A True Titan

By Sam W. Ryder

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The flurries of falling snow eased as the moon above grew more eclipsed. Shirou heaved and groaned from his place on the ground, the world around him, his world was fracturing. He knew it would. Such was the power of the sword that rends the earth from the heavens, Ea. Still, he pushed onward, the blades lifted from the ground and added into the torrent that pressed against the noble phantasm's power. Seeing as he was losing ground Shirou stretched one hand into the air calling forth the biggest blade in his arsenal. It also just so happened to be one he'd just added, the Ig Alima, the mountain felling sword fell through the air intent on skewering his enemy.

A series of golden circles launched countless blades into the sword's side sending it tumbling from its course. It buried itself harmlessly into the ground behind her and at that moment Shirou's blades began to break.

The world shattered and Shirou's momentary feeling of victory vanished.

Miyu hadn't been transported away yet. He wanted to yell, to scream at the unfairness of the world, to beg the woman in front of him to allow Miyu those last precious seconds. But he didn't, he couldn't, there wouldn't be a point.

"Persevere or surrender. It matters not your choice, you have already failed. The grail and its wish will be ours." The woman said as she started past him.

Shirou struggled to lift himself from the ground, she might have been right but damned if he was going to stop.

Whether it was a last burst of adrenaline, the connection he had with the spirit Emiya, the concentration of the Leylines, it really and truly didn't matter. As soon as she'd passed Shirou he turned on his side and swung. Was it cowardly to stab someone in the back? Sure, but he'd already resigned himself to being the villain.

Magical energy, flooded his circuits, his body howled in protest but his mind was firm, it only held the thought of his sister and one other thing, a blueprint of an ancient blade, one twisted in betrayal. The jagged blade pierced through the magical armor like tissue and into her calf. Shirou collapsed as the doll that was the woman fell forward, it's class card fluttering away.

Finally, he'd won. Even as his eyes slid closed he could see the blue light that was taking his sister to a world where she could smile flash once more so brightly it blinded him. He was unconscious before the light had even begun to fade.

A warm breeze far different than the odd cold twisting breaths that passed through the caverns awoke him and as he opened his eyes he saw a bright blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds. His mind began to race, who had retrieved him? Why hadn't Julian killed him, he was helpless after the battle with the woman who held Gilgamesh's class card, it would have been simple enough. Was it that damn crappy priest? Why would he leave him outside?

"How are you onii-chan?" It was a voice he'd never dreamed he'd hear again, lurching forward he grunted in pain as he frantically turned about, and there she was. Light black hair cascaded down her shoulders, brown golden eyes so much like his own even if they weren't truly related.

"Miyu." He breathed, "Miyu," he said again and then lunged at her.

She shrieked as they tumbled backward, "Onii-chan!" She cried in dismay.

He was crying and he didn't care who saw him, as he held his sister to him, he'd honestly thought she'd be lost to him, that he'd never see her again.

"Oniiiiii-Chaaan!" Miya finally bellowed into his ear and he pulled back to look her in the eye. "I can't-"

A short way off of them a shimmering mass of red filled the air and from it a young boy wearing a grey suit and dark hair that curved up at the sides like a pair of horns. "Really Teekl, it should not have taken so long to gather the ingredients needed for a teleportation spell! Those fools were sending a message in regards to my purchases I'm sure of it!"

As he spoke he swung a metal rod about and a cat that stepped out of the portal just behind him mewled in agreement.

"Well, we'll see to it that a curse is left upon his shop. It'll be a remind- Oh hello." He smiled at Shirou and Miyu.

Shakily Shirou stood, there was something about the youth in front of him that twisted his stomach and it didn't have anything to do with him using spatial distortion magic though it didn't help. Activating his circuits, Shirou was pleasantly surprised to find they weren't as badly damaged as he'd thought they'd be.

The boy tapped his chin, "well, well, well. I did come here looking for the odd magic I felt and to think I find something better. Tell me, how did you manage to collect so many powerful bits of soul?"

The cat beside him yowled and the boy seemed taken aback. "Of course, you are correct Teekl, I should introduce myself first. I am Klarion Bleak. The pleasure is of course yours I'm sure."

Shirou barely heard the introduction, his mind was on the boy's previous words. He had multiple partial souls? "I have the cards onii-chan, all of them," Miyu whispered.

A shiver ran through Shirou, his heart clenched with his hands. He'd thought the things would be destroyed in the process of the wish!

"Cards you say? How interesting, it's not often I come across powerful souls, even some of the heroes up here don't have souls as strong as the ones you carry." Klarion seemed truly interested which only made Shirou worry more. "Under such circumstances, I believe I'll be taking them off your hands. How much would you like for them?"

He pulled out a checkbook and a pen and waited, and waited, finally he sighed, "I believe this is the part where you name an exorbitant sum and I pay you." He clicked his pen several times in agitation.

Replies flew through his mind, from what cards, to please like we can steal someone's soul right we used magic.' In the end, it wasn't Shirou who answered but Miyu.

"They aren't for sale!" She said moving further behind Shirou.

Shirou wanted to pull his hair out at the roots. Even if the guy knew they had the cards it didn't mean they had to admit it! He'd have to talk with her about the value of information after they dealt with the boy who looked less than amused.

"I see." With a click of his pen, both it and the checkbook vanished and he threw a business card to the ground in front of them. "Well, I suppose that will be that. Though please understand, I will get what I want. You have twenty-four hours to change your mind."

He took another step and he was gone. Shirou knew however that it was nowhere close to being over.

As much as he wanted to discuss the matter with Miyu, Shirou had a few other things to focus on, they were definitely in a different world after all so they would need food, water, and shelter. Though there was one other thing.

"Miyu, would you please give me the cards?" He asked as he turned to face her. He smiled at seeing her.

She smiled and pressed the cards firmly into his hand, a battered archer card without a true image within it on top. His card. "Sure, Onii-chan," she chirped.

"Well, let's get going, we have a little ways to go before we get to town." He nodded his head toward a large town that spread along a coastline and in the bay was a large tower in the shape of a capital T. "Besides you wanted to see the ocean didn't you?"

Miyu nodded frantically as she stared at the blue horizon then her head cocked to the side. She took several steps through the dried grasses and Shirou frowned, she'd no shoes on her feet. Apparently, Julian hadn't left her any after taking her.

"One second Miyu." He said before she could start moving. Kicking off his shoes he walked over to her and lifted her into the shoes. They were much too large but better than glass, or nails in her feet.

"Hey onii-chan, how come we could understand that boy?"

Shirou still had no answer.

Save the possibility of magic, he still had no idea when they reached the city about an hour later. To say it was bustling would have been an understatement, Cars zipped by, crowds meandered down the streets as they frequented the local businesses and yet he could understand what they were saying when they walked by. So unless everyone had magic, he doubted it was a factor, which meant either they were in a world that spoke Japanese or more likely they'd been made to speak the new language without even realizing it. Of course, he didn't know which for sure.

Beside him, Miyu's stomach growled and Shirou's smile thinned. He needed to get food which as far as he could tell left him with four options: one, head back out of town and start foraging and while he'd seen plenty of plants that had edible roots back in his world they'd only just made it to town, two find a shelter or a person willing to extend charity, and while he wasn't too proud to beg it wasn't efficient. Three find an odd job that would allow him to work for food until he'd gotten them settled, and four, steal either money or food.

I still have to get Miyu to the ocean, he told himself and grinned as a thought clicked into his head.

They did garner several odd looks which weren't surprising considering that Miyu still wore the long ritual gown she'd been placed in while Shirou himself was wearing the bloody and torn clothes he'd been wearing since his battle with Shinji. Occasionally when they stared for so long, Shirou would smile and stare back until they looked away.

"Miss, is everything okay?" Shirou's attention went to a group of boys standing just ahead of them, though they were addressing Miyu, they never looked away from Shirou.

In response Miyu slipped behind him, reminding Shirou this was the most she'd ever been out of the house. "Thank's but my little sister is fine. We'll be going now."

One of them stepped forward, a tall broad-shouldered blonde man, "your little sister huh? Care to explain why you're walking around town with your 'sister' while covered in blood?"

Shirou winced, that wasn't something that he could explain. Miyu popped her head out from behind Shirou, "please sir, onii-chan was protecting me from some bad people. I just want to go home with onii-chan!"

"Onii-chan...onii-chan… Dude isn't that what they say in all of those anime things your sister watches?" Commented one of them from the back.

"Means big brother." Grunted the other. "Angeline has been calling me that for weeks, she's such a nerd."

The leader didn't seem pleased but nodded, "get yourself cleaned up kid, else it'll be the titans after you and not us." He grunted before stalking off into the convenience store they stood beside.

Shirou rolled his eyes, "let's go Miyu, let's get you to the ocean." He smiled down at his little sister. Though she brightened considerably something still seemed off. As if something still weighed upon her.

When her hand found its way into his own, Shirou almost jumped but allowed her to take the lead. Whether because of his exhaustion, the mess of wounds that spread across his body, the stress of the last few days, or because of the extended time he'd had kept the card included. Every person who walked around them appeared as an enemy, every shadow and figure exiting a shop or home, a threat. His fingers twitched, he could almost feel the familiar weight of Kanshou and Bakuya in his hands.

With Miyu in the lead and his glares, daring any of the passersby who gave them more than a second glance to try anything, there wasn't any more resistance as they made their way to the beach. As they wandered through the poorer end of town, and it must've been as the buildings weren't as well kept, the people hung their clothes on lines to dry, and refuse littered the streets, Shirou couldn't help but notice it was not as bad as some of the areas Kiritsugu had taken him through. The thought of his father, how he'd lost him twice, once when he'd truly died and again when he'd slain saber just days ago a pang of pain lanced through his heart. Though he felt no guilt in casting aside the ideal he'd gained from the man, there was no denying he missed him.

The sun was setting as they stepped foot into the sands, sending rippling hues of pink and orange across the waters shifting surface, the smell of the salt air filled his nose and the albeit weak crashing of the waves as they washed over the sand and rocks played through the air. Against all odds, despite his own best attempts to the contrary, he could feel himself calming, relaxing and his body began to ache.

"The sand is so warm!" Miyu laughed as she curled her toes into the tan granules. She took a few running steps forward twirling about at she went and for a split second, she was just another kid on the beach for the first time. It was nice. When she turned to him with a bright smile Shirou made a silent promise, Miyu, his precious sister would know peace and would have the choices any girl her age would. The cost of keeping it that way, well that didn't matter.

The cool winds passing over the of the water washed over them and Miyu shivered. His long-sleeve was off before he could even think it over and he slipped it over her head.

"Onii-chan, it's all bloody!" Miyu complained as she looked down at the shirt he'd put on her.

"It's all mine if it makes you feel better." Shirou offered in return. She turned to him wide-eyed and gasped.

"Oh, Onii-chan." She whispered.

Looking down at his torso, Shirou immediately understood, there were numerous deep gashes, some still dribbling blood, others of his injuries had scarred, leaving only the pinkish-red tissue in long streaks. Reaching out he placed a hand on her head and smiled as best as he could. "It's fine. It's over now."

She didn't look particularly convinced.

"Come on," Shirou said, he led them across the beach, the surf tickled at their toes as they went and as they reached the inlet Shirou looked out at the water his stomach made itself known by groaning in protest of any further activity without accommodating it. He was about to push the feeling down when a thought struck him.

"Hey Miyu, what do you think of having fish tonight?" In his hand, the blue framework of a trident grew. His head began to ache, pound, thunder, skewer. Her stomach growled and Miyu blushed and Shirou pushed everything but what he needed to do to the back of his mind.

"Fish will be fine." She murmured.

The now fully formed bronze trident spun through his fingers as he turned to the water. "Just sit tight okay?" He took a step and froze, from his pocket he pulled the stack of cards and pushed them into Miyu's hands, "use one if you have to, just say install. Just be careful."

Even though the trident was buried deep in the snowy world in his soul it held no special skill, the trident's last owner Marcus Paolo didn't accomplish much save the one time he helped fight pirates. It did contain one thing Shirou wouldn't trade for anything at that moment, the man's fishing skill. Slowly, he shuffled his way through the large rocks looking for any movement or shadows. He ignored the slender swimmers no bigger than his fingers,

A sudden shadow, the gimmer of silver scales, Shirou lunged, plunging the trident into the water, when he pulled it into the air it was loaded with a large pink salmon. It flopped ineffectively on the tynes. When he turned back to the beach he found Miyu sitting beside a small pit containing a blazing fire, a small pile of wood lay beside her.

He made his way over to her and she was gazing at her feet carefully to never look at him. "Can I ask how you managed to make the fire?" He asked as he took hold of the fish and broke the construct with a mental nudge.

"Kiritsugu's books contained information on runes." She whispered without looking up.

Shirou was torn, he hadn't wanted her to learn magic in part because he was supposed to use her to save humanity but also, mostly if he were being honest, because he wanted her to have a childhood. Very little good came from learning magic after all and one mistake could have equaled death. But as far as he could tell, while she'd read the books and might have experimented with the runes she'd kept it contained. The house was still there last he looked and without the slightest signs of scorches.

They didn't talk much while the two prepared diners, Shirou was still unsure of what to say and Miyu seemed a bit guilty and embarrassed. Finally, as the salmon was set to cook above the fire he faced her.

"Thank you." He looked at her with a wry smile as her head shot up looking shocked and bewildered, obviously having expected some form of reprimand. "I wish you'd told me, but you're a smart girl Miyu. And I can hardly argue with the results."

She beamed, "I thought about telling you so many times, but I knew you didn't want me to learn. But I know lots of runes Onii-chan and I'm good at them!"

Shirou allowed her to ramble on about all the different runes and combinations she'd learned, simple but effective she called them, while he turned the fish or poked at the fire.

Dinner was a simple affair, grilled fish, and a few greens Miyu had produced midway through cooking. Shirou didn't remember the last time he'd been happier when they were thirsty they'd walk up the delta until they could drink the fresh water before returning to the beach.

"Hey, onii-chan?" Miyu asked as they returned from the final drinking trip before they turned in for the night.

Shirou started walking in a circle ten paces from the fire, "Yes Miyu?"

"What do you think that big T out there is?"

The T shone brightly in the middle of the bay but save for the possibly being some form of lighthouse Shirou didn't know. He could have answered with a simple 'its a building, but he knew that wasn't what she was asking. It didn't look like it would be architecturally stable. "Tell you what, we'll ask about it tomorrow."


He watched as her eyes fluttered closed and she fell into the waiting arms of slumber.

Turning his attention to the sky, where the stars blinked merrily to their special rhythm Shirou allowed himself to relax if only a small bit. The bounded field he'd erected wasn't the most powerful but it would serve as a decent enough warning system for those who were persistently searching for them. It was a possibility that he couldn't discount, not when they'd already been visited once by a mage interested in the cards no less.

He tossed some of the remaining wood onto the fire and settled himself in. It was going to be a long night.

While the night was long it was at the very least uneventful. Shirou stood stretching trying to work out the kinks from his back and arms. The sun was a good chunk of the way into the sky though if Shirou were to guess they had a few hours yet before midday. He had thought to wake Miyu for the sunrise and quickly nixed the idea, she'd had a long few days and there was going to be plenty of sunrises for her to see in the future.

He caught another fish and gathered eggs from the birds' nests in the area for breakfast, cooking them on a flat rock beside the fire. "Miyu, breakfast is ready," he called to her.

She blinked at him sleepily and Shirou had to stifle a small chuckle, it always took Miyu a few minutes to wake up, she'd started getting up hours before himself to be able to make breakfast, though he'd always thought it had something to do with her staying up late and reading. But it didn't look that way.

A red portal swirled through the air a short way off and from it, the pale-skinned Klarion stepped into the sand looking at it with no small amount of disdain. "I do apologize for coming earlier than the deadline I gave, nonetheless, I've had to reschedule my entire day as I've several pressing engagements."

For some reason, Shirou doubted that he didn't respond. Instead, he watched the pale youth as he slowly paced his way around the bounded field. Shirou's heart began to race.

"Oh, you've done a fair job hiding but you did nothing to hide the traces of those wonderful souls."

Shirou stood with a wince, he hadn't even thought about how to create a bounded field that would contain something like that. Nor had he thought the magus in front of him would be able to find them.

"Miyu stay in here." Tensing his hands he the image of the blades closest to him filled his mind. One white, reflective as the most polished of mirrors, the other, black, its edge seeming to draw in the light around it and smother it. Either one alone was an exceptional weapon granting an increase to magical resistances and able to cut through steel, but together, they truly shined. They were the primary weapons of the Heroic Spirit Emiya.

He crossed the boundary line and flooded his circuits with magical energy, pushing it further: into his bones, his muscles, and his ligaments. By the time he was done he could have made a standing jump crossing the distance between them in the blink of an eye. "You got your answer yesterday. I suggest you leave."

Klarion ran a hand through his dark hair, the curls at the side looking like a demon's horns, the cat beside him began to yowl, its spine twisting as it grew, "you know there's no reason to be discourteous. However, if you're going to insist on being difficult, Teek-." Suddenly he looked much less aggravated as he focused solely on the married blades in Shirou's hands. "You do carry some of the most interesting antiquities."

Waving off the humanoid cat creature that his Teekl had become, Klarion addressed Shirou. "A compromise then, I will be happy to leave with the swords you carry for today, sell them to me and I will not attempt to take the cards by force. Name your price."

Shirou nearly snapped a refusal before he caught himself. The swords were fakes, granted fakes that didn't fall quite so far from the originals as his others, but still fakes. As soon as he sent a ripple through the image of them in his mind they would break down. Add to the fact that the boy and his cat seemed ready to attack to get what they wanted.

"A million for both." Shirou announced the first price that came to mind, "and if you can't get them to work, it's not my problem."

In front of him Klarion smiled nastily and without blinking wrote the cheque. "It was a pleasure doing business with you," He cackled and gestured to the swords. His cat, Teekl loped forward and extended its clawed hands.

Shirou didn't hand them over, instead, he looked at Klarion, but said nothing.

"Yes, yes, it seems you're just as suspicious as Uncle Jason." The boy mused, he waved his hand and whispered a word beneath his breath. A simple breeze whisked over them, drawing the cheque from Klarion's hand and sending it tumbling through the air to land at Shirou's feet.

Almost reluctantly, Shirou passed the swords to the cat-woman.

As Klarion took the swords from his pet he laughed again, "I do hope you'll see reason and be willing to part with those cards soon. You do seem the sensible sort." He raised a hand and his eyes began glowing gold, the red ripple opened before him and he stepped through.

"Well, that solves the money issue."

Miyu came running from the bounded field, "Onii-chan!"

At the worry in her voice, Shirou began to turn to look for any threats but she caught his arm and pointed toward his head. "More of your hair's turned white. I thought it might have been from using that card you were but..." She trailed off.

He could barely see it out of the corner of his eye but as the hair just beside it, his red hair had shifted to white. "I think it adds some character." He said.

Though he had his suspicions and it wasn't the card, at least not alone.

"Anyway," Shirou turned and looked at the city, "we're going to need to get to a bank."

Miyu grabbed his hand before he had even taken a step, "Onii-chan before we go anywhere, maybe you should wash the blood out at least?"

Washing the blood out of his shirt proved to be an exercise in futility and even after the scrubbing they gave it the bloody stains surrounding the numerous tears in the fabric left no doubt what it was. A Halloween costume designer would cry in envy. In the end, Shirou pulled the wet shirt over his head and he and Miyu began making their way back to the city.

As they walked through the lower end of the city Sirens began to blare in the distance and a number of the people milling in the streets began to retreat into their homes. Either the city had taught civilians well or the crimes would quickly turn toward the homes of the downtrodden. Shirou was willing to put money on the latter. As they walked by a building called 'The Rise', a three-story apartment complex a deep red shirt hanging from the lowest rung of the fire escape caught his eye, though it would no doubt be a bit too big for him Shirou pulled it free as they passed by.

"Onii-chan!" Miyu seemed scandalized, it was to be expected after the many books she'd read about what was allowable in society.

Shirou shrugged, "I'm not stealing it, I'll bring it back when I have a replacement."

The shirt was most definitely too large by about two sizes and though it was far better than his shirt which he'd trashed along the way it did sport numerous black oil stains. The Bank of Pérez was the first one they came across and it was immaculate. Sitting just where the newer part of town met the older it might as well have been a train station with all the people coming and going.

One man, dressed in a well made if overused blue suit stood from his desk off to the side of the door as they walked in. He extended his hand in greeting. "Welcome to the bank of Pérez. My name is Gordon Pregar, is there anything I can assist you with today?"

Taking the man's hand, Shirou refrained from bowing, his studies on America weren't exactly his strong point but he knew enough to know they didn't bow. "I'm Shirou Emiya. I'd like to open an account please."

"Right this way." He led them back over to his desk and gestured for them to sit, "you'll just have to do a little paperwork, and do you have an I.D.?"

Pulling out his wallet, which had remarkably remained intact through the many battles he'd been in as of late, Shirou extended his I.D. "I don't suppose this will work?"

Gordon looked it over for a moment before extending it back, "I don't suppose you've something from America?"

Shirou shook his head and the man sighed. "I'm afraid your I.D. Is not going to work."

"Gordie!" Called a young woman as she entered the bank pushing a stroller.

"Pardon me, sir," Gordon said, though Shirou was hardly paying attention. The cheque in his hand at that exact moment was worth the amount of the paper it was written on.

"Felicity, I'm afraid my lunch has been pushed back."

The woman who'd called Gordan responded, "Hennessey again?"

Turning his attention away from Gordon and whatever the problem he had with Hennessy, Shirou stood. "Miyu wait here, I need to use the restroom before we leave."

As he walked into the restroom he could vaguely hear the sound of music, though he couldn't make out any lyrics or even the genre. It did, however, have a nice beat. As he finished his business and set about washing his hands he heard the unmistakable pop of gunfire.

Against every one of his urges, he didn't throw the door open, instead, he eased it as slowly as he could and peered through the crack. One man was holding a gun in one hand and the boombox that was playing the song he'd heard while in the restroom. Spread across the room were others.

"You bitches better be ready!" A female called her voice high and filled with malice, "I love it when my man plays with other girls. Your screams will be so… exhilarating!"

When a woman screamed and the villains laughed, Shirou slipped from the room taking cover behind one of the desks. Peeking over the top he found it was Gordon's wife who they had targeted. Her blouse had been ripped open and her skirt hiked up around her waist. She didn't fight back however and Shirou could see why. The female robber had her gun turned on the baby in the stroller.

Gordon was on the ground, the boombox guy's comrades foot planted on his neck.

For his part, Shirou was glancing between the shooter, his allies, and then at Miyu. He didn't want his sister in the situation, to be a witness and possibly a participant in one of the most disgusting actions the world had ever known. But the woman, Felicity, if Shirou remembered right, she'd a family of her own, she was innocent. To further drive the point home was the sheer look of despair that had taken over Gordon's face. He struggled against his capture but it was halfhearted. He'd started giving in. That was all it took for Shirou.

After all, he figured, even a villain could have problems with rapists.

He moved, his reinforcement allowing him to move faster than any normal man and in the blink of an eye he was in front of the first shooter, the boombox guy the guard's blood was plastered all over his shirt and face, he was the killer. Shirou wrapped his hand about the man's wrist and pulled until it popped sickeningly and went slack. Rearing back he slammed the man's forearms shattering the arm before he moved on.

The next to fall was the woman who turned to aim her gun away from the child and at him. She failed. She shrieked as Shirou's hand wrapped about her face and with a sweep of her leg, knocked her to her back. Her body jerked as her head struck the floor but despite her breathing, she wasn't moving.

A knife materialized in each hand and he threw them toward two of the ones remaining standing. Without fail they buried themselves into the shoulders of the men who dropped to the ground crying in anguish thus freeing Gordon. Three remained and they were on the move.

Two turned their guns on him while the last of them, another woman by the look of her ran. Shirou was preparing to rush the men while deploying a shield to at least slow the bullets when he found them not shooting.

"Stop or we'll fire you meta brat." One snapped

Another set of daggers filled his hands and rushed forward to the men's shock. As he passed by the first he slammed the pommel against the back of his head sending him to the ground. The final robber received cuts across his biceps, blood sprayed out as the gun fell to the floor, he screamed but Shirou leaned close. "If you're pointing a gun to threaten then you've already failed." He snapped and pushed the man to the floor.

The whole of it took less than a minute and left the other almost hostages staring blankly at him. Shirou put it from his mind and started back to his sister as the crowd began to cheer and sirens sang in the distance.

"Mr. Emiya," Gordon said, he quickly stood and grabbed Shirou by the arm and began to shake it profusely. "I am very grateful, but please, you must go, I don't know your situation, it's not my business but if you don't want to deal with the police you must go now."

He pressed a note into Shirou's hand and all but pushed them from the building.

Once they were a half dozen blocks away Shirou opened the note and found what must have been Gordon's neat scrawl. ~Return come morning. I'll see to it your account is set up.~

"Look onii-chan look!" Miyu yelled frantically pointing toward the sky in a tone In direct opposition to the mood Shirou expected her to in. He looked up and he couldn't believe his eyes. "It's a dinosaur, onii-chan! Dinosaurs still live on in this world." She said voicing his thoughts out loud.

There was in a green dinosaur flying over them. "It's green though, do you think it's sick?"

Shirou stiffened, Magecraft, someone was using magecraft on a level he'd never felt from a human before, at least one not boosted by a servant or ritual of some kind. He caught sight of it a moment later. A large black shadow reminiscent of a blackbird speeding across the ground in the same direction as the pterodactyl. Its smell reminded him of brimstone and incense in equal measure. One to calm and the other ever-growing.

"Miyu, stay close," Shirou said as he looked around. The feeling of the magecraft left along with the shadow.


Omake Begin:

Miyu was nervous, not scared, but nervous. It stood to reason, she'd been out of the house more in the past two days than she could ever remember. If you didn't count the time she was held prisoner by Julian, and she didn't. She has stuck inside the whole time after all. She pulled a brochure from the desk and began looking at the various bundle options and found herself frowning. Everything she'd learned in the business morals books she'd read said the bank was doing business the wrong way, they were gaining far more than their consumers.

Suddenly, the door of the bank burst open, and "Somewhere I Belong" by Linkin Park began to blare, the most notable feature of the man was not the large boom box he carried but the large black beanie he wore despite the summer's heat.

"Sir," one of the bank's two guards said as they approached, "you're going to have to turn that-" The crack of a gunshot broke through the music and the guard fell unmoving to the ground.

An 'eep' of fear leaped from her lips and she clapped her hands over her mouth as she scrunched herself into a small ball in her chair at the desk. She'd never seen someone killed in front of her before. Her heart was racing, tears stung at her eyes.

"Every, every, everyone on the floor!" The man's head moved erratically as he spoke and he pulled the beanie down over their face revealing the fact that was indeed a mask. Then he wasn't alone.

Six more masked figures stood amongst the sitting crowd. "You bitches better be ready!" A female called her voice high and filled with malice, "I love it when my man plays with other girls. Your screams will be so… exhilarating!"

One of the men did this jaunty little walk as he turned slowly through the room before pointing his gun at the man who tried to help them open an account's wife. "You'll do." He whispered and Miyu couldn't suppress the shiver that came from listening to him speak.

He walked forward and pulled her away from her stroller. "Make any move I don't like and my lady will fill the kid with lead."

Any fight she had left her at that moment.

"No!" Gordie tried to lurch to his feet and took a firm blow from the butt of the pistol and dropped. Boombox guy motioned to one of his lackeys and motioned him to Gordon. "Make sure our Big Daddy Hero doesn't get any heroic ideas."

She shivered as tears leaked down her face, a mirror of Felicity's who seemed to have resigned herself to her fate. She wanted to scream, to wretch. Instead, she began to shiver.

Then before her eyes, Shirou appeared in front of the gunmen, and in that instant, she knew everything was going to be fine. She knew her big brother wouldn't allow anything to happen to her.

Elsewhere, in a cave filled with beasts that more or less oozed magic, Klarion stood with his arms crossed in front of him. Each handheld on of the mystic soul-filled blades he'd purchased earlier that day. "Okay Teekl, drive them this way."

The cat yowled and somewhere between its throat and mouth, the voice changed to something that wouldn't have been out of place coming from a hell beast.

Rock like creatures animated by residual magic scurried toward Klarion the green light that emanated from their cracks flashing quickly. He swung as hard as he could, knowing that with a normal sword the blade might have chipped at the stone but it would never have cleaved through it.

The sword in his hand, the white one cut right through the stone and into the cavern's floor.

The golems weren't aggressive but it wasn't often he'd seen anything destroy them in a single strike before.

"Teekl that fool likely has no idea what he has given up! These swords are magnificent and they shall help me in eventually retrieving the cards from that foolish plebeian." Klarion cackled.

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