Hi there, this is Chapter 13. I hope you enjoy!

Kataleya is awake yet she still keeps her eyes closed. After rolling around under the warm blanket, Kataleya opens one eye to look at the clock. Oh my gosh, I'm 30 minutes late to training. Kataleya jumps out of bed, hurries to the bathroom to get ready. The floor is cold under her feet as she pulls on her training uniform. Brush my teeth, brush my hair, tie it up, ugh why didn't anyone wake me up earlier? Kataleya bursts out of her room door a scent of muffins, eggs, waffles, and fruit fills her nose she runs down the stairs skipping one step at a time. She stops panting when she gets to the living room, "Why didn't anyone wake me up?" Kataleya exclaims "I am going to be late!"

Kataleya stares at her parents and Effie with extreme hate. She walks up the steps to the dining room and snatches a muffin. Before she then slaps the elevator button and rides down to the training center.

When the elevator doors open, Kataleya see's all the other tributes training at stations.

Angered, Kataleya stomps out in a huff over to the nearest station.

Kataleya looks back over her shoulder at everyone else and realizes that they are staring at her. Immediately, bright pink spreads all over Kataleya's face. In deep embarrassment she still tries to focus on training.

(An hour later)

Rye looks over at Kataleya from across the training center wanting to go over to her to talk.

"Ahem," the training instructor clears their throat. "Lunch break."

As all the tributes walk into the lunch hall, Rye starts to walk towards Kataleya. But he stops when Thio taps her on the shoulder.

"Hey there," Thio whispers in Kataleya's ear, she giggles. "Get some lunch and meet me in the maintenance cupboard." Thio points to a cupboard close to the farthest dining table. Thio winks at Kataleya and walks away.

Smiling, Kataleya follows the other tributes to get her lunch. Rye in disgust, follows the line to get mashed potatoes, gravy and sausages. Rye sits across from Nailah. Slowly watching as Kataleya makes her way to the cupboard.

Kataleya knocks on the cold stone door, soon a click of a lock and the door opens. Kataleya walks inside, the cupboard is filled with a clean scent, with cabinets of mops, detergent and soaps. Thio is sitting in the back corner behind two filing cabinets. He motions for her to sit down in front of him, she places down her meal and kneels down.

"Closer." he whispers, as he stares at Kataleya "so no one sees us."

Surprised, Kataleya scoots forwards until their knees touch. It feels like an energy flows through Kataleya. Thio smiles, then takes a spoon full of mashed potatoes and and puts it in his mouth.

A few minutes of eating later, Thio breaks the silence "I want to make this clear,"

Kataleya looks up from her plate, confused.

"We are allies right?"

Avoiding his gaze "Umm … Y.. Yes, yes of course." Kataleya replies nervously.

"Good." Thio smiles.

"But my brother is also coming with us, because I need to protect him." Kataleya says in a more serious tone.

"Yes, obviously." Thio says still smiling. "What's going to happen to us though?"

Kataleya stares at him, motionless.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I mean I like you,"

"Yeah I know."

"But like, more than a friend, like you."

Kataleya stops, thinking about what that means. More than a friend. Romantic feelings?


"Its okay if you don't feel the same way." Thio mumbles, as he stands up with his plate. But as he starts to walk towards the door, Kataleya looks at him.

"Wait," Kataleya tells him, as she stand up. Thio stops and turns around to look at Kataleya. "I, I like you too."

For a moment, they just stare into each others eyes. Then Thio smiles, and swiftly walks up to her nearly chest to chest he places his hands on her jaw. Butterflies erupt in Kataleya's stomach, as they stand there together. Slowly he closes his eyes, and gently presses his rough lips against Katleyas cheek.

Kataleya doesn't know how to feel about this, is he being serious? Because we can't both survive and win, and live happily ever after. Kataleya is in confusion, but she ignores her thoughts and enjoys this moment as it happens.

As Thio releases, they are both smiling and Kataleya feels giddy, like she is about to faint.

Thio walks unlocks the cupboard door, and walks out waving and smiling at Kataleya.

Kataleya sighs, and thinks about what exciting things will happen between Thio and her before the games begin.

Knowing she needs to get back to training, Kataleya picks up her plate of half eaten food, that she has no appetite eat with all the butterflies fluttering in her stomach, she walks out the door.

But as she steps out the door she is confused with who confronts her.

"We need to talk..."

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