Dramatis Personae

(For the reader's reference; bold are character POVs)

12th Army:

General Prococia Olgar'kla—(m) Caamasi from Caamas, Jedi Master

Commander Ekos—(m) Rodian from Coruscant, 14-year old Jedi Padawan

Lieutenant Commander Archard—(m) human from Coruscant, Direct Action Operative

Captain Lir Sey'les—(f) Bothan from Bothawui-4, Direct Action Operative

Lieutenant Razal Wulf—(m) Ardennian from Ardennia, Direct Action Operative

Ensign Brent Fojo—(m) Rodian from Dennon, Direct Action Operative

Ensign Itoll Oc'nel—(m) Bothan from Botha'ahir, Direct Action Operative

Lieutenant Dub—(m) Clone Direct Action Operative

Sergeant Knot—(m) Clone Direct Action Operative

Corporal Dubs—(m) Clone Direct Action Operative

Trooper Grath—(m) Clone Direct Action Operative

Lieutenant Skipper—(m) Clone ATTE officer

Sergeant Log—(m) Clone ATTE gunner

Sergeant Fras—(m) Clone ATTE mobile infantry

Mandalorian Kad Ha'arangir gana cuir (KHGC) terrorists:

Gorvi Shar—(f) coordinator

Ditmas Shar—(m) cell leader, munitions expert

Baci Shar—(f) warrior; Ditmas Shar's sister

Pul Mibort—(m) comm operator; wannabee assassin

Akapu Destr—(m) warrior

Taekidethay Yupor—(f) warrior; undercover operative

New Mandalorian Consulate Officials:

Ambassador Kai Rook—(f) Mandalorian Ambassador to Bothawui

Lieutenant Commander Hoshap Murt—(m) Protector Commander; Consular to Thellus

Captain Fraedrak Saxon—(m) Mandalorian Protector

Carla Viszla—(f) Medical Attaché

Cave Wookiees:

Rider of Storms—(f) Wookiee chieftain; head of the Myydril exiles

Stomper of Puddles—(m) Wookiee warrior; mate of Roarer of Yowls

Roarer of Yowls—(f) Wookiee warrior; mate of Stomper of Puddles

Thrower of Flimsiplast Spacecraft—(m) immature Wookiee adult; older brother of Stomper of Puddles

Child of the Cave Beach—(m) extremely immature Wookiee fisherman

Treader of the Morning—(f) Wookiee warrior


Grar Mik'tiv—(f) Bothan Jedi Master, Republic Ambassador to Dressel and the Askar Asteroids

Tredesa Orbine—(f) human, Grar's Padawan


Subcommander Jaron Enom—(m) Koorivar from Murkhana, Fusilier officer

Sergeant Gyrala Wistari—(f) Koorivar from Antar 4, Fusilier special forces sniper

Private Hykizen Klari—(m) Koorivar from Antar 4, Fusilier

Bothawui Navy:

Admiral Liska Gyar'trek—(f) half Bothan half Shistavanen from Bothawui-4, Admiral in the Bothan Navy; Grum of Clan Otrek

Lieutenant Kilar Maj'trek—(f) Bothan from Bothawui-4, Chief of Security on the Ovesk.

Bothan Marshalcy:

Colonel Tav Mi'zya—(m) Bothan from Bothawui-4; head of the Thellus Marshalcy Field Office

Major Warosh Yu'trek—(m) Bothan from Bothawui-4, Detective, Marshalcy Criminal Investigations

Captain Mithir Fey'lab—(f) Bothan from Kothlis, Signals Intelligence Officer; slicer

Lieutenant Klayer To'lya—(f) Bothan from Thoran, Marshal; Head of Intelligence Analysis; mathematician

Lieutenant Dzeshka Po'trek—(f) Bothan from Bothawui-4, Materials Specialist; engineer

Tech Sergeant Gavresk Ra'jia—(m) Bothan from Kothlis, Special Operator

Sergeant Grafisk Rey'tiv—(m) Bothan from Bothawui-9 Intelligence Analyst

Corporal Mayer Ta'trek—(f) Bothan from Bothawui-4, Special Operator

Recruit Malazor Ni'fon—(f) Bothan from Kothlis, Intelligence Analyst

Botha'ahir Bothans

Captain Uk Biad'tannen—(m) Naval Captain

Lieutenant Bithisk Klir'tannen—(m) Marine Boarding Team Leader

Gunnery Sergeant Taniar Trav'nel—(f) Boarding Team Operator

Sergeant Gurosk Lon'tannen—(m) Special Warfare Sniper

Sergeant Neyar Fav'nel—(f) Engineer

Corporal Varesk Pol'nel—(m) Heavy Weapons Operator

Private Lokesk Lan'nel—(m) Boarder

Private Shkon Kev'tannen—(m) Boarder

Civilians on Thellus

Gavin Azi'skar—(m) Bothan from Dressel, Leader of Clan Askar

Thot Ni'mai—(m) Bothan from Bothawui-9, CEO of Thrask Industries; Grum of Clan Amai (husband of Hakorsk Ni'mai)

Olanir Krit'skar—(f) Bothan from Tawa, former head of the Askar Credit Union

Klaes Oc'skar—(m) Bothan from Botha'ahir, Itoll's brother, hedge fund manager

Morst Ni'skar—(m) Bothan from Thellus, Thot Ni'mai's bodyguard; husband of Thot Ni'mai's niece

Asir Ni'skar—(f) Bothan from Bothawui-9, Morst's wife, Thot Ni'mai's niece

Trigger Faf'skar—(m) Bothan from Thellus, Gavin Azi'skar's bodyguard

Zerir Vri'skar—(f) Bothan from Dressel, Captain of the Yu'tor

Raskyer Vri'skar—(f) Bothan from Dressel, doctor on the Yu'tor

Freyir Ben'skar—(f) Bothan from Tawa, Gavin Azi'skar's bodyguard

Shidar Zhol'skar—(f) Bothan from Thellus

Clahra Fair—(f) human from Alderaan, reporter

Galactic Comm Procedure Words and Phrases:

(some of these are invented from scratch, others modified from the Multiservice Tactical Brevity Code, and Radio Procedure Words)

Actual—Unit commander or highest ranking officer on a spaceship Captain. Ozzel is Captain of the Judicator so he is 'Judicator Actual.'

Leader—Team, squadron, or squad leader. Sey'les is 'Muun Leader,' Pax is 'Cresh Leader.'

1, 2, 3, etc—1st, 2nd, 3rd highest ranking officers after Leader or Actual. Muun-1 is Wulf, Muun-2 is Omgen Nor, etc.

Say again—repeat what you just said.

Oscar mike—moving/on the move

Please Advise—give further instructions

Be advised—prepare for further instructions

Roger—received; received the information

Copy (that)—received; will act on it

That's a no-go—don't do it

Clanker—hostile droid

Friendlies—allied forces