Issei the Eldritch

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Issei groaned as he awoke. "So, this is what a hangover must feel like," he decided as he gripped his head with his taloned hands-

He looked to his hand in shock, finding it normal. He scrutinized it, but it was apparently just his regular hand. He turned his head, directing his attention to the other person in his bed.

Issei grinned at the strange yet very enjoyable memories of the previous night as he gazed upon Aza's naked form, hidden only by a thin blanket.

Was there some ego to be had in fucking the most powerful woman in all of reality? Yes, yes there was. To pretend there wasn't would be a lie, but he was honestly more focused on his lack of virginity while enjoying how peaceful and content his eldritch lover looked.

Fucking her to satisfaction on his first night? Now that was an ego stroke he would privately indulge in.

As if her Issei-senses tingled, Aza began to stir. Her face scrunched adorably as she yawned, revealing that she had two tongues that quickly remerged into one. With a loving hum, she opened her eyes and smiled up at Issei. "Good morning, Beloved. did you sleep well?"

"For whatever sleeping I actually did after all that," Issei said in leacherous amusement. "You have good dreams? And was I in any of them?"

"Of course you weren't," Aza said, rubbing her sleepy eyes. "You're too perfect to be from any of my dreams."

"...No comment," Issei said after a moment of thought. He wasn't a hundred percent sure what that meant, but it was definitely a compliment.

Aza smirked as she felt Issei's eyes trailing over her again. "Up for another round, Issei?" she asked playfully.

"I'd normally say yes, but we definitely overslept and...well, I don't know about Miss Queen of the Universe, but I'm still human enough to need breakfast," he teased with a grin.

"Need? no. Want? Another time, yes," Aza said, lifting herself up to stretch, her two arms unfolding into six limbs as she bent and twisted to loosen her body.

Issei enjoyed the show, eyeing her nude form fondly. "So, not that I'm going to complain, but is sex going to be like that all the time?"

"Which part?" Aza asked curiously as her arms folded back into one another, for lack of a better word. "The unbelievable pleasure, the morphing limbs, or the random planet we fucked on?"

Issei took a moment to realize she was completely serious. "Well, I'm hoping the first stays, but the other two?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It will, and I'm sure we can spice it up if needed," Aza assured, wiggling her brows. "As for the limbs, that's instinctive on your part. You should be able to stop it after a while, if you want. But eventually, you probably won't want to stop them. The other planet was all me though," she said with a grin. "I thought it was a nice change of scenery."

Issei hummed curiously and pulled up the sheets to check his bed. "Huh, so that's why it's so clean. We didn't actually do it here."

"Nope. I also think that, well, we might have literally destroyed your bed if we stayed here," Aza pointed out sheepishly.

"Which, while feeling like something to brag about, would be very hard to explain to my parents," Issei mused before blinking. "Oh, right, my parents! They still don't know about you."

"So?" Aza asked with a head tilt. "I thought we agreed to wait on that?"

"Well, yeah, but you can't exactly have breakfast here if they don't know who you are," Issei pointed out before deadpanning. "Or are you going to pull some mind-fuckery?"

Aza pouted. "I wouldn't do that without your permission, Beloved," she said firmly.

"I'd say I know that, but...well, like you said, you're still learning this human thing," Issei said before sighing. "And I suppose I should start learning this Eldritch thing soon."

"Soon for us can be a thousand years, but I appreciate that," Aza said with a smile. "Speaking of Eldritch, I was just going to step out for breakfast. As much as I love the idea of having breakfast together after our first time, I have some...things to take care of."

"Like what Yog stopped by for?" Issei guessed, getting a scowling nod.

"I may have, well, a tentacles-off style to ruling, but I do need to try and keep up to date on things," Aza answered vaguely.

"Seeing as it's the whole universe, at minimum, I can only imagine," Issei reasoned with a chuckle. "Well, have fun at work, I suppose."

Aza giggled before warping out of existence.

"...I wonder if she remembered to put clothes on. Or if she just magicks up new ones," Issei said before shrugging, getting out of bed to get dressed himself. He wisely opted for a clean set, so his parents hopefully wouldn't smell anything- and he should probably shower quickly- but he had suspicions that yesterday's clothes might still be on whatever planet they fucked on.

He chuckled, imagining some otherworldly aliens finding his underwear and having no idea what they were.


"I'm sorry to speak like this," Sirzechs apologized as they spoke via mini-projections through magic circles. "But my presence in the area could cause unnecessary tension."

"Trust me, I expected as much. I'm assuming all travel to Earth is starting to be restricted or banned across the realms, with everyone on the supernatural side cautiously evacuating?"

Her brother nodded grimly. "Youkai and other races native to earth, without a supernatural realm of their own, are already asking for different factions to take refugees. Just in case the situation on earth deteriorates."

"You mean, so they don't go extinct if the Eldritch end up destroying the Earth," Rias simplified with a sigh. "Not that I can blame them."

"Rias," Sirzechs said with brotherly concern. "I want you to come home."

Rias stared for a second before nodding. "Okay," she conceded softly.

Sirzechs raised an eyebrow. "I thought you'd be a bit more resistant to it."

"I would have been, if she hadn't waved at Sona and I in school," Rias answered with a scowl. "Staying here will be too dangerous for us, I know. We'll be leaving in less than a week to try and not draw too much suspicion."

"Reasonable, even if I'd prefer you back even sooner," the Great Satan mused with a sigh of relief.

"I do have one stipulation though," Rias stated firmly.

"I'd be disappointed if it was that simple," Sirzechs joked, nodding for her to continue.

"I want you to help me get Dad to nullify this arranged engagement with Riser, or at least put it on hold indefinitely," Rias said with a scowl.

"Very well."

"I know, I shouldn't be-" Rias stopped before blinking. "Wait, what?"

"Did you honestly think I'd let my baby sister be forced to marry someone she doesn't want to?" Sirzechs countered with a warm smile. "I've had more than a few plans to help you if you couldn't find a way out yourself."

"...Big Brother," Rias whispered, eyes glistening with happiness and sisterly affection. "Thank you. I'm...glad to know I can count on you."

"In full honestly, you can rely on father too, sister," Sirzechs assured. "He was just under the impression that you and Riser would be happy together in the long term."

"I don't see how, but I can believe he believed that," Rias accepted with a bitter sigh. "So, how do we go about this, exactly?"

"It'd hardly be a difficult prospect to argue," he continued without pause. "Given the current situation? Politically speaking, it'd be wise to consider the possibility of engaging the little sister of a current Satan to an Eldritch God."

"..." Rias stared, wondering if he was joking or not.

He chuckled, calming her. "Don't worry, Rias. It's just the excuse we'll need on paper. I have no plans to offer you up to an Eldritch."

"Unless you have to," Rias countered, completely calm and understanding. After a moment, she nodded. "With Riser, the only thing really at stake was my future. This...has a lot more at stake. If it comes to that, and me marry one of them somehow protects Hell from the Daemon Sultana, then I'd do it, Brother."

"Don't get too ahead of yourself, Rias. One advantage we have is that time is a much longer prospect for the Eldritch. If we're careful, the current situation could hold steady for hundreds of years before we have to worry about it," Sirzechs reminded.

"That's assuming that no one does anything stupid," Rias mused pessimistically, before letting out a breath of relief. "Still, I'm glad at least one good thing came out of this mess."

"Trust me, that's all any of us hope for right now," Sirzechs assured.

"Well, enough about my marital status. You have any news on...what is actually going on?" Rias questioned hopefully.

"Only what you've told me, and what Sona has suggested," Sirzechs answered with a frown. "We only started contacting the cults yesterday, so we haven't had a chance to find most of them, let alone hear back. Still, Sona thinks Issei himself might have been a Eldritch?"

"Well, a mother desperate for a child after two miscarriages seems like a typical cult target," Rias mused with a shrug.

"While true, it depends on if your first hunch was right or not: If he has a Sacred Gear," her brother said with a thoughtful scowl. "While there have been human half-breeds with Sacred Gears, Ajuka is certain that Eldritch blood wouldn't allow a human-halfbreed to be, well, considered human enough to inherit one."

"Right, I almost forgot about that," Rias said with a sigh. "I'm not sure if the idea of an Eldritch with a Sacred Gear is terrifying or redundant."

"Depends on the rank, I suppose," the Great Satan commented. "But the other aspect is still...strange to comprehend. You're saying that the Queen of the Eldritch, the most powerful entity we are aware of, appears to this Issei Hyoudou?"

"Believe me, I'm fully aware of how insane that sounds," Rias admitted, kneading her scalp.

"Indeed. It could be that she'd just using that as a convenient way to slip into society for whatever she's ultimately after," he mused before his face shifted into concern. "How is Koneko?"

"Okay, I think," Rias answered, hating her own uncertainty. "As okay as she can be, at least. She's a bit tense, but I can't really blame her."

"That's good. Did you ever figure out how she actually got back to the club house?" Sirzechs questioned with interest.

"No. Koneko doesn't remember anything after, well, SHE happened," Rias answered with a frown "To think, an Eldritch could do that much damage just by being near her."

"Neither you nor your peerage are weak, Rias. The Queen of the Eldritch is just powerful beyond all reason."


Normally on a weekend day, Issei would be spending it watching something sexy at home, or with his friends if they had something new. But after losing his V-card, porn was suddenly less interesting. Which he was pretty sure was normal. With that in mind, he decided to have some one-on-one time with a new "friend" Aza had introduced him to.

"Hey, Ddraig? You awake?" Issei asked to his hand, feeling a bit awkward as he sat on top of a jungle gym in the middle of an empty park.

"Hm? What?" Ddraig answered in a drowsy voice as a green glow emitted from the back of the hand. "Ahh, good morning, er, your Majesty? I hope you had a...good time, with your wife."

"Okay, stop right there," Issei said flatly. "We're going to be spending the foreseeable future together, right?"

"Presumably up to a hundred years, if not more," Ddraig confirmed cautiously.

"Then please drop the formalities. At this point, I'm just a punk that Aza happened to fall in love with," Issei reasoned.

"...Okay, banging the Daemon Sultana has not ruined your ego somehow. I am impressed," Ddraig admitted.

"Oh no, it's definitely ruined," Issei said with a grin. "I'm just not going mad with power or anything."

"...Ha!" Ddraig barked out a laugh as tension began to leave his soul. "Well, you certainly are an interesting one. So, why have you awakened me? I went into hibernation for...your privacy."

"Yeah, I appreciate that," Issei said sheepishly, a bit weirded out by the idea that this dragon in his hand would know everything he did. "As for that, well, Aza shoved off to do some Space Queen stuff, and I figured we should talk a bit. Maybe you can give me some advice on getting stronger?"

"Hmm, I do approve of you being proactive in your rise to power," Ddraig mused. "Still, just normal exercising would be enough for now. Your body is still mostly human, but the eldritch fraction and my own power will allow you to improve to having speed and strength beyond human limits."

"That's it, just normal training?" Issei question, almost disappointed.

"Were you expecting something special?" Ddraig countered.

"I just found out gods are real the other day. I don't know what to expect anymore," Issei pointed out.

"Fair. Regardless, strengthening your base will allow you to reach greater powers more rapidly," Ddraig explained simply. "That aside, what do you wish to know?"

"Well, I doubt I'm that special, so I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you're not the only...thing like this?" Issei guessed.

"Sacred Gear. And that would be correct. They are rare, but each one is different and has its own nature. Some have spirits like me and others are just artifacts that grant abilities," Ddraig explained.

"Right. And you made yourself sound like a big deal. That's why they went after me?" Issei questioned.

"Hmph. My Boosted Gear is considered in a class of Sacred Gear known as the "Longinus,"" Ddraig explained, pausing as Issei snickered. "What's so funny?"

"S-sorry, that word almost sounds like long-anus when you said it," Issei apologized.

Ddraig sweat-dropped but decided to not snap at the quip. "It means that each one is considered a weapon that can kill gods."

That sobered Issei up instantly. "Gods? Like, legit gods?" he asked in surprise.

Ddraig nodded to himself. "Indeed, at least if they're Terrestial Gods."

"Terrstial?" Issei repeated.

"Local to your planet, for lack of a better word," Ddraig elaorated. "That said, Outer Gods are outside the scope of what any Sacred Gear can stand against. Taking on a Great Old One would be risky even at my peak."

"Wow, so you were a badass," Issei said with a grin, practically feeling Ddraig preening at the praise. "What the actual fuck took you down then if you're a God-Killer?"

"It's a long story," Ddraig answered honestly.

"Well, I got nothing better to do right now," Issei opined with a shrug.

"Are you certain?" Ddraig asked ominously. "Because you appear to have company."

Issei let out a surprised hum as he looked around, spotting the approaching figure of a girl.

Or, it looked like a human girl at least. She was dark in hair with skin that was far too pale, wearing a black sweater and with mauve colored pants. Her eyes were black, like two open windows in an unending abyss.

Issei knew he should probably be scared or worried on some level. But he wasn't. He wasn't sure what to attribute that to yet. "And who are you?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

The girl stopped, her movements unnaturally jerky. She fell to her knees, like a puppet whose strings have been cut. "I am Gacthaurshaaftxtt," she answered before bowing her head deeply. "It is an honor, King of the Unseen Truth."

It was amazing how little that surprised him, or how little that name hurt his brain. "Oooookay," Issei said awkwardly before he cleared his throat. "Mind if I go with Gactha?"

"Call me whatever you desire, My King," she answered submissively.

"Right. So, why are you here, exactly? Or did you just want to meet me?" Issei asked, a bit confused.

Gactha shook her head. "My Mistress, the All-Mother, tasked me with keeping guard over your sacred person in her absence."

Issei blinked. "Aza sent me a bodyguard?"

"That is my primary duty, but I can serve however you wish, Master," Gactha answered in devotion.

"...Tempting," Issei admitted. She definitely wasn't the best looking girl he seen, but she was by no means ugly.

"Forgive me for intruding upon your precious time, Master, but there are two humans seeking an audience with you," Gactha explained calmly. "Shall I dispose of them?"

"One bald, another with glasses?" Issei guessed, getting a silent nod. Now he was concerned. "What did you do to them, exactly?"

"I froze their minds, Master, so that I might consult your desires," Gactha answered.

"Right, you can let them come. They're friends of mine," Issei assured, watching as Gactha silently rose, leaving with a twitchy walk. "She is not used to using a human disguise, is she?"

"Evidently not," Ddraig answered with a hum. "She feels like the Sultana, but she is definitely not an Eldritch God."

"Oh, so I wasn't imagining that "feels kind of like Aza" thing?" Issei realized curiously. "I wonder why she didn't tell me she was leaving a guard though?"

"A surprise? Or perhaps it slipped her mind?" Ddraig suggested idly. "In any case, I shall be tuning out whatever happens next. I've seen enough of your memories and thoughts to know how these conversations will go."

Issei rolled his eyes as he saw his friends approaching, grinning as he jumped off the jungle gym.

"Yo, man! We stopped by your house and your folks said you were out," Matsuda greeted with a wave.

"Did you think you'd find a hot mother out here or something?" Motohama joked as he fixed his glasses.

"Nah, just came out for a walk," Issei said, waving it off casually. "So, what's up?"

"What's up, he asks?" Matsuda repeated with a snort. "Don't play dumb you lucky bastard! Now spill the beans on that little honey of yours!"

"Yeah, how DID you managed to get such a cute babe on her first day? Or did you just take advantage of her foreign innocence?" Motohama asked, peering at his friend with overdramatic intenseness.

"If I ever figure out how I managed that, you'll be the first to know," Issei answered with a chuckle as he scratched the back of his head.


"Eh?" Issei looked up and saw that both of his human friends had stiffened, staring at him like he was an alien. Which wasn't wrong anymore, but still. "What? What is it?"

"That calm, that attitude...," Matsuda said with growing horror.

"He is definitely more relaxed and he's acting cooler," Motohama observed.

Issei sweat-dropped as both friends immediately marched up to be in his face.

"How far have you gotten!?" they both demanded to know in obvious jealousy.

Issei quirked an eyebrow. He'd love to rub it in their faces on some level,, what the hell, there was an easy answer here. "Farther than you either of you, obviously," Issei answered plainly.

"...Oh shit, I think he actually lost his v-card," Matsuda whispered in awe.

"That or this Aza is an amazing kisser," Motohama muttered jealously.

"I will confirm that, yes," Issei said smugly.

"Bastard," Matsuda glared before crossing his arms with a huff. "So why the hell are you here on a weekend instead of with your girlfriend, man?!"

Issei shrugged. "She had some family stuff to take care of," he answered and he wasn't technically lying.

"Family? Does she have a sister?!" Motohama asked instantly.

"No, but she apparently has a niece," Issei answered with a shrug.

"Huh. Must be a big bro with a big age gap," Matsuda guessed, sighing in resignation. "What are the odds there's another girl like that on this miserable planet?"

Issei wisely, wisely decided not to make any jokes about Aza not being from this miserable planet. He got the feeling that attempting to date an Eldritch would not end as well for these two as it did for him.


Aza sighed as she exited the portal with Yog right behind her as they strolled through what many called the Dimensional Gap. "Those brats really give me a headache sometimes," Aza mused to herself.

"Now, now, you're just mad they cut into your cuddling time," Yog teased with a smirk.

Aza glared, her hair turning into a tangle of many eyed limbs. This only amused Yog more, balancing her sword's hilt on her finger. "Careful, imagine if you have to make a new body. Your Beloved has only started to enjoy this one," she teased.

Aza sighed, recollecting herself as her human form resettled. "I know, you're right. Anyway, is there is anything new to worry about?"

"Oh? You usually wait at least a month or two before asking me for news," Yog noted knowingly.

"Terrestrials tend to work on a smaller time scale. I need to to keep at their pace until Issei is done with his Eldritichification," Aza said, looking to Yog oddly. "And why are we not just calling it Apotheosis?"

"Because Eldritichification is more fun. And it's about time we give a word for turning mortals into Eldritch, god or not," Yog mused idly. "Though, you definitely went fast by human standards. Issei didn't think he'd lose his virginity for years still, even while on your date."

"You know, I'm not the only one with a love life, Yog," Aza reminded, the time-god stiffening. "Should I start teasing you about that?"

"That's different. You're lovey-dovey with Issei," Yog reminded, looking away with a sad frown. "My love life is in a bit more rocky than yours."

"It might help if you didn't run from the problem literally all the time," Aza reminded with a touch of near-motherly scolding.

"Azathoth, please drop it," Yog requested flatly.

"Fine, Yog-Sothoth," Aza said firmly, glancing forward. "Was this place always this colorful?"

"Hm? I'm surprised you didn't know," Yog mused. "A Dragon-God of Dreams lives here now."

"A Dragon-God?" Aza repeated in surprise. "Why don't I know about this?"

"Oh, probably just your daughter pranking you again," Yog mused before blinking. "Wait, I forgot to check. Did you ever warn Issei about his new step-daughter?"

Aza was silent for a moment.

An Eldritch chorus of flesh-flutes and bone-lutes echoed through the Dimensional Gap as Aza cursed into the abyss.

Great Red wisely avoided the area.

End of Chapter

There we go, the aftermath of Issei fucking Aza. Natrually, they're both enjoying the afterglow. And Issei has an eldritch guarding him. Gactha is from the CYOA. She's an eldritch creature, but not a god. SHe'll be better explained latter.

And Issei's friends suspect he's not a virgin and are predictably jealous, while Rias decided to use the situation to get out of her arranged marriage. Given the current situation, it wasn't hard.

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