Chapter 1: Backstory

3rd Person POV:

Ash Ketchum is 14 years old. He is attending Lumiose High, a school where the best and the brightest go. Unlike normal fanfictions, (I AM NOT REPLACING THE FOURTH WALL THAT IS VERY EXPENSIVE TO FIX) This is a world where everyone has powers. Just like a certain webtoon I've been making a fanfiction on lately. But there is no-one named John, Seraphina, Remi, Blyke, Arlo, or any characters in the original webtoon, but if there is, it is the name only, and that will be the only similarity. Okay. Back to the story.

As I was saying, Ash Ketchum is attending Lumiose High, one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Where the strongest go. Except for a few. You either have to be rich, smart, or powerful to be accepted in. But Ash was the wild card. He had okay grades, was a cripple, which means powerless, having no ability, and came from a poor family, making him a target for literally everyone.

Unlike Ash, Serena Yvonne was rich, smart, but was a low tier, with a crappy ability. Also, 14, she attends Lumiose High. She was also a target for everyone. Coming from the Yvonne family, her mother, Grace was poor, but had an amazing ability, called Calming, allowing her to be calm in any situation. It wasn't a strong ability, and was only used for her father Lyandsare's gain. Becoming a Rhyhorn Racer by manipulation, Lyandsare's ability was Manipulation, which meant he could manipulate many people, and was very smart. Serena's ability, however, was Panic Boost, an ability that boosted her physical ability when feeling stressed or scared.

Drake Malcom, was very rich, wasn't smart, but had the ability Thistles, which meant he could shoot needles, form his arm into a giant needle, fire thistles like Pin Missile (Pokemon don't exist in this fic, but he was the former Orange Islands champ), or create an explosion around him, firing thistles and needles in every direction. Also, his thistles absorb health, making him more durable, and his opponent weaker. He is the school king, and is a jerk.

Brock Fossil was 16, like Drake, and was the Jack of the school, being able to create Earthquakes, and send flying rocks as people, as well as making a rock shield. The ability is called Earth Power. He was smart, lived in the middle class family, and was very powerful.

Misty Waterflower was 16 as well, and was the queen of the school, with the ability Twister. With this ability, she can control water with basic movements, and create a twister, which can hurt a lot of people.

Today, Ash and Serena start their first day at Lumiose High. It was an average day. Partly Cloudy. 10:00 AM. Ash was on the left side of the courtyard, looking at his schedule, and Serena was on the right side, trying to find some friends.

While Ash was studying the schedule, Serena met another 14 year old name Dawn Berlitz, with the ability Cute Charm, which could make most people in a lower ability level fall in a trance to do whatever she wants. Note most. "So," Dawn asked. "What's your ability level?" "Mine is 1.9, how about yours?" "1.5" Dawn replied to the honey blonde girl. A few minutes passed and the bell ringed, leaving Dawn, and Serena alone, with Ash on the other side of the courtyard still studying, looking up, and his eyes widen. We're already running, and he starts running too. Dawn turns left, while the Ash and Serena run right. After a few turns and a flight of stairs they both reach the classroom, which is the same classroom as each other. They walk right in and the day begun.

Serena POV:

A few periods later, the much boring day was over. I started to go back to the dorm I was assigned, but was stopped by an older boy with brown hair. He summoned a rock from the floor. "Hi, new girl. My name's Brock. What's yours?" "U-um, S-Serena-a." I stuttered out, before he walked closer which I stumbled to the floor. "What's your ability and level?" He asked. Panic Boost, and 1.9, but a 2.3 under Panic Boost. "Ah. Mine's a 4.6. My job is to teach kids their place and beat some sense into them, everyone." He said, as his smile grew wider, before throwing a boulder at my arm, as my arm snapped. I scream in pain. "You are nothing." Brock said to me. Using my Panic Boost, I barely get the boulder off of me before I got blasted into the wall by a rock split, which is an earthquake that also fires projectiles, or sharp rocks randomly, one striking me in the chest, the next striking me in the face, coughing out blood. I look around, and find no-one in sight. Then, a boy with raven hair appeared.

Ash POV:

I was just walking back to dorm 908 (not 609, there, you guys happy? I have gotten so many PMs on that for Pokemon: UnOrdinary. What is wrong with the number 609?), until I hear a girl scream from across the platform, and an older boy causing an earthquake, two rocks hitting her. I run at the boy, and tackle him to the ground. He easily pushes me back, and then fires a sharp projectile at my arm, hitting it square in my forearm. I run at him again, kicking his face back, then karate chopping his spine, causing him to shout in agony, him falling to the floor. I approach the girl, but seeing me take down that guy must've scared her, because she yelped, and closed her eyes, covering her face. "Hey, I'm not going to hurt you." I say in a quiet but caring tone. She slowly removes her hand to reveal me, reaching out to her. She takes my hand, and I pull her up, causing her to cough out blood onto my shirt. She gasps, and then says, "I'm so sorry, please don't hurt me." Almost pleading. "I wouldn't hurt anybody who has done anything to me." I said, smiled, and said, "I have plenty more shirts."

Serena POV:

I stumble back, falling, but he catches me by the hand, causing me to cough blood on his shirt again. He helps me limp to dorm 908. Wait. That's my dorm. How does he know that? He then pulls out a key, and opens the door. "Man, I hope my roomate Serena is here. I don't know anything about anything medical. I only know the basics." He said, before helping me onto the couch. I tried to speak, but I coughed out blood again. "I-i am Serena."