Anna DragonBlade was inside a new clothing shop in Wizard City. The clothes were very fine and very expensive. She continued looking around for a while, before bumping into someone.

"Oh! Sorry!"

She heard a familiar Spanish accent. "No, no, señora, I should be apolo-"

Both stared at each other.

"Diego? What are you doing here?"

The black unicorn laughed. "I am looking at the new vestidos this shop has to offer."

"It's amazing."

"Yes! But I am surprised to see you here, I have never seen you wear things such as these."

"Well, I actually can't afford them. I lose a lot of my money by getting my clothes dyed."

"Why do you need to get your clothes dyed?"

"I like to have them match my school colors."

Diego chuckled. "Loyal to your school?"


"How about we take a walk?" Diego said.

Anna felt confused at the sudden suggestion. "Well, okay."

The two walked out of the shop, and took a stroll out of the Shopping District, through the Commons, and on to Unicorn Way. Then they sat in the gazebo.

"Diego, why did you bring me here?"

"Let me tell you about my first duel." He looked up. "My father taught me and my brother how to duel. I remember the first spell I used; the Fire Cat. He was so happy with me that day, I liked seeing him that way. So did our mother, and my brother, of course. That first duel was always so special because it's such a large step." He smiled with a twinkle in his eyes. Then he turned to her. "I am curious, though, what was your first duel like?"

Anna looked away for a moment, then held her arms like she was shivering. "It was when I met Headmaster Ambrose. We were in Golem Court, and we heard loud noises coming from the tower, so we went inside. Inside the tower was…..Malistaire."

Diego had a look of horror on his face."No!"

"Yes!" Anna confirmed her previous statement. "He ordered his henchmen to attack me! I-If it wasn't for Headmaster Ambrose helping me, I would have died right then and there!"

Diego listened to the horror of her first duel. By the time she was done, she was nearly ready to burst into tears from remembering the day she could have died. Diego hugged her.

"Anna, I'm so sorry I asked you about such an experience! You had to be put through so much in one day!"

"It's okay, Diego, you were curious! Besides, I would've had to tell someone eventually." She looked uncomfortable.

"Anna, perhaps I should take you back to your dorm."

Anna stood up. "No, I can just teleport there. Thank you for the talk, Diego." Anna teleported back to her dorm. Diego was now very concerned for the young wizard student. He was worried about the trauma and wanted to help take her mind off of it.

The next day, she got a message from for duel practice. She came by and met him in the arena.

"Now then, prepare to duel!" Diego teased, and the two dueled for an hour since they had so many spells, they could go on for a long time, until Anna finally lost.

"Awww….ow...I guess I need to work on my stuff, huh?"

Diego shook his head, offering his hoof. "No, you dueled better than I could have ever imagined. You're strong, Anna, don't let a loss or fear tell you otherwise."

She smiled. "Thanks, Diego."

"However," He smiled. "Some proper gear never hurts." He suddenly handed her the clothing set she had been looking at yesterday!

"Wha!? You..."

"I thought it might help you on your journey."

"Oh, Diego! Thank you!" She giggled.

"It is no problem, my friend. Now, I believe you have class in a little while."

"Oh, yes! I'll see you soon!" She teleported back to her dorm, ready for a new day ahead of her, and feeling better about a lot of things.