Chapter 1

"Octavian!" Cal ran over to her half brother and stopped a few paces away. He was fiddling with something on a catapult and he didn't answer.

"Octavian please! You can stop this!" Cal gestured behind her to the battle raging between their two camps.

This time he looked up. Cal couldn't place the look on his face. She stepped closer again and he watched her hands as she hung her bow over her back. Her cheeks were flushed and her hair was mostly out of the ponytail it used to be in.

"Please Octavian, we're family. Don't you see that? There are bigger enemies to fight!"

She took a step closer.

"You're killing your brothers, your sisters. Does that mean nothing to you?"

Another step. He looked down and fiddled with the side of his robes.

"Please. We can sit down and talk about what you want. I promise you'll be listened to but-"

"What I want?" He interrupted.

Maybe he was willing to talk. She took another step closer to him. He fiddled with his robe again and took a small step towards her.

"Yes!" Cal almost reached over to clutch his arm but thought better of it, "Whatever you want I promise we'll listen. Just call off the attack and we can-"

She stopped. Octavian smirked.

The wind was knocked out of her lungs. The air wouldn't go back in right. She felt something wet on her side. She looked down and saw Octavian holding something to her side where the gap in her armour was. He pulled it away. Blood coated his hand and glinted on the knife he held.

Wait, knife?

That hadn't been there before, had it? She put a hand to her side and felt something slick. She pulled it away and saw blood covering her hand.

The battle muffled in her ears. She tried to suck in a breath but couldn't get a full one in. More blood fell down her side.

"I want you to die."

Her legs gave out.


"I don't care if we're family. I want all the Greeks gone," He crouched over her and streaked her head with his bloody hand, "I would've preferred to just watch you all kill each other, but I guess I had to get my hands dirty at some point,"


"At least you'll have a nice view while you're dying, far away from anyone that could help you," his eyes were too wide, his grin stretched too far.


"Say hello to Hades for me," He plunged the knife into her side again and grinned. He ripped it out as he stood up.


She couldn't speak, couldn't call for help. He walked away and didn't look back.


She would die there and no one would know until after the fighting had finished.


She prayed to her father. To Hades, to Thanatos, to Zeus. She prayed to every god she could name to please help her. She prayed until her vision turned blurry and her thoughts started to muddle.

Maybe she should sleep. Sleep was a good idea.

Her eyelids fluttered. At least it was a sunny day.

Wait! Just hold on a little longer sunshine.

Her eyes opened back up.

I'm so sorry sunshine. Please stay awake.

She was so tired.

No! I'm sending you somewhere to get help, but you have to stay awake.

Help. Help was good. She needed help.

I love you sunshine.

She felt a small glimmer of hope in her chest.

Thank you dad.

Anyone who had happened to glance down the hill at that moment would have seen a flash of light, and the body of a caramel haired girl disappear. The only evidence of her having been there at all was the large puddle of blood she left behind.


Anakin was walking through the temple halls with his master on the way to the sparring mats. That hadn't sparred in a few days and he was itching for some action. He'd been a bundle of energy recently, like his muscles were coiled and waiting for something. He hoped a spar would get rid of some of his bundled energy, for a while at least.

He'd been thinking about different lightsaber techniques when a muffled whisper blew past his ear.

He stopped.

Obi-wan kept walking a few paces before he noticed his Padawan had stopped and turned to face him and tilted his head.


"Did you hear that? Anakin asked.

"Hear what?"

Anakin didn't reply. He looked around and listened for the voice. Maybe he'd imagined it.

He shook his head slightly and walked a few steps to catch up to his master when he heard it again.


He was sure he hadn't imagined it that time.

"Someone just said help,"

Obi-wan frowned. "Are you sure? I didn't hear anything."

He looked his master in the eyes. "I'm sure. The first time I couldn't make it out but that time someone definitely said help,"

Obi-wan looked around. They couldn't see anyone, but Anakin was sure he'd heard some one call out.


"There it is again!" He whipped his head around to search for the source of the voice.


The was a small tug in his gut that led back in the direction they'd come from. He whirled around and looked back down the corridor.

"Anakin?" Obi-wan called.


There was a soft urgent to the voice. He started running.

"Anakin wait! Where are you going?" He heard Obi-wan running behind him but he didn't stop. He had to get to this person. Had to help them.


It was louder now. He thought it might've been a female voice. The end of the hall. He had to get to the end of the hall.

There was a glow that came from around the corner and the pull he felt got stronger. He pushed his legs harder. Just as he was a few steps away, the light vanished as though it had never been there, but the pull remained. He grabbed the wall and skidded round the corner and slipped on something on the floor.

He fell backwards and landed in a puddle. Something slimy coated his hands. He turned them over and found blood? He looked down and followed the growing puddle to a girl lying on her back and completely soaked in sticky blood.

"Master!" Anakin screamed in panic.

Obi-wan rounded the corner seconds later but didn't slip as his Padawan had. His eyes widened.

The girl was still alive, but barely. He could see her chest moving but her breathing seemed ragged and she looked to be fighting to keep her eyes open.

"Oh my," Obi-wan's voice trembled slightly. Neither of them had been expecting this.

"Quickly, we must get her to the halls of healing," Obi-wan helped his Padawan up and they hurried to the girl. Anakin bundled her in his arms and sprinted towards the halls. Obi-wan ran ahead to warn the healers.

"You're going to be alright," he said to her, " I promise,"

He didn't know if she heard him. She was so still in his arms. Her eyes were open, but he didn't think she saw anything.

He ran past a few people who were no doubt startled by the sight of someone sprinting past them carrying a girl covered in blood.

His robes were soaked by the time he got to the halls of healing and he was ushered into a room straight away. He put her down on a bed and stepped back as the girl was swarmed by healers. He stood and watched as they shouted jargon he didn't understand and cut away her chest plate and shirt. Someone noticed he was still in the room and ushered him out and slammed the door in his face.

He stared at the door. He could hear muffled shouts coming from inside the room but nothing he could make out. He backed away and found a chair to sit in and rested his head in his hands. In his rush and panic he hadn't noticed the armour she wore. She must be some sort of soldier. But how did she get inside the temple? And how did he know she was there?

He could feel her life force throb weakly. She wanted to hold on, he could tell that much, but he didn't know if she would.

Obi-wan came and sat beside him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"How did you know?" He asked softly.

"I don't know master. I don't know."


There was a beeping coming from somewhere. It was annoying, Calliope wanted it to stop. She wanted to get up so she could turn the stupid beeping off. Was it an alarm? Had she slept in? But she couldn't muster up the energy to open her eyes. So she let herself fall back into the blackness of sleep and forgot about the beeping.

The next time her consciousness rose she heard someone talking. It was muffled and far away, like they were speaking underwater. But she wanted to hear what they were saying.

"Please…..don't know who…where...came from…please…. wake up."

Wake up.

She wanted to wake up.

She pulled herself up slowly through inky blackness.

Open your eyes.

She couldn't quite do it.

There was something heavy and warm in one of her hands. She tried to move it but only managed a slight twitch. Something squeezed her hand back.

She was lying on something soft. A bed? She couldn't remember going to sleep.

The hand squeezed her own again. She guessed she should squeeze back. Was that polite?

The voice was back.

"Hello? Can you hear me? Squeeze my hand if you can hear me,"

She did.

She wanted to see who was speaking to her. Who was holding her hand. Was it one of her brothers? She thought it sounded like a guy, but she couldn't be sure.

"Can you open your eyes?"

Could she? Her eyes were so heavy she didn't think it was possible to open them.

She tried to lift her lids open a sliver and was blinded by light.


Well at least she knew she could open them.

"Come on you can do it,"

Apparently she had a cheerleader.

As tempting as it was to fall back into the blackness, she forced her lids to open and was greeting but a big smudge of bright. Nice. That's exactly what she didn't want to see. She blinked and it got a little less smudge like. Progress! The more she blinked and the longer her eyes were open the more her vision improved and after a good minute, she got a lovely view of a plain grey ceiling.

She had been so focused on seeing properly she'd forgotten about the cheerleader holding her hand until a head interrupted her view of the ceiling. It was a fairly good looking head. The hair was a bit strange but his eyes were lovely.

Hello handsome.

He jolted in shock. Had she spoken out loud? That would've been embarrassing if she did, but she didn't think her mouth had moved.

"Did you just say something?" Mr handsome asked.

I can barely open my eyes, how do you expect me to move my mouth, she thought.

He jolted again. What was going on? There's no way he could hear me talking in my mind.

"Okay, that was weird," he mumbled.

You're weird.

"Hey! I'm not weird!"

Her eyes widened in shock. There's no way he heard that.

Okay then. If you can hear me even though I definitely don't think you can because that's ridiculous… My name's Calliope. What's your name?

She felt absolutely stupid trying to talk to this person in her head, but what the hell. If he couldn't hear her then there was no hurt in it.

"Uhh. My name's Anakin? Nice to meet you Cal-eye-oh-pee?"

He looked just as shocked as she felt. She did think it was funny how he stumbled over her name though.

"Can you please say something out loud so I know I'm not crazy going crazy?" Anakin asked.

If opening her eyes had been so hard she knew speaking was going to be virtually impossible, but she'd give it a go.

She swallowed and opened her mouth, only for a loud croak to come out.

Anakin laughed. She wanted to smack the laugh off his face, but she couldn't really move except for squeezing his hand, so she squeezed it as hard as she could. She actually managed a solid grip, but nothing close to the crushing feeling she wanted.

He looked down at their joined hands and chuckled again, "Sorry, but that was a little funny."

She huffed and narrowed her eyes at him.

"How funny would it be with my foot up your arse?" She croaked. It wasn't a nice sound by any means, but at least she managed a sentence.

"You spoke! That's great!" Anakin's entire face lit up at her words.

"What would really be great is if you could tell me where I am," Cal grumbled as she glanced around the room that, conveniently, didn't have any windows.

"Oh! Yes of course. You're in the halls of healing in the Jedi temple on Coruscant," he replied confidently, like she was supposed to know what any of that meant.


"The halls of healing in the Jed-"

"Yeah I heard you the first time, but I have no idea what any of that that means," Cal interupted

"The Jedi temple?" She looked at him blankly.

"The Jedi? Keepers of the peace?" Still nothing.

"Coruscant? The capital of the Republic?"

"Is that supposed to mean something to me?"

Anakin frowned. Was she supposed to know what any of that meant? No matter how hard she wracked her brain she couldn't find anything relating to any of what he'd just said.

"I'm going to go get a healer. I'll be back, I promise," she nodded weakly in reply and squeezed his hand. He smiled and squeezed hers back before he turned and left the room.

With Anakin gone and nothing else to do, she looked around and studied the room she was in. He'd said something about healing halls, so she assumed she was in an infirmary. She'd spent a fair amount of time in infirmaries both as a patient and as a healer, but nothing in the room was familiar to her. There was a machine to her left that looked like it displayed her heart rate and blood pressure, but didn't look anything like a normal vital sign monitor. Maybe that's where the beeping was coming from.

She was studying a machine on her right when the door slid open and she jolted in fright. Anakin walked back into the room with another person and she relaxed slightly before tensing again when she looked closer at the other person who accompanied Anakin.

"Calliope, this is Jedi Healer Vokara Che. She's been looking after your recovery," Anakin explained.

Cal just stared at her.

She's blue.

Anakin frowned.

"Yes, she is… is that a problem?" Vokara Che glanced between us in confusion.

I've never met a blue person before.

Anakin looked at the healer as though he were expecting her to say something, but she just looked confused.

"Well now you have," He turned to the healer who still looked extremely confused, "Master Che, this is Calliope,"

"I'm sorry, am I missing something?"

Anakin and I frowned.

"You can't hear her?" Anakin asked.

"Of course not, she hasn't said a word," Master Che crossed her arms

"I-" Cal tried to talk but it just came out as a croak again and huffed.

I can't talk. She said to Anakin.

"What do you mean you can't talk, you were talking before?"

Cal narrowed her eyes at him. It hurts.

"Okay can someone tell me what's going on?" Master Che glanced between the two of us expectantly.

Cal glanced at the blue woman before she looked at Anakin and motioned her head in the healer's direction.


Anakin huffed and crossed his arms.


He rolled his eyes and turned to the healer, "Calliope seems to be able to speak to me in my mind,"

The healer tilted her head and her eyes narrowed. It seemed like this wasn't a regular occurance then.

"What's she saying now?"

Anakin raised his eyebrows at her expectantly.

I don't know what to say to her. Anakin scoffed.

"What you can't think of anything?"

Why don't I knock you out and put you in a strange room with a strange blue lady?

Cal smirked as he barked a laugh. Anakin shook his head and turned to Master Che,

"She doesn't know what to say to you. I guess just ask her questions?" He looked at Cal at the last part and she nodded in reply. Vokara Che seemed a little hesitant but agreed anyway.

"Alright, how old are you?"


Anakin relayed her answer.

"When is you're birthday?"

December 11th 2002.

They both looked confused at my answer but moved on to the next one.

"You came to us with several stab wounds to your upper right torso, do you remember what happened?"

Cal looked down in thought. She had a vague memory but couldn't quite get a hold of it.

"Calliope?" Anakin asked.

Give me a second, I'm trying to remember.

She'd been at camp, and she was fighting. Why was she fighting? She saw a flash of someone in a purple toga and bronze armour. The Romans! The Romans had attacked us! She'd been with her siblings and the other archers when she'd spotted Octavian. She'd thought she could get him to call off the attack. They were talking but then she was on the ground. Why was she on the ground?

Her eyes widened.

I was at camp, the Romans had attacked us. I saw my half brother Octavian, their leader, and tried to get him to call off the attack. We were talking and I thought he was listening to me but... He stabbed me.

Tears streamed down her face.

He left me for dead. My own brother.

Anakin sat on the edge of my bed and clutched my hand with both of his.

"I'm so sorry," his voice wobbled. She thought she saw tears in his eyes but she couldn't be sure.

"What did she say?" The healer's voice startled both of them. Anakin squeezed Cals hand and turned to the healer and recounted what she'd told him.

Cal looked down the hand that was clutched between Anakin's. She'd known Octavian was cruel, but to leave a sibling to die alone? Even the Earth Mother wasn't that cruel.

Cal gasped.

The Earth mother! She was rising! She had to get back to camp, they were in danger.

Cal tried to get up but cried out when a sharp pain shot down her side.

Anakin whipped around and pushed her back on the bed.

"What are you doing you can't get up yet!"

No! I need to get back, I need to help them!

"Help who?"

My friends! They need my help, they're in danger!

She tried to get up again but this time the blue healer came over and held her down as well.

"You cannot get up yet," the healer looked her right in her eyes. Cal thought she was staring into her soul, "You have a lot of internal damage and we just finished putting you back together. If you get up now you'll ruin all that work, and I don't know if we can put you back together a second time,"

Cals face paled. She looked at Anakin in fear. She knew being stabbed was a big deal. She'd seen hundreds of stab wounds in the infirmary at camp. Octavian must have really known what he was doing when he'd tried to kill her.

Anakin steeled his features, "I'm not going to let anything happen to you okay? He can't get you here, you're safe. I can try find out what happened at your camp if you want. Would that make you feel better?"

Cals heart pounded. She'd met this man barely 10 minutes ago and he was willing to find out what happened at a battle that had nothing to do with him, and at an unplottable camp just to put her at ease.

Cal smiled and nodded.

He smiled back at her and squeezed her hand.

"Is there anything else you want to ask before I leave?" Anakin turned and asked the healer.

"Just one more thing," Cal nodded and looked at healer Che and waited for her question.

"How did you get inside the temple?"

Cal blanched. How did she get here? The last thing she remembered was lying on the grass and getting very sleepy. She told Anakin as much and all three of them looked completely boggled as to what happened.

"Well if you remember anything else please let me know. Do you need anything while I'm here?" Che stepped back from the bed in preparation to leave.

Some water would be nice. She told Anakin.

"Just some water. I can help her drink it,"

Che nodded and left to get her drink.

Anakin looked away from her and absently stroked the back of her hand with his thumb. Tingles shot up her spine at the touch.

"I promise I'll get to the bottom of this Calliope. We'll figure this out," she studied the side of his face. His jaw was clenched and his shoulders were pulled tight. She couldn't tell what was going through his head but everything he'd said and done so far made her want to trust him.

It's Cal.

Anakin looked back at her, "What?"

She looked away shyly.

My friends call me Cal.

He grinned and the tension in his shoulders melted away.

"Alright. Cal it is,"


Thanks for reading everyone! This is the first chapter to a story I'm thinking of writing. Let me know what you think!

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