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"Ordinarily, the soul reduces itself into mana, then gets mixed with someone else's mana or recomposes itself into something else. However, you are a person from another world so I wouldn't know what may happen to you."

That was what Hitogami told me when I asked him what was gonna happen to me. I didn't put much stock into Hitogami's words at the time, other than the fact that it meant I wouldn't see Paul or Gisu in Heaven. It's funny now that I think about it. I was so sure that it was truly the end, even though there was a precedent that showed there was a possibility otherwise.

Well, if there was any form of proof needed to convince me, the past few minutes sure showed me otherwise.

Let's see, how did it go again...

When I first woke up, my eyes were blinded and narrowed in discomfort. Panicking slightly, I tried to move my body but found out that my body wasn't moving as I wanted.

Adjusting to the brightness, I found a young woman gazing at me. A rather large young willowy looking woman with a nice smile. And when I say large, I don't mean in the sense that the woman was excessively tall, but the fact that she looked like she was multiple my size proportionally.



Okay, so this is all really familiar. I'm guessing I reincarnated again. Wow, didn't think this was actually gonna happen again. So let's see what's going on.

The young woman in front of me, I'm guessing she's my mother, smiled and said something in— English! That was English! Sure, I might have forgotten a few words with the passage of time, but I'm pretty sure that's English she's speaking in. Which means that this might be Earth!

The woman smiled at me and said a few words.


Okay, so even though I don't know the language (and wow, this is some strange deja vu) at least I have a better inkling this time how to learn the language. And if it really comes to it, I can probably talk to someone in Japanese if I want someone to translate for me. Not that I'm gonna, since it's gonna look crazy if a recently born baby suddenly spouts out native skills in a language from a different ethnicity.

Wait a moment.

Looking at the woman, I confirmed my earlier thought. The woman is very White and clearly not Asian. So unless my new dad is Japanese or some kind of Asian, it's gonna be very hard to explain how their newborn kid knows how to speak Japanese.

Speaking of which, where is my dad?

Oh, there he is... I think? The reason why I'm confused is that there are two men standing over me now. Both of them are crowding over me cooing and smiling happily at me. I can't figure out which one between them is my sperm doner since I don't know enough of how I look like to compare myself to them.

Oh wow, I just realized that I'm actually getting another set of parents. I... don't quite know how I feel about that. To this day, I never fixed my relationship with my first life's parents, even though I was a right bastard most of the time.

In my second life I grew close to my Dad, but not in the parental sense. Paul was kinda more like that cool older guy friend that I respected more so than a father. My mother Zenith was also another relationship I didn't exactly do justice by. Sure, I spent a part of my childhood being raised by her. But ever since I moved away early to take that teaching position and after that whole mana calamity thing and finding her years later with most her memories gone, it wasn't exactly a normal relationship either.

The three adults were talking to each other now, taking a glance every now and then to check on me. Now that you're all caught up with my situation, I'm gonna take a little nap now.

Oh damn, it's gonna suck growing up all over again...


Okay, so I might be a little stupid.

A few months have passed since I was first aware of the world. Nothing really special happened - since duh, I'm a baby - other than the occasional interaction between my parents and what I'm guessing were friends of theirs. The only exciting parts were the happy fun times my parents had next door.

Well, at least I don't have to worry about an unloving relationship.

It took me a while to figure out my name. English was still a bit hard for me to understand, but I just paid attention to the repetitive usage of certain words directed at me. Now, when I first figured out that my new name is Taylor Hebert, I didn't think much of it. It's a pretty unisex name after all. It wasn't until I found myself paying attention to the sensations to my body while my mother changed my diaper that I realized it.

I'm a girl.

Wow, it took me a while to realize that. So after a few days of me freaking out over that realization, I eventually calmed myself down to think about how this was gonna change things.

Like... what are the pros.

Well, I can now say I have the best Nekama* voice if I ever need to use it. And, I can probably play as being either/or as a kid for a while. Hell, didn't I used to think Sylphy was a boy when we first met? I can act as a shota* for all the pretty older ladies if I play to the androgynous child factor.

And then there are the cons.

Looking at my mother, while pretty in a certain librarian kinda way, she's not exactly a top model or anything like that. So I'm gonna guess I'll be average or maybe even a bit above average in terms of appearance when I grow up, but not exactly head-turning. Which is fine, since I don't exactly know how I'll feel about guys looking at me in that way.

Damn, is this karma for all my perverted tendencies from not one, but two, lifetimes.

Also, there's hygiene. I'm pretty sure I can't just wash and towel-dry my hair like I used to anymore. And oh god, puberty. I know enough thanks to me having raised a few daughters of my own, but I am not looking forward to that once I grow up.

While there are those fun happy thoughts that I'll have to worry about, the biggest is the fact that there is a huge societal difference between how men and women are treated. Assuming this is Earth and that society is familiar enough that I can rely on past experiences to base it off of, then how I'm gonna be treated is going to be completely something I am not used to.

Since I can't change the fact that I'm a girl now - well, I can but I don't exactly know how much I'm willing to go through with that - I'll have to now worry about the gender wage gap, abuse against women, expectations on marriage and homemaking skills, sexual discrimination, etc.

Give a baby nothing to do for a few days and they'll think up a ton of things in their free time.

But no! I am Rudeus Greyrat, now Taylor Hebert. I won't let such problems stop me in this life. I mastered multiple languages, created my own religion, been bestowed with the title of 'Hero', and was ranked 7th of the Seven Great World Powers. I fought Demon Lords and conquered dungeons and faced off against Orsted. No matter what comes my way, I'll take them on!

...after I change my diaper.

*Nekama* - Japanese word for a person pretending to be a member of the opposite sex online, especially in online games.

*Shota* - Young boys that mainly appeal to Japanese girls.