Silvers D. Naruto

AN: Glad everyone enjoyed the last chapter, and in this one, we will be beginning the hunting, but our protags might just be shocked by the kinds of monsters that they'll meet on this little excursion.

Chapter 13: Survival

Cover: Naruto and Toriko, garbed in face paint and grass skirts leap from the treetops with spears in their hands. The target is a large boar that, completely oblivious of its hunters, walks forward, causing the two would-be hunters to fall into a pit trap.

(Departure Version 1 Opening- See chapter 12 for visuals)

Four pairs of footsteps were heard trudging through the jungle early in the morning. Three pirates and one Bishoku-ya chef were walking to the mysterious, dangerous, and practically uncharted back half of Gourmet Island. An idea that residents and regulars of the food paradise would find foolish, as it is well-known that the extreme conditions of that jungle along with even more ferocious animals when compared to the jungle on the safe half. And that is when the jungle isn't going through its…change.

The four approached a large gate that had no security, for no one would dream of willingly going into such a dangerous area of the island. The gate itself was beat-up with no maintenance being done since its erection, animals having come and gone after chasing the brave and foolish that couldn't cut it in the jungle whether they had made it to live another day or had been devoured by the predators that had followed them back. Claw marks stretched across the gate and the ground surrounding it both from animals and the unfortunate souls that had been dragged back into the darkness.

The three newbies to this island thought back to the conversation they'd had with the cook the other day, explaining what they'd be in for as they hunted this special ingredient.

(The other day)

"What we're after is the Billion Bird!" Toriko revealed with a grin on his face, having pulled out a map of the island and pointed to where they'd be heading.

"Billion Bird?" Naruto asked salivating as his imagination went wild, he wondered what something like that would look like.

"And it can only be found in that dangerous half of the jungle?" Ryuko asked with a raised brow, wondering why they had to go through all the trouble.

"Yeah, rare ingredients, dangerous ingredients, anything you can imagine will be found in the Gourmet Jungle."

"Gourmet Jungle?" Ichigo spoke up.

"It's our nickname for it. the jungle where we met is called the Appetizer Jungle, because all it does is whet your appetite for the main course, and most people can't handle it." Toriko explained.

"Where are we going to find this bird, then? It is a whole jungle," Ryuko pointed out.

"Well, we're in luck, I've been in and out of the jungle for years barely making out a few times, and I have it on…good authority that the Billion Bird hasn't actually hatched yet…but it will be tomorrow."

"How is that lucky? That just means that it goes from a stationary target to a moving one," Ichigo frowned.

"It's lucky because we know it will be in the jungle portion," Toriko grinned at the questioning looks he got from the pirates.

"Jungle portion…but it's all jungle, right?" Naruto tilted his head as he tried to wrap his head around what the cook was getting at.

"You all aren't natives, so it will seem a bit peculiar, but currently our island has…expanded," Coco spoke up.

"Expanded…" Ryuko rubbed her chin.

"Exactly, every few months Gourmet Island undergoes a 'ripening' as we call it and, in a way, begins to fold outward. The half we're on is mostly unaffected other than suffering some shaking as the latter half changes. This change essentially signals the mating seasons of animals as they are forced into tighter space, and certain animals only come out during this change because the island also begins to have terrain and climates alter drastically. We're talking lanes of different ecosystems like caves, plains, mountains, and of course, the jungle stays," Toriko explained.

"Grand Line~" Naruto sang to his crewmates as his eyes sparkled in wonder, the two sighed as they didn't want to deal with him.

"So, the Billion Bird will be found in one of those lanes, then," Ichigo reasoned.

"Not just one, it will be in the jungle lane as that's the climate it can live in and has the optimal conditions for it to hatch, so we just need to find it there," Toriko gave a thumbs up.

"Hang on…why are we going after the egg rather than its parent? Unless we're hunting the egg specifically, but you said that it'd be hatching tomorrow, so that gives us a bit of a time crunch, doesn't it?" Ryuko reasoned.

Toriko looked at her with a neutral expression as he thought, Coco had an idea of what he was thinking about, but remained silent since it wasn't his place to say anything.

"We are after the bird itself…but we have to go after the egg because this is the last Billion Bird in existence," Toriko revealed, the pirates being silent at the news. "It has many predators in the Gourmet Jungle and was sought after very heavily due to being practically defenseless while young, so parents would have children only to be unable to protect them from the creatures that hunted them, and their numbers dwindled steadily to this point. I've been going into the jungle all these years to try and retrieve the egg before it hatches because of the danger the chick would be in, but I wasn't able to handle it. Basically speaking, if we don't get the Billion Bird tomorrow there is a good chance that it will go extinct…and I can't let that happen, not just for the sake of the dish I want to make but also because nothing deserves to be wiped from existence."

"Then you can count on us!" Naruto shouted immediately after Toriko with a grin and pumped fist. "We'll catch that bird easy!" he broke through the dour atmosphere seemingly without thinking about it with his optimism and belief in his team's skills.

"Doesn't seem all that difficult. If anything, you're making it easier than I'd thought it'd be. All we have to do is check the jungle route and find this egg," Ichigo agreed with his captain.

"Don't forget that it is easier said than done. We don't know what the size of that one lane will be relative to us," Ryuko pointed out.

"Then we split it into sections?" Naruto asked as if it was simple.

"You can't be this simple…" Ryuko rubbed her forehead.

"Actually, he isn't far off. The jungle and all the surrounding ecosystems lead to the same place, the shore on the opposite side of the island. The four of us will be combing the jungle as we head there, it should only take a day to reach the opposite side. The plan is to search as we go through, camp onshore for the night, and then head back before the island begins to close back up," Toriko said, dragging his index finger across the Gourmet Jungle from their position and back again.

"Close back up?" Ryuko sighed. "Of course it is…guess we can't expect it to stay open forever.

"Nope, that's where our streak of luck seems to run out. We'll be heading in on the last day of the ripening, that way most of the animals will be more docile after feeding and mating."

"Well, at least you have this planned out…" Ryuko looked to her crewmates; Ichigo was picking his ear, half-listening; and Naruto had a hand to his chin and was nodding but didn't seem to truly understand what was being said outside of the basics, "…it's a breath of fresh air, ya know…" she sighed.

"Hold on…you said the four of us. You aren't coming, Coco?" Ichigo looked at the man.

"No, I've retired as a Bishoku-ya. I was only with Toriko out in Appetizer Jungle as a sparring partner and it was during one of our spars that we happened on you three," Coco said calmly.

Knowing what they did about Coco and Toriko's pasts Ryuko and Ichigo could understand why the man was probably keeping his hands off this hunt as it was the blue-haired man's last connection to their father.

"That sucks, I'd like to see more of your poison moves," Naruto grumbled with all the tact of the animals found on this island, though they couldn't blame him since he didn't know.

"Well, that's all for the explanation side of things. Now we need to learn about what we're looking for-" Toriko went to get another parchment that most likely had the Billion Bird's appearance until…

"Hang on!" Naruto slammed his hands on the table with a shout, "I have a question!"

"Same here, but I'm guessing that Toriko's about to go into what it looks like," Ryuko looked to the blond, feeling pride that he seemed to realize they hadn't gotten that important fact.

"Nope! I wanna know if you've got cool hunting clothes for us to wear!" Naruto pointed a thumb at himself…

and then hit the floor.

"You idiot! Why don't you ever have anything worthwhile to say!" Ryuko's fist smoked from the blow, Senketsu's eye looking to her with a sweatdrop.

"But looking cool is important…" Naruto twitched.

"I agree, if I'm going out into the jungle it better be something functional and stylish, I'm wearing," Ichigo concurred.

"See?!" Naruto got back up.

"Who cares what we're wearing in a jungle…morons. I thought girls were supposed to be the ones that care about what they wear," Ryuko sighed angrily.

"Don't be naïve…guys want to look awesome at all times," Ichigo said seriously with a dramatic shadow on his face.

Ryuko edged toward the swordsman, intending on having him join their captain on the floor, but was stopped by Toriko speaking up.

"Come now, guys, this is important…" he got up and turned his back on all of them.

"Finally, back on track…" Ryuko smiled.

"Do you have so little faith in me?" Toriko turned his head around and jabbed his thumb toward himself with a wide smile, "Of course I've got cool hunting clothes for all of you!"

"*Phew* Had me worried for a second there," Naruto was relieved.

"Guess we underestimated you, Toriko," Ichigo smirked.

"Please, you think, I'd be caught dead hunting in anything less than stylish and awesome?" Toriko laughed.

The three men then proceeded to high-five each other in joy.

Ryuko with a smile on her face and her eyes closed, calmly approached the three, cracking her knuckles.

Soon they were all on the floor.

"Who the hell cares about clothes!?"

'Scary…but I don't disagree with them,' Coco thought to himself, he didn't feel like becoming acquainted with the young girl's fist.

"You should! We're going into a jungle and there are the surrounding climates to worry about. Wearing a school uniform doesn't seem like the best idea, I could loan something to you too," Toriko rose and rubbed his head.

"I don't want to. Senketsu is all I need to wear," Ryuko replied with a huff.

"She named her clothes?" Toriko whispered.

"Yeah, talks to them too," Ichigo whispered back.

"I think it's unique," Naruto joined.

"I can hear you," she whispered having interjected into the huddle with an evil gleam in her eye at their scared expressions.

Another pounding ensued with all three men trying and failing to get the smaller girl to stop harming them over their diversion from their discussion with Coco and Rin attempting to hold her back.

All the while, the forgotten parchment with the Billion Bird on it remained on the table, only slightly unrolled to give a glimpse of its contents before a thud from the brawl caused it to roll back up and remain out of their minds.

(Flashback End)

"Kinda cute for a warning, isn't it?" Ichigo smirked, looking at the signs that littered the gate. For his hunting outfit, he wore baggy camouflage pants that had large pouch-like pockets on the legs, held up by a belt with a fork and knife crossed over each other on the buckle. On his torso was an open camo jacket with long sleeves only instead of traditional camo colors the jacket was all white with black spots. As always, Zangetsu was strapped to the swordsman's back.

"Enter the jungle at your own risk! We won't be coming to save you, ya know!"

The sign read, ending with the familiar faces of Mansam and Jiro, laughing their chibi heads off on opposite sides of the sign.

"This is getting me excited!" Naruto shook in anticipation. His hunting outfit consisted of a jacket similar to his old one, that he was lucky enough to get ahold of thanks to Toriko, only this one was a forest green color mainly with light green stripes resembling vines with leaves growing from them trailing up the arms and led to the back of the jacket to attach to a tree design, it also had a high collar that reached the middle of Naruto's cheeks with zipper teeth lining it despite serving no function. On his legs, he wore dark green cargo shorts with multiple pockets, and to top off his look he wore a red bandanna on his head that had a web of vines crisscrossing on it with a row of roses all with different colors rounding the middle of it.

"Why don't you two keep your eyes on the prize?" Ryuko had her hand in her pockets still wearing her trusty Kamui.

"They can't help it, and I don't blame them either. My blood was pumping when I stepped foot in the Gourmet Jungle for the first time," Toriko chortled. For his hunting outfit, Toriko wore an orange spandex sleeveless vest over a thin blue short-sleeved muscle shirt with matching orange cargo pants held up by a simple black belt and dark blue knee-high boots.

Toriko ran a hand across the gate and a look of recognition shined in his eyes when he saw a small hole that had been dug through the dirt that would allow something to squeeze in from the bottom.

"Ah, I recognize this! Got into a fight with a few beasts in the forest, couldn't even stand afterward, and had to drag myself back here. Of course, they weren't gonna let their pray get away…so I had to dig a hole just to escape from them," Toriko sounded nostalgic as he recounted a story that most people would want to repress.

"Awesome!" the two pirate men said, Naruto with stars sparkling around his head and Ichigo doing his best to not look impressed.

"Tell me again how that's supposed to be awesome?" Ryuko rolled her eyes. She didn't understand how guys could get a thrill out of almost getting killed.

"Let's go!" Naruto went inside as Toriko opened the gate to allow them in with his crewmates following closely behind.

"Quiet down," Ryuko sighed.

Once they'd entered the sunlight had become a scarce resource as only pinpricks could be seen through the leaves of the extremely tall trees. The foliage was so dense that it practically appeared as if it was night in the jungle rather than the early morning.

"Wow, these trees are huge!" Naruto tried to see the tops but was unable to thanks to the leaves.

"That's one way to tell the difference between the two jungles," Ichigo admitted.

"Yep, everything here is like the Appetizer Jungle dialed up to 11. The plants, terrain, and the animals shouldn't be taken lightly," Toriko warned with a toothy grin.

"Even the plants here are…" Ryuko was cut off by the chef.

"Gourmet…one and all."

"Ha, this is great, I wonder how long it'll be before we get to see one of the monsters," Naruto said to Ichigo.

"Hopefully not too long, I want to see if they're as tough as Toriko makes them out to be," Ichigo grinned.

"We're hunting a bird," Ryuko reminded though it fell on deaf ears as the two continued to talk about what they wanted to see from the 'scary rookie barrier'.

Too bad for them someone was going to hedge those expectations and it wasn't Ryuko this time.

"Don't get your hopes up," Toriko dumped a figurative bucket of cold water on the two.

"Why not?" Naruto tilted his head.

"You said the beasts here were dangerous," Ichigo crossed his arms with a frown.

"I did and they are, but I also said that they'd be docile unless provoked during the ripening, remember. That's why we're so lucky with the timing of the Billion Bird's hatching since we won't have to deal with them hunting it. Our only foreseeable problems should be the environment, our time limit, and the fact that we don't know where the bird is," Toriko explained.

The two scrappy boys were none too happy at this revelation, shown by the extreme look of unhappiness and shock on their faces.

"I didn't take you as someone that would think that far ahead," Ryuko was shocked at Toriko's forethought.

"You'd be right!" Toriko shot down her rising sense of respect. "Normally I would just rush in, but these circumstances just happened to line up, so that's why I said we were lucky," Toriko revealed.

"Then why'd you tell us about all the dangers!" Ichigo shouted angrily.

"Because I didn't want you guys to come here without the full scope," Toriko said matter-of-factly.

"What's the point of coming into a jungle if we're not gonna have an adventure!" Naruto pouted.

"I thought we were here because you wanted Toriko to be our cook?" Ryuko raised a brow.

"Yeah, but that's like the third reason why!"

"I'm third!? Then what are the other two things!?" Toriko cried comical tears that he wasn't even number two on the blond pirate's list of priorities.

"Focus on what we're doing now," Ryuko rubbed her forehead.

The two angered pirates crossed their arms and huffed, turning their heads away defiantly as they continued to walk.

"Hmph, maybe I'll just go find one and fight it anyway…" Naruto said under his breath.

"I'll help," Ichigo said back.

"You do that, and I'll drown the both of you!" Ryuko slammed their heads together.

"Seriously, if I'm number three, what are the other two things?!" Toriko still wanted an answer.

This is how the hunt began, on a disjointed, disappointing note. Though these feelings weren't to last as the four felt a rumbling beneath their feet. Naruto and Ichigo immediately sprang to action as they stood in front of their group.

"I knew this place wouldn't let me down!" Ichigo grinned.

"See, we'll have an adventure after all!"

"Idiots…remember that the island's been opening up and the animals are docile. This is probably just one of the quakes that the island has while it expands, right?" Ryuko turned to the island inhabitant of their group with a self-assured smile.

The serious expression on Toriko's face told a different story though as the man stared in the direction that the rumbling was coming from, preparing himself for battle.

"No, the ripening becomes complete after a few days and then the expansion stops completely until the island starts to contract back to its original shape. Its contraction won't happen until tomorrow, so this has to be coming from something else," Toriko's eyes narrowed.

The rumbling drew closer and closer with the four being put on guard as it became louder. A trumpet-like sound rang through the air in addition to the crumbling of trees beneath whatever was plowing through them until the immense animal was revealed to them.

"It's a…" Toriko froze with widened eyes.

"A huge elephant!" Naruto laughed giddily as he raised his head to see the towering animal.

"Elephants don't have fur…so it's a mammoth," Ryuko's eyes ran over the creature, taking in its features, "A mammoth with two trunks…and a tail?"

"And wings…with tiger stripes…" Ichigo was equally dumbfounded by this animal.

Indeed, the large mammoth that stood high above the four hunters, even managing to tower above the large trees, had two trunks side-by-side on its face along with six legs, and two large tusks. On its back were two small wings that didn't look they could lift its massive body and a tail that dragged along the ground behind it, and all over its body was reddish fur with black stripes that resembled a tiger's.

"A Tigelephant?" Naruto mused.

"No, a Regal Mammoth," Toriko stated in awe, "All my times coming in here and I've never seen one, it's that rare!"

"Whoa…" Ryuko whistled.

"We just keep getting luckier," Ichigo scratched his head.

"An honor," Naruto nodded.

The mammoth finally seemed to regard the group below it and lowered one of its trunks near them.

"It's smelling us?" Ryuko didn't seem very happy with the idea.

"Hey, Toriko, does this thing taste good?" leave it to the blond to have his mind on one thing.

"Delicious. The meat of the Regal Mammoth is good enough on its own, but the real flavor is found in a specific portion that absorbs the flavor from all the other parts of its body, the Jewel Meat. It's said that it shines brighter than any jewel could."

"Amazing…" the three were awed by the information even as the mammoth began to inhale with the trunk that was positioned above them.

"And you know the reason why it has two trunks…" Toriko said as if he were speaking to students, the suction of the Regal Mammoth's trunk had increased as he talked, causing the group's clothes to rustle and twigs, leaves, and rocks rose from the ground.

"Why?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Because one is for sucking prey in and the other is for spitting out the bones.

"Interesting…" the pirates nodded calmly.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SOMETHING SOONER!" Ryuko screamed at the chef who sported multiple bumps from the pummeling he'd received from her.

The three were currently running from the enraged mammoth as it continued to try and suck them in through its trunk while its second was spewing the bones of unfortunate creatures out.

"I'm sorry," Toriko groaned in pain running at full speed, avoiding any debris that was floating upward.

"Let's just beat it up," Naruto said simply, looking over to Toriko.

"I'm all for that. I don't feel like getting eaten," Ichigo sneered at the beast with a hand on Zangetsu.

"Why is this thing gunning for us anyway? It's forcing us off course!" Ryuko growled.

Once the chase had begun the four had been trying their best to lose the monster, but its speed and tenacity forced them to swerve off their original path, so they were now running parallel to their destination.

"We better do something soon or else we'll hit the next climatic lane!" Toriko warned.

"I'll take care of it!" Naruto said happily and jumped up to the beast's face with a fist cocked back.

"Wait, Naruto we need a plan first!" the fading voice of Ryuko called to her captain.

"Hope you're ready for this!" Naruto smiled wildly and thrust his fist encased in wind between the Regal Mammoth's eyes.

"Tenpesuto Panchi (Tempest Punch)!"

The attack hit true as the explosive force of the condensed wind exploded outward and seemed to halt the large creature as it had stopped moving. Naruto landed the bridge of its noses with his brow raised.

"Did he do it?" Ichigo couldn't see from their position.

"Don't know but it stopped…" Ryuko looked up as well despite not being able to see either.

"Get down! It isn't done!" Toriko yelled.

The mammoth's eyes focused on the blond standing in its face and roared, rocking its body back and forth in an effort to shake the blond off. From the violent shaking, Naruto was forced to grip the animal's fur lest he falls off, enraging it further as it began to stomp around once more and run forward. It was now more focused on ridding itself of the blond than it was with his companions.

"Help!" Naruto shouted over the beast's roars.

"What are you doing up there!?" Ichigo screamed in anger.

"We've got to bring this thing down," Ryuko drew her scissor blade and then looked to Toriko, "That alright with you?"

"As long as it isn't a lethal blow. We have to defend ourselves!" Toriko skidded to a stop with the other two next to him.

"Let's go for the legs and work our way up!" Ichigo reasoned and dashed off with the girl following.

Toriko, meanwhile, noticed a gash was in the mammoth's side and the animal's rage began to make sense to him, 'It's hurt…makes sense. A Regal Mammoth is so large it doesn't have much in the way of predators so normally it doesn't care about anything around it. But…something attacked this one and it fled our way…what or who could have spooked a Regal Mammoth of all things?'

As Toriko was wondering about this mystery, the two pirates had arrived at the front legs of the monster and made to slice into them and force it to kneel. Gliding across the ground and kicking up dirt the two pirate's blades shone as they approached their target.

Unfortunately, the beast looked down and saw them. In a move that no one would believe a mammoth capable of, the beast jumped straight up and drew its legs in to keep them out of sight.

Below Ichigo and Ryuko had just swung the blades and missed the mammoth, confusing the two as they didn't notice the maneuver.

"The hell?!" Ryuko stopped herself.

"Where'd it go?" Ichigo was surprised when he noticed the shadow on the ground, looking up he was shocked that the large creature had jumped into the air fast enough that it managed to confuse both him and Ryuko.

"Watch out it's coming down," Toriko shouted making his way over to the two.

"Damn, this thing is smart," Ryuko jumped away with the swordsman just as the mammoth landed on the ground, causing a large tremor, and making cracks appear all over the ground.

"Tougher than the others," Ichigo pointed out. Looks like Toriko wasn't lying about the level the animals were on in the Gourmet Jungle.

"I wonder how many it'll take just to dent this thing," Toriko mused as he readied a Kugi Punch only for his footing to suddenly slip out from under him. "What?" he was shocked as a large hole opened underneath him, leading to who-knows-where, "Dammit!" he hissed as the ground swallowed him up.

"Toriko!" Ryuko shouted when she saw their guide disappear underground and the hole along with him as the ground seemingly 'healed' over.

"He can take care of himself! We need to focus on this thing!" Ichigo warned her.

That second that the swordsman took to regard his crewmate was enough for the mammoth to capitalize on as it quickly moved its leg above Ichigo to stomp on him. The swordsman reacted by leaping to the side, blocking the rocks that had been kicked up by the stomp, he saw that the mammoth was slightly off-balance from placing its weight in one leg.

Using this as an opening, Ichigo jumped up to attack the monster's side, believing that it wouldn't be able to defend itself there. Zangetsu was poised to stab into the Regal Mammoth's stomach and hopefully end the fight then and there, but it was for naught.

Shifting its weight, the creature slammed its body to the side forcefully, surprising Ichigo as he wasn't prepared for the sudden movement and forcing him to block. The force behind the equivalent to a hip-check pushed the swordsman away at extreme speed and knocked him through several trees before disappearing in the thick foliage.

"Ichigo!" Both Naruto and Ryuko shouted.

"You lousy elephant!" Ryuko's eyes narrowed in rage as she moved to slice the mammoth. Out of the corner of her eye, Ryuko saw the mammoth swing its trunks at her to knock her away just like Ichigo. Stopping her charge, Ryuko jumped upward to avoid the attack but forgot a key detail.

While resembling a mammoth, this creature was anything but as it had plenty of extra appendages. And the appendage that the navigator had failed to remember was the large tail the Regal Mammoth had that now met her face as it slammed into her.

'This thing…it knew I'd jump. Not just their strength and speed are off the charts…it's their intelligence too!'

Just as Ryuko finished her thought, she shared Ichigo's fate as she was flung through the air to parts unknown.

"Guys!" Naruto shouted, gripping the fur of the Regal Mammoth tighter in his anger. The rampaging creature had not settled down even after ridding itself of most of its enemies, it continued to rage as it smashed through trees and shook its body. "You stupid Tigelephant! Quit wrecking our hunt!" Naruto let go of the Mammoth's fur just as it raised itself to stomp, so he could let loose a stomp of his own. Gathering the wind to his feet, Naruto let the added height of the Regal Mammoth's stomp give his attack an extra bit of force as he fell onto the top of the monster's head, releasing a boom when he landed.

"Kaze-ochi (Windfall)!"

Naruto landed forcefully on the animal's head with enough power to cause the Regal Mammoth to fall onto its stomach as its legs splayed out underneath it. The poor creature, while not unconscious from the blow, had calmed considerably, letting out a defeated bellow from its trunks as it panted tiredly.

Sliding down the hulking creature's side, the blond pirate captain noticed the gash in its side. Placing a hand on it, Naruto somberly ran his fingers over it, the light touch barely registering to the massive mammoth, but it let Naruto know everything.

"So, something hurt you…" Naruto blinked, taking his hand from the wound, he saw that it was slightly wet from the blood. He circled to the beast's face and looked into its tired and angry eyes, it looked at the blond with bloodshot eyes, wanting to continue attacking. Imagine its surprise when Naruto reached his hand out and patted one of the Regal Mammoth's trunks.

"You weren't attacking for no reason…but that doesn't mean you should have gone around knocking my friends away," Naruto ended sternly even if there was no true animosity toward the animal, Naruto still realized the pickle he was in.

"I'll go look for Ichigo first. He shouldn't be too far away," Naruto looked in the direction his friend was flung in but was surprised to see that there was no damage, no felled trees, no broken ground, nothing. "Huh!? What happened the jungle's all normal!" Naruto ran to the trees to inspect them, but couldn't see anything amiss, and that was the problem.

"Ah! I'll just retrace my steps and…" Naruto looked behind the mammoth and was met with a similar dilemma. The path of destroyed jungle that was left in the wake of the rampaging Regal Mammoth was mostly gone. The blond pirate was able to catch at the last second, a broken stump that soon sprouted into a completely new tree. Naruto pinched his lip in deep thought as he watched the process, using his deductive reasoning.

"It's just like Toriko said…these are like super trees or something, or maybe Gourmet trees? Guess that means that it all grows back extra fast, like when the ground closed up after Toriko fell in…everything in this jungle, the animals, the trees, the plants, and even the ground…is gourmet," Naruto said dramatically to himself…

The mammoth sighed to itself as it heard this human mumbling.

"Ok, if the guys got knocked away then they'll be in those different lanes. Toriko said that it's a straight shot to the opposite shore no matter which one we'd wind up in, so they'll be able to take care of themselves," Naruto reasoned aloud. "And since I'm the only one still in the jungle lane…" he pounded a fist into his open palm, "I have to be the one to find the Billion Bird!" Naruto smiled.

He then began to trek forward with an arm outstretched in front of him as he pointed ahead of himself, marching enthusiastically.

"Ha, they're gonna be so surprised when I find it all on my own!"

He then stopped dead in his tracks, frozen in place with his smile still present as a gross realization hit him.

"Hang on…what does the bird look like?" Naruto crossed his arms and brought a hand to his chin as he tried to recall the explanation of last night. All he could remember was a hail of fists raining down on his poor blond head to the point it jarred him out of his recollection with a jolt of fear.

"Aw man, stupid Ryuko…Toriko was gonna tell us what it looked like, but she got all upset that we were going to get cool hunting clothes and she wasn't, tsk. Now cuz of her I have no idea what the Billion Bird looks like…" Naruto pouted at his…'memory'.

The Regal Mammoth, despite having no idea what the blond was saying, looked dumbfounded at him. Meanwhile, a small bird had just landed on a tree next to the blond, looking curiously at the great mammoth and odd human.

"Mmmm, alright…so I don't know what it looks like…but I do know it's a bird…" Naruto's eyebrows were knit together as he exercised his brain like never before to come up with a plan of action, and his incredible effort bore fruit when his eyes shot open as he got an idea, "I got it! All I need to do is catch all the birds I come across! One of them has got to be the Billion Bird if I catch enough!" Naruto grinned at his 'brilliant' idea.

"Now all I need is a bird…" Naruto wondered to himself.

At this point, the confused avian that had joined decided now was the best time to chirp.


Naruto's eyes shot to the bird, a blank, wide-eyed expression on his face as he stared it down. The bird caught the blond's blue orbs and grew nervous from the intense stare he was giving it. The bird began to sweat lightly and tremble as they stared unblinkingly into each other's eyes, the beak of the bird slightly open.


Suddenly the two were off as the bird flew like its life depended on it as it was chased by a furiously running blond his eyes whited out in concentration, running with all his might after the fleeing animal.

"Get back here, you bastard! Are you the Billion Bird!?"

Crashing soon followed as Naruto ran after his prey, leaving behind the Regal Mammoth which sweatdropped to itself as it observed the crazy human chase after the poor bird.

And so, Naruto, the blond pirate captain, finds himself on his own in the Gourmet Jungle. With no clue as to the appearance of the Billion Bird, he has decided to hunt every bird that he comes across, causing him to stray from the straight path to shore as he searches and making his journey take longer as a result. Naruto will arrive on the opposite shore tonight.

(With Toriko)

"Damn, the Gourmet Caves…" Toriko had his hand in his pockets as he looked into the darkness of the cave that stretched ahead of him. Looking up, there was no evidence of the hole he'd fallen through.

"I'm worried about them since they aren't used to the ecosystems but I'm sure that they'll be fine. Worst comes to worst we can look for the Billion Bird on the return trip, I just didn't want to deal with the time limit," Toriko shrugged and began to walk forward into the dark cave.

"It just sucks that I wound up in the caves of all things…this is going to be a real boring day," Toriko put his hands in his pockets and caught the eye of one of the creatures in the cave which quickly scurried away in fear of the blue-haired chef who sighed to himself.

Toriko, the head chef, finds himself in the Gourmet Caves. Unfortunately, for him, the Caves are known for having squeamish beasts that often keep to themselves rather than attack humans, so it has become a leisurely stroll for the man as the caves are a straight shot to the opposite shore. Meaning that his chances of running into danger are very slim.

(With Ichigo)

"Are you serious?" Ichigo was confused as he stood in the middle of a field with tall grass that reached his knees. He could see far thanks to a severe lack of trees in the areaas the only thing that was with him other than the grass blowing in the wind was a lone rock.

"I know that this place is supposed to have different areas or whatever, but I don't think that a prairie is considered an ecosystem…" Ichigo didn't see a difference in the jungle and a prairie other than one had fewer trees…the poor fool.

"This so-called 'Rookie Barrier' is beginning to annoy me. How a pirate could be chased from here is embarrassing to think about. And now, I'm still probably not going to see any of those strong monsters either."


Ichigo stopped his rant to look behind him, only to be met with the rock that sat there. Blinking, Ichigo turned back around to look ahead, seeing the tall grass waving as it was blown.

"Only thing to do is move to the meet-up point and wait for the others then…" Ichigo began to walk.


Turning quickly around, Ichigo saw the rock again but it was slightly closer to him and he was able to tell that it had moved forward because the grass behind it had been flattened.

'You've got to be kidding…' Ichigo frowned at the rock but ultimately decided to ignore it, whatever the creature was it didn't attack him, so he'd give it a pass for the moment.

"*sigh* I wonder if everyone else is doing alright," Ichigo scratched the back of his head, his face deadpan as he continued to hear the rustling of the grass behind him.

The swordsman, Kurosaki Ichigo, has landed in a vast field after the altercation with the Regal Mammoth. Appearing to be completely alone, Ichigo moves onward to the group's meet-up point, though he may have company.

(With Ryuko)

"Are you shitting me!?" Ryuko shouted over the howling winds she was enveloped by, hugging herself to try and stay warm with frost covering her body.

The navigator found herself in a frozen wasteland as far as she could tell since the extreme cold and harsh winds made it hard to see ahead of her. A trench of snow lay behind her to indicate where she landed.

"I get that there are different ecosystems on the island…but a frozen wasteland! I was just in a damn jungle a second ago!" Ryuko shivered in anger, her fury, while burning hot, did nothing to warm her body.

"H-hey, Sen-Senketsu…why don't we synchronize…I-I'll warm up a bit, right?" Ryuko asked her partner and received no answer.


She looked down and saw that her living clothing had been frozen solid complete with a sheen of light glinting off Senketsu's frozen form. His eye was wide in surprise and it stuck on him by the time he'd frozen over.

"Dammit, guess the both of us haven't really been in snow before so it's no wonder that we aren't used to it…" Ryuko frowned and crunched the snow beneath her as she slowly moved forward. "I've got to find a way to warm up and thaw you out or else we're both gonna end up frozen…" Ryuko's teeth chattered as she rubbed her arms. The girl walked over an ice formation that soon began to tremble violently, causing her to slip off into the cold snow below her.

"What the hell?!" she shouted, irate at whatever caused her to fall and making her colder in the process.

Underneath the layer of frost, a large dragon appeared, letting out a loud roar as it was revealed. The dragon had white leathery skin, but that wasn't the thing that Ryuko was paying attention to. The pirate girl's eyes were focused on the luxurious fur that covered the large beast.

It all seemed to go into slow motion for her as she watched the large reptile swing its head to and fro almost as if it were showing it off. The beast's fur swung with the movements of its head waving beautifully in the air and Ryuko's eyes were solely focused on every strand as it fell over the monster's back.

With its little display finished, the dragon leaned its head down to the small human and roared in her face. Its horrid breath wafted over her, but Ryuko was unfazed, her eyes covered in shadow by her bangs. Once the beast had finished roaring at her, it brought its head back, expecting the weak human to flee in fear.

Instead, it heard ominous chuckling coming from the girl who brought an odd red blade up in front of her face. Ryuko's eyes gleamed dangerously and gave a sadistic smirk as her eyes stayed fixated on the monster's fur.

"So warm…fur…" she said chillingly and took a step forward.

The creature was unnerved and took a hesitant step backward.

"Where're you going? You have something I want," she chuckled more and kept up her approach.


The poor creature began to cry tears as the terrifying woman lunged at it fully intent on taking whatever it was that she wanted.

(With Naruto)



The blond captain was hunched over, breathing heavily with a hand on his knee. Sweat covered his brow and wet his bandanna as he tried to regain his breath after he'd been running around for about a half-hour. The fruits of his labor were angrily flapping their wings behind him, trying to escape.

A good number of birds had been captured by the blond since they couldn't compete with his insane stamina. All of them tied by a leg to a rope that was clutched by the blond to ensure that they wouldn't escape from him. A few of the braver and angrier avians were constantly pecking the hard head of the blond.

"Huff…well, I've caught a bunch of birds, I wonder if these are enough," Naruto wondered, ignoring the blows to the head the only indication it was doing anything was the slight shake of his head with each peck. "Aw, knock it off already! I only need you until I find out which of you guys is the Billion Bird, then I'll let you go," Naruto waved the birds away from him while it didn't hurt it was annoying to get prodded over and over. "I guess now's as good a time as any to start heading to shore, one of you is bound to be the Billion Bird."

The captured animals didn't take too kindly to this and resumed pecking into the oblivious blond's head just as he began to start walking again. Though he was stopped when he heard small peeps in the distance along with loud growls.

"What's that?" Naruto put his hand over his eyes, looking in the direction of the noises to try and discern what was coming his way.

*Peep peep peep peep peep!*

A small chick burst from a bush and seemed to be in a panic as it passed by the blond and his assortment of bird captives, panting as it waddled as quickly as it could from the predator that was chasing it.

"What was that?" Naruto raised his eyebrow.

Another rustle came from the bushes which revealed a large tiger beast. The animal had pink fur with a dark red overcoat and stripes that were even darker with yellow eyes. Letting out a roar as it appeared the tiger bit at where the blond was standing, causing him to run as well along with the birds flapping to keep up with him.

"Ahhh! What the hell?!" Naruto caught up with the chick and fell in step with it as he fled. "Come on, normally I'd clock you, but I have a handicap here!" Naruto complained, "Don't attack someone that can't defend themselves!"

The cat-and-mouse chase continued for a good ten minutes before Naruto started to get annoyed. Frowning and furrowing his brows, Naruto turned to look at the oddly colored tiger over his shoulder.

"Don't you have something else to chase?" Naruto grumbled at the slobbering beast. It was then that the blond looked into its eyes and noticed that, while the tiger was technically chasing both him and the chick, its focus was mainly on the chick. "Huh…you aren't even after me, are you?" Naruto reasoned then took a great leap up into the treetops.

Watching from above, the blond pirate could see that the predator paid no mind to his absence and continued to run after the panicked baby bird. Scratching his head slightly, Naruto frowned and ultimately decided against helping the small chick as it wasn't his problem and he had to meet up with the others anyway to figure out if any of the birds he'd caught were the target.

"It'll be fine…its parents can't be too far off," Naruto shook his head and hopped down from the branch. He looked to the flock of birds that were still giving him the stink eye for capturing them before trudging forward, his hand trembling as it held the rope, forcing himself to ignore the crashes happening behind him and the cries of the chick.

He grit his teeth, and his whole body started to shake.

The small chick was backed into a tree trunk by the large predator, exhausted from running for so long. Small, pathetic noises came from its beak, staring into the crazed eyes of the tiger and watching the drool drip from its maw. The small bird closed its eyes in fear, not wanting to see its demise…in a last-ditch effort the small creature let out one more desperate cry for help.


"Pick on someone your own size!" Naruto snarled at the tiger, using his hands to keep the jaw of the tiger away from the surprised chick. The birds he'd caught were all flying away frantically, flapping their wings hurriedly before the foolish human could have the chance to recapture them.


The tiger gave an annoyed growl as it looked at the blond from the bottom of its eyes and put more strength behind its jaw. Naruto's hands buckled only the slightest bit before he reaffirmed his place and reopened the monstrous cat's mouth.

"I didn't want to get involved with you two…I know how tough the animals here are," Naruto looked out the corner of his eye and saw his hard work escaping into the jungle, "I knew that I'd need both hands…" he shifted his gaze to the chick behind him…and he didn't regret his decision.

Pushing back the tiger, Naruto reared his fist back just in time to throw a wind-powered punch into the tiger's stomach while getting scratched by the tiger's claws.

"Tsuisutā Sutorēto (Twister Straight)!" Naruto yelled and launched the big cat away from him. The large animal spun through the air and slammed through multiple trees, slowly losing momentum, and sliding down the trunk of a tree. Oddly, the tiger seemed to melt into mush and slinked off in fear of the blond and to most likely reform.

Sighing to himself, Naruto rolled his scratched shoulder to shake off the pain when he felt a small weight run up to his leg. Looking down, he saw the small dot eyes of the chick staring at him in appreciation as it hugged him with its tiny wings.

"Don't worry about it…I wasn't really doing it to save you or anything. I just don't like bullies," Naruto rubbed his neck with a small smile. With the small crisis averted, the blond finally was able to take in the appearance of the chick.

It was tiny, only reaching Naruto's shin, with red feathers and light-yellow feathers on its stomach and face. The chick had puffy cheeks and a beak that seemed large for its small stature, it has two small dot eyes along with a lone red feather sticking up from its head and small feet with talons. All in all, it looked adorable and defenseless.

"Frankly, now that I'm getting a good look at you, I don't get why that tiger was chasing you…you don't look that tasty."

Those last words stung the bird's heart as it began to cry.

"And you're a crybaby too…" Naruto rolled his eyes at the sensitive creature and ignored it. Reaching down, he frowned at the remains of the rope that he'd used to capture the birds and sighed, "All that hard work…guess I'll just have to get to shore and wait for everybody. We'll have to figure out where this Billion Bird is on the way back," Naruto rubbed his chin and gave a nonchalant wave to the bawling chick, "See ya later, and stay out of trouble."


The bird clammed up when it saw the blond was about to leave it behind and quickly waddled to the blond's side, rubbing its head into his pant leg.

"Aw, quit following me. It isn't going to be any safer if you come with me, ya know, and I'm not gonna keep saving you," Naruto crossed his arms, standing firm against the small chick's pleas.


It pleaded, standing on its tiptoes to show that it wasn't going to leave him.

"Ugh, fine, but you have to take care of yourself and keep up…and no crying," Naruto conceded. It wasn't going to hurt to take the chick with him and it wouldn't survive without someone watching it, so this was the best option…but he didn't like it.

*Peep Peep*

The tiny bird bounced around its guardian happily.

"I hope you're happy, because of you I lost a bunch of birds that could have been the one I was looking for…" Naruto rolled his eyes at the overly affectionate charge he'd somehow gotten.

Naruto, after losing his potential Billion Birds, has now found himself accompanied by a lone chick that has wandered from its nest. With no recourse, Naruto has decided to continue to the rendezvous point with his companion in tow, planning to meet back up with his crew and Toriko and find the Billion Bird on their return trip.


The muscular chef had been walking at a sedate pace through the cave, bored out of his mind at the lack of excitement. He expected the hunt to be as exciting as it had at the start with the confrontation with the Regal Mammoth but falling into the caves was the furthest thing from exciting for him. While not completely upset about the predicament since it allowed Toriko to save his energy…no real man would want a great challenge to be essentially sidestepped by happening upon the safest route.

"The others are probably having a ball…" Toriko grumbled, imagining Naruto and Ichigo being chased by a huge amount of the beasts and being forced to fight them off in a huge battle…the lucky bastards. "*sigh* Why did I have to fall in the caves?"

Toriko's complaining was cut off when he caught a whiff of blood within the dark confines of the caves. Going on alert, the blue-haired Bishoku-ya saw a trail of bodies laid before him, all of them the cave beasts that populated the area.

The sight set the chef's blood on fire; his face contorted into a demonic visage from this waste of life. The fact that whatever had done this did so without the intent of eating the animals and simply did so because it could and clearly without effort since the blood belonged only to the creatures was disrespectful to them all. And given the terrain of this cave…the culprit was most likely ahead of him right now.

Whatever had done this wouldn't get away with it…and Toriko had a pretty good idea of who that could be. After seeing the injury the Regal Mammoth had sustained, there wasn't a doubt in his mind.

"Bishokukai!" Toriko snarled and shot off down the cave, rushing to find and bring the murderer to justice.

Ahead of Toriko, a figure was sat upon a beast that was making its way through the cave. The beast didn't seem to mind the killer sitting on its back and kept moving with a happy grin on its face as if it was a pleasure to serve the figure.

"Hmm, your kind certainly has its uses, I suppose. You're lucky that I didn't kill you," the figure chuckled darkly. In the darkness of the cave, no features of the figure could be made out other than it being covered in fur and what appeared to be a long beak.

"Nothing in the caves…seems like I'll be needing to move onto a different lane," the figure looked behind itself and chuckled, "Guess that means they didn't have to die after all…oh well."

Toriko, previously thought to have found the safest path to the shore, has happened upon a massacre that he cannot ignore. Running through the caves at a breakneck speed, he hopes to find the offender and bring them to justice for killing the defenseless creatures that call the underground system home





"This is getting ridiculous…" Ichigo's eye twitched in annoyance.

Behind him, the boulders had grown in number considerably, where there had once been one there was now at least 10…and they'd appeared to throw all stealth to the wayside as they audibly shifted behind the swordsman to follow.

"They aren't even trying to hide anymore," Ichigo frowned, stopping his stride to rub his temple, and got bumped into by one of the moving boulders. "Knock it off…" he sighed.

The boulder continued to nudge him repeatedly.

"That's it!" Ichigo drew Zangetsu and swung at the annoying boulder. "You wanna fight me, huh?! Then come out and do it, you bastards!"

The boulders shook in place but didn't move.

"I know you're alive already! Don't make fun of me!" Ichigo kicked one of the boulders away from him angrily, teeth sharpening to points as he itched to get these creatures away from him.

"Ho!" the boulder he'd kicked grew arms and legs and took on the appearance of a golem. It clapped its hands when it landed and the other boulders followed suit, growing their limbs as well.







The creature all stood next to each other and attempted to do a coordinated pose, but it came off as the opposite as some were off center others faced the wrong direction, and one was completely clueless and stood.

"What the hell?"

"Ho!" the leader beat its chest to appear intimidating to the human and laughed along with its pack at outnumbering the swordsman.

"What kind of animal are you anyway?" Ichigo said unimpressed.

The leader tripped over itself at the unexpected response and became angry, deciding to lead the charge against the swordsman, the golem raised its fists to smash Ichigo into paste.

In the blink of an eye, Ichigo appeared behind the lead golem and hefted his blade onto his shoulder. The leader fell behind the swordsman after a gash had appeared on its rocky exterior and sliced into the soft meaty interior, unmoving.

"Now we're getting somewhere," Ichigo smirked at the scared creatures, "Don't go getting cold feet now! You picked this fight!" Ichigo jumped at one of them intent on cutting it down, only to use Zangetsu to block a fist from the side.

He was sent flying from the punch and then was spiked into the ground by another golem, kicking up dirt that obscured the vision of the other, but it didn't stop them as they all joined in to punch the ground. With heavy fists, the blow rained in the area that Ichigo had landed, hoping that the human had been ground into a fine past that they could lick off their hands. Soon, once exhausted, the rock monsters stopped their attack and breathed heavily, waiting to see their handiwork and lap up whatever they could scrape off the ground.

Unfortunately for them, something so small could never hope to put down the swordsman for more than a few seconds. A 360-degree horizontal slash from the smoke cut down another three of the golems. The sliced creatures fell to the ground around Ichigo who had just stood back up.

Cracking his neck, some blood running down his forehead, Ichigo didn't seem fazed by the blows, "Hope that wasn't it…because you guys are gonna have to show me how tough this island can get," Ichigo smirked.

The golems all roared and charged back in to take out the pirate and rise to his challenge.

All while this happened, a figure off in the distance, similar in appearance to the figure in the cave…but much larger, was prone in the tall grass and was watching the battle taking place with a blank expression on its beak-like face.

Ichigo now finds himself thrust into a battle with large crustaceous golems that have been following him since he arrived in the large field. His peaceful trek, while interrupted has brought the challenge he'd been looking for from the famous Gourmet Island…and maybe one bigger than he can handle.


"Ahh…so much better," Ryuko sighed comfortably from within…a giant furball.

Behind her, the large dragon had been shaved and left completely bald. The poor creature shivered from both the cold and the fear it felt as the girl walked away with the fur she'd taken from it. Its eyes were wide in shock and a snot trail had frozen on its face as tear streaks were visible from its eyes.

"Thanks for the fur, fella!" Ryuko waved back with a sinister smile that made the dragon wail in sorrow as it watched its luxurious fur walk away. "Hey, Senketsu, you awake yet?"

She got no response from the thawing clothing and sighed.

"At least I'm warm," Ryuko looked on the bright side and began to move forward toward her destination, the sound of crunching snow beneath her with each step. "Those guys better be all right or they'll wish the animals were the least of their worries."

Behind her, a pair of glowing eyes appeared in the howling winds, unaffected by the cold as it followed closely behind the walking wad of fur that Ryuko was wrapped up in. Trudging silently behind its prey, the figure was yet another furred creature with a beak, and its footprints left behind in the snow showed that it had three toes in front and one in the back.

Ryuko has conquered her environmental hurdle and has resumed her walk to shore. Awaiting Semketsu's reawakening, the navigator is left handicapped in the cold area which may prove to be a dangerous circumstance.



"Let go of him!" Naruto jumped up, legs outstretched to land on an animal's open mouth as it tried to drop the chick inside. Naruto managed to catch the chick before it could fall into the creature's throat, throwing the baby bird up and out of the monster's maw, Naruto thrust his fist into the mouth of the beast.

"Kaze Ken (Wind Fist)!" Naruto called and watched as the monster's insides bulged and it was smashed into the ground from the force of the blow, joining the other unconscious creatures on the jungle floor that had tried and failed to eat the chick.

"Jeez, what's so special about this guy?" Naruto huffed and caught the chick in the palm of his hand as it landed upside down.


"He doesn't even look tasty, you guys!"


The chick wailed in sadness.

"Stop crying! What'd I tell you?" Naruto angrily told the chick and caused it to cry louder as he put it down.

A rustling of the bushes next to them caused the two to quiet as they awaited what they assumed was another animal. The chick retreated behind Naruto's leg and peeked to get a look at what was coming while its guardian put his fists up and got ready for another fight.

Neither expected to see a human-sized creature emerge from the bushes, dragging an animal by its bloodied head in its hand. It took notice of the blond in front of him and brought a finger up to scratch the side of its head.

The strange creature was covered in black fur with no visible neck and had fingers and toes that seemed mechanical in nature. Its face took the appearance of a beak with a slit running down the middle, giving the impression it could open up vertically and two circles where the eyes would be but had no pupils and didn't seem to be separate from the face.

The new arrival looked down to the blond's ankle and saw the chick quickly retreat behind the appendage to hide from the creature's gaze. Seemingly becoming surprised by its sudden stiffening, the odd creature dropped the animal that was in its hand and stalked toward the blond.

Standing over Naruto, the mysterious being spoke.

"Hand over the Billion Bird."

"Whoa, what are you supposed to be?"

Naruto stood unafraid and more amazed at the creature he'd never seen before, blinking with a blank look on his face as he looked into the creature's 'eyes'.

(Hunting for your Dream Ending- see Chapter 12 for visuals) {Suggested by: Calderoneric}

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