Part 2

Leo awoke early the next morning. When he woke up, his friends and Francesca were still sleeping. Not wanting to wake them all up, he slipped out of bed and did his morning routine.

After that was done, his friends were still sleeping. He slipped out of his bedroom and went downstairs. He found that both of his parents were already up. Phineas looked at him.

"My, you're up early son." He observed. "It's not even seven yet." Leo looked at him and smiled.

"That's because I want to impress Francesca." He admitted. "And I want to do it in a big way." Both of his parents smiled.

"And you're planning it without us?" A voice with an Indian accent wanted to know. Leo screamed as he saw Ravi, Jack and Griff come down the stairs. They all were still in their PJs. When did they wake up? Ravi shushed him. "Not so loud. Francesca's still asleep."

"Since Leo's boo is still asleep," Griff began. "I think this would be a great opportunity to play a VR game until she wakes up. What so you say?"

"We have more important things to do." Jack told him. "We have to help Leo impress his GF in a big way like he said. You have to make huge sacrifices for the ones you love. When you have a GF, you'll understand." Griff was disgusted by this.

"I'll never have a GF then if that's the case. And you don't even have a GF so I don't think you're allowed to talk about this stuff." Leo thought about this.

"I could use help." He told them. "Help will be very helpful, so thank you very much." Both Jack and Ravi were excited over this. Griff just groaned and rolled his eyes.

"This will be so exciting!" Ravi said.

"Yeah!" Jack agreed. "Helping out his idols on their big ideas was some of my dad's highlights of his childhood."

"Do you need help, kids?" Phineas asked. "Your uncle and I didn't need any help when we were your ages. But you're different kids. That's why I have to ask." Leo looked at him.

"Can you let the car drive us to the pond?" He questioned. Ravi was confused.

"The pond?" He asked. "What are we going to do there? It's frozen and I didn't bring my ice skates." Leo looked back at him.

"You'll see. Just get out of your PJs, brush your teeth, then meet me at the car. We'll have our breakfast while it drives us there, that is if Dad doesn't mind." Phineas shook his head.

"Anything you want, kiddo. Just be careful."

"We will." His friends agreed and went off. Leo thought of something and looked at his dad.

"Dad? How did you and your Uncle Ferb pay for all the stuff that you guys made? I mean, did your parents approve? They all seem kind of dangerous to be made by just kids. Weren't some grown-ups you guys hired worried about this too? Obviously, you had help by some right?"

"Don't worry about that, son."

"Why not?"

"Just trust me." Leo shrugged.

"Okay. Whatevs."

"Are you sure you want to do this, Leo?" Ravi asked when they were all in their snow gear at the pond, the same pond that Jim and Captain were at last night. "It seems kind of dangerous and we're just kids."

"It's not too late to play VR games." Griff added.

"I'm sure." Leo assured Ravi. "If Dad and Uncle Ferb could do it as kids, so can we." He told the 3D printer that they brought along what he wanted and they all watched it print away.

Captain and Jim awoke in their cage.

"What happened?" Jim wanted to know. He realized that he couldn't get out. "What is this prison and why are we in it?"

"We're in a cage." Captain explained to him. "And I think we got knocked out and put in here."

"That's right, Dad." Croak informed him in front of the cage. "We fed you guys pills when you were knocked out. It's already the next morning." Jim looked at his son in desperation.

"Son, thank goodness you're here. Help us escape and...wait, pills? The next morning? What are you talking about?" Jim shook his head. "Never mind about that. We came here to rescue you and take you back home from this awful place so we can sleep some more." This time, Croak shook his head.

"No, Dad. That's why we fed you those pills. I knew you wanted to take me away from here, but I want to stay." Both animals were shocked.

"What?! You want to stay, but why? You have been frogletnapped, along with these other poor froglets."

"You misunderstand, Dad. I mean, sure we were all scared at first and upset. We were frogletnapped and interrupted up from our long naps, who wouldn't be? The point is, the man who did it, isn't that bad of a man."

"What? Not bad of a man? I say someone who took you from your homes and loved ones is pretty awful indeed. They got no excuse for what they did and must be held accountable for their actions."

"But he's teaching us how to fight for the future."

"Future? For what?"

"I don't know, but he is. He seems to know something that we don't." Suddenly, Captain's watch went off and the capybara turned it on and pressed a button. His boss in hologram form appeared before them. Croak was startled.

"What is that magic?!" He questioned.

"Just my boss on my clever watch." Captain explained "Now, shhh, I want to hear what she has to say."

"Super Capybara..." She began "I did some research on all the science teachers of Danville High and discovered something. One of them, Mark Loki, is apparently obsessed with frogs and he was so excited that the frog dissecting unit is a thing of the past. I also looked at his blog and it said something quite disturbing. He wrote that he was going to steal all of he froglets in the tri-state area in case frog dissecting becomes a thing again and train them to defend themselves. I know his heart is in the right place, but he's doing it all wrong. Stop him and bring all of the frogs home, Super Capybara. Diana Denvers over and out." She vanished as the watch shut off.

"Super Capybara?" The froglet asked. Captain looked at him as he put the watch away.

"Yes." He answered. "That's my superhero name. My real name's Captain." Croak changed the subject

"Well anyways, if that lady thinks that, then she's the one that's wrong, not Mark." The two animals looked at him.

"Croak, you have to come back." Jim said to him. "I've been worried about you."

"No! I know you've been worried and I'm sorry. But what this man is doing is right. Mom was dissected by these sick humans and this person is training us to know what to do. Mom didn't know how to fight back, but I will and these other froglets will too thanks to this man."

"But Croak..." Before he could finish, Mark walked into the room. Croak bounced with excitement.

"He's here! Now you'll see that this is a good thing. You both will." And with that, he hopped off.

"Croak!" Jim sighed in defeat. "Oh Captain, what am I going to do?"

"We'll figure something out Jim." Captain assured him. "Just don't you worry." Jim sighed.

"I hope so, Captain. I certainly hope so." The froglets all went back to their cages.

Mark passed by them all and smiled down at all of the little frogs. He was proud of what he'd done yesterday. He knew it was wrong, but it was all for a good cause, to save them and future generations of frogs if frog dissection ever came back.

"Aw, are you ready for more training, little froggies?" He then noticed Captain and Jim in their cage. "I see we have company. Well, the capybara can watch. As for the grown frog, I usually train young frogs because they'll live longer, but I guess I can train you too. Practice from there. Okay, froglets. Like yesterday, do what I do." He turned on some music on his phone and kicked the air. The froglets did the same. Next he punched the air. Again, the froglets did the same. So did Jim. This shocked the capybara.

"Jim, what are you doing?" Captain asked. "We have to get out of here. You and the others have to go back to hibernation."

"And we will." Jim stated. "But in the meantime while you figure out the plan, I figured I could train too. That way, when the time is right, I can help you kick this human's butt and we can all escape." Captain thought about this and smiled.

"I already know how to escape. We can easily do it when he's gone and not fight. But I guess it wouldn't hurt for you to train to protect yourself in the future and me to train so that I can fight harder. Tell me when you're ready and then we'll blow this popsicle stand, alright?"

"I don't know what you mean by 'popsicle stand', but alright. Let's do it!" And so the two animals joined in with all of the froglets in Mark's training session.

Leo had 3D printed two long wooden gondolas. One for him and Francesca. The other one for his friends.

"Are we really going to race in these?" Ravi asked Leo. A worried look was on his face. "I heard horror stories of people breaking the ice and drowning. Not to mention hyperthermia."

"We won't drown." Leo assured him.

"How do you know? You can't be sure about these things. Anything can happen in a blink of an eye."

"Would you relax?" Griff stated to Ravi. "If Leo says that we won't drown, then we won't drown."

"Yeah, but Griff..."

"But nothing! Just chillax and don't be a buzz kill like you aways are. I know you can't help it and that's how you are, but please!" He realized something and looked disgusted with himself. "Ugh, I said 'please.' See what you did to me? That's how desperate I am."

"I appreciate that, but..."

"Things will be fine." Leo assured his worried friend. "They have to be, for Francesca."

Just then, Phineas' self driving car came and dropped off Francesca, Jade and Iman. Leo was shocked about this, Once they were out, the car drove back home. Francesca noticed the gondolas and was confused. She went over to the others with Ally and her friends.

"Dad said we might like what you're doing." Ally informed her brother. "Hence why my friends and I came along."

"Okay." Leo just said to his sister. "I wasn't expecting this so the 3D printer has to print out one more gondola. It's all good."

"What is all of this, Leo?" Francesca wanted to know, looking at him. "What are the gondolas for? You know the pond is frozen, right?"

"I know. I figure we'd have a gondola race. You and me against Griff and Ravi. How does that that sound?" Francesca's face lit up.

"Really?! That sounds fun and dangerous. What if the ice breaks and we drown?"

"Ravi said the same thing. I told him not to worry about it. We won't drown. Nothing bad's going to happen."

"How do you know? These things are unpredictable. Anything can happen at any given moment."

"That's what I kind of said." Ravi spoke up. "But Leo's still confident that everything will still be fine." Francesca looked at Leo.

"Really? You think that, Leo?"

"Sure. If you trust me." Francesca was still unsure, but chose to trust him.

"Sure, I trust you." Leo took Francesca by the hand.

"Great, let's go!" All of the kids raced off to get their gondolas ready for the race.

The kids had fun racing on the ice. They were excited about who won each time, but they had more fun doing the races. They laughed each time, especially when Ravi, Jack, and Griff's gondola crashed into a huge snow bank. Ravi laughed as well. Everyone except Griff thought it was funny.

"Hey!" Griff shouted at his laughing friends. "It isn't funny!"

"I'm sorry!" Leo said, not being able to help himself. "It is funny! I mean, look at you two. It's hilarious!"

"It is not! The snow's very cold!"

"Aw, you have to look on the funny side of things sometimes." Ravi told him. "Don't be so serious all the time." Griff turned to Ravi.

"You want funny?" He then made a snowball and threw it at Ravi. He laughed. "Ha! You see, now that was funny." He turned back to Francesca and Leo. "And as for you two." He made another snowball and threw it at Leo as hard as he could. Francesca laughed at Leo as Griff did the same to her and all the kids hurled snowballs at each other.

They did this for a bit until some Flemeco dancers showed up along with a musician. Francesca was puzzled about this. She looked at Leo.

"You hired Flemico dancers?"

"Sure did." Leo answered. "I thought we can do some races while listening to the music. Afterwards, we can dance to the music. Or we can do it now. It doesn't have to be in any particular order. It's all up to you."

"I want to race a bit more."


"But we should really stop." A concerned Ravi warned them. "Before the ice breaks, then it won't be fun."

"I agree with Ravi." Jack put in. "Not that I have faith in you that we'll make it out alive because I do, but I don't want to die. It's too risky. There are times where you have to put your foot down and say 'no'. This is one of those times." Ally and Iman both nodded in agreement.

"You got to not think about that and have a little fun." Griff told him. "Don't be so serious al the time." Ravi sighed.

"Using my words against me. Very well, but just for a little while."

The ice began breaking as the kids were racing to the other side. The musician and dancers stopped and looked on in horror as the children were now racing to safety.

"You see?" Ravi said to his friends. "I told you this would happen. We're are going to all fall in, drown and freeze to death."

"Relax Ravi." Griff told him. "Don't be a worrywart," Ravi looked at him.

"We could die any time. Our young lives could be over before we know it." Francesca and Leo made it to the other side on time, so did Ally and her friends. They all got out of their gondolas and urged Ravi, Jack and Griff as the ice kept on breaking. Ravi and Jack screamed the whole time.

They made it out on time just as the ice completely broke off. The pond was once more a pond. Leo sighed in relief.

"That was close. Sorry, Ravi, Jack and Griff, are you guys okay?"

"That...was...AMAZING!" Griff cheered, jumping to his feet. "Oh, the adrenaline rush. I love it!"

"What are you talking about?!" Ravi asked, getting up. "We could've died."

"Yeah, we could've, but we didn't."

"We won't race anymore." Leo informed his friends. "Let us dance to some Spanish music."

"What?!" Ravi said in shock. "Our lives were just on the line and you want to go dancing? Shouldn't we tell our parents? I feel like we should."

"Come on, Ravi!" Griff said, wracking him on the back of the head. "I don't feel like dancing but I'll do it for these two. It's better then doing nothing." Ravi sighed.

"Very well." Leo looked at the musician.

"Jose?" He asked. Jose strummed his guitar.

"You got it, kid!" He replied and played away while the kids and dancers all danced along.

"Training is done for today." Mark told all the animals, going over and turning off the music."We'll continue tomorrow." Jim looked at Captain.

"I think I'm ready." He said to the capybara. The furry mammal nodded.

"Alright, but we should have a plan first. We shouldn't just begin fighting." Jim nodded in agreement.

"Alright, what's the plan?" And so, Captain told him.

"Okay, let's do it." Jim said when Captain was done telling him the plan. Just then, Captain's watch vibrated. Captain took it out and his boss's hologram appeared before them.

"I called the police bots to come and arrest the froglet's frogletnappers, Super Capybara." Diana said to him. "Wait, he's still at the school and you're there, right?" The capybara nodded. "Good. I should've told you this yesterday, but didn't. Lesson learned! Now your job is to keep the frogletnapper here and prevent said person from leaving, understood?" Again, Captain nodded. "Good luck!" The hologram disapointed. Captain put the watch away and looked at Jim.

"Looks like we did the right thing by staying here and training." The capybara told the frog. "Now I hope you understood her, but if not, let's kick butt to prevent him from leaving until police arrives."

"I don't know who the 'police', are but I'm sure you'll tell me when they arrive." Jim stated. "But again, let's do it. I hope the kids don't stop us. I don't want to fight my own son."

'I hope it doesn't come to that too and they'll understand once we tell them." They then saw Mark heading to the doors after getting his winter gear back on and after biding farewell to the animals.

"Jim, you go and kick him in the back of the head!" Captain ordered. "We can't let him leave."

"Right." Jim agreed. The two animals raced after Mark and Jim did just that. The froglets gasped as Mark screamed as he fell to the floor.

"Ow!" Mark said as he rubbed his head. "Who hit me in the back of the head? That hurt." He saw Jim and Captain before him, ready for another fight. "Wait, you two are the culprits?" Captain pointed at Jim. "Oh, just the frog?" Captain then went over and slapped him in the face with his paw. "Ow again!" He sneered as he stood up. "So we have two betrayers amongst us, huh?" He looked at the cages with the froglets inside. "Froglets, remember what I taught you." He looked back at the grown frog and capybara. "Escape from your cages and help me fight off these animals who has now become our enemies." With that, all of the froglets picked their locks and hopped out of their cages. Captain looked at Jim.

"You try to persuade them while I fight Mark." Captain told the frog. "I might have to fight those who get in my way."

"Right." Jim agreed. He hopped to all of the froglets as Captain head butted into Mark. Mark once again, sneered.

"Oh, it is on, capybara!" He said and the two began to fight.

"Kids!" Jim shouted to the froglets as they hopped by. "Please, stop and listen. Don't do this. This man frogletnapped you all. We're trying to save you and get you all back to your loved ones and sleep a lot more until spring. Don't you know that? Won't anybody listen to me?"

"I'm listening, Dad." Croak said to him. Jim looked at him. "And I thought you were on our side when you started training but I guess you were only doing it to attack him. He's doing right by our eyes."

"Croak, I know you miss Mom. I do too. But don't you see? Getting possible revenge and attacking these humans won't solve anything. It won't bring Mom back. None of this will. And Mom might of already been dead before she got dissected. We don't know. So what good will it do?"

"We blame the humans just the same, Dad. These humans need to have justice done to them. It's wrong to murder someone."

"And I agree that murder is wrong. But fighting will mean we're no better off then the humans. Mom taught you to be gentle and kind, didn't she? This seems like the opposite of that. Is that what she wanted?" Croak stopped to think about this.

"Well, I suppose not." He began. "But isn't that what you're doing to that human?" Jim smiled.

"No buts, it's the truth and this man deserves it. It's complicated. All you need to know is that Mom will be proud of you if you stop this."

"Jim!" Captain shouted at him as he was trying gently to ward off the attacking froglets. "Help me. I can't ward off these froglets and defeat Mark at the same time.

"Coming!" Jim shouted to the capybara, then back at his son. "Just think about it, son." The grown frog then bounded off.

"Stop!" Jim shouted as froglets piled up on him. "Don't you see? This is wrong! I know you want to train so you can defend yourselves from the humans, but you all need to come home now. Your parents miss you!"

"But they'll be happy that we can now defend ourselves with all of these awesomeness fight moves!" A froglet told him. "These human murderers that killed innocent frogs for their sick amusement must be stopped before another innocent victim is taken."

"Please! I know you're mad and you have every right to be, but please! Fighting isn't the answer!"

"What!? Do you want us to be kind to our predators? 'I know you are starving, but don't eat me, let be friends' Ha! I don't think they'll respond well to that! We're doing it for self defense! Frogs have the right to live too!"

"Yeah!" His friends all agreed.

"You're not with us, you're against us!"

"YEAH!" They continued to pin on Jim, preventing him from escaping.

"You sure are strong for little frogs." Jim observed. "Pinning a grown frog to the floor like this; it's impressive!" The froglet from moments before smiled.

"Thank you." He thanked Jim. He became serious again."Don't underestimate size. Fighting made us stronger and we're not letting you up no matter what!"

"Yeah!" His friends all agreed once again. Jim smiled.

"You know by being on me, there's no one to help that human attack the capybara."

"Yeah, well, he's a big human. He can handle himself. He's bigger then that capybara."

"I thought you said not to underestimate size." The froglet realized he was right.

"Yeah, well, if he..." He looked at his buddies. "there's no point for us all to pile up on this adult frog. Some of you, hop off and help out the human. The rest stay here." The froglets agreed and some of them hopped off.

"Wait!" They all heard a voice shout. They all looked to see that it was Croak. "Don't attack my daddy! He's right. Fighting only makes things worse, not better. The humans may have done unspeakable things to us in the past, but what good will revenge do? It won't give us all our loved ones back, The past is past and nothing can change that. My mom taught me that and she was and always will be right. She and my dad. I didn't understand that, but now I do, sort of. If we continue to fight, we're no better off, are we?" The froglets looked at each other. "Are we?" The froglets hopped off of Jim. Croak smiled. "That's better." He ran to hug his dad. Jim smiled and wiped away a happy tear.

"Mom would be so proud of you." Jim said.

"Dad, I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier."

"It's alright, son. As long as you see it now."

"I love you, Dad."

"I love you too, son."

"Uh, shouldn't we break up the fight between the human and the capybara?" The froglet asked. "And tell them what you told us? The human sadly won't understand us but maybe the capybara will?" Just then, police sirens could be heard from outside. His eyes widened, as did his friends. "What's that?" They all hopped to the window to see.

"What?!" Mark wanted to know as he and Captain stopped fighting. He stood up. "Who called the cops? Well, good. Maybe they can call animal control on this crazy capybara." The humanoid robot cops then came into the building. "Aw, cops, I'm glad you all stopped by." He pointed to the capybara. "This crazy capybara came in here, trained with me and the other froglets to fight and then started to attack me for no reason. Call animal control asap!"

"We actually came for you!" The chief bot told him. "We were told you had wild frogs and keeping from their hibernation." He looked at the animals. "And that's true I see." He looked back at Mark. "It's illegal to nab wild animals from wildlife you know. You just can't do that. And what do you mean by 'training'?

"Well, you see, officers..."

"You know what? You can say it to the judge you sick man for disrupting sleep. You are under arrest." He cuffed him.

"No, you can't do this, well you can, but, no!" He sneered at Captain as they walked past him. "CURSE YOU STRANGE CAPYBARA THAT I JUST MET TODAY! CURSE YOU!" Captain smiled as he watched him get taken outside.

Jim, Captain and Croak exited the school. They all looked at each other. Jim smiled.

"Thanks again for helping me save my son." Jim said to the capybara.

"Yeah!" Croak added. "Thanks, mister." Captain smiled at the young frog.

"Don't mention it, kid." He told him. "That's why I took the job as a superhero, to help people and animals as much as I can."

"When I grow up, I want to be just like you."

"Well, you trained with that man long and hard, so you're off to a good start." This surprised Croak.

"You really think I can be a superhero?"

"Sure, if you keep practicing long and hard, anything is possible." Croak looked at his dad.

"Dad, once spring's here and we wake up, I'm going to train long and hard to become a superhero just like Captain."

"Glad to hear that, son." Jim responded. "I am proud of you. Your mother would be too."

"I know." Captain's watch vibrated. He crawled to some bushes to hide from the humans. He turned it on and Diana appeared in her hologram form.

"Did the police arrive?" Diana wanted to know. Captain nodded and brought his watch out so that his boss could see. He brought the watch back.

"Good job, Super Capybara." She congratulated him. "I knew you could do it. You never disappoint. Now, Animal Control is supposed to come in and then release the froglets and handle it from there. Diana, over and out." Captain closed the watch once the hologram vanished and put it away.

"Well, we're going to gather all of the froglets and get them home." Jim stated. "I think it's the least we could do."

"No need." Captain explained to him. "Animal Control is going to handle them."

"I don't know who that is, but do they know exactly where their homes are?"

"Well, no, I suppose not."

"Then it's better that the kids come with us, don't you think?" Captain thought about this and realized Jim had a point.

"Yeah, that might be better. Too bad Animal Control will probably be worried about them if they don't do it themselves." Jim shrugged.

"Yeah, well, things often get confusing when there's no communication. What are you going to do?"

"I guess. Hopefully they won't be too worried. Just be careful, both of you."

"We will."

"Well, I guess this is goodbye.'

"I guess it is. Croak and I have some more sleeping to do until spring."

"The groundhog said spring's almost here so you don't have to wait much longer." Croak and Jim were confused.


"What does that mean?" Croak asked. "Is there a groundhog somewhere that can predict that kind of stuff, 'cause that'll be neato!"

"Nothing." Captain just said. "Forget I even brought it up."

"Okay, I will." Jim stated.

"I won't." Croak said. "Now you got me curious but I guess if we see a groundhog on the way home, I can ask if he knows of such a groundhog that exists."

"Oh, you might be disappointed, but don't give up on your dreams, kid."

"Okay, I won't. I'll always remember you."

"As will I." Jim added. "Be safe out there, Captain." The capybara nodded. Captain and the two frogs said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

Captain returned to the backyard and almost got ran over by a speeding metanical bull. Leo ran over to his pet. He had a red flag in his hand.

"Whoa, are you okay, Captain?" He asked, but Captain being in disguise of a normal mindless pet, didn't answer. Leo smiled and petted him. "Yeah, you're okay. I can tell, but that was a close one." Francesca, Ally and Leo's friends raced to his side.

"Leo, is Captain..." Ally began. Leo looked at her.

"Is Captain, okay? Yes, yes he is." Ally grinned.

"That's good." She said.

"Bella, my sweet, sweet Lagotto Romagnolo puppy almost got ran over by a car the other day." Francesca explained to them. Leo was shocked.

"I didn't know you had a puppy, Francesca." He said.

"We just adopted him last month."

"That's great! Looks like Captain has a new furry little playmate."

"Looks like it. I'll bring her over one of these days."

"Sounds great for me...I mean for Captain. For Captain and I." Francesca smiled and looked at Ravi, Jack and Griff. "You guys can come too. Ally, you and your friends as well."

"We'd love too." Ravi said. "Thanks for the invite."

"Yeah!" Ally, Iman and Jade added.

"I just want a red hippo as a pet one of these days." Griff stated. "That would be coolio." Ravi was confused.

"A red hippo?" He wanted to know. "Why?" Griff looked at him like he just asked the most stupidest question in the world.

"Because I liked hippos and the color red which is why I don't get why a bull would be mad at it and charge at it. Come on, Ravi. You knew this since the third grade."

"But hippos shouldn't be pets."

"And neither should platypuses but Leo's dad had one as a pet as a kid."

"Point taken." He was about to add something but decided against it.

"I think we better go in." Francesca said to the group. "It's getting late."

"I think you're right." Leo agreed.

As the children were at the table that night eating churros, Ally saw an interesting news article on her tablet.

"Huh, this is interesting." She said.

"What is?" Her brother wanted to know.

"Well, apparently a now fired science teacher at Danville High has just been arrested for taking froglets from their habitats and training them in the school just in case humans went back to dissecting them so they have a 'fighting chance.'

"Don't frogs hibernate?" Ally nodded.

"They freeze their bodies and thaw out in the spring." Ravi explained. Griff punched him on the shoulder. "Ow; hey!"

"No one asked, nerd!" He said.

"I know, I thought it would be good to know. Now you're smarter in knowing that fact." Griff punched him again. "Ow!"

"What's the point of school if we learn outside of it? In fact, what's the point of it in general? My dad said that to me, but because of Mom, I have to go. Ugh, it's so annoying! But I bully kids like you. That's the greatest reason to go."

"No it's not, but yay for you."

"But do you want to know the weird part?" Ally asked.

"What?" Her brother wanted to know.

"The suspect claimed that it was a capybara and a grown frog that thwarted his plans."

"HMMM, that is weird. I wonder, no it couldn't be Captain, could it?"

"If Perry couldn't have been a secret agent, Captain's not a superhero." Phineas stated.

"Nor could my Pinky." Isabella added.

"But Bella's an astronaut on Mars!" Francesca teased, adding into the fun.

"Yeah!" They all laughed at the very ideas. Captain grinned at himself. If they only knew!

"And listen to this." Ally said again. They stopped laughing and listened. "Animal Control were going to do something to the froglets that he stole but every single froglet escaped before they had the chance. They looked for hours but finally gave up."

"Gosh!" Isabella said. "Hope the froglets are okay and nothing worse happened to them. Those poor little things." Everyone hoped that too. But Captain knew. He knew they would be fine and back home with their parents. Phineas looked at his son.

"So, Leo, are you planning on more of these big projects like the ones today in the future?"

"I don't know, Dad. Maybe. They sure were fun."

"They sure were, son. Uncle Ferb and I thought so with ours." But Leo knew one thing. That along with Francesca, Ally, friends and family couldn't wait for what the future would bring for them.