"What is this stuff? It's brown and looks rather...unappealing." Jaskier whined.

"So is your singing but we all have to endure that, don't we?" I shot back.

"Excuse me?" He replied, hands firmly placed on his hips.

"You heard me, bard."

"Fine." He said, pouting. "I will try this strange substance. But if it tastes as vile as it appears to be then so help me, I'll-"

"You will what?" I questioned in a menacing tone. One which I happened to be adept at using, being a Witcher and all.

"I will...uh...I will..." He replied, flailing, knowing that he would have to tread carefully here.

"Yes, exactly. You will do nothing." I mocked, knowing how to push this bard's buttons, just as he did with me.

He shot daggers at me as he lifted the tankard to his lips. But then he paused, feeling unsure about this whole endeavour.

"Go on." I prompted. "You won't regret it."

He took a tentative sip, expecting bad things, but as soon as the taste tingled his senses, he consumed more and more until the tankard was empty.

"Wow!" He marvelled. "What is this exciting elixir? This creative concoction? This wondrous-"

"It is called 'coffee.'" I interrupted, grinning. I knew that he would adore it and I was half expecting him to write a ballad with it as his inspiration. "It contains a magical element called 'caffeine.'"

"Pass a beverage to your bard, oh caffeine aplenty, oh caffeine aplenty!" He began to sing, strumming along on his trusty lute.

I bloody knew it, I thought to myself, but I was too amused to be grumpy. In fact...

"Want another, Jaskier?" I offered, already knowing the answer.

"Of course!" He cried, lute now forgotten.

And believe me, it took a lot to distract him from his beloved instrument.

"Here you go." I said, sliding it across the table.

He devoured it within seconds – I could see his body trembling with delight - and gestured for another.

"I think that is enough for now." I said. "There are side effects to this beverage, you see."

"I don't care!" He declared. "I want more!"

"Tough." I shut him down. He was hyperactive enough without me adding fuel to that particular fire.

In fact, introducing it to him may have been a bad idea. But it was too late now.

I only discovered the drink myself when my continuous lack of sleep was wearing me down. It rejuvinated both my body and mind, making it clearer than it had been in a very long time.

"You are an arse, Geralt." Jaskier grumbled.

"I know." I agreed, nodding. "And you are a bumbling bard."

"Bumbling?" He gasped.

"Yes, bumbling. Is there an echo in here?" I teased.

He opened his mouth to protest but I spoke again first. "But I love you despite all of your flaws."

"Awwww, Geralt. I love you t-hey! What flaws?"

"If I had to list them then we would be here all night and therefore require more coffee."

"Fine by me!" Jaskier replied, oozing enthusiasm.

I could not help but chuckle at his response and he soon joined in with the laughter. He may have been a bumbling bard but he was mine. My best friend, forever and always.