Class had gone surprisingly well. It was after the lessons that became an issue.

"Aza, you do know who Issei is, right?"

Aza tried, oh by her own throne, she tried to keep her annoyance at bay as she regarded the group of girls crowding around her desk. "Yes, why?" she asked, hoping she forced her human body to display purely and only curiosity and confusion.

"Everyone's been talking about how you walked into school with him. Some even say you kissed him!" one of them pointed out, as if the very idea was disgusting.

Aza suppressed her eyebrow twitch, "Actually, he kissed me," she informed bluntly, somehow both loving and hating their shocked looks. "Now, what is this about my boyfriend?"


All of them yelled in disbelief. Aza was tempted to drop the smile, which was becoming forced already, but she noticed that Issei was getting some jealous looks from his own male friends. Was this a human thing? Was this a "hazing" thing the other eldritch told her about?

"Aza, you have to be careful with a guy like Issei!"

"Yeah, he's a total pervert! Just like the other two creeps, always talking about porn and hentai!"

"And I care, why, exactly?" Aza asked blandly.

There was a confused, stunned silence at that…which was broken by Motohama muttering to Issei. "You lucky bastard."

"Why would you want to go out with someone like him?!" one of the girls demanded in disbelief.

"You know he peeps on us all the time with his friends! And saying weird things like getting a harem!?"

Aza took a deep breath, pinching her forehead. "You're all very annoying," she murmured. 'Issei, Beloved? Please save me from these slanderous dust mites before I break something.'

One of them leaned down, trying to keep Aza's attention. "We're just trying to look out for you, Aza! I don't know what he told you-"

"You're all a bunch of really nosy bitches, you know that?"

Everyone, without exception, turned to Issei Hyoudou with varying amounts of disbelief as he stood near the group with an annoyed look. "Where do you get off-"

"In your mother, Katase," Issei interrupt flatly, glaring at the pinkete who flinched back. "To be honest, I'm just tired of waiting for you all to get done interrogating my girlfriend," he said bluntly before smiling at the Eldritch Queen. "So, Aza, you enjoying your first day here?"

"Oh, it's been great, until a few minutes ago," Aza said with a brilliant smile before scowling darkly. "You didn't tell me you had such horrible classmates, Issei."

"Wait, us?!" the girls asked in disbelief.

"We were just trying to help you," one defended with a glare.

"All you've helped do is give me a headache," Aza answered, letting a deep breath go as she rose from her chair and collected her stuff. She was rather proud of herself; she hadn't broken anyone's mind yet. "Issei, if you need me, I'll be getting some fresh air."

"Catch up with you soon, Aza," Issei said with a smile as Aza left the room, before turning his annoyed look to the group of girls. "Seriously, one day? You couldn't wait one day before circling like vultures?"

"You just don't want her to realize why she should dump you," Katase accused.

"Nope, I just don't like having my girlfriend in a bad mood. Maybe you'll understand that if you ever get a boyfriend, Katase," Issei taunted with a cheeky grin. "If you get the kendo stick out your ass, that is."

"Perverted asshole," Katase shot back with a glare.

"I know, I'm not normally in such a rotten mood! Even with girls that normally beat me up with kendo sticks," Issei pointed out with an entirely fake smile. "Almost like having all of you harass a girl for asking me out pisses me off. Strange how that works?" he asked sarcastically. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have someone waiting for me."

The class watched Issei leave, no one speaking until Motohama and Matsuda started applauding their buddy, grinning in spite of the glares being hurled their way.

"That was almost cool of him, and I hate it," Murayama stated with a sigh.

"Maybe this means he'll stop peeping?" one of the other girls suggested hopefully.

"If Issei quits coming to the peepshows, I'm calling that the lucky bastard is getting something extra from that girl of his," Matsuda murmured to Motohama, who nodded sagely.


Issei groaned as he walked down the halls. Peeking aside, he was normally more or less a gentleman to girls. But even discounting his genuine annoyance, he had to do something to get them off Aza's case. He was pretty sure he actually saw the tentacles this time, even if no one else did. And just leaving with her would have probably just made them try and "talk sense" into Aza more the first chance they got. Hopefully that little display got them to leave things alone.

He had been honest though. He could take them talking bad about him, but it got frustrating watching Aza get upset over their words. At least they weren't insulting Aza herself, just her taste in boyfriends.

Still, he pushed that aside as he ascended the stairs, wondering how this would go. Had Aza already cooled off or was she in an apocalyptic mood now?

He opened the door and saw that the sky was still there and not turned into any nightmarish colors. He'd take that as a good sign.

He looked around and quickly found Aza was indeed up here…talking to a school girl. That'd be a bad sign if Aza wasn't smiling.

"Hey, Aza. Made a friend?" Issei called with a smile while glancing at the student's back, finding it oddly familiar.

"Hi, Issei! And I'm not sure if "friend" is the right word for her," Aza said, looking at her new acquaintance in amusement.

"You really are a lucky one, Issei," the girl called without turning around, but her voice was familiar enough as well.

"Aika," Issei realized in minor annoyance. He didn't hate the girl so much as he hated how perverted she was without getting much flak for it since she was a girl. Still, he squinted as he realized why he hadn't recognized her from behind. "Why are you wearing a headband?"

"Hehe, it's a little dangerous to look directly at the sun," she answered as she turned to Issei finally with a smirk, who looked stunned by her new accessory. "Or at the Center of Chaos."

Issei just stared on, studying the blindfold that Aika kept over her eyes- humorously, under her glasses. All along it were strange runes and symbols that he instinctively knew would have made his eyes hurt to stare at, if he wasn't a budding Eldritch. "Okay, what the hell? Aza, you mindfuck her without me noticing?"

"What? No, she was already like this when I got here," Aza promised in assurance. "It turns out that there is already an Eldritch Cultist at this school."

"And like any good like worshipful bag of meat, I came to offer the Daemon-Sultana any service she might require of this humble one while on this planet," Aika said with an almost manic smile, placing a hand over her heart as she bowed at the waist to Aza; before turning with a mischievous, perhaps lecherous expression towards Issei. "Or her beloved Kungur, for that matter."

Issei stared for a moment before shaking his head. "Okay, going to need questions answered for this one. First, I'm going to guess the blindfold isn't a kinky thing?" Issei asked with his arms crossed.

"To not bore you with my life story, let's just say that unlike your friend, my scouting powers are a bit more "otherworldly" in origin," Aika answered, mock-adjusting her glasses for effect. "I can actually see perfectly fine through this cloth, but the seals keep me from seeing past weakened fields of reality caused by Eldritch intrusion. So, you know, I don't go absolutely insane from glancing at the Queen of the Eldritch."

"And you're just going to be wearing that all day?" Issei asked in confusion.

"Hm? Oh, no, no. It doesn't work like that. It's only a problem if I look directly at her human form without protection," Aika clarified, tilting her head. "You really are new to this?"

"Aika, I still haven't even met the dragon in my hand yet," Issei explained with a snort.

Aika tilted her head, looking between the Eldritch couple. "That a sex joke?"

Aza looked positively pleased about the situation for some reason, but didn't voice why. "Anyway, I was just about to ask our dear little devotee who her patron is," she said, putting her attention back on Aika.

Issei couldn't help noticing how Aika instantly stood a bit straighter and bowed her head to Aza. Which made sense, he realized; Aza was the Head Goddess of whatever religious group Aika was involved in.

"I currently don't have one, Supreme One. I am but a young mortal, giving worship to all of the gods while searching for one that calls to this one's soul," Aika gave in a submissive and devoted tone.

It was kind of unnerving to Issei, but kind of not at the same time? Almost like he expected it, like it was natural.

"Ahh, one of the Generalities that I've heard about!" Aza realized, sounding fond and curious of the concept. At Issei's confused look, she elaborated. "While they can give praise to others, most cultists are devoted to one specific God. However, Earth is an oddball, so one of the Outer Gods here set up "Generalities" or neutral cults. Essentially cults where a new worshipper can try and find which God they want to serve the most- or if a God wants them specifically."

"Huh. Okay, that makes sense," Issei accepted. Honestly, in the long list of things he had learned recently, introductory cults for the undecided seemed low on the totem pole of unbelievable. "And here I thought I was going to meet your cult, Aza."

"Oh, I don't really have one on this planet, just some scattered worshippers. Hmm?" Aza answered before looking down in confusion, seeing that Aika had now gotten down on both knees, prostrating herself before the human form of the greatest of the Eldritch.

"If you desire it, I shall be more than happy to eternally devote my soul to you, O Mistress of Reality," Aika vowed with an eager submission to her voice. "I fear one such as me might not be worthy to serve one as supreme and magnificent as you directly, but I will dedicate all to you if you desire it, My Queen!"

"Jeez, Aika, I half expected you to start kissing her shoe at that," Issei stated in shock from the little display. He actually took a step back as he saw Aika lean forward and raise her head enough to do just that, laying a trail of kisses upon his girlfriend's footwear. "Well, I can't say this isn't arousing on some level," Issei stated, glancing to the side with a small blush.

Aza didn't look at all surprised by the display, as if it wasn't strange. Considering who and what she was, it wasn't. Still, she hummed thoughtfully before shaking her head. "As much as I appreciate another cultist, I was more interested in you becoming Issei's cultist."

"Heh?!" It was very telling that this response came from both Issei and Aika, the later looking up in shock.

Before immediately bowing her head again in apology. "A-are you sure, Ma'am?! Er, Your Majesty. I, um, not that I'm not honored to be a cultist for your beloved, but I'm not sure that's a good idea?" Aika said, very uncertain and scared of offending the insanely powerful being whose feet she was just kissing.

"How so?" Aza asked with a scowl. It wasn't menacing, yet, just a bit disappointed and contemplative.

"W-well, for one, I'm not sure how to...found a cult properly, Ma'am. Especially not the first one a God has ever had!" Aika explained, taking a cautious glance back at Issei before daring to glance up at Aza with a confused look. "Also, no offense to him, but do cultists even really...DO anything for him yet? I mean, he's still, what? Only a percent of a percent of a percent done going from human to Eldritch?"

"Is a percentage one-in-a-hundred or one-in-a-thousand?" Aza murmured to herself before shaking her head. "Regardless, It never hurts to start building up your religion. And if anything, enough worship might stroke his Eldritchhood into rising for the occasion."

"Okay, THAT was a sex joke," Issei called out, Aza giggling with a wide smile. "And don't I get a say in this?"

"Of course you do, Dear. It's your cult. I just assumed you'd like a girl like her on her knees try to please you," Aza stated before blinking. "Oh, and that wasn't a sex joke that ti-"

"Yeah, yeah, I realized that, Aza," Issei cut off as he buried his hand in his face for a second.

Aika swallowed nervously. She could be a little casual with an Eldritch God without panicking, sure, but an instinctive fear gripped her when Issei did something as disrespectful as cut off the Queen of the Eldritch. The more telling and terrifying thing was that Azathoth wasn't offended or upset. She didn't even seem phased by it, like they were equals. That was scary and confusing, but it was in no way her place to question.

"Look, Aza, as much as I appreciate the offer? It is way too early into everything for me to even think about how to handle a full scale cult. So I'd rather put that on the back burner for now," Issei answered, trying to sound apologetic, but his tone mostly just conveyed how overwhelmed and tired the idea made him feel.

"That sounds fine with me. Starting early for me just means within twenty years," Aza answered with a shrug. "Honestly though, I'm getting temporal whiplash trying to adjust to a human's sense of time."

"Don't worry, My Queen, I hear that's normal for Outer Gods during their first times in human forms," Aika assured, glancing up at her. "So, is that a no to being your worshipper?"

"Well, I would, but I am trying for this whole human experience as best I can. I think having one of my classmates worshipping me would kind of ruin that," Aza stated, cupping her chin in thought.

"Aza, I wouldn't be too sure of that," Issei stated with a snicker.

"Huh? What do you mean, Issei?" Aza asked with a head tilt.

"Oh, the Great Boob Lover is just recalling how a lot of the students all but worship the most popular girls here, namely Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri," Aika explained with her own amusement.

"You know they're devils, right?" Issei asked curiously.

"Well, I figured as much. Once you know the supernatural is real and do a bit of research, you realize those two are not very subtle with those surnames," Aika explained, rolling her eyes behind the blindfold.

"Is that so?" Aza remarked thoughtfully before nodding. "I'll consider it, Aika. For right now, I need some alone time with my beloved."

"As you will, O Great Dreamer," Aika stated with another bow to the floor before rising to her feet. She turned to leave, removing the blindfold as she did. She stopped, giving Issei a bow as well, along with a smirk as her golden eyes flashed playfully. "Until next time, Lord Issei."

"Lord? Really?" he repeated skeptically.

"You're a budding Eldritch God and the CONSORT of AZATHOTH. Calling you Lord is already casual for someone like me," Aika pointed out, dry and blunt. Aza didn't seem bothered by the tone, but she decided not to press her luck. "Do tell me if and when you need help...practicing with your tentacles, My Lord."

Issei stared as she left, shaking his head clear as the door closed. "Okay, I feel like I just turned down a threesome without realizing it," he remarked before turning to Aza- and promptly found himself kissing her. It wasn't a long one, no tongues were involved, but it was nice. "Well, that's one way to start things!" he stated with a smile as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Uggh, I needed that. It's nice knowing I have a cultist whenever I need one, but those other girls?" Aza grumbled in his embrace.

Issei was about to say something, before frowning as he felt...something. Not something here, but something through Aza herself. "Aza, what did you just do?" he asked suspiciously.

"I just destroyed a planet somewhere," Aza answered casually, blinking at his alarmed look. "Don't worry, don't worry, it wasn't populated or anything."

"Oh, well. Okay then," Issei accepted awkwardly. It was a bit crazy to contemplate, blowing up planets for stress relief, but if it was just a dead rock, he couldn't see too much issue in it. "I guess it's kind of my fault, peeking and all?"

"Issei, I know you. So I know you're only saying that because you don't like those girls upsetting me and you are mildly worried I might do something horrible to them," Aza said flatly.

"Hehe, I guess that's true. Pervert and all," Issei admitted sheepishly. "Just never imagined having a girlfriend would be this complicated."

Aza gave him an odd look. "You're not even talking about me being an Eldritch Goddess, are you?" she asked in amused fondness.

"Nope. I'm referring entirely to the female student body trying to get my girlfriend to break up with me," Issei answered, getting a hug and another kiss on the cheek. "What was that for?" he asked with a grin.

"Being you," Aza answered with a giggle. "So, what now?

"Well, not to spoil our alone time while we have it, but should we talk about this thing in my hand?" Issei asked, holding up his right hand.

"Other hand, Dear," Aza corrected, waiting until Issei changed hands before clearing her throat. "Ahem! Ddraig! Wake up please!"

"I'm not asleep, Queen of the Eldritch!"

Issei reeled back in shock as a red gauntlet appeared on his hand with a green jewel on the back of the hand. "Okay, what the actual fuck? Are you the dragon Aza was talking about?" he asked in alarm.

"Indeed. I am Ddraig, the Red Dragon Emperor," Ddraig answered nobly as the jewel glowed with yellow sparks.

"Yo? Nice to meet you, I guess. I'm Issei Hyoudou," Issei greeted uncertainly, glancing to Aza. "So, he's the reason bird people were trying to kill me?"

"Ha! Bird people!" Ddraig laughed in genuine amusement.

"I guess so," Aza answered casually. "My information on Earth is very outdated, I'm sure."

"Still, I was surprised to learn that Fallen Angels tried to assassinate my wielder preemptively. Normally the various factions first try for recruitment with my wielders," Ddraig confessed.

"Right, by the way? There a reason I have you or this a blind luck kind of deal?" Issei asked curiously.

"Each Sacred Gear passes to a newborn after the death of the previous wielder. I'd normally say only time will tell why you, but you're already marrying Azathoth," Ddraig explained with a snort. "You literally can't do better than that."

"Not disagreeing," Issei acknowledged with a wryly smile. "So, how do this work?"

"Well, since it will take time to ascend into your more unearthly nature, Azathoth has made an arrangement with me. I aid and protect you to the best of my abilities, she gets me a new body when you have outgrown me some," Ddraig explained simply.

"Sounds like a good deal. Though, new body? Are you like a ghost dragon or something?" Issei asked idly.

"I suppose?" Ddraig answered uncertainly.

"Well, not to flaunt my ignorance, but what do you do exactly?" Issei asked curiously.

"The power of the Boosted Gear is to Boost your power. Which translates to doubling it every ten seconds, before reaching your true limit," Ddraig elaborated delicately. "That said, it helps the stronger you are to start with. And as you're an average teenage human..."

"Yeah, yeah I get it, I'm kind of trash. What'd you expect; this stuff didn't exist for me twenty-four hours ago?" Issei grumbled.

"On the upside, just possessing me means you can train and push your powers beyond mortal limits- and that's without the, what did Yog-Sothoth call it? Eldritchification," Ddraig assured.

"You were listening? Well, this'll be awkward for a while," Issei murmured. "Still, that's awesome! No offense to you, Aza, but I'd rather not have to hide behind you every time something dangerous happens."

"Issei, no offense could possibly be taken," she said with complete seriousness. "I don't mind protecting you, but the more powerful you are, the less I have to be paranoid about."

"While true, something feels strange about his potential. Stranger even for an Eldritch," Ddraig commented thoughtfully. "I believe that this is what was meant by needing to make a choice about your power level? Because your maximum potential seems to be switching between being far weaker than me and being about as powerful as Shub-Niggurath."

"Is that a compliment?" Issei asked curiously, glancing between the Gear and his girlfriend.

"She's an Outer God, and Yog's sister," Aza explained simply.

"Compliment it is then," Issei decided in surprise before looking curious "Do you have any siblings, Aza?"

Ddraig spiritually rolled his eyes. "Of course she doesn't ha-"

"No, but I do have a niece," Aza answered with a smile.

"How does that work?" Issei wondered with a scrunched brow.

"I am now as lost as you are," Ddraig admitted in bewilderment.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she'll show up to meet you eventually," Aza said with confidence.

"Right. Well, much as I have more questions, we should probably head back before the bell. Ddraig, um, how do I...turn you off?" Issei asked awkwardly.

"I'm not joining in on this sex-jokes thing you both have going on," Ddraig stated flatly before the gauntlet vanished.

"Well, this day has been interesting," Issei decided, giving Aza a concerned look. "So, you think you can handle going back without unleashing Mind-Hell on them?"

"Issei, please don't treat me like I'm an idiot," Aza whined pleadingly.

"Aza, the only evidence I have of you being an idiot is loving me," Issei said with a self-deprecating grin.

"..." Aza blinked, considering that line of logic. "And just this once, being called an idiot doesn't feel so bad."

"Hmm? You say something Aza?" Issei asked curiously.

"Nothing, Beloved," Aza answered with a smile. "Let's go, before they think you...what's the word for less-than-sex but more than just touching?"

Issei gave her an odd look. "Molest?"

"Yeah, that," Aza answered with a smile before giving him a look. "Unless of course you want to "molest" me, dear."

Issei blushed slightly before glaring. "Okay, you started this," Issei said as he brought his hands together.

Aza looked confused at that. "What are you- OHHHHH!" Aza moaned, her whole body shuddering as her face went crimson. "Th-that was playing dirty, Issei! Praying to me is bad enough, but such lewd thoughts and images forced into my mind- and that wouldn't even work like that on me!" Aza protested, blushing harder.

"Like I said, you started it, Aza," Issei said with a grin, lowering his hands. "Besides, you called it a glory hole. You knew I couldn't resist sticking myself in that."

Aza's eye twitch, her veins bulging and withering like tentacles beneath her skin for a second before regaining control of herself. "For the record, I am going to murder your virginity by the end of this weekend," she warned, completely matter-of-factly.

"That's not a motive for me to stop," Issei pointed out slowly.

Aza gave him a meaningful smirk. "Who said anything about stopping?"

End of Chapter

And there you have it, a very fluffy Issei/Aza chapter. Didn't plan on it just being a chapter about them, but it felt right by the end. Next one will get back to the other characters of this world. And I loved making Aika a cultist. Also, Issei's sudden backbone to the girls is primarily him saving them from his girlfriend's wrath. And the holes in Aza's knowledge of humans and earth continues to show in humorous ways. Other than that, just a nice fluffy goodness Oh, yeah, and Issei met Ddraig. Probably the most casually first meeting these two have ever had in the fandom.

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