Helltaker x Mha? Which demon girl am I using? Well... She has a certain Fly flair to her.

Chapter 1: Beelzebub The Great Fly

I floated in the darkness, all alone. Folding the fabric of darkness to build a small bench. "Why couldn't Lucifer keep her mouth shut? I had the chance to break my loneliness. Even madness would be better then this solitude, at least then I will believe see people." I pulled out my handkerchief and wiped sweat from my forehead before folding it away. "I wish I could just dig my way out of here but the mortal realm, just to meet someone. Anyone." I sighed as I sat down.

'Is there anyone out there that can help me?' The closest anyone hand been was Helltaker. And here I was still trapped. For eons. "Perhaps there is someone out there out there desperate enough to make a deal?" I used my powers to make a one way window to the mortal realm. 'No... It can't be the same one as Helltaker and his harem. He has two High Prosecutors with him." I looked else where and as universes flashed by I came to one quite different from the one HellTaker was residing in. As I looked for the desperate and weak until I came to a school, in a class room where students were finishing up for the day I spotted boy, green haired and emerald eyed. His note book was taken from him by a blonde red eyed youth and with his bare hand exploded the paper burning it before throwing out the window. Two other kids laughed at this. Then the voices came through.

"Maybe if you perform a swan dive off the roof, you might have a quirk then." The blonde laughed as he and his friends laughed. "You'll never be a Hero Deku. You are a worthless weak quirkless scum."

This Deku said nothing. I watched as he left the school grabbing his note book from a fish pond. I watched as he walked home muttering to him self how 'Kacchan' was right. Soon he went under a bridge and was attacked by a sludge beast, he was fading away until the man hole that beast emerged from came a massive man. "WILE VILLAIN! THE LONG ARM OF JUSTICE HAS COME FOR YOU!"

"Damn, it's All Might!" The sludge beast yelled.

"SMMAAASH!" All Might threw a thunderous punch that blasted the villain apart, the young boy fell to the ground unconscious.

I watched as All Might gather up the villain in bottles. Before making sure the boy wasn't hurt. In that time he signed the boy's note book noting how it was filled with notes on different heroes.

'He's smart, I could use him. And he is kind of cute... maybe in time.' I thought. 'But he is the perfect one.'

Once Deku was awake he was shocked to see All Might. "All Might!" He yelled standing to his feet.

"Seems that you are doing better, I even signed your notebook for you!" He gave the boy a perfect smile before turning to leave.

As he jumped into the Air Deku grabbed onto them. "WAIT I NEED TO ASK YOU SOMETHING!"

After struggling in the air the two of them landed on a roof. "What could be so important to ask, that you would risk your life to do it!" The hero scolded the boy.

"I need to know, can someone without a quirk become a hero like you!?" He asked... but I could see in his heart he knew the answer.

Before All Might could answer he exploded in a puff of smoke, shrinking down to a near skeletal state making the boy freak out and claim that he was an imposter. "Just quiet down, I'm not an imposter. This is my true form." He said. "About five years ago I had a battle with a villain." He lifted his shirt revealing a pulsating wound. "Most of my organs were destroyed that day. I can only do hero work for about three hours a day." He said.

"Five years ago? Was it the battle with the Chainsaw villain in Tokyo?" Deku asked.

"No, this villain was far worse, I did everything I could to keep this fight under the radar of the media." He stood up. "As for you becoming a hero... no you can't, not with out a quirk." He said. "I'm sorry young man, but it's just too dangerous. You could become a police officer, a fine profession, not as glamorous and the media will sometimes drag you through the mud but a needed job for the world." He said before leaving.

I watched as Deku with tears in his eyes look at the autograph. "Even... All Might... Kacchan, mom..."

There he was, at his most desperate did I act. as he looked at the page I wrote out the words, 'Turn around.' His eyes went wide as he spun on the spot and looked right at me, I having changed the spell into a one way gate. Into my dimension, if it had been so easy to leave I wouldn't need him. "Who are you! A villain!"

"Oh, don't think of me like that. I saw your plight, and to crush the soul of a innocent boy like that. He didn't even look you in the eyes. Even for a demon like myself, that is harsh. And don't go and think a swan dive will fix your problem, Heaven won't let you in for that." I said. "I go by many names, but you can call me Beelzebub, or Beel for short."

"A-a Demon!" He yelled.

"Shhh, do you want to attract the whole city here. I even put on a nicer form to speak with you." I stepped to the portal, "Though I can't enter your world."

"But why would you want to speak with me... wait... I'm talking to a girl!" and his brain fried...

"Hey! Hey!" I snapped my fingers to get his attention as I sighed dramatically. "I want to speak with you to make you an offer, a way that we can help each other out. I was unjustly trapped in this dark abyss, unable to leave cast away by the very embodiment of evil. I can offer you power and in exchange, I want my freedom." I said.

"What... but... should I trust you?" He asked.

"It's always wise to mistrust demon kind, but you have a dream, one that you can't achieve as you are now. And what do you have to lose? I am not asking for your soul, what would I do with it anyways? All I ask for is an escape from this eternal solitude." I held out my hand. "Do we have a deal? I'll act as your quirk and you help others. We all win."

He looked at his hand then at me, "I'll- I'll hold you to your promise. I'm Izuku Midoriya."

"Of course. Come, be my hero." I gave him a friendly smile as I motioned with my hand. He reached into the portal flinching before taking my hand and my imprisonment was broken and the lines of magic ran over our arms. Sinking into the skin leaving soft scars on his hand.

"Well... what now?" He asked.

"I don't know..." I said as I nervously wiped my face with a handkerchief. "I didn't think I would get this far." I took in breath. "Well now I will only be visible to you unless I chose other wise, and you can use all of my abilities as well in time. And I am also bound to you meaning I can't go to far away... there are quirks that can act independent of their user right?" I asked.

"Well, yes." he still had a bright red face.

"Well then, I am your quirk." I said. "Now, I am famished." I said before an explosion went off.

"A fight! We should go check it out!" He said before running through the door way and down to the street I just flew along side him weaving through people. I just smirked as I floated along side him until he pushed to the front of a crowd. It was the sludge villain. "What's going on?"

"A Villain took a kid hostage." A man said, "Heroes can't anything about it, and that kid has a seriously powerful quirk."

"Wait he has a..." Deku said as he looked at the battle, "Kacchan!" Indeed he had the blonde.

I looked at the blonde boy who had told Deku to swan dive, 'I am not going to act on this.' I shrugged. And then Deku ran in throwing his bag in the face of the villain... 'Fuck.' I flew after him appearing to the rest of the crowd in a flash of light.


"I can't stand by and watch you die!" He was trying to pull the other boy out until I grabbed both of them and yanked them out.

"Is that a new hero?" One person in the crowd asked.

I threw the boys to the side and stood in front of the villain glared down at me. "YOU WANT TO GO LITTLE GIRL!"

"Oh, no I don't." I said as I snapped my fingers a fire ball forming in my hand. "I just can't let my partner go and kill himself." Before I could attack there was a gush of wind.

"DETROIT SMASH!" All Might yelled as his fist impacted the villain sending chunks flying and changing the weather to rain extinguishing my flames.

"He changed the weather..."

The media rushed in asking questions and I flew over to Deku. "That was foolish! You could have gotten your self killed, had it not been for this hero..." A large man with caution taped metal disks and bar on his head started to scold him before I cut in.

"I'm not a hero, you see, I am his Quirk." I said as I flared out my hands, "Demon Guardian." I have to lie like my life depends on it. 'Don't fuck this up, Kid.' "I just finally had the power to manifest." I was playing up the dramatic flare.

"Deku... his quirk..." Kacchan looked away.

"Oh, I see, then you'll make a great hero kid, just don't be stupid like that again. Your lucky your quirk activated."

After a while we were free to go and we walked together to his house. "DEKU!" we turned around to look at Kacchan running towards us. "Don't think you can look down at me just because you saved me! I will be the greatest hero to ever live!"



"Well... he's nice." I said as we turned around and sliding from the ally was All Might.

"I AM HERE!" He yelled before shrinking down spitting out blood.

"All Might! How did you get away from the press!" Deku asked and yelled.

"Shh kid keep it down. I must say I am surprised that your quirk manifested, and it's such a strange one at that." He looked at me. "Though to be honest I have seen stranger. And I am here to apologize for what I said. I was wrong you can be a hero. And that is why I have chosen you to be my chosen successor and inherit my power."

"What?" Deku asked.

"My power is call One For All, and I can pass it on to you. It is a sacred torch that has been passed from generation to generation." He spread his arms.

"Bay quirks can't be..." I just tapped him on the side of the head.

"Just roll with it." I said as I offered him a handkerchief. "Do wipe the sweat off your face."

"As I was saying, I chose you to be the next holder of One for All. Izuku Midoriya, you can be a hero."

Deku fell to his knees crying. 'Oh great... he's emotional...'

Hey, this isn't a really serious fic, more on the fun goofy side.