Disclaimer: don't own anything in this. Based on the episode where Rachel and Phoebe get tattoos but I'm gonna change it a small bit to make it more AA!

"Hey where are you two going?" Trish asked Ally and Carrie as they put on their coats.

"We're going to get tattoos!" Carrie exclaimed as Ally laughed at her. "I wanted to get a tattoo to remind me of my mom and Ally said she'd always wanted one so we're doing it together"

"Yah I don't know what I want yet but I was thinking of getting it on my hip" Ally laughed as she posed in her short skirt and cropped cardigan.

Austin walked into the room, just after getting up.

"Hey what's up?" He yawned as he walked over to Ally and pressed a kiss to her lips, she grinned up at him.

After their heated kiss over a month ago, the couple decided to start dating and they have never been happier.

"I'm getting a tattoo to remind me of my mom!" Carrie grinned as Austin cringed slightly.

"What's wrong baby?" Ally asked nervously.

"I don't really like tattoos. I mean they're super painful and permanent. Like what happens when you're all old and wrinkly and you have this on you for the rest of your life. But I mean if you're sure Carrie." A panicked look flashed across Ally's face as she realised she was going to get a tattoo that her boyfriend might hate, but she really wanted it.

"Yah that doesn't bother me" Carrie shrugged and opened the door. "Let's go Als"

Ally smiled nervously at Austin and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Bye baby"

"Have fun!" He called as she shut the door.

Well this should be interesting.


"Ok I think I'm gonna get a mermaid because my mom was kind of like a mermaid because she loved the sea, remember-" Carrie stopped talking when she realised Ally wasn't listening and instead she was staring at the wall of tattoos nervously with wide eyes. "Ally!"

"Yeah?" She said as she flipped around to face her.

"Were you listening to a word I said?"

"No" she breathed out. "Ok I don't think I can do this you should just get a tattoo yourself"

"What?! No! Ally we said we would do it together!" She exclaimed. "Is this about what Austin said?"

"Whaaaaaaat?" She looked sideways and Carrie gave her a pointed look. "Ok fine! Yes ok? He freaked me out! I mean the pain! The fact that he doesn't even like them, what if he's repulsed by me?!"

"Are you seriously going to let Austin decide everything you do?" Carrie said. "So what if he doesn't like it? It's your body you can put whatever you want on it and if he doesn't like it then he's not worth it"

Ally stared at her intently and realised that she was right. She could get a tattoo on her forehead and it didn't matter. It was her body.

"Ok! Ok! I'm gonna do it! Let's go!" She jumped up and walked into the tattoo room.

A second later she came back out.

"Should probably wait until they're done"


"All done" the tattooist said as he allowed Ally to pull down her skirt. "You can take a look in the mirror"

Ally stood up and looked in the dirty mirror and she was beyond amazed. It was only small and simple but it was so beautiful. She decided on a small rose stem on her hip bone, just above her underwear. It was super simple and sexy and she loved it.

She walked out into the main area of the parole when Carrie was standing.

"I did it!" Ally exclaimed as she lifted her skirt so she could see her new tattoo.

"Good job girl I'm so proud of you!" Carrie smiled.

"Ok show me yours" she said as her smile faded at Carrie's nervous stance. "What?"

"I couldn't do it!" She cried as she sat down.

"What?!" Ally exclaimed angrily. "Carrie this was your idea!"

"I know! The minute he started the needle I freaked! Did you know they do this with needles?"

"No, really? I thought it was licked on by kittens!" Ally yelled sarcastically. "Come on! I'm going to hold you down until you get that goddamn mermaid!" She said as she pushed the blonde back into the room.


"Hey show me your tattoos!" Trish exclaimed as she stood up from Jace's lap.

"You mean my tattoo" Ally said pointedly glaring at Carrie.

"I got my tattoo" Carrie pulled down the shoulder of her too where a there was a small blue spot on her collarbone. "See"

"That little blue freckle?" Dez said as he inspected his girlfriends 'tattoo'.

"No it's planet earth from a great great distance" she smiled bashfully. "It's how my mother sees me from heaven"

The groups of friends minus Ally cooed as Ally rolled her eyes.

"Oh what a load of crap!" She exclaimed. "Your mother is up in heaven saying 'where's my mermaid you pussy!'" She said as Carrie glared at her. "That is not a tattoo! This is a tattoo!" She aggressively pulled up her skirt just so you could see her rose tattoo and just as she did so her clueless boyfriend strolled through the door and her mouth dropped open.

"Uh... hey baby" she smiled nervously. He just stood there with his mouth gaped in shock and slowly walked towards her looking slightly amused.

"You... uh... you got a tattoo?" He looked down at her, still expressionless.

"Mhm" she hummed a response.

"Can I.. uh... can I see it?" He said as he slowly lifted up her skirt so just him could see it. "Huh"

"Do you like it?" She smiled gently as she saw a little wicked smirk appear on his face.

"Did it hurt?" He asked.

"A little"

"Can you... uh... you know... do stuff with it?"

"Yah I... I can" she smirked up at her boyfriend as he gently ran a finger around the skin.

He flipped around to look at his friends and smiled at them.

"Save some pizza for us" he said simply as he picked up his girl and threw her over his shoulder and began walking towards the bedroom. Ally looked at her friends over his shoulder and have them a big thumbs up with a giddy smile on her face.

The group of friends looked at each other and shook their heads.

"So... they're just gonna bone right there while we're eating?" Jace asked as he looked at the group.

"Yup" Trish laughed as they dug into their pizza.

Really short but cute!