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Cabba's Outrageous Missions: Chapter One (Part One) "Large and In Charge"

Planet Sadala, Legume's and Spinach's House (Year 771)

On Planet Sadala, the saiyans are the strongest race that ever lived. They protect the universe from evil criminals. The Sadala Defense Force is well known to most planets for their extreme power levels and services. Nearly every young saiyan wants to be a Sadala Defense Force member when they grow up. Especially one boy, who dreams of becoming one of the best saiyans in the universe. In Legume's and Spinach's house, a young saiyan boy is playing "Spaceship" in the living room. He was holding his toy spaceship in one of his hand and talking through a toy recorder on his left wrist. He ran around the living room, acting like he's flying through the deepest of space. On the couch, Legumes, the boy's father, was slouching. He was trying to sleep, but can't, due to his son making noise. The boy climbs on the couch, pretending it was a giant boulder. He gets on top of his father's beer belly, thinking it's a soft landing. He repeatedly jumps on the belly so many times, which causes his father to wake up.

Legumes: (waking up/grunting) CABBA! Stop jumping on my gut!

Cabba: (Stops jumping on his father's stomach) Sorry, daddy. I was just playing…

Legumes and Cabba: Spaceship.

Legumes: Well, can you play that game in your room? Every time you play this game, I have to sleep through your noises and pretend bull-(bleep).

Cabba: I have to be out here, daddy. I need to practice imagining my experience of what a Sadala Defense Force soldier does. To protect the universe from harm.

Legumes: (sighs while closing his eyes) Cabba… how many time do I have to say to you? You not going to be a SDF soldier if you look like that. (Pointing at his son's figure)

Cabba: (Looking around his body) I thought that guys like me can be in the force.

Legumes: They do, but don't go on missions. (flexing his right arm out) The perfect saiyan soldier has to have muscules and tall height. You on the other hand, are not those two things.

Cabba: (Crying) You mean that I can never be a SDF soldier, even if I try?

Legumes: You finally get of what I'd been trying to say to you. (clapping) Wow! I know that you're five years old, but god!

With that conversation over, Cabba gets off of Legume's stomach and runs to his room to cry. Spinach, Cabba's mother, heard the conversation from the kitchen. She walks out of there and near to Cabba's door. His door has the SDF spaceship poster on the front. She knocks on the door to get his attention.

Spinach: Cabba? It's me, mommy. Is there something wrong?


Spinach: Come one sweetie! You can talk to me.

Cabba doesn't respond to Spinach's words. She decided to talk to him from behind the door. She sits down with her knees on the floor. She later leans on the door to better hear Cabba's words.

Spinach: I heard what your daddy said to you. You shouldn't listen to him. He's just moody.

Cabba: (sniffing) He's right, mommy. I'll never be a SDF soldier if I look like a pile of sticks!

Spinach: He's wrong! No matter what you look like, people can still accept you the way you are.

Cabba: Y-You really think that I can achieve my dreams of becoming the best SDF soldier in the universe? (sniffling)

Spinach: Yes. Your father might not believe it, but I do. I was a nurse in the war and I was able to achieve my dreams of helping others in need. (Placing her hand on the door) The last deed that I'm going to give to you is that you're happy.

Cabba opens his door with tear flowing down his cheeks. He quickly hugs his mother. He thanks her for talking him out of it. Spinach was glad that she can help her little man and his problems. She says to him that dinner will be done in five minutes. Afterwards, she walks away from Cabba to return to the kitchen. Cabba looks that the same SDF poster on his door and smiles with pride.

Cabba: (I'm going to be the best SDF soldier in the universe… And I'm going to use my power to protect my family!)

Planet Sadala, Sadala Defense Academy (Year 779- 8 years later)

Eight years had passed and Cabba is thirteen years old. He moved out of his house three months ago and was accepted in the SDA school: a school where saiyans learn how to be Sadala Defense Force Elites. He passed the introduction exam and almost got a perfect score on it. This caused him to be a Senior level immediately after the exam. The academy has five levels: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Elite. During those three months, the King of Sadala made an alliance with the Queen of Sector. Planet Sector is the home planet of the sectorians, a race of dark-skinned individuals who are both warriors and citizens. Culturally, sectorians are different, but on a biological connection to the saiyans, they're very similar. After the treaty was signed, some sectorians moved to Sadala to become more connected to their new allies. Some sectorians go to the SDA for more knowledge on fighting and working in a team. Cabba was excited about working together with a sectorian, since this semester, each saiyan and sectorian of the same level has to have a roommate. Cabba was more excited on having a particular sectorian in mind. He exits out of his room, walks down the hallway, and to the cafeteria. He was thinking of the sectorian, while walking down the hallway. The sectorian was a female with medium, black hair, a black outfit under her female saiyan armor, and black eyes. Her name was Romaine and she has the most beautiful figures that Cabba has ever seen. Before he can think about the other things that he could do to her, a saiyan bumps into him. They both fell to the floor on their butts. Papers were flying around in the hallways. Cabba recovered from the fall and looks at the saiyan that bumped into him. He was wearing the same saiyan armor as he's wearing, but with a yellow outfit underneath. His hair was shaggy, but black. His body figure is almost the same as Cabba's. The saiyan quickly gets on his knees and puts his head on the ground, as an apology.

?: I-I'm sorry! I was running in the hallway and carrying these papers in my- (Looking around to see a bunch of papers on the ground) Oh no!

Cabba: You don't have to apologize. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. (grabbing one of the papers and giving it to the saiyan) Can I help you?

?: O-Okay. (taking one of the papers from Cabba's hands and grabbing the rest of it off the floor)

Cabba and the young saiyan pick up the papers and organized them to a nice pile. The saiyan thanks Cabba for helping him. Cabba bows in response to it. Before leaving, the saiyan asked Cabba of his name. Cabba says his name to answer the young saiyan's question.

?: Oh. Well my name is Limo!

Cabba: Nice meeting you Limo! (jogging behind Limo)

After saying good bye to Limo, Cabba walks into the cafeteria to get some lunch. There were a lot of sectorians and saiyans in the cafeteria, talking among themselves. Cabba sees the line and begins to walk to it, until he gets bumped by a group of tall saiyans. They were talking about his height and figure, saying that he's too weak to be in the academy. Cabba ignores them and goes to the line. Twelve minutes has passed and Cabba got his lunch tray in his hands. He walks to the Senior tables and sits down. He has a meat sandwich with potato chips and low fat milk. He picks up the sandwich, ready for his first bite. Before he can get his first bite, a sectorian sits next to Cabba, making him stop to look. He looks at the young male sectorian, who's eating his sandwich. He has short, black hair with black eyes. He's wearing a green outfit under the same saiyan armor. He looked at Cabba with a smile and food in his mouth.

?: Hi! How are you doing? (Chunks of food spits out of his mouth and onto Cabba's face)

Cabba: Uh? (Wiping the chunks of food off of his face) Who are you and why are you sitting on this table?

?: (swallows his food) My name is Frites and I sit here to have a better view. The Junior tables doesn't have the nice view that I wanted.

Cabba: (Clearing his throat before speaking) You do know that the Juniors Table is for junior level students only. Right?

Frites: Right… (eating his sandwich, not looking at Cabba)

Cabba: And this table is ONLY for Senior level students. (pointing at the table)

Frites: And? (swallows his food and turning to see Cabba)

Cabba: (frustrated) You can't be at this table, because you're a junior level and I'm a senior level. (Flicking his wrist at Frites) So go back to your table.

Frites: (Eating his lunch) …

Frites was distracted by his lunch that he couldn't hear what Cabba said to him. He just had enough of Frites's behavior. Cabba got out of his seat and was about to attack him, until a young sectorian woman sits on the table. She was in front of Cabba with her lunch in her hands. Cabba was confused on who the sectorian woman was. He looked closer and noticed that he had seen this woman before.

Cabba: R-R-Ro-m-mai-

Romaine: Hi. (Looking at Cabba and Frites) Is it okay if I sit here and eat my lunch?

Cabba: ROMAINE! (Stands there for a second before quickly sitting down)

Romaine: I think that's a yes. (picking her sandwich and biting it) So, your name is Cabba, right?

Cabba: (Blushes) Y-Yes. T-That's right. (sweating)

Romaine: Good. A lot of saiyans were talking about you lately. You passed the introduction exam with almost a perfect score. If you did got that perfect score, you would had been in the Elite level.

Cabba: Oh! Really? Well, I guess that being in the senior level is good enough. (rubbing the back of his head) So, why are you at this table?

Romaine: Just to let you know that I'm a senior level student and I want to ask you an important question.

Cabba: (turning away from Romaine, clenching his left fist, while making an excited expression) (Yes! This is my chance to get her as a roommate!)(Turning back to face Romaine) Okay. I'm ready to hear your "important" question. (with a quick calm tone)

Romaine: The question that I would like for you to answer is…

Cabba: Uh Huh… (Leaning closer to hear her question)

Romaine: Do you want to be my roommate for this semester?

Cabba: (Blushing and breathing deeply)

This was Cabba's moment to shine. Romaine, the perfect woman of his dreams, is asking him to be a roommate. He couldn't think right after she said that question in her own words. He quickly calmed down and recovered his concentration. He already got his answer and was about to say it to Romaine. That moments gets ruined by a saiyan male, flying across the cafeteria and heading towards the Senior table, the same one that Cabba and the other two sectorians were sitting. Romaine felt the energy level of the saiyan and quickly ducks under the table. A smoke cloud formed in front of Romaine, as she got up from the table. She saw that Frites was not flinched by the collision that just occurred. Once the smoke cleared, the male saiyan was on top of Cabba. They were on the floor, in pain. Romaine was about to help the two male saiyans get up of the floor, but a voice told her not do it. She turned around to see the person. It was a sectorian female with the same female saiyan armor. She was wearing a black outfit underneath it. She also has big, curly black hair. She walks to Romaine with a serious tone in her voice.

?: What are you doing with that puny saiyan? (pointing at Cabba, who was still under the male saiyan's unconscious body)

Romaine: Well… I was about to ask him to be my roommate for the semester. Then you threw this saiyan male across the cafeteria and hurt him. (points at Claudia) What's with you today?

?: I just beat this guy, because he's the leader of the tall ass saiyan group. He mocked my appearance, so I beat him a few time, before I threw him across the cafeteria.

Romaine: Claudia! We're not suppose to be fighting in the cafeteria. You should follow the rules of the SDA. We're students!

Claudia: SO?! We're not their race. We follow our own rules. My first rule is that you become my roommate for this semester. (pointing to Romaine)

Romaine: Why? And do we have to be with a saiyan?

Claudia: I just talked to the principal of this (bleep) place and he said it was fine for sectorians to be with other sectorians as roommates. (Grabbing Romaine's arm) Come on! Let's go to OUR room!

Claudia, Romaine's older sister drags her away from the senior table. Before they completely leave the cafeteria, Romaine shouts out Cabba's name. He gets off of the floor, push asides the unconscious saiyan male to his left, and looks at her. She said that she's sorry for asking him to be her roommate. Afterwards, Romaine and Claudia left the cafeteria. Cabba was so ashamed that he didn't get the chance to say yes to Romaine's question. He turned his head to Frites, who's still eating his lunch.

Cabba (Confused): (How is he still eating his lunch without stopping to look at the situation?!)

Sadala Defense Academy, Science Lab

Limo pressed a button, in which opens the front door and walks through it. He walks through the doorway and sees a bright light. Limo sees a group of scientist, working on various experiments. One of the scientist walks towards him, holding a flask with blue liquid. She's a sectorian with a lab coat with normal clothes on. Her name is Janet and she's kind of Limo's "mentor". She looks at him, carrying the papers in his hands. She takes the pile of papers from him and place them on a near-by table.

Janet: Thank you Limo for delivering these documents from the mail. (smiling at Limo) You're really one of the nicest saiyans that I have to work with.

Limo: (blushing) Y-Y-You're w-w-welc-come!

Janet: You don't have to be nervous when I'm around. (Pointing at the experiment) Now, I want you to test this new experiment that I'm working on. It's a muscle growth pill that will increase muscle mass and body height. Next to the pill are two cans of soda. One's regular and one's diet. Pick one, drink it with the pill in your mouth, and wait for the results to kick in. (Patting Limo on the back) You can do this.

Limo: O-Okay! (saluting)

After describing the experiment to Limo, Janet walks away from him and goes into the supplies room. Limo picks up the pill, examining it. He thinks that the pill should have a different color, since the current color was green. He later looks at the two cans of soda with letter labels on. He was confused of which can to pick for the first experiment. He picks the can with the letter "A" on. He puts the pill in his mouth, drinks the can of soda, swallows the pill and waits for the results to happen. Three minutes passed and nothing happened. Janet comes back from the supplies room with some beakers and pipettes. She asked Limo if the pill was working or not. He shakes his head, answering Janet's question. Janet understands Limo's answer and sits down to looking at the documents. As she was looking at the documents, Limo looks at his hands and they began to glow green.

Limo: (Scared) Th-Th-They're glowing gr-gr-green! (looking around his body, which was also glowing green) AHHH!

Janet: Limo? Don't scream.

Limo: Uh… Janet? (looking around his glowing body with an scared expression) There's something wrong with me!

Janet: It's okay. (Still looking at the documents) Not everyone is skinny and short.

Limo: T-That's not it! (Stomach growls) EEEEK!

Limo's stomach started to growl louder and louder. Before he could say another word, his stomach began to grow larger. He was stunned by how the pill was working, but confused of why his stomach was growing, instead of his muscles. While his stomach was growing, the rest of his body began to grow larger. His arms were becoming more muscular, his legs were wider than usual, his hands were growing larger than his feet, in which were also growing. His face also felt the changes, as his cheeks were becoming more puffier. His neck got wider and more soft. The growing stop, when Limo's head hits the ceiling of the lab. His body stopped glowing green. Limo opened his eyes and noticed that he was staring at a higher point of the wall. He looked around the room, seeing the tops of shelves. He later looked down to the floor, but a huge fat gut was in the way. He couldn't see his feet.

Limo: Huh? (in a deep voice) Wh-What happened to me? (Touching his giant stomach, watching it jiggle) I'm- I'm HUGE!

He back away, only to knock one of the shelves behind him. Janet heard the noise of the falling shelves and quickly turned around. She was shocked by how big Limo was. He grown over her height, towering her in his shadow. She touched his stomach, only for it to jiggle. She looked up to see Limo's puffy face.

Janet: (cupping her hand to mimic a microphone) Limo! Can you still hear me from down here?

Limo: Yes! (looking at Janet) W-What happened to me?

Janet: It's the green pill that you took. You did drink one of the cans of soda with the letter labels, right?

Limo: (Nodding) I was confused on which one to drink, so I picked the one with the letter "A" on it. (pointing the can of soda with the letter "a")

Janet: (Picking up the can of soda with the "A" written on) Oh! This is the regular soda! If my thoughts are correct, the added sugars from the regular soda has inflated the body fat 5 times. Besides the arms and legs, the other parts grown to bloated proportions. (Stretching out her arms)

Limo: I-I can't be like this! (Grabbing his soft stomach) I'll get embarrassed or even worse... mocked. Can you change me back? (letting go of his stomach, causing it to wobble)

Janet: Yes I can, but… I have to get the needle out and inject the deflating substance in you.

Limo: (Gulps/shaking in fear) N-N-Needle!?

Janet pulls out a long needle with yellow liquid from out of the draw. Limo was shaking in fear, because he's afraid of needles. Along with bugs, darkness, and everything else that he experienced during his childhood. Janet grabs the needle and points it at Limo's huge stomach.

Janet: Don't move. I'm just going to inject this liquid in your stomach, so that your body will shrink back to normal.

Limo: (Walking back a couple of steps away from Janet) No! I-I can't do it!

Janet: (Moving her index finger towards her to get Limo's attention) Come on! It won't hurt a bit.

Limo: (Thinking of Janet's words in an echo like trance) (No! Not again!)

Janet: Limo?

Limo: NO! There's got to be a safer way! (Running to the front door entrance, causing an earthquake in the lab)

Janet: Limo! (regaining her balance) Come back! (Reaching her hand out)

Limo couldn't hear Janet's words, as he kept running to the door entrance. He busted through the door, making a huge hole. He looked on his right and turned around. He started running again, with big footsteps causing a minor earthquake in the hallways. Meanwhile, Cabba was on the benches, drinking green tea. He was still sad that he couldn't get that one chance with Romaine as a roommate. Maybe the group of saiyans and Claudia were right. He was short and skinny. He'll never be the man that Romaine wants. He was going to drink more green tea, until…

Cabba: (Feeling the hallway shake) What? Where this earthquake coming from?

He looked around the hallway, searching for the source of the earthquake. He got out of the benches and walks to the middle of the hallway. He squinted his eye to see a figure running towards him. He couldn't make out what the figure looks like, but did when the figure gets closer. The figure was round, tall, and looks scared. It looks like the figure is running away from something. Cabba tries to stop the figure by reaching out his hand and shouting at it.

Cabba: Stop! You're going too fast!

The figure didn't hear or stop from Cabba's response. Cabba was starting to worry about his strategy of stopping the rounded figure. He kept his hand out and tried it again.


?: (Breathing deeply/still running)

Cabba: (He still can't hear me.) STOP! YOU NEED TO RELA- UGH!

Cabba was stuck by the figure and was holding on to it's soft stomach. He recovers and looks up to see the figure's face. He couldn't notice the figure's face from anywhere, but did noticed the hair style. The style of the figure was the same style that Limo has. Cabba came to the conclusion that Limo is the rounded figure. With that thought out of the way, Cabba gets close to Limo's chin, for a better hearing range.

Cabba: Limo! STOP! It's me! CABBA!

Limo: Huh!?

Limo stopped running, causing his stomach to jiggle into waves. Cabba still held on to it until it stopped moving. Limo looked down to see Cabba on his stomach.

Limo: (looking at Cabba on his stomach) Cabba? W-Why are you on my stomach?

Cabba: You were running in the hallways, making an earthquake. (a sweatdrop formed on the left side of his face) So, how did you get so big?

Limo: … (Laughs) It's a LONG story.

To Be Continued…