Aza sighed to herself as her boyfriend lost consciousness. "Well, I kind of expected that," she said in resignation before looking over her shoulder, towards the tree line. "I hope you're okay, Little Kitten."

Koneko said nothing as she remained frozen against the trunk of the tree, her pupils dilated and hands covering her mouth so hard that her nails cut her own cheek. She didn't even register the words, her mind reduced to a more primordial state of self-preservation. She only understood the notion that this entity was aware of her presence. She could only hope it deemed her too insignificant to crush and simply be on its way if she remained silent.

"Such a shame. Well, I hope your sanity puts itself back together before your owner comes looking for you," Aza stated offhandedly, leaning down to pick Issei up and heft him over her shoulder, without the slightest bit of trouble on her part. "Funny, I guess I'll be walking you home instead," Aza whispered to herself in amusement before heading off, her footsteps echoing throughout the park.

Koneko counted the steps, trying to ground herself in the safety of knowing that the "beyond apex predator" was leaving.

'19, 20, 21, 22.' her breath steadied as she removed her bloody claws from her face.

'23, 24, 25, 26.' she tried to remember who she was and why she ever came here.

'27, 28, 29, 30.' Little Kitten. Kitten. Koneko. Right, Koneko. Catgirl turned Devil. Right.

'31, 67, 57, 73.'

Elsewhere, Aza reappeared inside Issei's room, gingerly laying his unconscious form on the bed. "You know, I'm almost positive this is Yog's fault, our date getting interrupted like that. Then again, that one fallen reminds me more of Nyarly, and she was after something you have," Aza murmured, pouting to herself in annoyance before sighing deeply. "Oh well, at least it was a nice date."

She hummed as she felt Issei's parents within the house. She waved her hand, as if batting away an insect, as she casually rewrote a tiny bit of their memories, making them think they had seen Issei arrive back home and go to bed. That should keep them from being interrupted.

She winced as she saw her human hand warp into a mess that was between a crab claw and a gnarled tree branch of fleshy wood. She shook the eldritch appendage a few times before it reverted back into a normal human hand. "Dealing with those four like that. I need to be more careful about using my powers while getting used to this tiny form," she mused as she ran a hand through her hair. "Okay Aza, you're the Great Dreamer of Reality, stop being so nervous again. You got this," Azathoth reminded herself as she put on a confident expression.

With a deep breath, she turned to look at Issei. She came to a stop as she saw him sleeping peacefully in the moonlight, enraptured by the soft rise and fall of his chest, the glimmer of his bright and boundless soul, the echoes of his perverse enthusiasm, the dragon sleeping in his hand- "Wait, what?" she stopped in surprise.

Crouching by his bed, Aza stared over the edge at his left hand. Her gaze went through and within it to perceive that, lo and behold, there was indeed the spirit of a dragon in Issei's hand. "The spawns from Glyu-Uho have wandered far indeed," she murmured curiously, carefully raising a hand up. "Hmm, what do humans say when they do this? Oh, right: Boop," she recalled before bringing it down to tap the hand.

A great light filled the room, emanating from Issei's hand, as a red gauntlet formed around it with a green jewel.

She waited for ten long seconds before growing confused. "Umm, hello?" she called, testing to see if the spirit was even self-aware.

For a long moment, there was no sound. "Zzzzzzzzzz."

Aza raised an eyebrow as snoring filled the room. "Good thing Issei won't wake up for a few more hours. Now, how would Nyarly say this?" she wondered aloud before clearing her throat to take up a more authoritative tone. "Wake Up You Scaly Flamethrower!"

"H-huh, what!? WHO DARES TO INSU-!?" The deep voice of the dragon called out in annoyance, before his spiritual gaze landed upon Azathoth. There was a long, pregnant silence as the spirit looked between Aza and his slumbering wielder repeatedly. "Umm, this is new for me," the dragon stated awkwardly. "I believe this is the first time I have been forcibly awakened by an outside force."

"Hello," Aza greeted politely. "Who are you and why are you in Issei's hand?"

"Hm? You don't know?" the voice asked in surprise.

"Should I?" Aza asked with a head tilt.

"So, you weren't sent by Yidrah or that insufferable Pharaoh?" he inquired in surprise. "Wait, are you Shub-Niggurath? Because I am not taking responsibility for those goats Albion killed!"

"Wow, wow! Don't worry, I'm not her!" Aza assured quickly, before looking a little delighted. "But you know about us Eldritch?"

"I have fought more than a few "Pure Dragons" that came into being on Glyu-Uho. They always seemed rather uncomprehending that a Dragon formed on a world such as this could best them," the dragon stated in amusement. "I am one of the Two Heavenly Dragons, The Red Dragon Emperor, and the Dragon of Domination: Ddraig. As for why I am here? Tell me, are you familiar with the entity that called itself God on this world?"

"Vaguely. Never met him myself," Aza answered with a shrug.

"Let's just say he had a thing for making these "Sacred Gears" that pass on to the souls of humans when they are born," Ddraig explained, humming briefly. "So, if not me, what is your interest in my wielder?"

"I'm in love with him," Aza answered bluntly with a happy smile.

"...Well, I didn't see that coming," Ddraig stated in disbelief, even as a laugh built in his throat. "Ha! I know my wielders are often surrounded by lovers of all kinds of power, but I think you're the first being of such power to notice my wielder even before he awoke my power."

"I don't really care about that, no offence," Aza answered with a shrug. "I just want Issei to be happy. Preferably with me, but..." she trailed off solemnly, her eyes glancing away.

"He doesn't know," Ddraig deduced knowingly. "I suppose I probably won't remember any of this if he rejects you."

"Probably? I don't know? Sorry, I'm a bit new to handling things on this small a scale," Aza answered sheepishly.

Ddraig swallowed his hurt pride at being called small, if only indirectly. "The boy will be awakening soon if we keep talking. Awakening me boosted his recovery, pun intended. I shall leave you both as much privacy as one in my state can give. It was pleasant to meet you...?"

"Ahh, how rude of me! I'm Azathoth, but just call me Aza please," she requested kindly.

"...holy shit, I am so screwed," Ddraig whispered in horrified realization.

"You say something?" Aza asked curiously.

"N-no, nothing! I'll just be going! Pleasure to meet you!" Ddraig called out before his boosted gear suddenly vanished.

Azathoth scratched her cheek awkwardly. "Maaaybe I should have used my Achamoth alias instead?" she wondered before looking back at Issei. She smiled, crawling up on the bed. She wouldn't force his decision, but she could at least brace his mind with some minor eldritch immunity, like she planned to do at the end of the date. It had nothing to do with wanting to give him a kiss...

Issei was accustomed to weird dreams. He was a pervert of culture; he could handle having a more eccentric wet dream, like fucking a hyper-realistic gynoid while they road through space on an asteroid, or a girl with bird wings for arms stuck in a birdcage that allowed her lower end to stick out like it was for free use, or even just getting head from a voluptuous girl made of plants.

That said, making out with a seemingly ordinary girl as she straddled him on a rock floating in an abyss over a giant maw of tentacles made out of mouths was a strange one even for him.

But it was a very cute girl.

She squealed as he suddenly flipped them, his lips hungrily finding hers as he kneaded her breasts. She groaned, eyes fluttering and glazing, a lovely moan parting her lips. "Issei..." her voice was all present, seeping into every edge of eternity, carrying her desire for him with it.

"Aza," the name came naturally to him, even if he couldn't place it just yet. But his voice wasn't like he remembered. It was a growl of gurgling power, of lustful dominance made manifest as his free hand traced up her thighs, then her ass as his fingers buried themselves in the pleasant plushness of them.

"Oh by my throne, don't stop!" Azas begged, panting as his mouth trailed down her neck, her shirt vanishing before his very eyes to bare her chest to him and his ravenous, elongating tongu-

"Holy fuck!?" Issei lurched back, his hand reaching to feel his tongue. To his confused relief, it was normal in size and shape. He blinked as he realized he was now in his room, on his bed...and looming over a girl on his bed. "Shit, that wasn't a dream," he realized as Aza panted deeply, her legs either side of him. "Wait, Aza? How did-never mind. I didn't hurt you, did I?" he asked in concern.

"I...I said don't stop, didn't I?" Aza retorted with a weak smile as she pulled herself up, her blush ever present.

"Sorry,, I'm actually glad I woke up though. I do NOT want my first time happening in my sleep, thank you very much," Issei said as he clutched his head. "Aza?"

"Yes, Issei?" she asked with a small, expecting sigh.

"How much of what I remember actually happened?" he asked with growing unease.

"Up to the point where I vanished those feathered gnats to the Abyss and told you my real name," Aza answered honestly.

" I didn't spank you over my knees before we started making out?" Issei asked with a smirk.

"Yes, that- wait, what?" Aza asked in surprise, her head shooting up to meet his gaze. "No, that didn't happen?"

"Shame, you seemed so cute clutching a red behind," Issei joked, burying his head in his hand with an unsettlingly hollow chuckle. "Sorry, just a little...lost here."

"Understandable," Aza answered with a wince. "I'll try to explain, but...what do you want to know first?"

Issei didn't say anything for a moment, looking up to the ceiling with a thoughtful expression before facing her once more. "Okay, just for some form of context as to what the fuck is going on? Who just tried to kill me and why?"

"You want the short answer?" Aza inquired, getting a nod. "The easiest thing to say is that all myths and gods, more or less, are real. Along with several that the humans missed. That black haired wench and her friends, to my knowledge, are called Fallen Angels, who are in a three way war between themselves, Angels, and Devils. Or, they were. I don't know what the status quo is exactly on this world," Aza answered with a shrug.

"All of them? Dammit, why didn't I ever try summoning a succubus," Issei muttered, taking a breath to calm his nerves. "Okay, okay, I can buy that. Got no choice after that event. But...why were they trying to kill me? What are they, Anti-Perv Angels? Cause that head bitch was like something out of a dominatrix hentai!"

Aza giggled at Issei's complaint as she shook her head. "No, no. This is actually something I only found out while you were passed out. You have something called a Sacred Gear, I believe is the term: a rare item bound to your soul that a rare select number of humans come to possess. I honestly don't know anything about them or why they'd kill over them, but that seems to be the reason."

"Right, magic item in my soul, got it," Issei accepted, trying to shake off how overwhelmed he was. "That just raises the question of- and I don't want to hurt your feelings, but- What The Fuck Are You Aza?!" Issei couldn'y help asking.

Aza winced but could feel Issei's soul radiating his true feeling. He wasn't angry or disgusted; he was overwhelmed, confused, and a bit scared as a result. "That is complicated. How much do you know about Lovecraft? The Cthulhu Mythos?" she asked timidly.

"Umm, not much?" Issei answered with a shrug. "I'm not saying I hate tentacles, but I'm not the biggest fan of that stuff."

Aza gained a small smirk. "What if you could BE the tentacles?" she retorted playfully.

Issei paused and paused some more. "I'm a little weirded out that I'm considering that notion at all," he remarked. "I know the basics. Things, basically gods, that are so otherworldly they make people go insane just by being around them," Issei summarized.

"Not entirely untrue, I suppose," Aza accepted with a murmur before clearing her throat. "The more famous gods you know are gods of, well, This World. Eldritch are essentially Gods from Beyond."

"And you're Azathoth," Issei remembered, getting a nod. "Is that supposed to be important or something?"

Aza looked at him in surprise before smiling. Issei couldn't help being enthralled by that beautiful, pure smile that he instinctively knew was only for him. "Thank you."

"For...for what?" Issei asked, looking around in confusion.

"For being you," Aza answered with a happy sigh.

"Look, you're welcome, Aza, but I also know crazy cults go along with this theme. I'm not getting sacrificed, right?" Issei asked in concern.

"If anything, it's kind of the opposite," she answered playfully before giving him a serious look. "I'm Azathoth the Daemon Sultana, the Queen of the Eldritch and the general ruler of the universe."

There was a long, long silence. For an eldritch, it should be no time at all, but it was the longest few minutes Aza ever had to endure through in the entire history of everything, as Issei stared at her long and hard.

"W-well?" Aza prompted nervously.

"Sorry, just, confused again. So offense, but that thing I saw was your true form?" Issei asked cautiously.

"Well, currently at least," Aza confirmed with a shrug, watching his reactions carefully. "Sorry, I didn't mean for you to see that yet. I'm not used to trying this human form thing."

"So how do I fit into this for you then? Why...go on a date with me? Did you need this sacred gear thing?" Issei asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No," Aza answered with a wince as she looked at him with deep eyes. "I told you, Issei: I love you."

Issei stared at her skeptically. "Aza, I don't want to say that's bullshit, but we just met?"

"Ohhhh!" Aza sighed and gripped her head in frustration. Issei was surprised but felt an odd lack of disgust when some of Aza's head deformed to expose a mass of tentacles beneath her hair, before she pulled back and allowed her body to fix itself. "S-sorry, I'm just...not sure how to explain this. I do love you, Issei. I really do."

"...Okay, if you can't tell me how, can you tell me why?" Issei offered curiously.

Aza perked up with a smile. "Where do I begin? You have a glimmering soul that radiates a perverse purity of love and kindness, that never falters no matter how much you doubt you'll ever fulfill your dreams, your lust craves to give and receive both carnal and emotional affection, you were a wonderfully considerate and fun person for a first date, and...well," she paused to smirk, licking her lips. "You're a natural with your hands and mouth."

Issei stared with an open jaw, which Aza shyly yet playfully closed with one finger under his chin. "O-okay, now just explain how you know that? This a "you can see my soul" type thing?" he asked, flattered yet bewildered.

"Umm ,yes, actually, pretty much," Aza confirmed with a nod. "I've been in love with you for a long time. I wasn't going to do it NOW, to be honest. But you were depressed, and those Fallen were trying to kill you, it seemed like a good time to at least start easing you into it. I just didn't scare them away enough," Aza said with a sigh. "I'm sorry about that, I really am."

"..." Issei blinked slowly. "At what point of this conversation did you think you had something to apologize for?"

"Umm, putting you in danger and nearly giving you some temporary insanity from my Eldritch form?" Aza reminded, her mood uplifting at the implications.

"You saved my life. And my sanity can afford to take a few hits," Issei retorted with a cheeky smile. "I'm just, you know, trying to wrap my head around this. I had a few fantasies about getting with a princess, but I apparently jumped up straight to God-Queen," Issei mused.

"So it doesn't bother you that I'm a horrific god from beyond reality?" Aza asked hopefully.

"That you are one? No. You're a cute girl that's in love with me. Does it bother me that this all exists? A little bit, but I think that'll naturally fade," Issei assured with a sigh. "So, what now?"

Aza's smile dimmed again. "W-well, you see, Issei, I had an offer for you," Aza answered, rubbing her hands together. "Would to forget me?"

Issei stared for a moment. "Why the fuck would I want to do that?" Issei asked in confusion.

Aza took a deep breath. "Issei, it's just that- Gah, why is this hard to say?!" Aza cried out in frustration. "Look, Issei? I love you. I'll say that again as many times as I have to: I. Love. You. And the second thing I want most in all of everything is to have you by my side for eternity...but the thing I want first and foremost is you to be happy," she said, her voice getting softer with every word. "Even if it's without me."

"Aza..." Issei whispered in shock as he stared into the eyes of a girl that unconditionally and unwaveringly loved him. Him of all people.

"So, this is the choice: You can join me, marry me, and become an Eldritch God...or you can forget me, but I will bless your life so you have a long and happy life, and probably get that loving harem you dreamed of," Aza offered, taking a deep breath. "I'm...not sure how to put this in words properly. I don't know if your language HAS the words for what I want to say. I will be happy Issei, if you say no, but only because I know you will be happy one day without me."

Issei was finding that long silences were becoming a habit between him and Aza. He wondered if they'd remain after all the shocks and revelations wore off. "Aza. I...need some more answers first," Issei said slowly.

"Your harem will be all beautiful women, maybe a futa or two if you're not completely against that, your soul will not be cursed in any lifetime for rejecting me, and the others of the Eldritch community will never come after you for any reason regarding me," Aza lifted off effortlessly.

"While not what I meant, I'm glad to hear that," Issei answered in amusement. "But about becoming like you? Does that mean I'll have to leave Earth?"

"Huh? Oh no. No, no, no," Aza said with a laugh in her voice. "Issei, it will take you a LONG time to fully transform into an Eldritch God, no matter how powerful you become. You'd need some help from another Eldritch or one of similar power to cross to realms beyond Earth's immediate cosmology. But I'd be sure to have you perfectly protected, just in case."

"Phew, was worried this was a "leave everything behind" type of deal. My parents aren't always great, but...they're my family," Issei said with a cheesy smile, enamoring Aza all over again. "So, this...Eldritch thing. How much say do I have in whatever mess I'll turn into, and how long will it take me to get a human form? Actually, better question, how long until I lose this one?" Issei asked warily. "I kind of want to get some more use out of this, thank you."

"Let's just say that you'd normally be worrying about old age by the time that is an issue. As for how long it'll take to get a new one, I don't know? It took me over a decade just to fit into mine, but it wouldn't take you that long. It largely depends on how powerful you end up becoming. And, you know, you can just remake your old body," Aza supplied, looking hopeful. "So, does this mean...?"

"I know what I'm going to say either way, but what is the eldritch stance on harems?" Issei asked with a hopeful grin.

"There isn't one, not really," Aza answered before smirking. "But while you're the only soul I'll ever love, I have absolutely no objection to you finding more lovers. Actually, I encourage it."

"You do?" Issei asked in surprise.

"Ruler of the Universe," Aza reminded with a halfhearted shrug. "Besides, like I said, I'm not used to this human form. Even if I wanted to, I can't stay on Earth all the time."

"Okay, at what point would I say no to this?" Issei asked with a head shake. "Aza, I don't have this soul-vision thing you do, but between everything you've said and done for me, I have more than enough reasons to think I can fall in love with you."

"So, does that mean you-?" Aza started, only to be silenced by Issei leaning to kiss her.

It was less lustful, less hungry than his dream, but it was passionate at least. Until Issei nearly coughed in surprise as Aza grabbed his head roughly, pulling him into a deeper kiss as he felt...something surge into his very being before pulling back in shock. "Okay, what was that?" he asked in confusion.

"My wedding present. My dowry? Let's call it a dowry," Aza answered cheekily. "I've started your ascension process. Which comes with the perk of making you immune to insanity. Fair warning, you're going to know an eldritch on sight and get some minor headaches initially, but that'll fade."

"Good to know," Issei accepted in amusement, blinking as he found her laying her head against his chest and snuggling into him. "Aza?"

"Just, shut up for a moment, I want to enjoy this," Aza requested, her voice trembling happily as she felt the distinct pulse of Issei's soul accepting the initial phase of becoming Eldritch. "My Beloved, at last," she whispered, her eyes tearing as she held him.

Issei stared at her before shaking his head. He had gotten up for a date today and ended up marrying the Queen of the Universe. Needless to say, he was not prepared for this, but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"This time at least."

Issei froze, his eyes trailed over to his computer desk to see a woman sitting there. A long raven haired beautiful woman wearing what appeared to be a naval uniform, smiling at them playfully.

"Hello, Loverboy."

End of Chapter

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