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Austin strolled out of his room with his black tuxedo on and took a glance at himself in the mirror and smiled. Tonight was the night he was up for best album of the year and he couldn't be more excited. Of course he was up against some huge stars like Harry Styles and Taylor Swift but his friends continued to reassure him that he had just as good a chance as any of them.

"Guys be ready to go in an hour ok? We don't want to be late" he called and he stopped when his girlfriend walked out of the bathroom in a towel.

"I can't believe you're up for best album" Ally wrapped her arms around his torso.

"I couldn't do it without you Als. I wouldn't have this album without your songs" he leaned down and kissed her lips gently. "Now go and get dressed" he gave her a firm slap on her behind and she giggled as she strolled into her room.

His trance with her as she walked away was soon interrupted when he heard the door slam and Trish and Jace walked in clearly in a heated argument.

"You are such an asshole Jace!" Trish exclaimed as she threw the bag of groceries onto the table.

"Oh my god Trish it's not a big deal" Jace rubbed his hands over his face.

"You were so flirting with that girl!"

"No I wasn't I didn't realised that smiling at the cashier girl was a fucking crime now!"

"Oh you were basically having sex with her!"

"Oh my god Austin can you please check my psycho girlfriend please?"

Austin sighed and stood between the two.

"Guys, you two love each other and you wouldn't let something so silly as a friendly smile get between you two" he said calmly.

"But-" they began to exclaim but Austin quickly cut them off.

"What you guys should do now is go get dressed because we only have-" he checked his watch. "Fifty five minutes before we have to leave" he pushed them towards the directions of their rooms.

Dez then walked out of his room in just his boxers and began searching the drawers for food before settling on some cereal. Austin just glared at him until he noticed.

"What?" Dez shrugged as he continued eating.

"Why aren't you dressed?" Austin asked as he stared at the redhead with wide eyes.

"Because I still have like an hour duh" he scoffed as he fiddled with his spoon. Austin walked up to him and gave him a firm smack up the side of his head. "Ow! What was that for?!"

"Go get dressed!" He exclaimed as he took the bowl of cereal and threw it in the sink.

"Geez! Ok Dad!" He pushed passed the singer and walked into his room.

"Hey Austin should I wear a dress or pants?" Ally asked as she rose from her room still dressed in the towel that she had on precisely 8 minutes and 32 seconds ago.

"Um... whatever you feel comfortable in sweetie?" He winced as he just wanted her dressed and in the car.

"Aww what do you think I would look more comfortable in?" She tilted her head innocently.

"A dress! A dress would look perfect!" He clapped his hands together and gently shoved her back into her room.

"Ok!" She giggled and he shut the door behind her.

Carrie arose from her room, dressed in a yellow gown, her hair was styled in a fancy up-do, she looked very elegant. Austin gave her a great full smile.

"Thank god someone is ready" he gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek. "Thank you Carrie you look beautiful"

"Thanks I'm wearing spanks!" She laughed giddily.

He laughed at her and glanced at his watch.

"38 minutes everybody!" He called as Dez arose from his room, with only his dress shirt on and his boxers. "You get back in that room"

"Calm down, I just need to find my tie" he began to look around and then he noticed Carrie. "Babe you look great!" He gave her a kiss on the lips and she giggled.

"Thanks babe" she smiled lightly.

Dez picked up a bowl of hummus and began dipping crackers into it and Austin could feel the anger radiating off him as he once again wasn't dressed.

"Dude go get dressed!" He began trying to pull the bowl away from him and Dez kept pulling back causing the bowl to slip from their hands and fly onto Carrie's dress.

"Ugh! You rotten boys!" Carrie yelled at them and the two boys looked at each other with terrified looks on their faces.

Carrie never gets mad and when she does it is absolutely terrifying.

"Sorry Carrie! Sorry!" The two of them exclaimed as they held onto each other for support.

"Hey guys, which shoes-" Ally said as she walked out of her room holding two pairs of shoes but she cut herself off when she saw Carrie. "Oh my god Carrie what happened?"

"These two idiots ruined my dress!" She cried as she ran towards her friend.

"Oh sweetie it's ok" she reassured her friend. "I'm sure we can find a coverup"

"But nothing will go with this dress" she whined.

"We'll find something I promise" ally reassured her as she turned around and glared at her boyfriend who gave her a small wave.

Austin cringed and turned to look at his best friend.

"Clothes now" he stated pointing towards the bedroom. Dez sighed and trudged towards the room. He rubbed a hand down through his hair and looked at his watch. Great. 30 minutes and still no one was ready.

"Get off me!" He heard Trish exclaim as she pushed open the door of the bedroom, holding a pile of what seems to be Jace's clothes. She was still only wearing a slip that goes under a dress and Jace only had his dress pants on.

"Don't you dare, Trish De La Rosa!" Jace yelled as he raced out after his girlfriend. She ran onto the balcony and began throwing Jace's clothes off of it.

Austin knew it was too quiet in the bedroom for things to be resolved. He raced out after the couple and tried to calm the situation.

"Guys please stop this!" He yelled as he tried to wrestle the clothes from Trish's grasp. "You two love each other and we only have 25 minutes before we have to leave!"

"Trish please just stop! I love you and it doesn't matter if I look at 1000 other girls I'm always gonna love you!" Jace exclaimed passionately as Trish stopped throwing the clothes off the balcony.

"You really mean that?" She smiled lightly.

"Yes now can you please just come inside?" He held out a hand to her which she took and they shared a sweet kiss.

"Well this is great so can you please get your butts inside and get dressed" Austin said as he rubbed his temples.

"But I have to get my cloth-" Jace started before Austin cut him off.

"Do you need any of those clothes for tonight?"

"Well no bu-"

"Then you will survive" he smiled as he pushed the two of them inside and they began getting dressed.

Carrie walked out of Ally's bedroom with a ridiculously large Christmas ribbon covering the hummus stain and Austin's eyes widened as she looked slightly ridiculous but he didn't care as they didn't have time to waste. Well, 22 minutes to be exact.

"What do you think?" She smiled at him.

"Well at least you covered the stain" he shrugged.

"Well Ally didn't have anything I liked so I found this Christmas ribbon and I thought 'hey let's be festive' and to be honest I think it's kinda cute" she posed and Austin laughed.

"I don't care as long as you are ready to go" He patted her shoulder and then he turned towards Ally's room. "Als you ready to go?" He said as he opened the door and walked in, only to find his girlfriend still in the bath robe staring at her closet. "Why aren't you dressed?"

"I can't decide what dress to wear!" She looked at him with concerned eyes. "I want to look perfect"

"Ok you know what? I'm going to pick something out for you" he said as he began rooting through her wardrobe.

"This?" He held up a pink tutu dress with a milkmaid hat.

"Austin that's a Halloween costume. Remember little bow peep?" she giggled as he sighed and threw it back in. Oh he remembered alright, precisely he remembered ripping it off her.

"This?" He pulled out a yellow sundress.

"No you dingus I can't wear a sundress to a red carpet event" she laughed and he rubbed his temples and began looking around the room.

"What about this? It's just laying on your bed"

"Honey that's a towel"

He groaned and looked at his watch.

"Ally we only have 18 minutes please just find something!" He exclaimed as he walked out of the room to where he saw Dez still with no pants on in the kitchen. "I'm going to kill you" he said in a warning tone. Dez's eyes widened and he ran to his bedroom before the blonde could catch him.

They had 17 minutes before they had to leave and so far him and Carrie were the only two ready.

Trish and Jace thankfully changed that when they walked out of the bedroom with their outfits on. Jace in a black suit and tie and Trish wearing a long cheetah print gown.

All was perfect until he realised Jace had a hole in the knee of his pants.

"Jace... why is there a hole in the knee of your pants" he said as he sighed. Could this night get anymore stressful.

"Oh shit, must of happened while I was skateboarding" he looked down and inspected the hole. "Can you sew? These are the only ones I have"

"Here I'll go get a needle and thread and I'll fix it" Trish said as she stood up and Austin knew that it was probably gonna take her five minutes to find the correct utensils and another five to sew it and then they would only have 6 minutes!

Dez walked out with his dress pants on and his shirt half carelessly tucked into his pants but he still had no shoes or tie on. But before Austin could deal with him, Ally walked out still not dressed and was holding two purses.

"Guys which purse would go better with green?" She asked as she stood in the door way.

Austin had finally lost it.

"Oh my god! I don't care!" He shouted at her.

"What?" She said quietly. She was taken back by his change in tone. Austin never yelled at her.

"I don't care which bag goes with your dress. I don't care if you wear a skirt or pants. I don't care what shoes match. Okay?! I just want to go because this is a huge night for me and you all are ruining it!"

"But baby I just want to look good for your big night" she sighed looking down at her bare feet.

"Then go in there and put something on. We leave in 10 minutes" he said sternly then walked over to the couch and plopped down on it with a heavy sigh. Ally had a shocked look on her face and slowly turned around to walk back to her room.

The group of friends stared at Austin as he closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them he saw his girlfriend walk out of her room dressed in his t shirt and a pair of sleep shorts.

She sat down at the kitchen table and began looking through a pile of photos. All of her friends began to stare at her with confused looks on their faces. Austin furrowed his eyebrows at her and sat down beside her.

"Um honey?" He said and he knew he was in trouble when she simply hummed in response. "What are you doing?"

"I've decided that I'm not really in the mood for such a formal event especially after my boyfriend just humiliated and embarrassed me in front of my friends so I have decided to stay home and organise my photo albums instead" she smiled bitterly.

"Ally" he said and she continued to ignore him. "Baby, I'm sorry"

"For what? Shouting at me or embarrassing me?"

"All of it. I'm sorry Ally"

She continued to flick through the photo album and he sighed and rested his head in his hands.

"What can I do to make you forgive me?"

She looked around and saw a mouldy piece of bread that had been there for about a week and smiled evilly.

"You can eat that mouldy bread" she pointed.

"What?" He laughed thinking she was kidding but soon stopped when he realised she wasn't. "You know what? Fine" he said as he picked up the piece of bread and just as he was about to put it in his mouth she called out to him.

"Oh my god no!" She exclaimed as she grabbed his arm to stop it going any closer to his mouth. "You were actually gonna eat that, weren't you?"

"I'd do anything for you Lee" he smiled down at her with a loving look in his eyes. She leaned up and kissed his lips softly and said the magic words.

"I'm gonna go get dressed now"

Austin clapped his hands and smiled proudly at all his friends and knew that now he meant business.

"Ok everybody! We are leaving in 5 minutes! Trish sew Jace's pants, Dez for the love of God go get dressed and Carrie... you relax for the next five minutes because you are the only one who was ready on time" he booped her nose and she giggled sweetly as she leaned back on the couch.

Soon enough he managed to get everybody out the door. Except Ally who was still finishing getting ready.

"Als come on! Let's go!" He called as he turned around just as she opened the door to her bedroom and he smiled at how beautiful she looked.

She was wearing a soft mint green gown with a matching shawl wrapped around her shoulders. There was no pattern on the dress and it was so simple and elegant and made her look so radiant. Around her neck sat the beautiful pearl necklace that she never took off.

"Wow" he sighed in awe of his gorgeous girl.

"I know" she shrugged jokingly. "I'm hot"

"That you are" he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"And we still have" she looked at her small white watch. "15 seconds"

"What could we do in 15 seconds?" He smiled and pressed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss that suddenly made time stop and Austin no longer cared if they were late. They could be two hours late as long as he had his girl by his side.

"You want to know something else?" She whispered against his lips. He hummed in response pressing his lips to her neck.

"I'm not wearing any underwear"

"Maybe we should just stay here"

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