Dragon of the Eldritch Chapter 22

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It was another day of going to school. That was all it was supposed to be. Sure, he'd probably have to keep Aza from mind-murdering a few people, but that was just another part of his life now.

He didn't expect to find a silver-haired man in a blue business suit waiting for him at the street. "Can I help you?" Issei asked with a raised eyebrow.

The man tilted his head. "Hmm, I believe I'm taller than I intended to be," he mused before reaching out his hands. "Good day, My Lord. I'm Thuft. Thuftftathsu, otherwise known as the Collector."

Issei wasn't surprised that this man was an Eldritch. He could tell that from the start. He was just wondering why anyone called "the Collector" would want to talk to him.

"...Did Aza send you out to collect girls for my Harem or something?" Issei asked suspiciously. "Cause I'd rather do that myself, thank you."

"No, but I've been given such jobs before," Thuft answered, pulling at his tie. "Would you mind if I dropped this flesh suit?"

"Only if you can keep the insanity at bay," Issei compromised. Before Aza, the concept would have freaked him out, but after seeing Aza and himself transform in fits of passion, it hardly fazed him anymore.

"I could hardly do my job so well if I couldn't," Thuft said proudly, the flesh and suit melting away and evaporating to reveal a humanoid bird, larger than any person, with an empty cage on his back. "Ahh, much better. Thank you, Kungur. I apologize for interrupting your day, but that is a matter I would like to bring to your attention before it is done so by another."

"Okay, let's walk and talk," Issei invited as he began walking to school. "So, what' s the problem?"

"Word has trickled down all the webs. Verbal, telepathic, dreams, papers, divinations, bones, skins, signs, and all else. And the word is that our dear monarch intends to make sure no calamity befalls this planet," Thuft answered as he lumbered along with his bent legs. "However, I had many employers requesting the same job up until now. To collect members of the species of this world, to preserve them if the worst should happen."

"So, you're like Noah then?" Issei joked before frowning. "When you say species-"

"Yes, Kungur. I mean like the humans, the devils, the therions, the blood drinkers, and all the rest," Thuft explained casually. "Normally, this matter would be little more than a refund of payment and the Dream Witch's acolytes aiding in the safe return of the specimens."

"You're a...slave trader? Pet seller?" Issei asked with a raised eyebrow.

"One asks for a thing, I am paid to find and procure the thing. The thing may be a living being, it may not be," Thuft answered without care. "Regardless, many are fighting over the canceling of this transaction, despite the Will of the Queen."

"Why?" Issei asked curiously. "Most aren't willing to so much as annoy Aza."

"Because, despite your word, many are fond of certain creatures from this world, and wish to ensure their survival if their extinction here cannot be avoided," Thuft explained. "A sentiment that is not unfounded, with so many more of our Gods coming to this world."

Issei sighed. He got the point, he really did. Other beings, Eldritch or otherwise, wanted to prepare in case the situation on Earth imploded. He was sure a lot of these "customers" had more selfish reasons, but it wasn't a bad idea on the face of it. However...

"I don't know the factions on Earth that well, but I'm pretty sure some of them would take that as a hostile act if they found out we were kidnapping members of their race," Issei mused.

"Even if it was to preserve their kind?" Thuft pointed out.

"That might seem worse, like we're planning to destroy the earth or don't care if it does," Issei reasoned thoughtfully. "How many have you taken?"

"Most requests are for ten mating pairs, more or less. And there are multiple requests for some species," Thuft explained. "I've acquired nearly three hundred at this point, Kungur."

Issei took a deep breath. "How many of them are mind broken?"

"..." Thuft paused in consideration. "From Eldritch influence? None."

Issei started at that. "What do you mean?"

"I am careful with who I take, Kungur. Some are those that would have died without my interfering talons. Others were those that would not be missed if they vanished, the hated and the unwanted. A few even gladly accepted their taking," Thuft explained.

"Aza's tits, this is even more complicated than I thought," Issei admitted. "I'll have to get back to you, Thuft."

"I thank you for your consideration, Kungur," Thuft said, before vanishing in a gust of wind, leaving only his feathers behind.

"Right, going to be having that on my mind all day," Issei muttered with a groan. "Eldritch, supernatural politics. Definitely not what I expected when I dreamed about getting a harem."

Arriving at school hadn't been much of anything special. They were people murmuring about the Student Council and the Occult Club both being back after being gone a week, but not much else. Other than that, he met up with Aza and exchanged their traditional morning hugs and kisses.

"Dammit, man! Stop rubbing it in our faces!" Matsuda complained, slamming his hands on the desk at the unfairness of it all.

"Dude, the only face I rub anything in right now is Aza's," Issei said with a smirk.

"So you did lose your V-card!" Motohama whispered accusingly from the desk in front of him.

"Dudes, friends or not, I would not screw and tell like that," Issei deflected. Mainly because he wanted to keep these two out of his Eldritch-life, for their own safety.

"Yeah, well, I think the other hotties are warming up to you," Matsuda muttered jealously. "They still hate us, but some of them are eyeing you."

"Not in a bad way," Motohama agreed, pushing up his glasses. "Not quite like you're Kiba or anything, but still."

Probably because he hadn't been peeping, he knew. Between Eldritch things, and literally fucking Aza, peeping just wasn't a priority since he could see and touch whenever he wanted now.


He glanced at where the two were looking. It was some girls that were giving him strange, interested looks. A wave of a hand caught his attention, drawing his sight to Aika. She was at her desk, smirking a bit while waving at him.

"Oh, don't tell me you're thinking about putting your dick in that kind of crazy," Matsuda said in surprise.

Issei's head wandered to the conversation he had with Yog about Aika, and how she would gladly be his dog. This leads to him imagining Aika with dog ears, a tail, and wearing nothing but a collar.

The bespectacled girl suddenly stiffened in her seat, eyes wide.

Issei blinked. Had she...?

Her smirk returned and she mouthed one word to Issei.


Okay, yeah, she had definitely heard or seen that image in his head.

"Attention Class. We have some new students joining us today," the teacher announced, motioning to three girls. "Ladies please introduce yourselves."

"I-I'm Asia Argento," Asia introduced herself shyly after writing her name on the board. "I'm originally from Italy, please take care of me."

"I am Tosa Nik," Nctosa greeted with a smile.

"I am Tolhu Nik," Nctolhu mimicked the same.

Issei breathed a sigh of relief. While their hair and eye colors were a bit exotic, they at least managed to look completely human.

"Please take care of us," they said in sync.

"Wow! Twins! And they're so beautiful," one of the girls said in amazement.

"Asia is so adorable, and she's from Italy?" another gushed.

The teacher cleared his throat. "To my understanding, the Tolhu and Tosa are actually relatives to another of our students here."

"Hello, cousins!" Aza called with a wave.

"Say what!? Dude, your girl knows them?!" Matsuda said, grabbing at Issei's shirt.

"You got to introduce us!" Motohama insisted.

"Yeah, that might be a problem," Issei said, smiling as shadows came over them.

The two boys looked up to see the beautiful twins looking down on them as if they were scum.

"Are you two bothering him?" they asked in sync, their eyes dark and tones dangerous.

"No, Ma'ams!" they both said instantly, pulling away from Issei.

"Good," they said before turning to take their seats, both on either side of Aza.

Which was by design, Issei figured that might help keep some of the more annoying human girls away from Aza.

"What the hell, you're nabbing up all the foreign hotties!?" Matsuda accused in disbelief.

"Well, we know Issei has an exotic type at least," Motohama bemoaned.

Issei sweat-dropped. If they only theyhad any idea what "exotic" meant to him these days.

"We actually were supposed to have a fourth student," the teacher mused. "But he is either late or absent."

"He?" several of the classmates muttered.

"Great. More competition," Matsuda groaned.

"Come on, what are the odds of it being another pretty boy like Kiba?' Motohama said, trying to cheer his compatriot up to little success.

As if on cue, the door opened. "Is this Class 3-B?"

Everyone turned to the voice and went silent, Motohama and Matsuda both dropping their jaws in despair.

Issei just raised an eyebrow. 'That's the human form he went with?'

Standing in the doorway was a rather handsome young man with black, rugged hair and piercing blue eyes. He regarded the entire class coolly, even as many of the girls began to gush with hearts in their eyes.

"Ahh, there you are? I take it you got lost on your first day," the teacher greeted patiently. "Would you mind introducing yourself?

"Lag Kishu," he answered, sounding almost bored with the exchange. "Did I interrupt something important?"

"No, you're just in time," the teacher answered, exasperated when he realized this particular student wasn't going to say much more. "Please take a seat."

Lag grunted in response as he headed down to his desk. He casually passed by Issei with a wave. "Hey, Boss."

"...Boss?!" Issei's friends said in surprise, the rest of the class giving him strange looks.

Issei just sighed. 'Well, at least he picked a Japanese cover. I don't know how many foreign students we can hand-wave without the insanity slipping.'

Lag meanwhile took a seat near the back of the class, putting his head in hand while looking out the window.

"Umm, Lag?" a girl in front of him asked. He glanced at her but didn't otherwise react. "How do you...know those three, if you don't mind me asking?" she inquired suspiciously.

"Hmm? I don't know those two. I only know the Boss since he's with Aza," Lag answered factually, wondering why she cared. Or the others leaning in not-so-discreetly.

"Oh!" she said with relief, blushing with a smile. "That's a relief. So, you're not a pervert like them, right?"

"No?" he answered with a bit of impatience.

"Sorry, sorry! It's great to meet you and have you here! I meant no offense!" she said quickly before facing forward.


"You know, I'm almost surprised you have a male servant of any kind," Rias noted idly.

They were standing in a hallway during lunch. With Issei was Lag, and Akeno with Rias as the devils eyed the "new student" curiously.

"Eh. I figured having an Eldritch-Bro or two would be a good idea," Issei answered with a shrug. "Lag, this is Akeno. Rias, you two have already met."

"Lag. Lagu, Right," Rias acknowledged, looking at the aloof "boy" with a furrowed brow. "You were the horseman that escorted the train back to the Underworld."

"So, whose idea was it for him to go for such a handsome face?" Akeno asked in amusement. "Most of the girls are talking about him now."

At last, Lag looked surprised. "This is handsome? I was just trying not to stand out in this country. Wait, is THAT why those females keep staring at me? They want me to mate with them? Because I'm not interested in relationships, let alone trying anything like that with a non-eldritch yet. No offense."

Akeno giggled immensely while Rias didn't know whether to look exasperated or amused. "None taken. So, any idea how many more Eldritch we should be expecting?"

"No idea, but we'll be keeping them mostly with us in 3-E," Issei explained.

"Don't you mean 3-B?" Rias asked with a furrowed brow.

"I'm fully expecting Yog to retroactively change that one day as a joke," Issei answered dryly.

"That does sound like something she would do," Lag agreed sagely. "The Lurker has far too much time on her tendrils."

"Isn't she time itself?" Akeno pointed out.

"Exactly," Issei and Lag agreed in sync, having the exact same expressions.

"In any case, were you that worried about the new arrivals or did you just want to see me again?" Issei asked with a small grin.

"More I was curious as to why and how there were rumors about you being the boss of the biker gang, and if I need to be aware of any new cover stories," Rias said wryly.

Issei could only imagine how his parents would react if they heard that rumor. He gave an even stare towards Lag for that.

"I'm just here if you need me to bring doom onto any foolish enough to earn your ire," Lag said, a bit of his true self creeping through, causing the devils to stiffen for an instant.

"Fair," Issei acknowledged in resignation before frowning. "There is...something I learned today that I need to talk with you about."

"I take it this is nothing serious?" Rias asked with both eyebrows raised.

"Nothing dangerous or world-ending, but complicated," Issei assured carefully. "Long story short? There is an Eldritch who is usually called the Collector."

"I'm probably not going to like where this is going," Rias remarked knowingly.

"He's more of a finder than a collector though. He "collects" things for other beings mostly, as a service," Issei explained. "And, well...it turned out there were some on our side of the fence that were also worried that Earth might get destroyed with the Eldritch activity going on."

Akeno raised an eyebrow. "Wait, are you saying that someone collected Devils to...repopulate us, if we went extinct?"

"Well, not just devils, but...yes," Issei explained. "The trouble is, despite everything, some are still worried about that happening."

"In blunt terms, a lot of people were captured as part of a "Noah's Ark" type emergency plan, and you're wondering if you should release them all?" Rias summarized with a frown.

"Oh no. I was going to be surprised if you didn't ask me to release them," Issei said. "It's just, well, it's not a bad idea on its own? The issue here is more getting some input from the species they're actually trying to save."

Rias blinked. "You want to know if we wantyou to keep some of the supernatural kind, in case the world ends?"

Issei shrugged. "Look, I'm going to do everything I can to prevent that. I love living here! But I figured part of being King of the Eldritch means planning for the worst when all your best efforts fail."

"Regrettably, but wise," Rias acknowledged. "I'll have to talk with my brother, obviously. But can you promise everyone will be released?"

"I can promise we'll kick down some conceptional doors to make it happen if we have to," Issei offered. "I don't know how likely some of them will be to fork them over so, you know, wait and see who causes trouble and who doesn't."

Rias frowned and nodded. "If that's all?"

"Well," Issei said curiously. "How's Koneko doing?"

"Koneko? Better. She has some moments whenever she gets too close to Aza, but I think that's to be expected," Rias mused.

"Speaking of, where is dear Aza? Did you ditch her for us? How inattentive," Akeno teased.

"I'm still trying to process how, exactly, you suddenly became friends with the Queen of the Eldritch," Rias said with a suspicious look to Akeno.

"Aza is with Asia and the twin. I want to say it's what amounts to girl talk for them," Issei explained.

"Isn't Asia still human for now?" Akeno asked in legitimate curiosity.

"Yes, well, let's just say she's got some immunity to the insanity. Some," Issei waved off, not even acknowledging the "for now" part. "I'll see you both after class."

"And I have to go make sure my ride hasn't started eating anything it shouldn't," Lag said, nodding to Issei. "See you, Boss."

"See you," Issei acknowledged as he left, turning to see Rias looking concerned. "What?"

"He brought his horse?" Rias asked with some concern.

"Not really an option not to. The horse is technically a part of him. Besides, if he leaves it alone for too long, it starts nibbling on space-time, and I'd rather avoid seeing a pissed-off Yog for right now," Issei explained.

"That's certainly a wise idea," Rias agreed, almost shuddering. Getting time itself upset at you sounded very foreboding, even to her. "We'll see you later then, Kungur."

"You two, Princess," Issei returned in kind as they all turned to leave.

Having some spare time left, Issei decided to venture up to the school roof where he knew and sensed Aza was with the other girls. However, he grew concerned when he saw that Asia was sitting a few steps below the final floor. "Asia? You okay?" he asked, seeing a rather distant look in her eyes.

Asia blinked, looking up with a relieved smile. "Lord Issei! Did everything go alright?"

"Yeah, but what's wrong? You look like you lost half your sanity just now," Issei remarked, a bit worried over what might have caused that reaction.

"No, I...Well, maybe a quarter...?" Asia said sheepishly. "Aika joined us."


"She started talking about...something you showed her?" Asia continued uncertainly

Oh no.

"And Aza started getting ideas, and, umm," Asia trailed off. "I'm grateful for you both taking care of me, but I would like to not talk about what I saw just now."

Issei sighed and leaned down to give Asia a small hug. "You going to be okay?"

"Yes, Lady Yog was here briefly. She says my sanity should be fine before the end of the day," Asia confirmed with a small smile. "She was also giggling."

"Of course she was," Issei said, realizing this was one big prank from Yog. She put the idea of dog-girl Aika into his head after all. "I'm going to see what they're up to."

Asia nodded absently, sitting there as he left.

Issei opened the door and, though not surprised, he still wasn't fully ready for what he saw.

Aika was a dog-girl. Not the kind with ears or tails, not even an anthro one. Her arms and legs had been replaced by the legs of a dog, just large enough to keep her off the ground. She was wearing a collar and leash, which Nctosa held while Nctolhu had a riding crop of all things.

"I tried to explain petplay to them," Aika explained, her blindfold tied firmly in place. Despite everything she seemed massively unbothered by her body modifications. If anything, she might actually be enjoying it on some level. "I believe I failed, Lord Issei."

"Not too far off," Issei murmured, marveling at his own lack of horror. He wasn't exactly turned on right now by this, but it definitely wasn't a turn-off. "Why a riding crop though?"

"This one told us this was an important tool of punishment to use on a "petgirl" that needs disciplining," Nctolhu explained with a head tilt to the left.

Nctosa tilted her head to the right. "Did this one lie to us, Master?"

"No. Nothing she said was a lie. I think," Issei muttered, pinching his brow. Leaving Aika alone with others always led to...interesting results. He was becoming increasingly unopposed to them. "Where is Aza?" he asked, knowing he needed her to fix this. He was currently undecided on how he felt about seeing a girl with dog legs.

A pair of hands came over his eyes from behind. "Right here, Beloved~" Aza answered. "Our little cultist told me all about the little vision you gave her. I see you have been planning her fate. Our little family pet?"

"Not exactly that," Issei muttered, reaching back to grasp Aza's butt playfully.

Aza just giggled. "Sorry, I couldn't get the dog-girl thing just right at first. I don't get why humans would want a girl with fake animal ears when things like that she-devil's kitten exist."

"Well, most humans don't know they're r-" Isse started, only to suddenly stop groping her rear. "Aza, do you have a tentacle on your back?"

"Nooooo~" Aza said with a very Akeno-like giggle as she removed her hands and stepped back.

Issei turned to face her and inhaled sharply.

Aza had her hair down. That wasn't all that strange. Her ponytails gave her a cute look, but letting her hair down turned the cute factor into a beautiful one. But again, Issei had seen that before.

What had his absolute attention was the swinging tail behind, and the black-tipped ears that were twitching on her head.

"Do you like it this way? I know a lot of your hentai collection had female creatures like that kitten, so I knew how to get this right," Aza asked with a smile. She grew worried when she got no response. "Issei...?"

Issei instantly had her pinned against the wall, his tongue already in her mouth and ravishing her.

Aza was surprised by the sudden loss of control but welcomed it all the same as she moaned into the kiss, wrapping her arms and legs, and limbs around Issei.

So enwrapped with one another, both had forgotten about Aika and the twins. The daughters of Cthulhu watched idly, unbothered by the display of affection. Aika shuddered, knowing exactly what was going on. "Hey, Nctolhu? You mind giving me a few whacks with that crop?" Aika whispered with a smirk.

The twins shared a quizzical look. The Kungur said this one had not lied to them, but if the crop was used for punishment, why would this one request to receive it? Truly, this one was a strange mortal.

Meanwhile, Koneko had been returning to the school building, having had her lunch in the Occult Clubhouse. Her ears almost popped back into existence as she looked at the roof of the school.

Instantly, she turned around and headed back to the clubhouse.

"Nope," was the only comment she had to the open air.

She was not putting her healing sanity at risk by being near Outer God fuckery of the literal variety.

End of Chapter

Yep, Issei dealing with more ELdritch-politics. And the ramifications of giving Aza ideas in the form of doggirl AIka who doesn't mind being mutated for her gods' amusement.

Oh, and Lag/Lagu? His human form is based on Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist.

And yeah, Koneko sensed what was going on at a the roof and decided to play hookey for her own mental health.

Hope you all enjoyed this.

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