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In a dark, seedy bar somewhere in Tokyo two men sat at a table and fidgeted uncomfortably. "I don't like this. That guy gives me the creeps" said one.

"Quiet, he's here" the other one hissed.

A tall, powerful figure strode over to their table and took a seat. Both of them tried not to stare, fearful of angering him. They had heard what he'd done in the United States and how he'd come to Tokyo to bide his time until the heat was off.

"You got my money?" he asked. While he was a foreigner he had learned enough Japanese to get by.

One of them pushed a brown envelope across the table towards him. He opened it, took out a wad of banknotes and counted them. Satisfied, he put the money back in the envelope.

"And the info?"

Another envelope was pushed towards him. This one contained photographs and notes.

The big man nodded. "I'll contact you for the other half when the job's done" he said.

"Then we'll, uh, leave you to it" said the first man.


He didn't spare them a glance as they got up and left. Instead he studied the photographs from the second envelope and the accompanying notes. The first was of an elderly man wearing a pink cassock.

No. The old geezer could die of a heart attack and then he'd be no good to me he thought.

The next picture was of a pretty teenage girl standing on a street. In front of her was a blanket with items of jewellery resting on it.

Hmm, interesting but no. Too public.

The last picture showed a young man walking out of a music shop. He grinned fiercely.


Hibino Hareluya grinned eagerly as he played a handheld video game. He was sitting in an empty classroom in Rakeun High where school had just finished for the day.

"Yoh" Yamana Michiru called as she looked around the door. "Have you seen Ichijou?"

Hibino muttered something incoherent, too engrossed in his game to pay attention to her. She sighed and walked up to him. Taking a deep breath, she yelled as loud as she could. Hibino yelped in surprise and dropped his game. His on-screen self disappeared with a sad-sounding beep.

"Damn it Yamana, Ore-sama was close to getting a new high score" he complained.

"Next time listen when someone asks you something" she countered.

He grumbled and put the game away. "What did you say?"

"I said have you seen Ichijou? I haven't seen him all day."

"No idea" he replied.

Yamana frowned. "Maybe he's sick. We should go to his place and check."

Hibino made a face. "Risk exposing Ore-sama to a disease? No way."

"Come on Hibino, Ichijou's our friend" Yamana chided. "Besides, what germs would dare try to infect you?" she added with a smile.

"That's true." Hibino grinned. "Okay, let's go then."

As they approached the front gate they saw a thin skinny guy standing there. He looked nervous. "Uh excuse me, are you Hibino Hareluya-san?" he asked.

"I am indeed the Invincible Ore-sama" Hibino replied. "What do you want?"

"Uh, I was told to give you this" the skinny guy said. He handed over an envelope and then hurried away. Hibino opened it and took out a note. He scowled as he read it out.

"I have your friend Ichijou. If you want him back come to the construction site, if you dare." He crumpled up the note angrily.

"That's awful!" Yamana said.

"I know" Hibino replied. "How dare he question Ore-sama's daring. Ore-sama will teach this guy a lesson."

"Hibino! What about Ichijou? We have to help him."

"Yes that too" he said dismissively. "Come on, the construction site isn't far."

Hibino brazenly strode into the construction site. Ahead of him he saw Ichijou laying on the ground in front of a large metal scaffolding with his hands tied behind his back and his ankles tied together.

"Look out Hibino, it's a trap!" he called.

Hibino snorted. "Of course it's a trap. You think Ore-sama wouldn't know that?" He looked around the area and said, "okay come out and let's get this nonsense over with."

"Fine by me" said a low, gravelly voice. The speaker stepped out from behind a crane.

He stood over two metres tall and was built like a tank. His skin was translucently pale and his grey-white hair had been cut into a flattop. He wore a black vest, trousers, boots and gloves. The vest was open, displaying his broad chest. A thick leather belt with metal studs encircled his waist. His teeth were filed into sharp points and his cold eyes were a pale blue.

"My name's Tombstone" he said, the points of his teeth glinting. "Some people hired me to put you down Hibino Hareluya."

Hibino laughed. "If you think you can beat Ore-sama then you're dumber than you look."

"Then let's begin" Tombstone replied with a grin as he cracked his knuckles.

Hibino charged forwards and landed three punches to his foe's gut. Tombstone did not even twitch. Hibino paused in disbelief and Tombstone delivered an uppercut that launched him through the air. He hit the ground and jumped back up.

"Good. I hoped you wouldn't make this too easy" said Tombstone. He lifted a metal drum with casual ease and threw it at him. Hibino narrowly dodged and the drum flew past him to crash into a crane.

Tombstone ran at him and threw a series of hooks. Hibino dodged each one and landed a blow to his jaw followed by a knee to the stomach. Tombstone took a step back but then immediately recovered and knocked Hibino to the ground with a mighty haymaker. Hibino took his legs out with a sweep and Tombstone toppled over but he turned his fall into a backwards roll and was on his feet again in seconds.

This may be trouble Hibino thought.

As Tombstone approached Hibino he didn't notice Yamana peering out from behind a stack of rebar. She hurried over to Ichijou, knelt down and quickly untied him.

"Thank you" he said as she helped him up.

"Anytime" she replied with a smile.

His expression darkened as he looked over to see Hibino whaling on Tombstone to no effect. He didn't even seem to feel the hits.

"He needs help" Ichijou said. He ran to join the fray while she climbed up a ladder onto the next level of the scaffolding.

Ichijou picked up a pipe and swung it at the back of Tombstone's head. The impact bent the pipe but he didn't react. His elbow shot out and drove right into Ichijou's gut. The air was blasted out of his lungs and he stumbled back, the pipe dropping to the ground with a clatter. Tombstone turned and sent him flying with a push kick. Ichijou hit the ground and lay gasping for breath.

Hibino used the brief distraction to materialise a wooden sword from behind his back. He swung it at his foe's head but Tombstone caught it with one hand, stopping it dead and then snapped it as if it were a match stick. Before Hibino could react Tombstone landed two devastatingly powerful punches that sent him reeling back. He then effortlessly lifted Hibino over his head, turned around and hurled him through the air. Hibino smashed through a wooden crate and lay dazed amid the splinters. Tombstone strode over, rolled him onto his back with his foot and then lifted Hibino into the air with one hand around his throat.

"Now I'm gonna break you like I broke your toy sword."

Up on the first floor of scaffolding Yamana looked down in disbelief. "Hibino" she said concernedly.

Then she noticed a large bag of cement laying a few feet away. Without hesitation she picked it up and threw it down at Tombstone. The bag burst as it hit him, releasing a cloud of powdered cement. He immediately began coughing and spluttering as he inhaled the dust. Tombstone dropped Hibino and stumbled back while wiping his eyes.

"Nice one!" Hibino said with a grin. She smiled.

He reached behind his back again and drew his baseball bat. Before Tombstone could fully recover Hibino swung it with all his strength and landed a hit to the jaw that spun him around a full circle before he slumped to the ground.

"Ha! Ore-sama wins again" said Hibino.

Yamana climbed down from the scaffolding and hurried over to Ichijou. "Are you okay?" she asked as she helped him up.

"I'm okay" he replied. "Thank you both for saving me."

"Now let's find out who hired this guy" said Hibino as he looked down at the unconscious Tombstone.

After a bit of Hibino's tickle torture Tombstone said that he'd been hired by an assortment of goons that Hibino had previously beaten up. Hibino paid them a visit and convinced them not to try it again.

The next day the three of them were at their usual hang-out, the okonomiyaki restaurant. Hibino had an unusually thoughtful look on his face. Ichijou and Yamana peered at him curiously.

"Is something wrong Hibino?" she asked.

"Huh? Oh no, everything's fine" he replied. "Ore-sama was just thinking."

"Well that's a first" Ichijou muttered.

"What was that?" Hibino asked suspiciously.

"Uh nothing, nothing" he said hastily. "What were you thinking about Hibino?"

Hibino raised an eyebrow but decided not to press the issue. "Maybe Ore-sama should take over all of those goons and make them my private army. After all Ore-sama will need people to help run the world when he rules it."

Ichijou rolled his eyes while Yamana smiled patiently. "Do you really want the trouble Hibino?" she asked. "You'd have a bunch of people needing you to give them instructions all the time."

"Yes that would be too much of a nuisance" he agreed. "Ore-sama is better off with just a few people that can be counted on." He nodded at each of them.

"Thanks Hibino" she said warmly.

"You're welcome."

"Wow, Hibino actually said something nice" Ichijou said under his breath. "That's a shock."

"What was that?" Hibino said again.

"Uh, nothing" he repeated

Hibino shrugged and resumed eating. Ichijou wiped his brow while Yamana giggled softly.