A/N: You have guest reviewer StayingForever to blame for this. This is a parody of my other story, A Kitten in a World of Heroes (he has sharp claws and is very hunger). The premise is the same, except that Killua is literally a cat.

Join his adventures in the new installment of...

A Kitten in a World of Heroes (but literally)!

Okay, idk if anybody's going to read it, but I thought this was funny, so here goes. This story probably ain't going to be so well edited, just a heads up, this is just.. uhh whatever comes to mind.

A Kitten in a World of Heroes
(but literally)

Chapter One

Killua felt a sudden pressure envelope him, eyes widening as he took in his last sight of his own world and his sudden attacker, red hair and haggard features floating in his vision.

Then everything went to black, and there was an immense squeezing sensation, then a plop. Killua slowly blinked open his eyes, only to stiffen in surprise, hair rising on edge.

Everything had suddenly become so big! The walls were so high up, he could barely see! And where was he?

He twirled around, his feet somehow clumsy, the world shaking like a bad camera toppling side to side.

He drunk in the sights. There was a strange acrid tang of smoke everywhere, and the buildings were all different, for some reason. He was in a huge, dark street, a dumpster that was five times bigger than usual behind him.

He swung his body back to where light was streaming into the large street. He squinted, then trotted forward to the light. As he did so, he happened to catch an unusual flash of orange in his lower peripheral vision.

He glanced down.

Then really shrieked, hair puffing out, jumping back five feet.

His hands - they were paws! His hands had somehow been transformed into paws!

He danced backwards, going on his hind legs. He caught sight And his feet! Them too!

Another appendage swished into his vision.

And he now had a tail!

Killua ceased his dancing, and stared at the floor in stupefaction. All sorts of scents were filling his nose now, and he felt a sudden urge to hunt…

What was wrong with him!?

After a few moments of heavy breathing, rationale thought finally returned. Grimly, Killua finally came to the only possible, but unbelievable conclusion:

He had somehow been turned into a cat.

But how!? He had just been walking, in the street, ready to go back to Gon to laud his victory at collecting money in the auction, when he had been attacked by a strange lady with long red hair and haggard features. She had immediately, and unexpectedly, come at him, calling him murderer, then shot some strange nen blast at him. A moment later, he had felt that squeezing sensation and…

She turned me into a cat, he realized with dawning horror.

Killua had been turned into a cat.

He let that sink in for a good long moment.

After a few seconds, seeing the grime on his paws, he found himself succumbing to a new instinct, licking his paws to get rid of them, his tongue rasping against fur. As soon as he realized what he was doing, he hacked a cough, let down his paw, and adamantly stamped it onto the ground.

Shaking his head wildly side to side, he padded over again to the source of light. Now wasn't the time to panic. He had to calm down, figure where he was, and figure out how to get fixed.

He realized once he had reached the street entrance: the street wasn't a street at all, it was but an alleyway. The source of light was the real street, roads and cars and all, letting sunlight into a small corridor.

Killua blinked once, then twice. His eyes weren't just adjusting to the light, they were adjusting to the shock of what he saw.

Everything was bigger, like he had noticed before, but everything was also… different. The buildings more gray, all concrete and glass. The roads were huge, packed black with strange yellow lines painted on them. With his current size, he could stand on one of those painted lines and have room to spare. But that wasn't the point. This…

This was all different. And wrong. Where was he?

Tentatively, he padded forward a step, glanced around, kitten head swishing left to right.

He had travelled many places, in his assassination jobs as a kid, but he had never seen anything like this before. This place was weird, all blocky concrete. Moreover - he had caught sight of someone really strange-looking, with fins for arms. Had he somehow been transported into some alternate dimension where everyone got turned into animals?

No, he decided firmly. It's not possible.

With that decided, he continued on his explorations. He walked down the street tentatively, getting used to his kitten body, the way his tail switched, the nimble and agile feeling of his body, able to control every tendon. In some ways, it was amazing. In other ways, it was terrible.

Case in point: when some stranger on the street decided to pick him up, and he couldn't do anything but yowl, wriggle, and ineffectually try to figure out how to activate his claws.

The stranger brought him up to face-level, holding him by the scruff. He had an unshaven, messy beard, and ragged black hair that fell to his shoulders, down to some weird bandages wrapped loosely around his neck. Killua stared at him intently, trying to convey his utter hatred at being picked up so.

The man cracked a smile, then threw Killua into his arms.

It was marginally more comfortable than being held by his scruff, but it still didn't do. Killua yowled and wriggled, but to his dismay, the man barely flinched and still managed to somehow keep a hold of him.

"Don't worry," the man whispered to him discretely, then scratched at his neck, just behind his ears. Killua froze. "You were lost and alone, weren't you? I'm a pro hero, I'll save you. And give you a good home, hmm?"

Killua could have died of mortification. He tried to slink down and slip through the man's arms, but his strategy was cleverly blocked by the man shifted his hands.

Claws, claws… he needed to figure out how to use his claws!

Finally, he got it. It was a little like his human claws, actually, from assassination training, but easier. He just pushed forward, stretching his paw open like he would stretch his hand, and out they came. He stared at it for a moment in fascination, before striking.

The man yelped, and to Killua's glee, dropped him. Killua nimbly - and a bit surprised - landed on his feet, then, with one last look at the scruffy man, put his hind legs to work, dashing as he had never dashed before.

Obviously. He had never dashed on four legs before. He had never been a kitten before, believe you me.

Luckily, he successfully escaped the man. To be sure, he hid in an alleyway for some minutes, before coming out, no trace of the man anywhere. He was a bit suspicious when he came out into the street and found many of the people abnormally blessed with fins, shark teeth, alien eyes and the like, but relaxed when they realized none of them seemed to be bothering him.

He was just continuing his exploration of this new place, trying to figure out where to go and what to do, when he felt his stomach give him a pang. That decided him.

He was hungry. His next destination was food, nothing else.

Soon enough, he had clambered into a nearby pet store, and, using some assassination technqiues combined with kitten claws, managed to sneakily open some canned food for himself. There, in the corner of the pet store (with great effort, he had dragged the cans into a hidden corner so the attendant wouldn't see him), he gorged himself.

A can later, however, he was satisfied. Licking his lips, activating zetsu and Dark Paws so no one would notice him, he strolled out the pet store, all devil may care, happy despite himself because his stomach was full.