Noticing I was not in America, I used the much less energy intensive way of Sling-Ringing, as the portal travel is called, to return to my manor.

Deciding that I would need a legitimate source of income, I decided to "invent" a new generator. In reality, it was a large box made of my special metal with runes and enchantments that condensed ambient and ley line magical energy into electricity. Some of the enchantments made the box vibrate slightly and hum, to cover up the fact that it had no mechanical parts. Secrecy wards would prevent every type of scanner from trying to penetrate the indestructible walls of the box.

Testing the existing wiring of this world, I decided it would not suffice, and neither would the wiring from my old world. Copper just wasn't good enough. After a week of experimenting, I came up with a new metal that was more durable than carbon fiber, but had absolutely no line loss, five times the electrical carrying capacity of copper alloys, even with a very weak charge. For those who don't understand, line loss is a decrease in electrical charge over distance, caused by the resistance of the electrical medium. For example, try to force electricity down a wire made of rubber vs one made of copper, your line loss is much greater in the rubber. This makes it more difficult to transport electricity.

Taking some of my gold, I dumped it into a mixture of offshore accounts and Swiss banks. Using the new cash balances, I started up a small, extremely well funded company that sold my new wiring and generators. I called it Marauder Tech Corporation, with me as the sole owner, director, shareholder, and the CEO.

A week later, I received a call from Tony Stark regarding my wiring and generators. I was intrigued by him and his arc reactors, so I agreed to meet at one of his homes. During the meeting, we negotiated a deal for a trade of two miniature arc reactors and two of my generators. We agreed to a different trade deal between my company and his, in which Stark Industries would be the sole provider of our operating electronics and we would be the sole provider for their electrical wiring. What he and his nosy AI didn't know was that while there, I planted a magical-based hacking virus that would transfer all of his stored data directly into my brain, seeing as how things that are solely on the Internet aren't recorded by Agaemodo's Spell of Written and Spoken Works. Little did I know, Jarvis was connected directly to the mainstream Internet, so I accidentally downloaded the entire Internet perfectly into my brain and left it constantly updating.

What he didn't know was that he got the better part of the trade deal, mostly because the automated machines I needed were already made, something Hermione had designed. Automatic rune carvers, mechanical potion masters (for simple potions where ingredients are already fully prepared) and other things had been her personal invention. They almost flopped though, if not for my magical batteries, developed from a different metal from my time with the Flamels that stored and carried magic just as well as the new one carried electricity. Being able to carve a rune or slice a potion ingredient and stir it in isn't all there is to it. The being brewing the potion must have some magic. If a muggle carved a runic ward, even if a wizard poured his magic into it, it would not work. A muggle brewing a potion would get a lethally poisonous sludge instead of the intended result. The battery allowed for an assembly line of simple runic enchantments or of simple potions, since the machines would exert a bit of the stored magical energy as the brewed or carved, allowing for functional potions or runic objects.

Anyway, those machines were already set up and running on my generators, ones which were modified to only produce magic, brewing simple medical potions and carving runic protection charms and such. They required practically no oversight, which made my life a little easier. I had set one of the magical assembly lines to take in any raw metal, smelt it into shape, carve the runes on the newly made, very poor quality alloy, weld the panels together, use a Stone to convert the box into the assorted synthesized metals, and then thread the first bit of wiring into two little holes in the box, fusing them into the end of the "terminals" that converted the magic into electricity. They then pumped magic into the runes, starting them up, and then I had to do the last part, consisting of fifteen finishing enchantments, mostly secrecy wards. Once complete, they were added into a stockpile of them. I began selling these for five million each, mostly because they were smaller, more efficient, more durable, and completely steady in output, never causing surges.

Then I came out with a barely magical hovercycle, the only things on it were the levitation sequences, privacy spells, and comfort charms. The first ten sold for over five million each at private auction. Next I came out with a hover car that was so futuristic it was unreal. It was basically a diamond shape, completely frictionless, with a pop up top for you to get in. The seats were very comfortable, larger on the inside, with a magical inertia field that prevented you from feeling any change in motion unless you were the operator, due to the fact that those sensations could help the operator pilot the vehicle. Neither required any additional oils or fuels at all, operating off the rich ambient energy of the planet. The first ten cars sold for about one to ten billion each, also in private auction. And the last thing I came out with before S.H.I.E.L.D. called was a way to privately enter space, no rocket fuel required. It was basically an upgraded hovercar, comparative in size as a sports car is to a school bus, three times as large on the inside, and with four of my generators included to power the thing once you exited Earth's magical field. Those had not yet hit the market, private or public.

In the course of these productions, I found that the ARC reactors produced magical energy as a side effect of the reaction they used to create electricity. I immediately disassembled one of the ones Stark had sold me, modified it to only produce magic after some experimentation, reassembled it, and then mounted it dead center in one of my generators, which produced five hundred times the power as the others. I promptly exchanged the four generators for two of these onboard my spaceship, knowing I'd saved the power issue for off-world travel. My previous generators took as much ambient and ley line magic as they could without hurting the environment, but these new ones took every drop of magic produced by my ARC reactors and converted them into electricity.

When I took it to the New York City Council, they agreed to do a test run, and if it didn't work, they wouldn't buy them. I took five of the modified ones down to the main power plant, hooked one up but left it off, and waited. Once the Council arrived, I had the technicians take their places at the sensors. After a short announcement from the mayor about possible power outages due to "testing" I had the others turn off the generator entirely.

As the power plant rolled into the dark, I announced, "Generator coming online now." as I turned the knob to increase the output of the generator, watching their faces as it seamlessly took on powering the entire region of Manhattan without being at full capacity. "Fifty Percent." I announced as the dial reached the halfway mark of it's total output. I continued turning the knob, calling out sixty, seventy five, ninety, and at one hundred.

"Turn it off! Turn it off!" One of the technicians yelled.

I immediately turned the dial down to zero, cutting off the power. "What's happening?" I called.

"System overload! Our grid can't handle the kind of power your generator was putting out. If we do have use your generator, at least the main power lines are going to need replacement." The tech answered, calming slightly as the whole place plunged into darkness without the generator.

"I'm going to bring it back up to twenty-five percent, then hand off control to your generator as they get it re-situated." I called out, turning the dial again. A few minutes passed in silence as they worked, eventually disconnecting my generator from the grid for now. Once finished, I walked over to the group of bureaucrats. "As you can see, my generator is more powerful than the one currently on station, is much easier to operate, and is safer. Even if it were to blow, the outer shell would not be damaged. I know this for sure because the armoring alloy I invented was tested under nuclear force, and wasn't even warm. The only issue is your grid, and the price of the generator."

"Well, replacing the grid would be too expensive on its own, so even with the benefits of the generator, I don't think we could take it." One of them spoke up.

"My company could replace the grid at a much cheaper cost than the city." I commented idly.

"And how long would that take?" The same guy asked. "We can't afford to have power outages in the middle of the city. Traffic jams, elevators, there would be so many problems."

"I know that. I have actually discovered a new element on the periodic table, and after some experimentation, have forged an alloy that has zero line loss. That's actually a part of my generator. It also has a carrying capacity five times greater than anything on the market." I answered.

"That does not answer the question of how long it will take." A different one noted.

"If I start as soon as the papers are signed, I could, with my current tech, do at least ten miles an hour. And I mean take down ten miles of wiring, put up the new ones, and have the construction site cleaned up." I sighed, knowing more questions were coming. "Before you ask, it is proprietary technology. I'm the only one who knows how it's made, how it works, and how to use it. It involves something similar to advanced nanotech, but it's not." What I'd really be doing is using a generator and a runic circle to unleash a wave of magic from a Stone that would transform every piece of city-owned wiring into my new metal overnight. No schematics would change, which would mean the transformers and all that would be exactly the same, except their wiring would become Powerline, as I'd decided to call the alloy just now.

"And how much are we talking, price-wise?" Another asked.

"Well, my first-gen generators normally run for five million each. What you see here was the first five second generation builds, and I'm willing to give the first one to you for free instead of the fifteen million it's going to cost on the public market. As for the rewire, one thousand per five city blocks redone. I'm willing to do the entire island of New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx. By my count, there is a total of 120,000 city blocks in New York, so that's 2.4 billion dollars. That comes with free maintenance for the rest of my lifespan. And if the city doesn't have the funds at the moment, that offer will stand for five years." I answered.

"Is it worth it?" One of the bureaucrats asked the chief engineer.

"At this point in time, this specific power plant operates only for New York City. As you all know, this is a nuclear power plant and it currently costs over 30 million a year in maintenance, the lowest paid worker in this plant earns around sixty thousand a year, plus we put out quite a bit of pollution. If you buy this generator, the city will save on salary, maintenance, will gain some real estate from the area once it's been confirmed in the safe zone if it's decommissioned, and the city's pollution levels will go down. You'll get a free grid upgrade, something that is normally very expensive and would take years to do. And anybody else that's offering anything like this would charge at least triple what he's asking. And if what he says is true about having no line loss and a quintupled carrying capacity as copper alloys currently in use, we could provide electricity to more people at less cost, which would mean less city taxes regarding the operation of traffic lights, street lights, and other city-operated power usages. In short, the city's budget would suddenly have a lot of room, especially if he doesn't want the money right away." The engineer explained.

"So we'd save tons of money, time, labor, and be able to lower taxes, which would mean that our polls would go up." One of them muttered to the other.

These people were making me sick. They were just like Fudge, maybe not as corrupt, but still willing to do nearly anything that would keep them in office or get them in a higher one. "I'll give you five days to make a decision. If the answer's no, don't call. If it's yes, give me a call at this number. Even if you decide yes tonight, please wait to call until the end of the five days." I handed one of the bureaucrats a business card with my company number on it, picked up my generator and put it on the dolley with the other, and left.