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Cabba's Outrageous Missions: Chapter Five- "Slimy"

Planet Dug, Unknown area with Cabba's Spaceship

On Planet Dug, earth-like creatures roam the world. Nothing there, but soil and dead tree life. Legends tells it that there is a special soil that can revive life on a dead plant. In Cabba's spaceship, Limo sits on the wide seats, looking at the door window. He's look out, so he should see something weird approaching the ship. If that happens, he'll inform Cabba and the others. The rest of the team went out to look for the special soil. While he waits for the team to come back, Limo talks to himself about the planet.

Limo: I've heard that the planet has creatures. Creatures that are slimy and scary. (Shaking in fear) I w-would be s-scared to death, if one of t-them got onto the s-s-ship. (Calms down a little bit) Calm down, Limo. There's no way those creatures can get into the ship. Cabba locked the ship before leaving. I should be fi- (Interrupted by his communicator ringing/Picks up the communicator) Hello?

Cabba: Limo! Get ready to start the ship and open the door! We're coming back to the ship. (screeching sounds from the background)

Limo: What was that?

Cabba: That was a giant mole that was guarding the special soil. Frites woke it up, because he wanted to know what it looked like.

Limo: (Making a "That's obvious" expression) Okay. I'll start the ship.

Cabba: Okay! Out! (Hanging up the communicator)

Limo walks to the controls room and opens the door. He gets stuck half way through the doorway, but gets out quickly. When he gets into the controls room. Limo sees a giant mole running towards the ship. Cabba, Romaine, and Frites were running as fast as they can, away from the mole. Limo starts the ship's engine and quickly opens the door, by pressing the green button. The door opens, after Limo pressed the button. Cabba and the rest of the team go into the ship and quickly get off of the planet, before the giant mole could attack it. They were in space, away from Planet Dug. Limo leaves the controls room to check the team members.

Limo: A-Are you guys okay?

Cabba: We're fine. (Looking at Frites with an angry expression) We could had been fine, if Frites didn't have to wake up that giant mole!

Frites: It wasn't my fault! (Giving an angry expression to Cabba) I just wanted to know what a mole looked like up close!

Romaine: (Giving Frites the angry expression) Everyone should know what a damn mole looks like! (Punches Frites by the back of his head) Dumb ass!

Frites: (Rubbing the back of his head) Ow! You don't have to push it!

Cabba: (sighs) At least we got the special soil. Limo? (walking to him with a metal box)

Limo: Yes. (Looking at Cabba with the metal box)

Cabba: I want you to watch this box, while I drive the ship. It's only soil. (giving the box to Limo)

Limo: Okay! (Saluting)

After Cabba gives the box to Limo, he goes to the controls room to fly the ship. Everyone goes back to their seats and waits for the ship to go to Planet Sadala. As they wait, something crawls out of the box, without Limo noticing. It gets under Limo's armor and squirms upward. Limo doesn't notice the squirming, but does notice the purring sound. He says to the rest of the team about the sound and they don't hear it. Limo must have been hearing sounds in his head, so he ignores the sound. Once the ship lands on the SDA ship area, they get off of the ship. Limo gives the box to the scientists and they left the area. The team goes into the building to relax. The guys walk to their rooms, while Romaine walks to her room.

Sadala Defense Academy, Limo's Room

The boys were undressing their armor, so that they can get it clean for the next mission this week. While undressing, Cabba notice a small, pink worm crawling on Limo's back. He walks up to Limo, to tell him about it.

Cabba: Limo? (Pointing at the creature on Limo's back) There's something crawling on your back.

Limo: Huh? (looking at his back) Gah! (pointing at the small creature) W-What is t-that?!

?: (Purring sounds)

Cabba: Don't get scared! I'll go get the creatures manual. (Grabbing the creatures manual and flipping the pages) Where is it? Ah-Hah! (pointing at the image of the creature) It's a dugworm!

Limo: A what?

Cabba: A dugworm is a creature on Planet Dug. They're small, pink, slimy, and have black eyes. They're very attractive to large races.

Limo: (Whimpers) It's starting to move towards my head!

Cabba: Don't worry. I think that it likes you.

Limo: I don't believe it! (Shaking in fear) Take it off!

Cabba: (sighs) Okay. Just stay still. (Slowly grabbing the creature from Limo's back) There. It's off.

Limo: (taking a deep breath in and out) T-Thank you!

Cabba: Now I have to figure out where to put this th- (Feeling a pain in his hand) Ow! (Dropping the dugworm) It bit me!

Frites: What the hell just happened?

Cabba: I was grabbing the dugworm in my hands, but for some reason it bit me. (Showing the bite mark to Frites)

Frites: That's no problem. I'll go grab it for you. (Bending down to grab the dugworm) There! Now it's in my hand. It ain't that har- (Feeling a pain in his hands) Oh (bleep)! (Throwing the dugworm to Limo) What's with that (bleep)-ing thing's problem?!

Limo: Gee! (Seeing the dugworm on his armor) It's on me again!

Cabba: I think that normal sized races are it's enemy. You have to pick it up. It won't hurt you.

Limo: (gulps) O-Oh alright! (Slowly picks up the dugworm with his hands/Shaking in fear)

Limo was hoping for the dugworm to bite his hand as well, but it doesn't. He opens his hand to see the dugworm cradled in. It was purring and liking the warmth from Limo's hand. He was surprised that this worm is attractive to him. If he weren't this big, then the worm would have attacked him for sure. Cabba wraps his injury with a white cloth. Frites just leaves the injury alone. Cabba walks up to Limo and says that he's proud that he was able to hold the worm.

Cabba: You should name him. Or her? I don't know if the dugworm has a gender. It doesn't say it in the manual.

Limo: (Shrugs his shoulders) I don't care. I'll still name it. (thinking of a good name for his new friend) I think that his name will be "Slimy"

Cabba: Why that name?

Limo: I just like feeling his slimy body in my hands. (Laughing) Yes! Slimy is a good worm. (tickling Slimy) Does he?

Cabba: (Limo is improving on conquering his fears. I can't figure out where that dugworm came from, but it doesn't matter. If nothing happens to it, then everything will be fine.) (Smiling before leaving the room to the bathroom)

The guys were getting ready for the night, as they dress into their night clothes. Cabba was sleeping in his bottom bed, while Frites was sleeping in his top bed. Limo was about to go to sleep, but he has to prepare Slimy's bed. He placed the small bed on the dresser besides him. He puts Slimy in the bed. The dugworm likes his bed, as it curls inside. Limo whispers "good night" to the worm and goes to sleep.

Sadala Defense Academy. Limo's Room (the next day)

It was morning and everyone was starting to wake up. In Limo's room, the boys were still asleep, not noticing the door opening. A person slowly walks into the room and takes Slimy without anyone looking. A few minutes had passed and Limo was the first one to wake up. He stretches for a while, before noticing that Slimy is gone from his small bed.

Limo: (Shaking in fear) W-Where is he? SLIMY! (Cabba and Frites wake up from Limo yelling out Slimy's name)

Cabba: Limo? W-What's going on?

Limo: S-Slimy… (Pointing at the empty small bed on the dresser) H-He's gone!

Cabba: How did he leave the room without anyone opening the door? (Looking at the door) Maybe someone took it while we were sleeping.

Limo: I'm already shaking with fear after just naming him last night!

Cabba: Well. That what happens when you get your first pet. You start to feel worried about their safety.

Limo: W-We have to f-find him! And q-quick!

Frites: (Jumping out of his bed and scowling at Limo) Oh would you stop bitching about that pest?! (Pointing at Limo) Maybe that person stole it and probably killed it. Or she or he might had eat the damn thing whole. (Starting to laugh) Like anyone will eat that gross thing whole. (Laughing harder)

Limo: (Slowly looks at Frites with an angry expression) What did you just say about Slimy?!

Frites: (Continues to laugh) I said that someone might had killed or ate the damn thing whole. (Chuckles) Like anyone could eat something that gross and put it in their mou- (Grabbed by Limo)

Limo: Listen here you bastard! (Moving Frites closer to his face) Apologize to me and help us find Slimy or I'LL SIT ON YOU!

Frites: (shaking in fear) A-A-Alright! I'll help you find that worm! I-I'm sorry!

Limo: (Dropping Frites and taking deep breaths) That was my bad. I haven't been this mad in a while.

Cabba: (Super confused of what just happened) Well… lets get dressed first and then we can find Slimy.

Frites and Limo: Okay!

Afterwards, the guys get dressed, leave the room, and look for Slimy. Meanwhile, Romaine was getting dressed as well. She was done finishing her hair in the bathroom. As she leaves the bathroom, she see Claudia on her desk, looking at something. She walks closer to see what her older sister was doing. She got close enough to see a pink, slimy worm in a glass cup. She was both surprised and afraid that Claudia has that in the room. She asked her why that creature is in the room and she got her response.

Claudia: I just heard the announcements that the first team that brings a dugworm from Planet Dug gets extra credit. Since my team is lacking the credits, I thought of doing it by myself. I also heard that your team went to the planet.

Romaine: How the living hell did you get that information?

Claudia: I have a little magic and used it to threaten the principal to tell me what he knows.

Romaine: (rolls her eyes) Of course you did that!

Claudia: I also heard your dumb ass friends yelling about a worm in their room. So I took the worm while they were asleep.

Romaine: Why? You don't even know what the science lab is going to do with it?

Claudia: I think that they'll tear it apart, so that they can "experiment" on their biology.

Romaine: Well, I guess I have to fight you, so that you don't send that thing to the lab. (getting into her fighting position)

Claudia: (sighs while getting off of the chair) Romaine… You can't beat me! (Looking at Romaine) You fought me so many times and you still can't beat me. (Getting into her fighting position) If you're going to do it, then I have to defend MY credits.

Romaine: You're a sick person! You don't even care about your team mates!

Claudia: So! They're a bunch of stupid saiyans that don't know much about anything, except for fighting.

Romaine and Claudia go into a stare down before going into a fight in their room. Romaine knows that she can't beat Claudia, due to the age difference, but she has to. For what this worm is scared about. Meanwhile in the hallways, Cabba, Limo, and Frites were searching for Slimy. They tried looking at the ceiling and the floors, but still can't find him. Cabba thinks of a good idea. He calls Romaine on his communicator, thinking that she might help with the search. He picks up his communicator and calls Romaine. Cabba waits for one minutes and he hasn't got a response from her. He was starting to worry about Romaine, even though she can handle herself. He was about to hang up, but Romaine quickly picks up her communicator on time.

Romaine: Cabba!

Cabba: Romaine. Are you okay? You didn't pick up the communicator. I thought that you were doing something import-

Romaine: I AM doing something important! Claudia took this dugworm from your room and decided to send it to the science lab for them to give her the credits and probably tear it apart. (Getting punched by Claudia) UGH!

Cabba: Claudia did what?

Romaine: (Coughs) She stole a dugworm from your room and is going to give it to the science lab. She says that they might cut it up for experimentation.

Cabba: Okay! Just hang in here for a couple of minutes.

Romaine: Okay! (Getting punched by Claudia in the stomach) UGH! (Coughing) O-Okay! OUT! (Hanging up)

Cabba: (Putting the communicator in his pocket/slowly turning to Limo with a worried expression on his face) L-Limo?

Limo: Yes Cabba! (Leaning close to Cabba with a more worried expression) What is it? Did Romaine find Slimy?

Cabba: She did, but… (Looking away from Limo)

Limo: But what?! (Picking Cabba up and shaking him) What did she SAY?!

Cabba: (Being shook by Limo) S-S-She said t-that C-Claudia t-took Slimy a-and is about t-to send him to t-the science lab to be-

Limo: (Stops shaking and letting go of Cabba) To be what!?

Cabba: (Gulps) To be cut into pieces.

Limo: (Shaking in fear and anger) …

Cabba: Limo? (Holding out his hand, only to get slapped by Limo)

Limo: THAT DOES IT! Claudia is a horrible person! First she hurts saiyans for their biology, then she steals my new pet, so that the scientist can cut him apart! I AM GOING TO CRUSH HER! (Running to Romaine's room, causing the hallway to shake)

Cabba: Limo! (Regaining balance, while running to Limo)

Frites: Man! What is up with him and that stupid worm?! (Running in Cabba's and Limo's direction to Romaine's room)

The three guys run to Romaine's room, after she told the news to them. Limo was furious that Claudia took Slimy from him. Cabba was surprised that Limo was this frustrated before. Frites didn't care much about what was going on. Once they got to Romaine's room, they tried to open the door, but doesn't. Seems like Claudia locked the door, just in case someone tried to interrupt her fight with Romaine. Limo can't wait any longer. He begins to back up, ready to charge at the door. He does this pretty well, as he had enough force to break through the door. The door breaks open, to reveal Romaine being beaten by Claudia. She was lying on the floor, having her face bruised by Claudia's punches. She was spitting out blood from her mouth. Claudia was about to finish Romaine out with an energy ball in her hand, but gets interrupted by Cabba shooting her in the back.

Claudia: Ahh! (Turning around to see who shot her) Who the helll did that? Cabba!

Cabba: Maybe I should had punched her on the back, instead of shooting her with a ki blast. (giving a worried expression)

Frites: I can't see anything. (Trying to see what's going on, but Limo was in the way) Hey Fat ass!

Limo: (Grunting) You stay away from this! (Turning around with a threatening expression)

Frites: A-Alright! (Backing up while making a scared expression)

Cabba: Claudia… You just stole a pet from one of my team members. I think that you should apologize and give Slimy back. (Holding out his hand towards Claudia)

Claudia: Oh hell no! I ain't giving this gross weakling to that lard ass! (Pointing at Limo) I need that worm to get more credits!

Cabba: If you don't respond to my demands, (Getting into his fighting position) then I'll have to fight you.

Claudia: (Laughing hard) You think that fighting me is going to make me give up the worm. (Getting into her fighting position) That's a bad idea!

Cabba and Claudia face each other to see who gets Slimy back. Claudia charges at Cabba, but he was quick enough to block it in time. He throws a left hook to Claudia's ribs. She felt the pain and steps back. She later one throws an energy ball at him, causing him to deflect the blast. Claudia kicks Cabba on the right side, but he managed to grab her leg and throw her to the other side of the room. Claudia breaks the desk, causing Slimy to fly upward. Romaine sees this and quickly grabs the glass cup with Slimy in it. Claudia recovers from the attack and begins to shoot multiple energy balls at Cabba. He kept blocking or deflecting the energy balls at her, but is getting tired. She sees this and charges at Cabba with her body. She placed her shoulder onto his shoulder. The two were on the ground with Claudia trying to punch Cabba in the face, but he dodges them with ease. Meanwhile, Romaine quickly runs up to Limo and says to go to the science lab. Limo wants to know why Romaine said that, but she interrupted him. He just walks out of the room and runs to the science lab. Frites is told by Romaine to stay here. The fight between Claudia and Cabba seems to be rough, but was coming to a close. Claudia grabs Cabba's head and begins to crush it.

Claudia: (Breathing hard) You're a real damn good fighter. Better than my pathetic team mates. (Breathing hard, while crushing Cabba's head) I guess that you're not strong enough to beat me. Just like my younger sister.

Cabba: (Coughing) You are stronger than me, but you're not smart enough to notice your surroundings. (Feeling his head getting crushed by Claudia)

Claudia: What the hell are you- (looking at the dresser, realizing that the dugworm is gone) W-Where the (bleep) is the worm!?

Cabba: I fought with you, so that Limo can send the worm to the science lab before you did. (Coughing)

Claudia: (Slowly laughing) You are one smart, son of a bitch. (Looking at him with an angry expression) YOU ARE SO DEAD!

Claudia was about to finish Cabba off, but gets hit on the head with a lamp. She fell on her back from the attack. Cabba was free from Claudia's grasp and looks at Romaine with the lamp in her hands.

Cabba: Romaine?

Romaine: There's not enough time to talk! (Putting the lamp on the floor) We need to go to the science lab to check on your friend.

Cabba: (Nodding before leaving the room)

Sadala Defense Academy, Science Lab

Janet: Masa?

Masa: Yes, Ms. Janet?

Janet: Did you send out those flyer last night to every team member?

Masa: Yes!

Janet: That's good, because we need enough dugworms for the upcoming experiments this semester. (Smiling) I'm glad I came across you two days ago.

Masa: It was a pleasure to be working with you. (Bowing to Janet and then standing up again) I was even more surprised that Limo once worked here.

Janet: He was, but I let him go to do what he should had been doing: team work.

Masa: Oh. I already know about that. He told me about it.

Janet: Well that's really good for him t- (Feeling an earthquake from within the lab)

Masa and Janet felt the shaking from somewhere, but it wasn't from the lab. The door opens to reveal Limo breathing hardly. Janet wasn't that surprised to see her former assistant here. Masa was, because that startled her. Limo told Janet that he has a dugworm for her to have, but is afraid of what will happen to Slimy. He had finally conquered his fear of worms, yet he feels so connected to Slimy from the beginning. Janet calms down Limo and said that the science lab won't do anything bad to Slimy and his kind.

Limo: You're not going to hurt Slimy?!

Janet: The principal said that the science lab needs new subjects to test the experiments on, because of how we use saiyans in them. He said the dugworms are the perfect replacements for this, so I made these flyers and send them to the team members to retrieve some. The first team to get the dugworm from Planet Dug and send it to the science lab, gets extra credit.

Limo: (Breaths in and out) That's a relief! I thought that you were going to cut him apart.

Janet: NO! (Waving her hands out) We wouldn't do that!

Limo: Good! (Looking at Slimy, smiling) You'll be fine in here than with me. (Giving the glass cup to Janet) Take good care of him.

Janet: (Smiling at Limo) I will.

Cabba and Romaine got to the lab before Claudia. They were also relieved that Limo was able to give the dugworm to Janet. Romaine knows that sectorians aren't completely violent. They care about the creatures and environment. Before they could say anything, Claudia walks behind them and pushes them. She marches towards Limo and gives him the death stare.

Claudia: You… (Pointing at Limo) Tub of lard! You took my extra credits away from me!

Limo: (Shaking in fear) I-I was saving Slimy from the likes of you! (covering his face) P-Please don't hurt me!

Claudia: (Laughing manically) oh no! I'm not going to hurt you! (Clenching her right fist) I'm going to kill you! (Running at Limo with her fist, but gets stopped by Janet catching it)

Janet: You, miss are a terrible person! You stole a dugworm from another team mate. That being said… (Letting go of Claudia's hand) you will be punished for what you've done.

Claudia: Oh shut up! What are you going to do? (Stretching out her hands) Hurt me? (Laughing before feeling pain in her stomach) UGH!

Janet: (Landing a punch on Claudia's stomach with her eye closed) (sighs) You just never learn. (Letting her fist off of Claudia)

Claudia: W-Why? (Falling to the floor on her back)

Janet: Don't worry. (looking at Romaine) She's only unconscious.

Romaine: T-That's fine with me. (pointing at Janet) How are you able to do that?

Janet: I had been training in the sectorian army for ten years, before I quit to join the science lab program.

Romaine: Oh!

Janet: (Looking at Limo) Slimy will be fine. He's in my care now. (Patting him on the back)

Limo: Thank you! (Looking at Masa) I'll talk to you about… umm?

Masa: How I got this job?

Limo: That! (Leaving the room) Bye!

Janet and Masa: Bye!

Limo and the rest of the team leave the science lab, knowing that Slimy will be fine with Janet.

The end!

Notes- I know that I'm not a good writer in incorporating fighting scenes, but I hope that this chapter is good. Stay tuned for Chapter six!