(Millie woke up to get ready for school, In the kitchen, she saw her brother Coop and her father Burt, Burt was cooking eggs and Coop was eating cereal, Millie notice that Coop doesn't have his school supplies)

Millie: Coop, Where are your school supplies?

Coop: I have a doctor's appointment.

Millie: Okay.

(Millie hears the bus)

Millie: I'll skip breakfast! Bye!

Burt: Bye Honey!

(At School, Millie was at her classroom until the speaker came on)

Speaker: Can I have Millie BurtonBurger to the principal office please and take your stuff.

Millie's Teacher: She will be their!

(The speaker went off)

(Millie got her stuff and went to the principal office, in their Principal looked sad)

Millie: Why did you call me here?

Principal: I got a call from the hospital saying that Your Brother... And Your father... Had a car accident, so, I'm giving your the rest of the day off and I'm dropping you off to the hospital.

Millie: Okay.

(At the hospital, Millie was waiting outside of the hospital room, the doctor came out)

Doctor: are you Millie BurtonBurger?

Millie: Yes.

Doctor: I'm sorry Millie but your brother and your father...didn't made it out. We tried our best we could to let them live...unfortunately they passed away a few moments ago. I'm sorry Millie, but...their gone.

(Millie was shocked to hear the news, she went back home, devastated about what happened)

The Next Day

(It was Friday and after school, Millie went to the living room, crying)

(Then Millie hear a voice)

Dennis: Millie?

(It was Dennis)

Dennis: What's wrong.

Millie: Your going to upset when I say this but...Coop and Daddy has a car accident yesterday and...passed away.

(Dennis was shocked to hear the news)

Dennis: I'm sorry Millie.

(Dennis gave Millie a hug, Millie hugged him back, then the two let go)

Millie: Now I have no one to take care of me!

Dennis: What about Mrs. Munson?

Millie: She has Cancer Dennis, remember?

Dennis: Right, So, who's going to take care of you now?

Millie: I don't know, First I lost my mommy from a heart attack and now I lost Coop and Daddy in a car accident. Maybe... You can take care of me?

Dennis: Okay I will.

Millie: Thank you.

(Dennis took great care of Millie and spend some time with her)

The End