Nel'ar's Choice

Chapter Six


Douglas L Hemmingway

All attributions are in Chapter One.


Joyce Summers sat in the Commander's Chair reading over the data the Asgard Supreme Commander Thor gifted her. As she read she formulated a plan. Tor Hauer, Lance, Heidi and Ronda maned Tactical, Operations, Engineering and Science. Kyle Dufours maned Security. These five were her secondary Bridge Crew. On Halloween they each wore Klingon uniforms of the DS-9 era and the makeup to make them post Motion Picture Klingons rather than original series ones. They had been at these stations when Thor arrived.

Joyce had when she interviewed them when she selected her crew from those wanting to stay on the Mandukar. Thus through her Executive Officer and Chief Tactical Officer Xander Harris now Toven Khev she knew the history of the Pack. Because they viewed Xander now Toven as their Alpha and Joyce now Nel'ar as his Alpha they willingly obeyed her commands.

"Tor," Joyce said as she finished formulating her first operational plan for the Mandukar. "Yes Subcommander," Tor replied. "I am going go check on Q'onoS first. Earth will need allies against these Ha'Dibah Goa'uld. Since Nel'ar was an ally of the Empire in the other universe and thanks to Ethan, now our D'Tan I have her memories at least up to commanding this vessel. From Thor's information we know Vulcan and Romulus are recovering from being bombed into the Stone Age by the Goa'uld."

"Subcommander do you intend to seek vengeance on these petaQ?" Tor asked as he entered the navigational data into Mandukar's navigation computer. Joyce looked thoughtfully at Tor and said, "Yes, but first we need to build our forces, train Earth's military to fight in space and uplift Earth's technology in a manner she can defend herself and be a great ally of the Empire and the Republic, should we work with this universe's Romulans to seek vengeance on the Goa'uld." Tor grinned a predator's smile at the Centurion's words.

Heidi smiled too her sharp teeth peeking through her parted lips. "Then it will be a good day to die, for the Goa'uld that is!" Lance, Ronda and Kyle smiled and nodded in agreement. Kyle said, "Those Ha'DibaH won't know what hit them…" He let his sentence trail off as he resumed his own toothy smile.

Tor said, "Course to Q'onoS laid in Subcommander." Joyce smiled and said, "Engage the cloak then engage impulse! Once we've passed Mars engaged Warp!"

Tor said in reply as he carried out Joyce's orders in Klingon, "Hlja' qoHQa'mey jonpln," The young man had not realized he said his acknowledgement in Klingon.

Joyce smiled replying know that the youth meant, "Yes sir, engaging cloak!" "Tor, nuqneH!" Joyce said in Romulan accented Klingon. "No ahead one quarter impulse for three thousand kilometers then go to half impulse for another three thousand. After that set course for Mars. At Mars engage the course for Q'onoS speed Warp 8.9." Smiling to herself as she spoke the next Joyce said, "Oh and Tor you are ok to reply to my commands in English."


The KCS Suvwl' or Warrior's Heart floated in a geosynchronous orbit over the First City. Captain Narek of House Mokai sat in her Commander's Chair. The Suvwl' was part of House Mokai's Household Forces and assigned currently to Systems Defense as Narek's House's levy to the Commonwealth Defense Forces.

A Bekk was manning the Tactical Station when there shimmered into view the largest bird like starship Narek had ever seen. Her small Bird of Prey not only was dwarfed by the other ship, but it also looked in need of a serious refit or the breaking yard. She stood up as a face from fairytales and legend appeared not only on her viewscreen, but also on the deck of her bridge.

"Greetings, I am Subcommander Nel'ar on the Romulan Republic Navy, Commander of the Romulan Republic Warbird Mandukar. I come in peace to seek an alliance between the people of Earth and the people of Q'onoS. I know that you may find my presence shocking, but I assure you that I am indeed a Romulan. Perhaps you should contact your superiors and let them know the the People of the Raptor have returned and we seek vengeance upon those who ravaged our brothers and sisters on Romulus, Remos and Vulcan." Then the images faded away. A field of stars returned as did the image of Praxis, Q'onoS' moon.

Turning to the Bekk, "Soldier get me Commonwealth Fleet Command! Do it now or you'll be lucky to be cleaning the Mastiff pens rather than being fed to them." The Bekk jumped to his duty as he took Narek's threat seriously. She was the first daughter of the Patriarch and Matriarch of House Mokai. "Channel open Misstress Narek," the Bekk said as he completed the hail to Commonwealth Fleet Command. Her smile of satisfaction made the Bekk relax, but only a little.

Along with her smile Narek nodded as she turned her attention to the main viewscreen. "Lieutenant Narek what is so ghay'cha' important that you had your Bekk interrupted our annual budgetary meeting?" said Marshall Gorkon sternly as he glared down at her from the main viewscreen.

Narek swallowed the retort she was about to make and in a professional manner befitting a commissioned officer of the Klingon Commonwealth Fleet rendered verbally her report. After she completed telling of the appearance of the R.R.W. Mandukar and its Captain, Subcommander Nel'ar, Gorkon smile and said, "Send me the files of your encounter with Centurion Nel'ar and check your astrometric data on Earth or Tau'ra as the escaped, freed and liberated humans call it. I want copies of that too. If it's out of date I know a certain Lieutenant who will make a name for herself scouting Earth."

Saluting Gorkon, Narek said, "Yes sir, right away sir!" Then she barked out the orders to implement General Gorkon's directive. It took several minutes to call up the archived data, but her officers and crew were successful. Unfortunately for Narek much if the data on Earth was a century or more out of date. "'EtDaq!" Said Narek shouting out her frustration.

When she dispatched the requested information to Gen. Gorkon smiled and said, "Thank you Senior Lieutenant Narek. I foresee a great mission in your and your crew's near future, Qapla'!" Narek straightened her stance and went to attention as she called her Bridge crew to the same before replying, "Qapla'," herself.


Subcommander Nel'ar formerly Mrs. Joyce Summers sat in her Commander's Chair monitoring the various activities on the Bridge and other sections on the Mandukar. Her attention was brought to her main viewscreen as her younger daughter Anarhai announced that the Klingon Narek was hailing them. Nel'ar turned her full attention to Narek and said, "How may I assist you Senior Lieutenant?"

Narek looked at her from the screen and said, "My Commander General Gorkon will speak with you about meeting with the High Council of the Commonwealth and with Chancellor of the Commonwealth Mokhar of House Kellis. I will connect you with General Gorkon's office now." With that said Sr. Lt. Narek. Then before Nel'ar could acknowledge her the screen transitioned to a new view where there stood not one but two late middle aged male Klingons. One like Narek wore Klingon battle armor and the other ceremonial robes.



Maj. Gen. Hammond and his primary team hand spent the days since October 31st. dealing with the Hanka situation including the use by Nerti of the young girl and sole survivior the Cassandra, now the foster child of the base Chief Medical Officer, Captain Janet Fraiser. Now he is being briefed by Colonel O'Neil and Captain Carter on the situation on Cartago where Teal'c is being detained pending trial.

Also the Romulan Satra formerly the human teenager Cordelia Chase briefed him and SG-1 and the President on the mission of Subcommander Nel'ar and the R.R.W. Mandukar. "General Hammond as of an hour ago Subcommander Nel'ar according to the latest subspace communication was in discussions with the Chancellor of the Klingon Commonwealth and their Chief of Staff Commonwealth Defense Forces concerning establishing an alliance between Earth and the Commonwealth," Cordelia said. In this meeting she wore the dress uniform of the Romulan Republic Navy. "As Nel'ar said once before the success of these negotiations henge upon the negotiations between the United States and both her NATO allies and the other permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Without some sort of unified front presented towards the Goa'uld and other interstellar powers Nel'ar's mission is mote."