The Final Destination Re-Imagined: Book I Final Destination

Characters: Alex Browning, Clear Rivers, Todd Waggner, Billy Hitchcock, Terri Cheney, Carter Horton, Valerie Lewton, Agent Weine, Agent Shreck

Timeline: After the group gets removed from the plane and Alex explains what he saw, before preventing the plane from leaving then.

Synopsis: After describing what he sees to the quintet, and just to save Alex from a serious charge, Billy Hitchcock interrupts the fight. And as Alex barely prevents the crash, the group of survivors start to realize. That could not be the end of it as the FBI gets involved and as they suffer repeated close calls now.

The group now realizes that what destroyed the plane is not finished with them yet and is determined to take them. As they start to see a single pattern from this, can the group prevent their deaths and by exiling who is attacking them. And through it's conduit: Carter Horton, and before it kills all of them now.

Warnings: From this point forward the situation shifts as Lewton starts treating Carter in the way she did Alex in the movie, as this is a re-imagining of the movie from here. If he prevented the plane from leaving and before it exploded now, but from here the truth comes out in clips to the agents that got involved.

As getting the truth from the witnesses of the fight the agents turn their sights on Carter, but Alex is working for them. As he and Clear develop a very strong bond between them as the weeks go by now. He and Weine start developing a strong bond as well, as the months go by as the situations are reversed now.

But this is going to remove the issue of the premonitions from the story, and they're treating this the normal way right now from here. As the agents decide to focus on the fact of rather then his being able to tell when the attack happens now. But from here the roles are in reverse, as Carter is now the one in trouble with the authorities and Alex goes free now.

As by one choice Carter destroys his life now and during that second trip back to Paris, aside from him, the entire group survives as it ends with him now. In this movie and the man who played his double in the second movie. But the quartet work as one as they work with their doubles during the second one now.

Disclaimers: Final Destination doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie studio.

Chapter 1: Realizations And Truths

"Alex talk to me, tell what happened?" Valerie Lewton said as she tried to cool him down. 'God, this is not the him I know someone had to have done something, if he's drenched in sweat here.' she thought as she carefully looked him over then as he tried to explain it to her then, knowing this was about to sound as crazy as it gets right then to her.

"I saw it go in the take off, but whatever was broken in the hatch, it seeped into the light fixtures above my seat, before I heard an explosion, before that short started a fire. As whatever was destroyed started the line right back to where it started from. Repeated explosions before the hatch was broken open sending our carry on luggage flying here."

"And all over the cabin place, as a bottle exploded, it hit Mrs. Hammond in the neck, the carotid artery spraying the wall, before the heat caused the tank to explode. Destroying the wall, and Janie was yanked out as you tried to grab her, but what happened before the entire thing exploded, was replicated, before that hit." he told her and she nodded.

"A bottle exploded, what caused a short like that?" the girl asked and Lewton's eyes narrowed as she said it to that. "If there is one thing that is flammable, it's alcohol, so if there was repeated explosions. Then someone was sneaking contraband on board the plane as for the rest of it, I don't know." she said sternly as she rubbed his back gently.

It was at that remark Todd Waggner said it with a bemused smile in his tone. "Been on a lot of planes that blew up?" he asked and Lewton hid a smile as she realized he was saying this to bring the tension down. As the girls tried to keep from laughing at that as she answered that as she looked at her student then as she saw him hiding a smile.

'Thanks man, I needed that right now, you're making jokes is one thing, but then this was why you're my best friend. Get my mind off of said trauma of seeing it before it happens right now, if it does happen.' she saw him thinking and hid a chuckle and hid a nod of agreement as she answered that remark with a bemused smile then gently.

"He must have fallen asleep after we boarded." she said in response to that remark, but, at that, the white shirted boy started taunting him. "Whoa, we miss this flight, we blow what: a half a day in Paris, all because Browning has a bad fuckin' dream. Oh wait, but the plane is going to blow up, it's going to blow up." he said and Todd said it coldly then.

"Hey fuck you Horton, fuck you." he said and Lewton said it with a warning tone then. "Todd." she said as Alex Browning looked at him in a fury at that. "The only trip you're taking is to the fucking hospital." he said with a growl grabbing him and shoving him to the floor. "What a jerk." he heard at that as he heard a follow up remark to him quickly.

"Alex stop it!" Terri Cheney said, as they separated them. "You're paying for my trip Browning!" Carter Horton shouted at him, before Billy Hitchcock got a better look and saw the plane start shaking. "Guys it's shaking?!" he shouted at that quickly, hearing that Alex quickly stood up then checked for himself as he paled at that and said it quickly.

"Shaking and..., oh god, now or never, no I'm not losing you guys, get them to bring it down, something just shattered. Get them to bring it down, something exploded on it, bring it down, 'paying for his trip', he just struck the match to light the damn fuse. Get them to land the plane, we have only 6 to 7 minutes and counting right now guys."

"It explodes just barely out of state, but whatever was broken is causing a short out, we have to bring it in, before the oxygen tank explodes." Alex shouted at that news quickly and the manager quickly looked at him. "Trust me, ground that plane." he said and then said it quickly to him. "Do it!" he said again, and the manager nodded quickly to him.

"Anybody got a set of binoculars right now?" he asked and the female guard passed him her's then as he got a better look. "Anyone want to chance how the FBI is going to take this that you almost didn't listen to me till it was nearly too late. As drugged or not, I know enough about chemistry to see it easily?" he said and they paled at that remark.

"Never mind the visions right now, but I know what caused that and why he freaked out right now." he said and she said it quickly. "What exactly?!" the guard asked and he said it with one remark as he looked at the pale look then. "He's sneaking contraband on board the plane, but you guys screwed up by not checking their carry on luggage."

"By opening up the damn bag, for all you know, this could not be alcohol at all, but gas, but listen to me right now." he said and they nodded in shock to that news. "What happens when you put a lit match near gas?" he asked and the manager crossed his arms. "It could explode." he said and he nodded as he went to the follow up question.

"And what happens if you do the same with a bottle of straight alcohol, whiskey, rum vodka and the like?" he asked and Lewton crossed her arms then. "It does the same thing." she said and he nodded. "He was trying to sneak this passed you and Mr. Murnau." he told her and she nodded as he read it out then to her at that gently.

"Being your side of the class, the six of us and George right now, but with those words in mind, you're the decision maker right now. But set aside that premonition, since they could have screwed up that ability, and this could be a one time thing." he told her and she nodded to him gently as she said it in relief he decide to set it aside then gently.

"Alright, I'll handle this, but you and me are the ones running this in the six of us right now." she said and he nodded as he hid a smile. "I could be wrong, but better safe then sorry, and I'm not having him destroy our lives right now, because of this. Yes I knew, but it could be a lucky guess right now, but if not, better to stick together now."

"And for a while right now." he said and she nodded in agreement. "Yeah I agree with that idea, as we don't know if they scrambled that ability. And by drugging you or not, so stick to normal procedure right now." she said and he nodded in relief she was giving it a shot as he anawered her gently at that as he got a better look at his side of the plane.

"That bomb is no bomb at all, but an IED, these idiots brought two ingredients to create it, that's why he lost it, it's the J.D.. And it's not the lower part of the plane causing that, something just exploded." he told them and they nodded to him gently. "The bottle was broken and seeped into the light fixtures above my seat, and caused it to short circuit."

"But someone snuck the mother lode in contraband on board, the quintet's bags are all packed in one place, that's the dynamite. So the bottle just shattered and it's leaking here." he said and they nodded as the guard crossed her arms. "Ideas, before that plane explodes, son?" the manager asked him quickly and he quickly explained that to him.

"Yeah, but screw the premonitions, I'm using my training that the coach taught me, he's a weapons expert. In creating weapons out of household chemicals, which is what this is, and they never pay attention in class. But chemical reactions and alcohol is flammable, so it gets near the matches it'll explode." he said and they nodded sternly to that news.

"At least they never lifted off yet right now completely, the shaking knocked something over right now. It struck the hatch door and broke right now, it hasn't taxied out of the run way yet right now so there is still time, but we put it on the far side of the airport. A good mile and 1/2 out and unload everything, but the carry on luggage, the carry on's."

"That's his carry on luggage at the moment, this was why he attacked me, he was sneaking it on by his carry on luggage. But if it wasn't just him, but the rest of his gang, but these guys are like the quintet of Socs that keep picking on the narrator and his gang. But these guys are in rehab, and were trying to sneak it passed her and Mr. Murnau."

"He thought I caught him before I realized it in what the hell they did right now, but two things now. They drugged me and this, but to repeat my remark, the only trip he's taking is directly to the hospital. He's drunk and only hearing what he wants to hear, but if he had a relapse, that's why he lost it." he said and Lewton nodded sternly to that news.

"And that is why he attacked you when you said you were getting off anyway, you were going to Peter and tell him you should check the plane for any tampering. But he thought you were getting the security who were waiting for us at the door. As they arrested him and the effects of that vision were wearing off?" she said to clarify and he nodded to her.

"Yeah, that's the reason exactly, but you never checked what's inside it, nor did the security checkpoints, TSA. So that's the first change we make in our country, anything liquid, bigger then 5oz's is getting confiscated. But matches and alcohol, that's a dangerous mix, so check his carry on luggage, guys, for this stuff right now."

"His and his gang, but trust me." he told them and they nodded gently as they all looked at Carter as the quintet realized it and felt their anger growing by the minute. "They drugged him, were it not for these assholes, we would not have listened. And till it blows in the take off, having him looking like the prime suspect and Carter gets off right now."

"Not a chance in hell, you bastard." Todd said with a furious growl. "You knew and this what you were trying to tell us, not a real bomb, but a IED?!" the guard said quickly and he nodded. "Yeah exactly that's it exactly right now, but again we're not in our town, but outside of Mount Abraham, you guys are not tolerating this at the moment right now."

"But Sir, could you do me a favor and make a call to one of the authorities closest to us right now, you got a amateur terrorist attack. These guys are sick of being under scrutiny and if my second guess is right, in why you see us like this. Her and me, it's because I don't have to show off to be well liked, but that's exactly the problem here right now."

"And one that screams they need serious help here, but the psychosis is one thing and one thing only: our teacher's scrutiny. Could you tell them I discovered an amateur terrorist attack?" he said and the man nodded sternly and Lewton read it out. "They're sick of the scrutiny and crossed the line finally." she said and the man nodded gently.

"And if you never believed me, why get up at all?" Alex asked and Carter paled at that and she nodded sternly. "Well that's suspicious enough already, and as is causing a pile up in the aisle of the plane. So I think we found the reason and it's because he was trying to sneak this passed me, Eric and Larry." she said and he nodded in agreement then.

"Yeah and you can consider it that same psychosis as the tv show, he lost it finally." he said and she nodded sternly to that. "You never had to show off to me, we had a close bond and you would do anything to protect me. But you knew the rules at the moment, we never had a problem, until now and they were the reason for that, this is a set up."

"I may have to have these guys committed for this, if Rick never makes any headway when we get back at the moment. But I never see this in you normally, you're normally the quiet one, you never suffer reactions like this." she said as she wrapped her arm across his back and he leaned into her touch then as the quartet surrounded them.

"Aw crap, look what's coming, this is our territory." he said and Billy nodded. "I bet they're looking for us." he said and he went further. "Want to split?" he asked and Alex shook his head. "Stay cool." he said and he nodded. "And how do you suppose that our visitors are going to take it if you attack me at a teacher's house and with four adults."

"You really have lost your god damn mind, I don't care if you think I caught you or not, and they know it was attempted murder?" he asked and they saw Carter pale at that. "You created an IED out of Jack Daniels, matches, jet fuel and plane oil, you any idea what happens if it gets near a god damn match?!" Alex said and Carter swallowed hard.

"Like I said, we're not in our territory, so you better watch, that remark you gave is the same threat that the Soc's best friend gave Johnny, but one shout. And from my version of Johnny, just saved me a multiple murder manslaughter charge here." Alex said to him as Terri pulled him against her and he leaned his head into her chest then firmly.

"Never mind the premonitions, if it starts then stops then starts a second time, so we go to basic science in ways to explain this. And this was a case of chemistry at the current moment, they brought two of the ingredients, phosphorus and straight alcohol. The coach does chemistry so this next question is for you guys." he said as he looked at the adults.

"Alcohol catches on fire, but near a set of electronics, say the lights over my seat in back, it creates a line of gun powder right to a something bigger. Say the mother lode in smuggling forbidden contraband in." he said and they straightened at that remark. "Who brought the liquor with them?!" Lewton said with a dangerously stern tone at that news.

"So question, what happens when you mix ethanol and sulfur with jet fuel and oil and then put a spark next to it?" he asked and Carter paled at that as Lewton answered that question slowly. "It creates a 200 ton rocket in fireworks, and what was just destroyed created the fuse to create said rocket." she said and they all nodded sternly as he said it.

"Ms. Lewton screw the premonition, you're my one chance!" he told her and she nodded as she ran her hand through his hair gently. "Alright I'll vouch for you on this, but screw the psychic powers we go back to our school stand by catch. But guys you better arrest Carter if he's drunk, Alex is fully focused." she said and Alex repeated that remark.

"Arrest him, for attempted sabotage of a international flight, assault and battery." Alex said and the guard grabbed him as he struggled to get free. "One chance to prevent it going, but one way to know for sure, we leave his and the quartet's stuff on board. But get everyone else's off, emergency landing procedures, this is the emergency now."

"Give me the radio!" Alex said quickly and the manager nodded and he quickly said it. "Uncle Peter, bring the plane back, the fuse was just lit, whatever it was that had you hearing that explosion and starting the turbulence is it." he said and heard a fast remark from the man that arrested Carter Horton then as he heard his voice go firm at that.

"Listen to me carefully, but the issue of household chemicals in combat training came into it, he lost it finally. Uncle Peter, you have a possible felony on board, that was the reason fir his reaction, their attempt to get your attention off them and on me. It backfired right now, that you almost didn't listen to me till after Billy got my attention right now."

"Because he thinks I realized he broke his rehab, but the amount of contraband brought on board, with a vehicle this size now. The ending results are going to be it's going to level a building so park on the far side of the run way, away from the other planes, and get ready to unload when I tell you." he said and heard a fast remark then to that.

"Not a bomb, but possible IED and the riot was the distraction to get it rigged, kid?!" he asked, his tone turning stern. "Yeah exactly, someone snuck on board a few hundred in alcohol, that's why he was so pissed, I'll explain that part later. But listen to me, whatever was broken to create the fuse to get it started at the moment here."

"It seeped into the electronics above my designated seat, remember my warning, I wasn't kidding, but you have only minutes, before it goes off, bring her in. Because she went over the lake, it goes barely out of the state and still in line of sight. And of my gate at the airport, bring it in." he said firmly and heard the pilot say it quickly to that news.

"But listen to me, the reason I sounded like that after coming out of it was they drugged me, enhancing the effects of that vision. And making it look like I suffered an acid trip, but their idea backfired so highly that were it not for my friend getting my attention. Then they would have killed you, leaving me as the prime suspect at the moment here."

"They get off, but I have my life destroyed by these guys, not taking that chance of playing their game, so park her on the far side of the run way. A good mile and a half out at the moment here, I know I caused a scene, but it was their fault. Just trust me, get to the far side of the run way, Sir." he said and heard the man say it, his tone stern at that.

"Does the word suicide terrorist mean anything to these brats, if you're telling me that right now, you may have known, but you were trying to tell us. To stop, and check to see what was shorting out or what these kids were smuggling. And on board the plane, well with the fact we survived this, we tell them that part."

"The steward that arrested you just said he heard an explosion and your friend's brother realized what just exploded and told your teachers right now." he said and Alex nodded. "Not explode, the noise was something shattered after it struck the metal latch on the hatch door right now, from the inside at the moment here."

"But that said something as you picked up in velocity was seeping into the controls right above my seat, If you heard a sizzling it means that the match was just struck and lit the fuse at the moment here. Can you tell me what's going on in there right now, what's happening in my cabin exactly?" he asked and the co pilot quickly said it to him then.

"One of the passengers just reported he heard a short start up and the lights above your seat. It just exploded, he also heard what sounded like a sizzling sound here." he said and Alex nodded. "The fuse just activated, you have only 7 to 10 minutes and before the ingredients combine together here, bring her back down now."

"Three minutes to bring her in and 7 more to unload and go to emergency evac, so bring her back in right now, Captain. I'll go to my next set of instructions once you get back up here, but return to the airport, repeat, return to the airport. Under orders by the military, return to the airport." he said and heard a fast remark from the co pilot at that order.

"Roger that!" he said and as they carefully maneuvered it back down as a flash of lightning flashed and it swerved and did a U turn and started back down gently at that. "Well there goes my point, if not fire, a lit match, then it's a blast of lightning, but both lightning and a single spark could destroy it." Alex said and Carter paled at that remark.

"But if I never said what I just did in getting them to keep from going further up or Billy never got me to focus and we would have lost them, Carter and his gang did it." he added and the quintet nodded. "You knew and told us immediately to bring it back in, your friend gets you to focus and the final remark is delayed keeping the finger now."

"From getting pointed at you, but this kid could have framed you for something you would never do?" The guard said sternly and he nodded. "Oh my god, that was it, that was the reason for the attempted riot at the moment here. Were it not you, and a few hundred lost their loved ones!" Todd shouted out, as Lewton nodded sternly to that.

Looking down in anger and grief at the fact he barely prevented it then, he said it to him. "I'm not saying that last sentence to get you off the hook, but not me, it was never me, she hated and was afraid of, it was you, it was all you. But the quartet, Ms. Lewton, my friends, my baby brothers and sisters, it was all you, you did this, multiple murder."

"You bastard, you realize what you could have done right now?!" Alex shouted at him and the quintet nodded as they got it. "Not Alex, it was never Alex, it was always you, we just blamed the wrong person, we all did, it was always you. If you never distracted him, he would've done what he just did right now!" Billy said in realization at that remark then.

"Screw the premonitions starting now, though I see what shape it takes, we stick together, but I'm your one chance now. If it starts a second time right now, so with that in mind the one person we can blame for this in nearly killing everyone. Is him and his gang, not me, and I'm off the hook now." he said and the quintet nodded in agreement,

"Coercion, or peer pressure, get you to take sides, but look at me and look at him, and though you knew this, you never see me like this normally, you know me." he said and Lewton nodded in agreement to his thoughts. "Yes I know you, you never had this reaction before right now, I see it and you're right." she said and he took her hands then.

"But he's a terrorist, suicide terrorist, I'm not, I just did what I had to do to save our friendships, but you believe me now?" he asked and the quintet nodded gently. "We do baby, and we know which of you is the one who's dangerous now. But his temper lights the fuse and you saved the entire manifest now." she said gently to him at that remark.

"Prevent the last sentence from being said, but if I never did what I just did, it destroys us, our relationship now, never happen now. Billy prevented what would have killed you out of your fears of my ability at the moment. But one time thing or permanent, is the next question, never happen, he saved us too." he told her and she smiled and nodded.

Pulling him into hug, he gently tightened his arms around her, as she pressed her forehead to his and he closed his eyes then. 'Nothing changes, she and Alex have always been like this together all year, it was close. But one decision makes a difference for us and it's getting his attention at the moment.' Billy thought with a smile at that reaction.

"I just saved us all from having our friendship destroyed, by getting your attention." Billy said and he nodded. "We never changed, and instead our friendship just ran more deeply then ever now, bro, welcome to the gang, man." he said and Billy nodded, smiling. "I just hope I never have to run interference at the moment here for something, man."

"When our visitors have to investigate a matter of arson and what looks like a manslaughter charge at the moment." he said and Alex nodded. "No joke at the moment, but our version of Krueger could be waiting for us to let our guards down. Before starting up again here." he said and Alex nodded as the adults exchanged looks at that.

"What would conclude that to exactly?" the receptionist asked quickly and he said it firmly. "The first kill in the Elm Street movies, had a dream this was happening and it's close to happening now, but nothing is stopping me from saving them now, or you. But someone drugged me, if it hit me that hard." he said slowly and the adults all nodded.

"Nice try Carter, I just prevented it right now!" Billy snapped at him as Todd and Terri watched it quickly as Lewton also stood up at the fast distraction. "If it wasn't going to go he was getting arrested for assault and battery, public intoxication. But it does go and he and his gang are getting it by the authorities." She read out as she got it then quickly.

"I need five more guards to help my partner deal with Carter Horton, gate 46, now!" the female guard said into her radio as the male guard was hanging on to him. As she looked at Alex and laid a hand on his shoulder in relief that the duo stopped the fight that fast. "I think he was praying he could make you furious enough to get the heat off him now."

"But your remark, you were trying to arrest him for us right now?" she asked and he nodded to her. "She never sees this in me normally, I'm usually the quiet one, but my character in the play was the narrator himself. That his insulting me like this was the final straw for me now." he told her as he tried to control his stomach and she nodded softly.

"Well that answers the question, in why you never spoke up 20 minutes ago, not only were you rattled by that vision, you were also feeling sick to your stomach." the female guard said gently and Alex nodded. "What I just saw is like waking up to see my attempted murderer lying in a pool of his own blood and my best friend, now."

"Who was frozen in shock he just had to take a life to save me, Billy was playing Macchio's character when we did it." he told her and she nodded as they looked at Carter sternly at that. "I wasn't reporting him to you or your partner, mam, my uncle is on board that plane, I was going to suggest we delay here to check a few things right now."

"Not my fault, I never provoked him, he just attacked me." he told her and she nodded sternly as the other guard gripped Carter tightly at that. "You were only considering the safety of our class and the rest of the manifest. That was no crying wolf, you were trying to warn us there was likely an IED on board and you had to run a few safety checks."

"And..., oh my god, the tank, that's it?!" Lewton said quickly and he nodded as the people listening crossed their arms as the guard nodded. "The tank was just another thing that was destroyed, but they brought the first two ingredients. The ethanol and the matches, but said bottle in whoever's bag just shattered at the current moment here."

"If not for that said bottle it would go anyway, that plane is on it's last legs, we just removed the 2nd theory, it's them." he said and they nodded. "And now the next question is why, why was he so desperate to leave, why was he so desperate to stop you. As that is his only chance at not not only ending up in detox like you said right now."

"If he is drunk, but that threat he just gave out could be seen as a very good motive if he lands you in the emergency room for whatever reason. But being questioned by the authorities in addition to the cops next." the manager said sternly as he grabbed the phone and made a phone call then and Alex sighed as he said it the quartet then.

"Before you ask me to describe that again I need time, as it also looked like someone ended up in blender after Mrs. Hammond got it to the neck." he told Lewton and she nodded as she pulled him into a hug as she felt him shaking then in grief. "I would consider that traumatizing enough without someone causing a relapse here right now."

"But this is the same thing as the story, you need time and you're still wracked up mentally and emotionally from this right now." she said and he nodded. "Just beginning to get over it, but what if this not the end of it and it starts twice now. I know you're still worried about my emotional state." he said and she nodded gently to that remark then.

"How many are on this flight, counting the crew, but not counting my class?" he asked and the manager checked the manifest and quickly told him. "We had 257, not counting your class son." he told him and and Alex nodded. "That's 294 lives, I just saved 294 people on this flight, by Billy getting me to focus, yeah alright, you got 5 felonies."

"Arrested one of them and the quartet's stuff just missed exploding and causing a chain reaction in explosions." Alex told him and he nodded. "Well we never sell to minors anyway and sneaking contraband on board the flights is illegal." the bartender across from them said and he nodded as he sighed in relief at that news as Carter paled then.

"Get ready to take cover behind the bar counter when I tell you to." Alex told her and she nodded to the order "Instead of just 6 lives, I just saved 300 here, but 5 of the said could have been sneaking contraband on board the plane and if they are, we're destroying the carry on, but keeping the main and turning it in." he said and the quintet nodded gently.

"Well that makes a possibility of not a real bomb, but an IED, though security checks at the current moment right now. We never did a full search and check what was in the bag." the TSA security head said as she arrived then. "That's your big mistake, if you found those bottles and these guys were in big trouble with the coach right now."

"That's why he lost it, he's sneaking in a prohibited, in our teachers eyes, level of alcohol, his suitcase just as much, if not more. Praying he could sneak this passed my french teacher and the coach, whoever drugged me. Their plan just backfired big time, I'm innocent, they're guilty, Billy prevented me from being turned into the prime suspect."

"You remember the remark, 'watch what you say or you're going to get it', but rephrase that right now, 'I'm paying for his trip.'. Paraphrase that, we did this play already, what does that threat translate too in your eyes?!" he asked and her eyes narrowed sternly. "He's going to beat the crap out of you or kill you for getting him arrested, he's drunk."

"To repeat Alex's remark, if you're drinking and you're ending up right back in the hospital here." Lewton said, as the guard dug into his pockets and pulled something out. "I found a canteen and what looks like a bottle of pills here, whatever these are-are definitely not what they drugged him with." she said and Lewton nodded sternly to that.

"Only trip you're taking is straight to the god damn hospital, young man, arrest him now, I got Alex!" Lewton snapped in fury, as the plane, started lowering and landed and they relaxed at that, "We got 6.5 minutes and counting, unload the damn thing, but screw the carry on luggage!" Alex shouted and they nodded quickly to the order at that remark.

Thinking fast, he could said it. "I want as many airport limos out there as possible, and park the damn plane. And a mile and a half away from the airport itself, to prevent any secondary explosions." he said and they nodded as he heard an affirmative from the pilot then as he saw 30 vans big enough to hold 20 people each then as checked the time.

"We got six minutes and counting, so unload everything but the carry on luggage in these guys's cases now. Never mind the quintet's carry on luggage now, everyone get your's, equipment, spare luggage, even the tank, get it off the plane, you have 6.5 minutes. But nobody panic, just relax, we all know what this sounds like now, but listen to me."

"Looks like I just discovered a possible IED, and the side effects of whatever it was, just combined with that vision now, as such, and here is the bad news. Someone in their gang drugged me, so that is the reason I sounded like that." he said and heard a firm tone from at least 80 adults and all from their home town then at the news then stern.

"Oh boy, well they're all going to kill the quintet for this, but all adults in my cabin listen to me carefully, you remember the old remark, see it and say it?" he asked and they heard a fast affirmative and nodded. "Well said IED is the said bomb and reason that plane is ready to go, without realizing it, I found the trigger when he lost it now."

"Coach, listen to me, but the act of your teaching us about the dangers of house hold chemicals, just came back to haunt them here. And in the worst way possible but your training me in that is our only chance, but water is not flammable, but alcohol is. So if there was a short circuit in the overhead hatch above my seat, the bottle was broken."

"And creating the fuse to create the path back to the dynamite, so to speak, but there has to be more then one bottle to cause that explosion right now. Way more, but how much is the next question, but this amount could be like destroying a arms store. Carrying fireworks, ammo and alcohol, someone throws a lighter in it could explode."

"Coach, Colonel, you better check, see if I'm right?" he said and knew they nodded as 15 seconds later, he heard the voice of his coach. "Yeah you got it right, the short circuit set the line of that bottle that broke on fire here. Slow going we got time, so ideas and we have to keep this from turning into a panic right now son."

"You remember what I told you, and we got 15 kids younger then 10, plus our class and Eric here, so what do you suggest?" he asked and Alex explained that to them. "Well that bottle is 10 feet away from the pile of dynamite, and the timer is slow, but it's just him, but the quartet as well, this was why Carter lost it at the moment."

"Before you arrested him, said was he and his gang snuck a very heavy level of one of the ingredients on board and a few packets of the second in their stuff. So question: what happens when you mix sulfur and alcohol with jet fuel and oil?" he asked and Carter paled at that remark as the guard dug a packet of matches out of his pocket and nodded.

"But this plane is on it's last legs, so if we never have you leaving and this is the other reason for the explosion right now. But the fuselage is close to decaying and something was damaged enough to start leaking gas in the chamber. Before something exploded and destroyed the plane engine, but that was 30 seconds barely out of the state."

"So we removed the first theory, and that was something in the plane engines just gave out creating the path of where and what exploded. So the second is the reason the damn thing exploded right now, their contraband is like the dynamite and gun powder, and the timer is ticking." he said and they nodded sternly to that news at the remark then.

"Nice theory and we never would have seen that if you never saw it right now, and after a month of trying to figure that out right now." the engineer said to that as he came running in then as his description to what caused their second theory. "Yeah and the fuselage had decayed enough for something to start leaking causing a short circuit."

"But this was why you needed an easier to understand this and these guys are out of their minds right now." he said and they nodded to that in agreement. "It could explode either way right now, the fuselage or their contraband. But this is not a freight-liner or a gas tanker, but a plane!" the manager said and he nodded sternly to that remark.

"Exactly, the explosion radius is the same as a tornado big enough to level a few trees and in according to a 2 mile radius in all directions. Once the airport limos get to them, get 5 miles out of range, because it's the shock wave now. The coach is a spec ops officer, that he taught me enough about the effects of the explosion and the damage."

"That it causes, it's going to break a few windows in the blast so get ready to cover up right now, all adults on board the plane right now, I'm telling you the truth. So listen to me carefully, we treat this the way we do for the kids younger then my age group, alright." he said and heard a firm tone and from the steward that spoke to him earlier.

"Mr. Anderson, you hear me?" he asked and then heard the voice of the steward at the remark. "Yes I hear you, son that was it, you wanted me to put it a hold as we check everything as the TSA made a mistake?" he asked and Alex nodded to that. "Yeah, not B.O.M.B, but an IED, that was brought on board the plane right now."

"Now our coach set the rules, and these guys were supposed to be in rehab, but they still tried to sneak in a very large pile of Jack Daniels whiskey. Thinking I found that out, Carter, the guy that attacked me, thought I busted him. Before I realized it right now, not a real one, but one created by these guys." he said and heard an irritated tone to that.

"Did these guys ever consider their actions when it came to close to 296 lives at the moment and we had children on board this plane right now?" he said with a stern growl and he sighed as he said it. "That's a big negative, and they're all being arrested for it, but what just happened I can't explain, all I can do is put it to use."

"But evidently these idiots were not thinking of this right now, but I'm stating this next question to you, you idiots, but are the lives of our class and everyone on board. Worth getting out from under scrutiny by the cops and the coach, the faculty. Even our parents right now, are those lives worth it?" he asked and he heard a stern tone to that remark.

"They got a very sick look on their faces, but I think this answers your question son, so I think they do see it as just that. But a bunch of suicide terrorists, and if not for you and they would have murdered us. But that is not worth getting out from under the microscope, but you did it, by alerting us to that fact, kiddo."

"But you're right, if that ability is good for something, then you can save a bunch as lives. But if not for this fact and the fact that if they hadn't drugged you, especially if that's what they did. we would have listened to you sooner, and we are now, we'll be back in a bit." the steward said and and he nodded sternly.

"And I'm saving as many lives as possible, but we got a teenage version to executive decision here, unknowing or not it doesn't matter." he said and heard a stern tone to that. "Then you just arrested the leader of a group of amateur terrorists at the moment and got us to bring it down right now?" he asked and Alex nodded firmly.

"More like you arrested him, but they were praying you were never going to listen to me, after making it look like I suffered an acid trip. Or whatever this crap really is at the moment right, but that's just the problem. Were it not for the fact their idea backfired when he attacked me, you would be too furious to think straight right now here."

"Until the possible second theory activated and destroyed the plane right right now." he said and he heard a stern tone to that. "Well then I'm relieved you explained to me what the hell was going on and why you looked like that. But your friend just saved us and you right now in this case." he said and Alex nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, I know the remarks of free speech and what doesn't come with it, regarding the fire in a crowded theater, but everyone in my cabin, relax. And guys, MA high school students: listen up, my side of the team and the rest of the class, listen to me." he said and knew Todd's brother took charge at that as he said it gently to them at that

"This situation was a set up, regarding me, but your troublemakers of the team, you're in big trouble, all other members our class. Revert back to the years when we were 1st to 4th grade students, what was it we did during emergency procedures. And from tornado to fire drills, remember that guys, when we no older then the kids on board right."

"You remember what we did back then, from science experiments if these guys hotshots mixed the wrong thing in class. Or said something lit something on fire and we had to go to what we were taught back?" he said and heard a tone of understanding from 30 of the 34 teenagers as he said it softly to them as he went further at that remark.

"You remember we did this all the time." he asked and he heard it a second time. "What are we to the kids even younger then we are, their parents had kept calling us. And for this reason exactly, but listen to me carefully and these kids depend on us. And to protect them, so nobody panic, stay calm or or you're going to scare them, so take charge."

"When as cubs, so pretend that's what this is and just relax, as we see if it goes or not, but don't say it or you're going to scare the hell out of our youngest passengers. They depend on our age group to take care of them, don't give them a reason to panic here. Just relax and get them into the vans okay." he said and heard 30 voices answer that.

And with a gentle tone to that remark then. "With us at our current age, we act like what we did for them as they grew up, but our age group, you deal with the kids. While their parents get their gear, repeat, all high school students choose a kid and deal with them. While their parents get their stuff and be read to move when the escape hatch opens."

"Unload by section through the emergency exits guys, so we don't have someone getting trampled." he added and heard a bemused tone to that from the pilot. "Nice touch, we use the escape hatches to get out and while your uncle, Luke and I. We go out the front door, and it's only a 4 foot drop here." he said to that remark gently then.

"You definitely been listening to me too much cub, but you're right, again, everyone don't panic, just relax, we leave by section, and single file." he heard and from the voice of his godfather at that. "Like dealing with a fire drill when in grade school, at the moment right now." the head of the security said and Alex nodded to that.

"One, 2, 3..., there's six of you here and 34 more on the plane, so who's who?" the manager asked and he took the manifest and underlined four of the names on it, and then said it. "These four are his gang, but the others are all like us, the quartet and me, Sir, but they've passed the level of being arrested repeatedly for this right now."

"And went right to the level of needing to be committed for rehab right now." he said and they nodded as she looked at him bemused. "Going to fire drill status, that's a really good idea where kids younger then 10 are concerned at the moment." the female guard said to him and Lewton nodded in agreement to her thoughts with a gentle smile.

"Nice way to prevent a panic attack, as our youngest see this as a fire drill and not a life threatening situation." Lewton said and he nodded to that. "That's my intention alright, the youngest are my charges, they're no older then the kids that the narrator saved. When in the book, so to prevent a panic attack, I'm acting as the responsible sitter."

"To protect my baby siblings now, but the narrator or Wes in the tv show, during the first season, after they got captured by that planet." he said and she nodded, as they saw the hatches open and then a push stair was put next to those doors. As each section was set up as he said it. "Unload now." he said and heard an affirmative to that remark gently.

"If these guys try to stall, and his gang are the quartet who are looking at you in a panic Colonel, Major, Captain. The coach knows these guys have a drinking problem and I know you're an M.D. and at the coach's old base just outside of town right now. But if these guys try to resist now, arrest them for breaking rehab and public intoxication right now."

"Again Colonel, I want any military officers to arrest and drag them off the plane, because they're holding up the evacuation. But grab them and leave their carry on luggage right now, and get their real luggage and separate it from the majority." he said to the loaders and the crew staff and heard seven affirmatives to that remark then.

"I'm going to what I would have learned from the cops, or the FBI here, regarding this, but lost of 1/4 of the evidence, and 3/4's survive, but bad news for you guys, did you forget something?" he asked and and Carter looked at him in shock. "As they get the black box, and with it, what is the one way to identify who each bag belongs to."

"And when in high school or college and we get these once we start at these two levels?" he asked and Carter paled at that remark then. "Oh god, yeah I forgot about that part right now, standard procedure, we leave spare our I.D.'s in the main luggage." Billy said with a stern laugh at that remark as Todd and Terri moved to him at that.

"Yeah and that turned into a double edged sword right now, as a result right now, they just stabbed themselves in the leg. As to why now, it's because this gives them a way, in the case of our guests. And as our guests are able to identify who it was who accidentally destroyed the damn thing now." he said and the quartet smiled sternly at that news.

At that as Lewton nodded to that. "Yeah I see what you're saying: for the FBI to identify who what luggage belongs to. So when the tags get cooked off right now so they know who with the tags burned off in the fire right now. Then we left a spare I.D. in the main luggage right now and as we take the carry on with us, but now that plan, for them.

"That turned into a double edged sword at the moment, as to why right now, it leaves the reason why the plane exploded and giving the identities of who did it. As it also left a way to identify who the criminal was right now as a result here, if I was the latest. And I would have told you now, after I realized why we lost the duo and then me next."

"And to find it and turn it in, but looks like you don't need to now, as we just search the luggage to what they were sneaking on board the flight right now in this case." she said to that as the sextet went into a line at that remark gently. "Yeah, no kidding at the moment, but this leaves a single idea of checking, guys hang onto him right now."

"Because every bottle in the carry on luggage is being destroyed and the rest is in the hands of the cops and whoever our guests are. But if he loses it now, then he knows there is no getting away with this as he's being turned over. And to our guests at the moment now and with him, his gang." he said and they nodded as Carter said it then.

"Guests?!" he repeated and Alex crossed his arms. "Our town's guests, Carter, said are whoever in either department is coming to investigate that accident. But they know I had nothing to do with this, as I did 75% of their job for them right now. But I'm reporting directly to the leader when he arrives right now." he said and Carter paled at that news.

"Guys, grab the carry on and get rid of the bottles, however many there are throw it back on the plane, we're blowing it all. But whoever had the bottle that exploded and started the F.U.S.E., is one of however many smuggled in on the carry on luggage. But grab their bags, but leave the bottles." he said and heard several adult voices to that remark gently.

"What are you doing, Browning?!" Carter shouted in shock at that remark, as the guards restrained him. "To prove it was never me, it always you, we see if that plane goes, this time when on the ground now. You smoke and you drink, but you forget something, TSA checks for matches, or that matches contain phosphorous, which is sulfur now."

"Why are matches considered a threat exactly, down the lavatory sink drain or down the toilet, how about the fact that commercial flights like this. They always have a elevator to get to electronics room, so what's their first thought. If the fuselage is so weak that something just exploded on it, and combining that with alcohol and a packet of matches."

"So what happens when you mix sulfur with alcohol, jet fuel and engine oil without the oxygen thrown in there to finish it off. And there is a lit match next to it, a chain reaction explosion, adding more fuel to the fire. Until the engine explodes and takes every bottle of J.D. with it now, huh?" he asked and the boy paled at that as he struggled to get free.

"No getting passed this, you drove that nail into your coffin, but I'm free of this, but you did this to yourselves, all we had to do was show up for it. But you now, so the only person responsible for destroying your life is you now. Not me, but you, you reacted too fast to take it back right now, Carter." Alex said sternly and the group nodded sternly.

"Leave the alcohol on board the plane, if it's in the carry on luggage, we're destroying every bottle, but the main luggage. Get it and set it aside, it's evidence for the cops and authorities, as I don't doubt every piece of what their plan was. Was in the main luggage as we find out what they drugged me with right now, and their student I.D.'s now."

"Get the tank off the plane, but get anything that could be used to create an explosion and leave it there. And it's because our arrest and his gang brought 2 of the ingredients for an IED. They created a 200 ton rocket out of these ingredients, over-sized rocket in fireworks." Alex told them and they heard 3 affirmatives as they looked out the window.

"Guys, you get the black box and the camera on board the plane?" he asked and he heard the pilot answer that one. "Yeah we did, what's the time exactly?" he asked and he explained that as he checked his watch. "You have 4:45 at the moment here right, but just relax at the moment, nobody panic." he said and heard a gentle response.

As they did it then gently. "Okay 4:20, 4:10, 3:50." he said, counting down as they waited they quickly evacuated the plane, unloaded it and moved away from it. "You get the bottles?" he asked and heard the voice of one of the soldiers. "Yeah, in total there was 26 bottles, that's counting the shattered one that the lit the fuse, kiddo."

"We're checking their luggage once we get back upstairs right now." he said as he lead the group and to the other side of the run way. "Alright 17, 16, 15, 14, 13." Alex said counting down as he checked it then quickly and said it, checking the time. He gave the warning to them quickly. "Cover up!" Alex shouted to them as he grabbed the girls.

And covered them with his own body. "Fire in the hole!" he shouted out and they and everyone in hearing range of them all quickly covered up at the warning shout then. And just as the plane exploded and destroying the window as they all covered up at that. As the jolt from the blast got all of their attention in shock at this as he heard a shout.

"Whoa!" Todd and Billy shouted at that in shock, as he let go and the female security guard moved to him and the trio as he collapsed in relief and fell back on his elbows. And in shock as the female guard pulled him against her in relief he was right. "What?!" Carter said, shaking as he looked at him in shock to that as the quintet nodded, relieved.

"Two miles out and this far away and it still breaks the window right now!" the guard said in shock at that. "Yeah, the IED was so loaded with the effects of ethanol, the blast can be felt from all the way over here as the shock-wave breaks the window." Alex said to him, before they heard a second explosion and nodded with a bemused look at that.

"There goes the bottles, but like a ton of fireworks here." he said and Todd looked out the window. "Like the fucking fourth of July out there, but these scum bags want to kill kids, then they deserve anything they get." he said as they heard a follow up explosion in answer to that. "Alright, watch the language." Lewton said with a bemused tone to that.

"Jesus, like a few dozen blocks of C-4 here!" the manager shouted in amazement as they all waited for the ringing in their ears to stop. "That or a rocket launcher, the book and game comes to mind, but answer this. Would a terrorist risk killing themselves when destroying something, how about a drug lord like Sanchez, because as we all know."

"Stingers or Rocket launchers could destroy a plane if you aimed it just right at the moment." he said and they looked at Carter. "That's why god created blast doors in the military, for this reason exactly, as the blast shield and doors. It prevents anyone from getting hit by the glass or shrapnel right now." he said and the adult nodded, bemused.

"You guys okay?" Alex asked and they nodded. "The other paraphrase is the same as the insult that was thrown back at the Soc that ended up dead. I was saying it for all three of us, as we're sick to death of his gang picking on us. But what if I was allergic to this crap you drugged me with, ever consider that?!" he said and the adults nodded sternly then.

"So his remark struck the match and lights the fuse, your's was basically saying you're sick of his picking on you guys and if he was drinking. The only trip that he's taking is directly to the hospital for a detox, immediately, assault and battery." the manager said and Alex nodded as the group crossed their arms and the guard looked at Carter sternly.

"Well I can just tell that to who in which side gets sent up here, but you're not in trouble, that was no crying wolf, you were telling us the truth." The manager said to him and he nodded as he relaxed in relief as the female guard rubbed his back gently. "I don't know how I knew it was going to go, but I did, but this has never happened to me before."

"But at least I got it down, before it exploded, and the last sentence was delayed and never said at the moment, thanks man, I owe you big right now." Alex said and Billy smiled at him as the quartet smiled in relief at that. "You're welcome man, but best friends and brothers, we share a link between us over this now, starting now."

"This starts a second time and I'm turning in the murderer to the cops and whoever comes to investigate this to get you exonerated." he said and Lewton smiled as she, Clear and Billy exchanged looks at that. "The one sentence that would have you looking like the prime suspect, nice try, young man." Lewton said sternly to Carter at that then.

"Nice try in trying to bait him with getting him to say the remark that gets the heat off you, mister. But didn't work, your ass is in serious trouble, young man: public intoxication, assault and battery, disturbing the peace, starting a riot on a commercial international flight, threats, no getting out of this right now buster, you're screwed."

"Whoever of the precincts involved knows the most about your record, and they're ones we're contacting for this." The guard said with a stern growl in her voice. "Rephrase that last remark, you, the adults in town, all see me this way, best student. You picked me for this reason exactly when we started the book." Alex said to Lewton and she nodded then.

"Before the murder/suicide job, yeah I see it alright and nice try, but it didn't work, it was close, but his just shouting it out to you, you just prevented it, you're a hero." she said and he nodded smiling as he pressed his forehead to her's and she hugged him tightly, watching them, the quintet smiled in relief, that nothing changed for them at that.