Chapter 3 - Pirates

Even though he knew the ship like the back of his hand. It still took them about ten minutes to reach the deck from the brig. They could already hear the music a few minutes before actually making it out of the ship's insides. What greeted them was a sight the priest was probably not expecting.

All over the deck braziers were placed for the crew to gather around. Around one of the holes leading inside the ship, all the way at the bow, there were tables filled with food and a man of about 15 feet was sitting behind the tables, giving out alcohol.

"Oi. Zvrem, hand me a bottle." The Half-Giant looked over to him and without looking took a massive bottle and threw it over to him. It was at least two feet tall and held about 10 liters. Still, he caught it with ease, uncorked it, and took a big swig from it. "Ahhh" the rum ran down his throat. He held the bottle to the priest. "Want some?"

"No thank you."

"Alright." He took another sip. "Now where are those two?" He let his gaze wander about the deck, searching for the source of the music. He quickly found them, on a small podium an Octopus and a Calamari were playing multiple instruments. They had just finished their last piece and were starting their next one.

He went towards their direction until he spotted the shine of the bright polished armor of that boy and altered his course. The princess sat on a simple stool in front of one of the braziers intently watching the unusual musician duo. He could see the rest of the adventurers standing beside her as well as the bulky man, now without his armor and in a much better condition.

"Well, Princess. Enjoying the show?" The girl jumped up in surprise and turned around, as soon as she saw him her expression relaxed and her diplomatic smile appeared.

"Captain Grayhate. Please do not scare me like that."

"Was never my intention."

"But you were serious when you said you would be willing to accept anyone into your crew." At this, she looked back at the musicians.

"Yes, they are quite capable. But they often don't agree and have exactly opposite opinions. It can be a real pain in the ass." He noticed the adventurers surprised look when he was speaking so casually to a princess. He looked at them, making them flinch. "Your friend is over there, she has agreed to my conditions." Gotta tell Vera that she has to look after her.

"Princess, might I ask if you know a bit about economics."

"I am familiar to a certain point. Might I know why you ask?"

"You see, my crew and I and my crew were merchants, where we're from. I wanted to know a bit about your economical situation as well as your kingdom, so I could make myself a picture if we should continue with that. Also, we have quite some merchandise onboard, I wanted to know if you would be interested in some."

"Regarding our economical situation, I believe we should talk at another point. About your wares, I am sure there is something-" Before she could finish they heard a bell from the crow's nest.

"Pirate Ships at ten o'clock. Five in total. Jolly Roger is a horned skull with wings. Loaded front canons are aimed at us." The music immediately stopped and everyone looked at him.

"I want the canons loaded. Raise the anchor and inform the other ship." He turned towards the princess. "Is it a crime to sink them?"

"No, they are pirates after all. But that flag sounds familiar."

At this point, the small girl who was apparently older than him piped up. "That flag belongs to the Demihuman pirates. Their fleet consists of at least 15 ships, they are the most notorious Pirates around here."

A smile crept upon his face. "So we will have some fun." He would finally have the chance to test his battle skills. "Princess, why don't you enjoy the show." He strode towards the helm. "Vera get the crew ready to board them. Bulmir, get your men ready. We're gonna sink two of the ships with our canons. You are gonna search for prisoners if you find any bring them here. If there are none, start bringing their treasure onboard. No get your ass over there."




"Good I want full speed ahead." He arrived at the helm and immediately turned the ship to face the pirates.


"On my signal sink the two rightmost ships." It did not take long before the pirates started firing at them, but at this distance, it seemed they could not aim properly.

{We're in position Captain}

{Good, get ready.}

He drew |Traders Tongue| and raised it above his head.

"FIRE!" A deafening cacophony of explosions could be heard and seconds afterward two of the five ships were torn asunder and began to sink.

"Vera. The big one is mine, you take the other two. Give them the chance to surrender." He knew he had just ordered the deaths of dozens of people, still, he felt almost nothing. He knew they were pirates and therefore probably some of the worst bastards around if the reaction of the adventurers meant anything. But it still didn't change the fact that he was responsible for their deaths.

They were quickly at a distance where they could clearly see the individual pirates, he went to the side of his ship and used one of the abilities of his weapon "[Summon: Sea Dragon]" From the waves at the side of 'The Survivor' the head of a snake-like dragon, completely made of water rose until he could step on it.

Once he was standing on it he commanded it to move towards the biggest of the three ships. They fired their cannons at the summon but it did no damage, as they just impacted the water and passed through it exiting on the other side, leaving no sign of injury behind.

He stepped onto their bow and tried to cut the canons that were aimed at his ship. The blade went through the thick iron canons with no resistance at all and they fell down in pieces.

"Oi. Where is your captain." Out of the corner of his eye, he could see one of the other two ships getting boarded by Vera and enough of his crew to take care of everyone on it.

He was surrounded by people who looked like animals with humanoid features, some more than others. He saw all kinds of creatures from Snake to Spider-people. He noticed someone coming through the crowd towards him. When he exited the mass of individuals, what stood before him was some sort of bipedal goat wielding a spear, who was missing one of his horns.

He reminded him of that guy he did quite frequent business with. That Chuuni always took all the Demon Summoning Items he had whenever they met. But he was a good kid, just a massive Role-player almost to the point of obsession.

"Who are you? What is that creature there?" The Goat pointed his spear towards him.

"I'm Bill Grayhate, Captain of 'The Survivor' over there. I recommend you surrender, then you'll live. Otherwise." He just looked to the Portside where the other two ships used to be. All of the pirates just started laughing, which resulted in a cacophony of all kinds of sounds.

"What is a single human with an illusion gonna do?" Several of them raised bows and crossbows and pointed them at him, one was even holding a slingshot. In total there were about fifteen projectile weapons pointed at him, none of them a gun, not even a simple flintlock.

"Very well." With those words his sea dragon leaped over the ship, ripping the mast in half and taking it down with him. Concentrating on the pirates in front of him he observed all of them to not miss any of their movements. At this moment three crossbow bolts and one stone were launched at him.

He immediately tensed up, expecting he had to dodge immediately, but instead of them flying towards him at high speeds, it was like they were crawling through the air at an incredibly slow pace. He could clearly see the bolts rotating when he looked at their fletchings. Is that because I'm max level? But still that slow, they should realize that something like this couldn't hit a high-level Warrior.

Wanting to try something he waited until the projectiles almost hit him and then tried to catch them all in his tentacles. The bolts were not a problem, but the metal marble flung by the slingshot was another matter. He had not yet perfect control over his tentacles, so it took him several tries.

For him, it looked like he was moving at normal speeds, however to everyone else at deck it looked like something entirely different. They were all seasoned warriors and pirates, even for them dodging all four projectiles would have required a bit of effort, they thought the old man was paralyzed by fear when he didn't move at all. Then suddenly all projectiles were held by tentacles that came from the mans left shoulder.

"Come on. I'm sure you can do better." He looked around and if he had been able to read the inhuman faces, he would have noticed their absolute shock. He just broke the bolts in half and pointed the cutlass at the goat man. "Surrender."

"Never." With that, he charged at him, spear held in front of himself ready to pierce his body. Once again his opponent seemed to crawl through the air during his charge. He simply sidestepped the goat and with a swift motion cut the spear while activating a skill to measure its power. "[Swift Strike]" He only intended to destroy the spear but the wind pressure of his strike threw the goat back to its crew and cracked the deck of the ship. The spear now only a splintered pole, useless in combat.

What the fuck. That's a level 30 skill. Why is it so destructive. He slowly turned his head towards the goat. "Are any of you gonna surrender?"

"NEVER!" The whole crew shouted in unison.

"Very well. [Flying Swallow]." He swung the cutlass in a horizontal slash, from the blade emerged a green light that formed a crescent sickle and proceeded to cut through the whole crew as it flew towards the rear of the ship. Crew, Masts, and Helm were cleanly cut in two.

With this single swing, he had eradicated the whole crew of the ship, still feeling only a slight ping of regret. But not at taking the life of a living being, but at taking the life of capable sailors. It seems this new body has indeed changed him.

Stepping over the dead bodies he proceeded to walk down into the ship to look for prisoners. He met the occasional crew member who refused to surrender and subsequentially was cut down. He decided not to use any combat skills, afraid that he would damage the ship more, resulting in it sinking.

After some time he arrived at the brig. It consisted of only two cells of rusty iron bars. At first, he thought there was no one in here until out of the corner of his eye he saw a dirty rag that looked like it covered something. After ripping the door off its hinges and lifting the rag he saw a young girl. She was severely malnourished, but still alive. She had no clothes at all and was covered in scars as if she had been used as a toy to be tortured over and over again. He guessed she was about 15 years old, her unkempt blonde hair was already reaching past her shoulders covering her whole face.

He decided he would take her with him after he had seen what was behind the other door in the room. He could make out a horrid stench coming from behind it. After opening it, what greeted him was a horrifying sight, one that infuriated him to the point that he could hear thunder coming from outside. What he saw was a butchery, but what infuriated him was what had been butchered here. Although he could not see a single intact body the countless limbs being hung from the hooks at the ceiling made it abundantly clear which creature they belonged to. These savages had butchered and eaten humans.

Two days ago he had figured out how to access his inventory. He reached into the void and took out a jade bracelet that would allow him to utilize the [Message] Spell, but since he had to use an item to cast it, it could not be used for silent communication.

"{Vera, change of plans. No Mercy.}"

"{Aye Captain. But why?}" the voice of the dwarf emanated from the bracelet.

"{You'll understand once you find their food supply.}" With that he turned around and slammed the door behind him, breaking it into splinters and shaking the ship, with the force he used. He picked up the girl and made his way back on the deck.

He was greeted by a storm, whipping the rain into his face. He had already wrapped the girl into a warm blanket. Without a word, he stepped onto his summon and went back to 'The Survivor'. His face was still contorted in anger. He handed the kid to Rigla without a word and turned to Bulmir who had an expression similar to his own.

"Any Prisoners?"

"No Captain. But we discovered something else."

"I know. Bring them all on the ship I came from. Throw the pirates overboard, they can go rot in Davy Jones Locker. Tell Vera to do the same once you go retrieve the findings from the other two ships. But bring me the head of their captain, it's the ugly goat with a splintered spear. I can imagine he has a bounty."

"Captain Grayhate." He could see the princess coming towards him. As soon as he turned his head and she saw his expression she involuntary stopped for a moment, before continuing her approach in a more careful manner. "Captain Grayhate, might I ask what you found."

"I found their food supply and it certainly did not make me happy." With that, he just stood at the railing waiting for Vera and Bulmir to finish their tasks.

When they were finished, he commanded the other two ships to be bombarded, ripping them apart like paper, after recovering their flags. The last ship that was filled with the body parts of the unfortunate people who had been captured by the pirates was set ablaze, it was the best funeral they could give them out here at sea.

After this, no one was in the mood for a party anymore. The ones who were assigned to night shift stayed on deck, anyone who needed to sleep went to get their rest and all the others went below deck to pass the time until something happened. Meanwhile, he went to see how the girl he recovered was doing.

Rigla had informed him that she had let someone else take care of the girl, she thought considering what had been done to the girl the first face she would see when she woke up should probably not be hers, after all, she looked quite inhuman, with her bluish-green skin and algae-like hair.

As he approached the room the girl was being treated in, he heard a scream, followed by the voice of a man trying to call someone down. Seems she is awake. He knocked. The door was opened slightly and a man stared back at him. He may have looked human, but Bill knew that the man was in fact a Doppelgänger.

"Ah, Captain. Come in." The Doppelgänger opened the door to let him in. On the bunk, he saw the girl sitting upright, now in light linen clothes. Her eyes looked like she was glaring at him as if he was a criminal. He paid it no heed and turned to the Doppelgänger.

"Go wake up Zvrem and get some broth. The girl needs something to eat."

"Aye Captain." With that, he left Bill and the girl alone. For almost a minute the two just stared at each other, until he made the first move. He went over to the chair standing beside the bunk. He pulled it a bit away before sitting down.

"What's your name kid?" No response. "I'm Bill Grayhate, Captain of 'The Survivor'. I found you when we were attacked by pirates." The Girl visibly flinched when he mentioned the pirates.

"Sadly you were the only survivor we found. We took the others and burned them, it was the best we could do for their burial."

The girl still didn't respond but looked down with a depressed look on her face. He was about to continue when she first spoke.

"The pirates?" Her voice was almost inaudible, it was obvious she had not spoken in a long time, only screamed.

"Rotting in Davy Jones Locker. All of them." She looked at him confused. "Dead at the bottom of the ocean. Probably getting eaten by sharks right now." A morbidly satisfying smile formed on her face.

"Are you from Roble?" She shot a suspicious glare at him, he just raised his hands. "Hey, I just wanna know where we should drop you off unless you wanna keep sailing with us." After a while, he continued. "If you don't wanna talk you don't have to. You'll get something to eat soon, so I will leave you alone for now. If you're ready to talk just tell one of the crew, they'll get me."

With that, he got up. "But I'll have to tell you, that you can't leave this room for now. This has nothing to do with you not talking, but your condition and a few other things." After those last words, he left and made his way back to his cabin. According to Trelios, they would reach Roble around evening the coming day.

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