aza. "Thing?" he asked his lover.

Aza sighed, glancing upward with a mild glare. "Yog, did you have to give it to her this soon?" she asked rhetorically.

Issei knew he heard Yog chuckling somewhere, in a nearby corner of time. "Yog, one of these days, I'll figure out how to get in there," Issei warned, matching Aza's energy.

The chuckles silenced.

Kass looked fairly uncertain now. "I'm sorry? I didn't realize you weren't aware, Kungur. Azathoth and Sothoth asked me to help put together a list of potential servants for you to choose from."

"I thought I wasn't getting a cult for a while?" Issei inquired with a raised eyebrow.

"Not cultists, Beloved, servants. It's more like what Gactha is to me; Eldritch that are your direct subordinates and underlings," Aza explained.

"Okay, excluding you in very specifically sexy definitions, who'd want to serve me?" Issei asked skeptically, getting a playful smile from Aza.

"You'd be surprised, Lord," Kass spoke up with a charming smile. "Everyone is curious about how you'll turn out as a ruler of the Eldritch. And, well..." Kass paused, looking through Issei in some sense. "It's getting pretty obvious to all of us that you intend to be an Outer God."

"You can all sense that, eh?" Issei mused. "So, what, you're here to get a look at my personality?"

"A bit. I mean, I'm aware you have a taste for voluptuous female humanoid forms," Kass answered, either ignoring or not noticing Issei's eyes on her own voluptuous female humanoid form. "But I do know several not-female Eldritch that you might be interested in the...what's the word for not-sexual again? Neptunic?"

"Plutonic. Er, I mean platonic," Issei supplied. "And yeah, I wouldn't mind having one or two bros to talk to about Eldritch-guy stuff."

Kass nodded in understanding before biting her lips. "There was also, well, a request I would like to make?"

Issei rose an eyebrow while Aza grimaced. "Kass, right now?" she asked, torn between sympathy and exasperation.

"Well, we are here, Azathoth," Kass pointed out weakly.

"I know, but still," Aza said, trailing off.

"Someone want to fill me in?" Issei asked with a frown.

He felt a tingle in the back of his skull as he heard a familiar voice.

"Kassogatha's daughters are in this prison," Shub informed, stepping out from behind him with an understanding smile. "She was hoping to put them on a parole of sorts if you would take them on as your servants."

"..." Issei stared for a moment before blinking as he shook his head. "Sorry, had to let a few fantasies work themselves out in my head. So, okay, what's the catch?" he asked, looking at Aza and Kass. "How'd they end up in here?"

"They're mischievous," Aza answered vaguely.

"They get...carried away," Kass answered carefully.

Issei let the unhelpful answers hang in the air before turning to Shub, who smiled. "Oh, they made a lot of problems with pranks. They've managed to cause the destruction of five worlds, six spawnling races, three avatars, ten separate cults, and at least enough copies of the Necronomicon to fill two dozen worlds," she explained casually, Aza nodding along in agreement while Kass bowed her shame-filled face. Shub hummed before recalling a final detail. "Oh, and the death of one Elder God. But he's not too mad about it."

Issei stared for a long, long moment at the goat goddess before looking at Kass. "They did that, with pranks?"

Kass nodded slowly. "They've been in this...phase for a thousand years or so. And I'm not sure how to help them."

"And the other parent...or parents can't help?" Issei asked curiously.

"Cthulhu tries, but there is only so much he can do while stuck on Earth," Kass answered. "That, and, they had a falling out with some of his other children."

"I...Okay, first off, is Cthulhu going to be pissed about me having his daughters as servants?" Issei asked curiously. "I want to at least know if I have to deal with a squid-dragon going dad-mode on me."

"Oh no, Cthulhu is actually pretty nice. Believe it or not, he enjoys how popular he is on Earth," Aza informed casually.

"Is he still making that "things to do when I can get out without destroying the world" list?" Shub inquired playfully. "I believe the top one was teasing one of his sons for causing all of the tentacle hentai."

"One of your kids did that!?" Issei said in amazement to Kass.

Kass blinked. "Umm, no, different mother, so just my nephew. And yes, Cthulhu is still making the list."

"Okay, well, that's something I'll be thinking about," Issei mused. "Anyway, we got off topic. You want me to take on your daughters...which is tempting on the face of it. Buuuut I live on Earth and I'm now a little concerned about them adding a sixth world to the list."

"They'll have a very long time here if that happens," Shub noted.

"Don't worry," Aza said with a sigh. "I actually expected this to happen. If you take them on, I'll make sure you'll have a way to discipline them and keep them from causing problems."

"You sound like you think I already made up my mind," Issei commented.

"Beloved, I know you. And I know these two. You want to meet them, I know you do, and I know we're going to end up with a pair of twins calling you Master before we leave here."

"...Well, yeah, now I'm obliged to meet them when you put it like that," Issei said with a grin before turning to Kass. "That said, I'm not promising anything. If I think they're too much trouble, I don't think I can help right now."

"I understand, and thank you, Kungur," Kass said in relief.

Shub leaned forward to look at Aza. "You mind if I escort him there, Lady Aza? I know you're rather protective of your Beloved-"

"It's fine, I trust you to tele-punt him back to me if anything happens," Aza assured with a smile. "Besides, I want to hear more about this list Kass has prepared."

Shub nodded in appreciation before taking Issei's arm. "Right this way, your Majesty."

With that, she lead him to the edge of the abyss again and, with care, stepped off the side. Issei swallowed thickly as they began to float down to the lower sections.

Once they were gone, Kass looked down. "Are you mad, Azathoth?"

"Not really. Annoyed with your impatience, but I get it," Aza waved off. "I know what they mean to you, Kass, but we really couldn't let things go on."

"I know," Kass said in acceptance. "I heard that...your daughter is giving you problems too."

Aza gave a mighty sigh, one that distorted the very air around them. "Don't worry, Kass. Your girls aren't like her."

"I'm glad you think so," Kass said, smiling in relief.

"I know so. If I didn't, I would have sent them someplace worse," Aza answered bluntly, noticing Kass's wince. "Kass...did you think this through?"

Kass looked at Aza with a frown. "You mean, am I prepared for what you'll do to them...if they accidently harm your Beloved?"

Aza's only answer was a silent hell Kass could see forming behind the Daemon Sultana's eyes.


Issei nearly tripped as he awkwardly was brought back onto a solid path, another tunnel with an end only a short way down. "Thanks. Hope I can fly like that," Issei said, glancing above Shub, where he knew her non-existent limbs were.

Shub smiled encouragingly. "I'm sure you'll get it once you stop believing in gravity."

"What, gravity isn't real?" Issei questioned curiously.

"No, it is," Shub assured. "But you need to make gravity believe in you. And it will only do that when you stop believing it in. It's a bit, how might you say? Tsundere."

"Gravity is Tsundere. That...makes more sense than it probably should," Issei said, glancing down the hall. "So, any advice?"

"Don't worry, they'll play nice. They know you're their last shot at getting out of here this eon," Shub explained. "Beyond that, make your own judgment. After all, you are our King."

"...Does that bother any of you? Me being a former human, now just dropped into being King because Aza decided she loved me?" Issei asked curiously.

Shub raised an eyebrow. "That's like being upset that Aza is the Queen of the Eldritch. She "just happened" to be who and what she is. She didn't choose it, just like she didn't choose who she'd love. You being Aza's beloved makes you the Eldritch King by default. Stars burn out, galaxies drift apart, and you are King of the Eldritch. Simple as that."

"I guess that's one way of looking at it, but doesn't really answer my question," Issei pointed out.

Shub hummed. "You're like a black hole that appeared from nowhere, I suppose."

"Okay...?" Issei questioned in uncertainty.

"You are a new gravitational force that appeared in the metaphorical orbital systems that make up our eternal lives. As you grow, more and more orbits are thrown off their old paths, but inevitably, we will all stabilize and adjust. Or be flung out of gravity's hold, for those that do cause you trouble."

"That is...one hell of a metaphor," Issei said, taking it all in contemplatively. "I thought you didn't believe in gravity?"

Shub smiled wryly. "I don't need to believe it to use it as a metaphor."

Issei chuckled at that. "Fair enough. So, how do I get inside that?"

Shub tilted her head as Issei pointed at the end of the hall. "I mean, if you need to use the bathroom that badly...?"

"What? I thought that was a cell?" Issei asked in surprise.

"No, that is where the cell is," Shub informed, pointing to the curved wall to her right.

Issei squinted and saw a vague, oval outline that he assumed was probably the entrance. "Okay, so do I just...touch it?"

"Yes," Shub answered with a smile, honest and blunt.

"...Right then," Issei said, shrugging it off as he approached.

The outline pulsed organically as he approached, strange lights forming inside and flowing to the center. Issei stared at it skeptically as he stepped towards it-

and was immediately swallowed whole by it

-and blinked as he appeared somewhere else, as if he hadn't even moved. "Well, okay then," he said, checking over to make sure he hadn't lost or gained any limbs.

He was glad nothing was lost when he looked down his pants, but almost disappointed nothing was gained.

Slithering and hissing drew him back to the situation at hand.

He was in a room that was, mostly, shaped like the inside of a hollow pyramid. But along the walls were erratic "pillars" that zig-zagged, with edges that randomly became inverted, and paths that were impossible to keep track of. It was all dark green with a pale glow coming from the center, where there was something that looked like a fountain or oversized bird bath, kept a few feet off the ground by a tiny stone pillar under it.

"Are you him?" one voice called, curiously playful.

"Are you our Nansut?" another asked, playfully curiously.

"I might be," Issei answered as he calmly looked around the room. "I hear you two are quite the troublemakers."

"We didn't mean to."

"We just wanted some fun."

Issei hummed as he paced around the water fixture. "Sounds like you had a bit too much fun."

"Yes, we made Momma sad."

"We have to stay here now."

Issei glanced up at the twisting structures overhead. He could tell something moving in the shadows, but could never get a good look at where it was before disappearing. "Unless I take you both on, right?"



"We would rather be together here."

"Instead of being separated anywhere."

"Oh, I have no interest in breaking up sisters," Issei said with a chuckle. "Now, stop playing hide and seek."

"As you wish, Sir," they answered in unison.

He turned around and looked over to the other side of the fountain, and so the curve of two large serpent tails.

Every intelligent part of Issei said that he should be careful, but every instinct said there was no danger here.

He always liked going with his gut.

He turned forward and finally saw them, and they saw him.

Their skin was tinted purple, and their hair was white as bright as starlight. Their scales were a dark violet that gleamed when light shined on them. Their eyes looked as if painted red with blood. Their faces were identical...

...And they were also naked.

Not completely naked, but that might have actually been less lewd! He had never seen a snake up close, but he was pretty sure their loincloths weren't needed to hide their modesty- and that was even assuming their womanhoods weren't more visible and accessible from the rear. Their fingerless, arm-length velvet-looking gloves only helped draw attention more to their bare chests. The only "clothing" on their torsos were "adornments" that cling to their breasts like jewelry while defying gravity, with small red gemstones over their nipples.

He blushed for a bit before splashing some of the water on his face- not really caring if it might not actually be water. He had seen Aza naked plenty, yes! But they hadn't actually gotten around to her trying on sexy, kinky clothes, so this was a bit new for him.

"I believe Sir approves of our forms, Sister Tosa," the one on the left said with a smile.

"I believe you are right, Sister Olhu," the right agreed cautiously.

He rose an eyebrow at that. "Hi. My name's Issei. What's yours?"



As one, they pulled back slightly, spreading out their arms and bowing their heads to him. "Welcome to our cell, Sir," they said in perfect sync.

"Nctosa and Nctolhu. Got it," Issei committed to memory. "So, that word you used earlier is a bit new to me. What does "Nansut" mean?"

"Oh?" they asked, cocking their heads away in opposite directions.

"A Nansut is a mentor. Teacher. Watcher," Nctolhu explained.

"Keeper. Warden. Master," Nctosa finished as they both slithered closer.

"Do you want to be our Master, Sir?" they both asked.

"We've been bad, but we can be good, Sir," Nctosa implored.

"We will be very good for you if you let us out, Sir," Nctolhu assured.

Issei was almost positive he was being seduced, but their curious and hopeful eyes were utterly devoid of lust or lewd intentions. That didn't make their wording any less erotic!

He took a deep breath and wondered how much trouble it would be if he fucked Aza inside this prison. Probably a lot.

"Okay, okay, before I agree to anything this tempting, I have a handful of questions," he stated, making them lean in more with inquisitive eyes. "Why did you...do all of those things? The pranks that got you sent here?"

"We thought it would be fun," Nctolhu answered, looking down.

"We didn't know it'd be bad," Nctosa swore as she looked away.

Issei furrowed around. That sounded almost like spoiled brats making excuses, but there was something there he wasn't quite getting. Still... "How do I know you're both going to try and behave?"

Both sisters brought themselves low, low enough that their heads were at level with his chest as they looked up at him.

"We will do anything you say, Sir."

"And nothing else, Sir."

Issei nearly choked at the imagery and words. Mainly the imagery, Aza had screamed worse.

"Okay, okay," Issei said, rubbing his head and trying not to think of how tight his pants were getting. "What can you do, exactly? Power-wise?"

"Oh," they said, as if surprised.

"We are not much," Nctosa said humbly. "Our father grants us some water powers."

"Our bodies are also almost as durable as Great Old Ones," Nctolhu said with some pride.

"Nctolhu can control snakes and serpents," Nctosa added with praise to her sister.

"And Nctosa has a talent for flesh-sculpting," Nctolhu shared with the same tone.

Issei smiled at the rather wholesome behavior from the definitely-not-wholesome pair. 'Ddraig, I know you're hiding, but if you have any reason to think this is a bad idea, say something now.'


"I'll take that as a no," Issei muttered with a grin as he straightened himself. "Okay, well, I'm convinced and interested enough. I'll take you on as my...servants," he said, hardly believing he was saying that.

There was a shift in the air, a buzzing in the background as some unseen, otherworldly magic accepted what he had said to be fact. What that entailed, he had no idea but decided not to dwell on it now.

The Ncto sisters crossed both hands over their chests, bowing their heads while looking up at him with grateful, cool orbs of blood. "Thank you, Nansut Issei, Sir."

"...Okay, seriously, did your mother tell you to call me Sir?" Issei asked in suspicion.

They quirked their heads, rising up slightly from their lowered position. "No, but Mother told us to be respectful," Nctosa pointed out.

"And that you are staying on Earth," Nctolhu continued.

"Isn't Sir an Earthen term of respect?" they both asked, fingers to their chins.

"...Huh, in retrospect, I'm kind of surprised you know much about Earth," Issei mused.

They both turned sad at that. "We tried to visit Father over the ages," they said in sync.

Right, they had a father trapped in one of Earth's seas. He made a mental note to ask Aza and Yog about visiting that sunken city. "Sorry to bring up bad memories," he apologized awkwardly. "Is there...anything you need to get here?"

"No," they both answered, short and simple.

"Well, okay then," Issei accepted with a shrug as he headed to the exit. "Come on, I think you're allowed out now."

"If we aren't, we won't be out," Nctosa remarked idly.

"The Red Eye is a very good prison," Nctolhu remarked knowingly.

Why did Issei get the impression they had tried to escape here?

True to Issei's hunch, when the "swallowing-door" took him, all three of them emerged back into the hall.

"Queen Azathoth!" the twins exclaimed in freight, suddenly cowering behind Issei.

Issei blinked at their behavior, looking out to see that not only was Shub still there, but Kass and Aza were as well.

"Girls! My dear puss-babies!" Kass exclaimed enthusiastically as she raced over to the lamia pair.

"Mother?" they both greeted, hugging her in shock but also in fear as Aza approached with Shub.

"What's wrong?" Nctosa asked warily.

"Do we have to go back?" Nctolhu questioned in worry.

"Huh? What do you mean? Didn't Lord Issei agree to make you his servants?" Kass asked in confusion.

"Yes, but why is the Almighty Center here?" Nctosa asked.

"Why is her gaze of judgment on us?" Nctolhu questioned, trembling in her mother's arms.

Aza tilted her head as she looked at Shub. "You...didn't tell them?"

Shub looked a bit sheepish. "They're one of the only ones that probably don't know yet, so I wanted to let you surprise them."

"Grandmother, that's just a bit mean," Kass scolded with a sigh.

"I'm sorry, I forgot that they were scared of Aza. Well, more than they need to be," Shub corrected herself idly.

"Ahh, well, that'll be remedied easily enough," Aza said with a smile. "Twins of Cthulhu, I'm not here to punish you. I'm just visiting with my Beloved."

They blinked, and even that was in sync. "Beloved?"

"Yo," Issei greeted, raising his hand with a grin.

The twins stared for a long, long time before Issei witnessed something he hadn't seen before.

Eldritch fainting.

"So...what made you think I'd take them?" Issei asked with a smirk.

"Twin Eldritch daughters offering to serve you, with the deal sealed by your natural desire to help others," Aza answered knowingly, giving him a half-lidded smile. "Though, it seems like they got you a bit worked up. Shub, send us home so I can help Issei...relax."

End of Chapter

Well, Issei got some servants, the daughters of Cthulhu in twin lamia forms. And Aza was write, they are a package that ISsei had little chance of turning down.

Not a whole lot to say here, just some character introductions and getting some interesting talks between everyone.

If you're wondering these two are in this prison and Nyarly isn't. This place is designed for Eldritch that WANT to get better, it's not a conventional prison. Full out "prison" for Eldritch usually involves sealing of some kind.

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