Chapter 3: Tornado Watch

Ash POV:

"If you live in or near Lumiose High, you must evacuate to survive. This is mandatory." The reporter said, before it started over again. So, Dawn, Serena and I started freaking out. We saw kids running, and falling, or literally getting hurled by the tornado. Or hurricane. So, I go out first, and a palm tree falls right in front of me, which causes me to jump up. I start sneaking to the left, Serena following, Dawn in the back. I dive first, but to my disadvantage, another tree, an oak tree this time, fell on me. Luckily, only for a few seconds, because Panic Boost allowed Serena to lift the tree up. "Thanks for saving me." I said, truly grateful for what the honey blonde did. I saw Serena shiver in her sleeveless shirt, so I throw my jacket on her, revealing a normal, black short-sleeve undershirt. At first Serena tried to give back the jacket, but she eventually accepted it, and we made it off the property. The storm still raging, things are flying. Hot dog stands, and other random things. But who the fuck leaves a fucking knife laying around. I dealt with that same knife three times! Then, it eventually came back and stabbed me in the stomach. I spit out blood, and take the knife out, trudging on. Then, the storm dies down, and we take shelter in a small staircase leading to a basement that had a metal sheet fall on it. I take a look at the wound, and wrap my shirt around it.

Serena POV:

I don't know how, but I like Ash Ketchum. I met him 5 hours ago, yet he's so nice and kind. Then, I realize he took off his shirt to wrap around his wound, revealing a full on six pack. "Okay." He said. "Let's head out." "But, you don't have a shirt!" I tried to argue, but then he said, "I spent a night in Mt. Silver before. I think I'm fine. But thanks anyways." He said, and scratched his neck. He lifted the metal sheet a few inches, but then it fell back down. "Something fell on the metal sheet!" Dawn screamed. As the large winds pick up, the sheet goes flying. The last thing I saw was Ash running at me before a barrage of bricks topple on me.

When I wake up, Ash is on top of me, bleeding from everywhere. He tried to get up, but struggled and fell back, the bricks and large piece of drywall flying back down. "Hey, Ash, Serena, you okay?" I heard Dawn's voice. Then, I hear Dawn in a different tone. "Hey, Ashy, do you mind getting Serena out of the drywall?" Ash looked back at me, and his eyes were literally hearts. He pushed it up, and motioned for me to get out. I got out, and then Dawn turned off her ability, one of us holding each side before Ash slid out on my side. "What happened? I just missed like, 30 seconds of my life." I sigh. Dawn used her Cute Charm ability to give you a strength boost to save us. "Oh. For that reason, I won't be mad." He said, glaring at Dawn. There was still rain and heavy winds, but Ash and I were both beaten up and bloody, while Dawn had blood coming out of her mouth and was limping, but it was nothing compared to Ash, who couldn't stand, bleeding from everywhere, pieces of metal and cement stuck in his back and chest, along with his shirt gone, revealing the infected knife wound. He also had a big gash on his forehead. So, I helped him up, and we helped him limp to the hospital. When we saw what happened, Dawn dropped Ash, leaving me barely able to keep him up. The hospital was destroyed.

Ash POV:

You have got to be kidding me. Dawn comes back to help me, and she says, "We'll have to find something else." I sigh. We walk, well limp, back to Lumiose High. Luckily, the main building and most of the dorms weren't destroyed. Serena finds a leaking bottle of rubbing alcohol, and she douses it on my back, causing me to wince in pain. We find a TV that was on, and we look at the list.

Giovanni Wilder

Alex Joker

Maxie Magma

Archie Anchor

Cryus Galactica

Ghetsis Plasma

John Missisippi

Lyandsare Yvonne

Serena then started crying at that part. I rush over to her side, doing my best to comfort her. That's odd. I feel weird. Maybe I'm hungry? I've only felt this way once, and that's when Serena said Dawn used Cute Charm on me. Does that mean…. I like her?