(Millie BurtonBurger was playing Tea Party outside with Mr. Kat, Dennis was watching her outside of his window, flirting at her while she didn't notice)

Millie: More tea Mr. Kat?

Mr. Kat: Meow.

Millie: Okay Mr. Kat.

(Millie pours tea at the cup)

(Dennis was still looking at her)

The Next Day

(Millie was at School, She saw a letter from Dennis)

Millie: What's this?

(She grab the letter and read it, it read)

Dear Millie BurtonBurger.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I love you very much, meet me after school.

From Dennis.

(Millie blushed)

(After School, Millie met up with Dennis)

Dennis: Hey Millie.

Millie: Hi Dennis, I got your letter.

Dennis: Thanks.

(Coop and Fiona came over)

Fiona: Hey Millie.

Millie: Hi Fiona.

(Coop walked over to Dennis)

Coop: Dennis, what's going on?

Dennis (Whispered to Coop ear): I invited Millie over.

Coop: Right. Good luck with that Dennis.

(Millie looked at Coop)

Millie: Coop?

Coop: Did Dennis invite you over?

Millie: Yes he did.

Coop: Okay.

(Coop walked away)

Millie: So...Dennis...What you wanna tell?

Dennis: I have feelings toward you.

Millie: Me too.

Dennis: I kinda... You know...Love you?

Millie: me too.

Coop (Whispered to Fiona ear): Sounds like a relationship to me.

Fiona: Yeah, I know.