Hello! you are about to read the first chapter of this story, Hunger Games Jr, Enjoy!

In the sunny meadows of district 12, Katniss Everdeen wakes up with a fright.

She screams, waking up from a nightmare.

"Its okay," Peeta whispers to Katniss "They won't get reaped."

"No, the Hunger Games is rigged, I swear!" Katniss shouts, almost crying.

Kataleya and Rye, their kids, run in.

"Mother, Is everything okay?" Kataleya asks, being 16 she always takes charge. Her messy dark brown hair falls down to her waist, and pale blue eyes looking worryingly at her mother and father.

"Sorry, I just had a bad dream," Katniss says softly "You should get some more sleep, today is a big day." Not thrilled about the reaping, Katniss still tries to put a smile on her face.

Katniss gets out of bed leading Kataleya and Rye back down the hall to their shared bedroom. Tucking them in, Katniss sits on the side of Rye's bed singing and twisting his blonde hair and watching his eyes softly close.

"Deep in the meadow,

Under the Willow.

A bed of grass,

A soft green pillow."

After she finished singing the song, Katniss went to go check on what Peeta was doing.

Walking into the kitchen, Peeta is kneading a big ball of dough with a kettle boiling on the stove.

"You're making my tea for me, you're so sweet." Katniss says, then kisses Peeta on the cheek.

"Anything for you!" Peeta replies with a smile.

"Oh, stop it!" Katniss says with a little smirk.

Katniss makes her tea and sits down at the table, before long Peeta joins with a warm loaf of bread.

As Katniss finishes her cup of tea, she asks Peeta "What are the chances that Kataleya or Rye gets reaped?"

Peeta sighs "I told you they won't get picked. Plus we did not apply for a tesserae." Peeta gets up from the table and says "We should get some more sleep Katniss."

"Okay." Katniss replies as she gets up. She places her cup in the sink and goes back down the hallway into her room.

Little did Katniss and Peeta know, their daughter had heard their entire conversation.

As Kataleya tosses and turns in her bed trying to get to sleep, she think about what her parents said. It's a bad feeling, and at that moment Kataleya regretted sneaking down the creaky hall in their cottage, and eavesdropping on her parents.

"I can't tell anyone, not even Rye." she whispers to herself. She is very close with her brother, they share everything with each other. Their secrets, what they have eavesdropped and even what happened in the day. As her mind races with questions and thoughts, Kataleya finally falls asleep.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter!