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Jane hadn't seen Maura for two days, which felt more like a week. She was so accustomed to seeing her multiple times in a single day that forty eight hours seemed like an eternity. She knew Maura had to take time off to attend a talk on advances in technology for autopsies, but Jane knew she would have been home by early hours of the morning. She considered calling her first, but it was a fleeting thought, she was already in her car and on her way to Mauras house.

Jane sprung out of the car and wasted no time in pressing Mauras door bell. She was already smiling anticipating her best friend opening the door and being pleasantly surprised to see her. It didn't occur to Jane that Maura wouldn't be excited to see her after their time apart.

'Oh… Hi Jane. I wasn't expecting you.' Maura looked disappointed.

'Hey Maura, I'm sorry I should have called first. Are you OK?' Jane was concerned, her friend didn't have her usual enthusiasm in seeing Jane at her door.

'Well, to tell you the truth, I did have a date but I'm starting to realise I've been stood up' Maura had to smile, if she didn't she would cry.

Jane took a moment to look at Maura, she was wearing her most expensive pair of heels. Jane was with her when she bought them. Her dress looked expensive too but Jane caught herself staring for too long and whipped her eyes up to look at Mauras face. 'I should have realised straight away, wearing those heels around the house isn't normal!' Jane tried to make light of the situation.

'I'm sure I'm safe to take them off now, I think the time has come and gone' Maura kicked off her heels, not caring where they landed.

'Well for what it's worth, you look lovely. His loss.' Not one for giving compliments, Jane felt this time it was necessary.

Maura tried to hide her flushed cheeks from Jane 'Why thank you! I don't think I've ever heard you say that before.'

'I don't know what came over me, maybe I had more than I thought at The Dirty Robber' Jane tried to cover up her flirtatious remark with humour.

'Well being you're here now, and my date isn't, would you care to join me in eating the spaghetti I've prepared?' Maura suggested.

'I guess it would be a shame to let it go to waste! Plate me up!' Jane grinned. She was glad Mauras date didn't turn up, she was imagining the embarrassment of Maura opening the door to her whilst there was someone here.

'You want a beer?' Asked Maura.

'I sure do!' Jane almost ran to Maura to grab the beer straight out of her hand. 'Im gasping!'

'You turnt up at just the right moment Jane, any longer on my own and I think I would have been an inconsolable mess.' Maura remembered she had been stood up, bringing her mood down again.

'It's really bothering you that much? He was probably a jerk! Don't even think about it.' Jane tried to comfort her friend once again.

'It was a woman actually, I met her at the autopsy talk last night. I really thought we had a connection. She seemed so exciting when I asked her to come over' Maura slumped down to rest her elbows on the kitchen counter.

'Oh really, I didn't know… a woman eh?' Jane was trying to process her feelings of hearing Mauras date was female.

'Yes, are you surprised? I'm sure I've mentioned dating women before. Have I not?' Maura knew she hadn't mentioned it before, she could see Jane was flustered and wanted to tease her.

'I'm pretty sure that's something I wouldn't have forgotten about Maura. Well.. It's no big deal, it's your business, your life, I obviously don't know you as well as I thought I did'. Jane huffed.

'Oh Jane don't be like that! I really thought I must have mentioned it. But I apologise if I've made you feel left out, of course you know me, please don't be angry with me.' Maura was pleading with Jane, petrified she'd upset her. But confused as to why she was overreacting to the news.

'Maura, listen you don't need to apologise, I'm sorry I'm just surprised that's all. I didn't mean to get angry.' Jane quickly realised her behaviour was a bit over the top. 'Anyway… SHE must be a jerk, you don't need her!' Jane was back to comforting Maura.

'Well maybe, but she seemed really nice to me. Maybe it's me, I seem to scare people off far too often. Perhaps I'm too forward, I shouldn't have called her so fast.' Maura was back to slumping on the counter.

'Don't be silly, she probably thought you were too good for her' Jane leaned down to Mauras level and looked at her with the kindest smile and softest eyes. Maura couldn't help but swoon a little at Jane being so nice and sweet, she loved when Jane showed her softer side.

'Promise you won't leave me tonight?' pouted Maura.

'As long as you have beer, I'm in.' Jane beamed.