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'That spaghetti was almost as good as my mothers.' Jane let out a big sigh, she had eaten far too quickly.

'Almost! Jane Rizzoli you take that back this instance!' Maura gave Janes shoulder a little shove.

'Hey! For all you know I could have a bad shoulder, after all I haven't seen you for two days.' Jane was looking for any way to tease Maura.

'You're never going to let me forget that are you? Plus I think I'd know if you'd had a bad shoulder, you would be complaining about it every five minutes!' Maura enjoyed their playful banter, it was making her forget about being stood up by her date.

Jane laughed, she hadn't seen Maura like this for a while, maybe it was the wine. 'What are you saying? That I complain a lot?' Jane questioned Maura, squinting at her with glint in her eye.

'Yes! You do! In fact they should change your title from detective to moaner!' Maura was enjoying this far too much.

'Hey!' Jane returned the punishment and gave Mauras shoulder a shove, a shove that was a bit more forceful than she had intended, before either one of them knew it, Maura was off of the chair and on to the floor.

'Ow! Jane! That hurt.' Maura was sulking on the floor, trying not to laugh.

'Oh geeze, Maura come here. I'm sorry, I didn't mean…' Jane pulled Maura up off of the floor as fast as she could. She held her steady by her forearms. 'Are you alright?'

'Yes I'm fine, I think I've had more than my fair share of these.' Maura held up her wine glass.

'Well... this is what happens when you're friends with the strongest woman that ever lived.' Jane proudly proclaimed.

Maura laughed, almost spilling her wine. 'Oh is that right?'

'Yes, that is correct. I'm a regular popeye!' Jane held up her arm and flexed her biceps. 'You see?' She lifted Mauras hand up to feel her muscles.

'Oh my, how strong you are, detective. Those criminals really don't want to cross you.' Maura tried on her best sarcastic voice.

'OK, very funny! You wouldn't be laughing if you were one of those criminals, that's for sure!' Jane snapped back.

'No I don't think I'd be laughing if I was being arrested. Although I have to say, I don't mind being put in handcuffs.' Maura tilted her head, as if she was winking.

'Woah! Dr Isles has a freaky side! Now that is something I could have guessed, no surprise at all there.' Jane couldn't help but feel a little flustered as she brushed off Mauras remark.

'Don't we all?' shrugged Maura.

'I guess everyone has their thing. Hey Maura, you wanna watch a movie? There's a new one on netflix I've been dying to watch.' Jane was sure to quickly change the subject.

'Yes, I would like that. As long as it doesn't have guts and gore, or too much action.' She demanded.

'Not fussy at all then? You work with guts and gore all day, how can you say that?' Jane flung herself onto Mauras sofa, spreading herself across it.

'It's not the same somehow.' Maura pondered for a moment trying to figure out why it was the same, but before she could come to any conclusion Jane pulled her down onto the sofa next to her.

'Jane be careful! My wine is spilling.' Maura was wary of her nice carpet, she checked it for stains.

'It's fine nothing came out. Oh you have some here.' Jane spotted dampness on Maura shirt, just left of her belly button. She tried to make it better by giving it a quick rub.

'It's ok Jane, I can change quickly.' Maura stood up and started walking towards her room, already unbuttoning her shirt. Jane hadn't noticed yet.

'Maura do you have any snacks or anyth-' Jane turned her head and saw Maura taking her arms out of the shirt, revealing her bra underneath. She turned her head back towards the TV, hoping Maura didn't notice her looking.

'I'm sure I have some chips somewhere, let me check.' Maura walked back into the kitchen, still without a shirt on.

'Oh it's ok, go and change, it can wait'

'Ah! Found them, I knew I had some somewhere.' Maura walked back over to Jane, who wasn't taking her eyes off of the TV. 'Here you go'.

Maura disappeared into her room, leaving Jane to sit with her thoughts for a moment or two. The beers had definitely affected her more than usual, she had never felt flustered around Maura before. Was it their playful teasing a few moments ago? Why should seeing your best friend in a bra make you feel embarrassed? Jane couldn't stop questioning herself. She tried to shake her doubts before Maura came back into the room.

'You know, I'm feeling pretty tired Maura. I might leave soon if you don't mind?' Jane had changed her tune from wanting to watch a movie.

'Jane! You promised!' Maura sat back down on the sofa in her PJ's. 'You can't really be tired. I'll watch any movie you like, please Jane I really don't want to be alone tonight.' Maura was pleading for the second time tonight.

'I'm sure you can handle it, you don't need me.' Jane was scooting to the edge of the seat, preparing to stand up. Maura grabbed hold of her arm to stop her.

'Jane, please. You're the only thing between me and complete misery tonight, I do need you.' Maura ducked underneath Janes arms and pulled it across herself. Jane had no choice but to sit with her arm around Maura.

'What's gotten into you tonight, Dr. Maura Isles I didn't know you could ever be so emotional.' Jane was being surprised by her friend yet again. 'Let me grab the remote.' Jane said as an excuse to get up and free her arm from Mauras grasp.

'I know, I've let her get the better of me. I'll be fine tomorrow, just as long as I have you.' Maura grabbed Janes hand and gave it a tight squeeze. The wine had really caught up with her now.

'Sure Maura, but on one condition. We get to watch someone's guts being pulled out of their stomach!'