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"Wahhhh! Wahhhh!"

The noise awakened both Roy and Riza once again, although they were used to it by now.

"Your turn," Riza said, sleepy. With a sigh, Roy rolled out of bed and stretched before going down the hallway and to the nursery. In the room was a wailing two-month-old son.

Roy picked up Elias and held him close, sitting in the rocking chair in the corner. "What's wrong, buddy?" he asked softly, not expecting the baby to reply. Elias kept crying and wailing, his face red and... sweaty? Which was odd, seeing as the nursery, if not the whole house, was on the colder side.

So, Roy grabbed the thermometer and, sure enough, his suspicion had been confirmed. Elias had a fever. The Colonel carried his son back to his bedroom. "Riza? He's got a fever," he said.

That got Riza up quickly. She took little Elias from Roy and gently held him. "Oh, my little boy..." she said, stroking his raven locks. She looked at Roy. "Can you get the infant medicine for him? I'll get him in a lukewarm bath," she said. "Yes, ma'am," Roy said with a mock salute. Then, he went and got the medicine in the cabinet reserved for such an occasion.

As he measured out the medicine, he sighed. At two months old, this was the first time Elias had ever been sick. Roy was worried, but Riza had told him, while she was pregnant, that babies commonly got sick from little fevers or colds.

It worried him, but he knew that he and Riza could take care of it. So, after measuring out the medicine, he back to the bathroom.

Riza was holding Elias up in lukewarm bathwater, using a cup to rinse him off. "There you go. Nice and cool," she said softly. He seemed to like the cool water. "I brought medicine," Roy said. "Thank you," Riza said.

She took the medicine cup and gently poured it into Elias' mouth. He swallowed it, but made a face afterwards. "I guess he didn't like it," Roy said, amused.

After a little while longer of letting Elias soak in the tub and letting the medicine kick in, Riza grabbed the thermometer and checked her baby's temperature. Once she read the number, she smiled. "No more fever," she said. Roy smiled too, grabbing a towel. "You dry him off, I'll grab his diaper and pajamas," he said. "Got it," Riza said, lifting Elias out of the tub.

Roy left and came back with the necessary supplies in the time it took Riza to dry off Elias and start nursing him. "He got fussy for milk," she said. "Alright," Roy said.

After a few minutes, Elias had had his fill of milk, been burped, and looked sleepy. "I think someone's ready for bed," Roy said. He glanced at Riza as she dressed Elias; she looked thoroughly exhausted. "Someone besides Elias."

Riza finished redressing her baby and cradled him close. "I'll relax when he's asleep," she stated firmly. When she took Elias back to his nursery, Roy followed and watched her. The moment Elias was in his crib, he fell asleep. Riza tucked his blanket around him and place his stuffed puppy within his reach.

Roy laid his hand on his wife's shoulder once he realized that she wouldn't move away from the crib otherwise. "Let's go back to our room. He's fine for now," he said, his deep voice soft. Riza nodded and followed him back down the hallway to their room.

They both laid down in their bed, Riza using Roy's chest as her pillow of choice. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled the covers up over them both. "Thank you," the blonde mumbled as she fell into the depths of sleep.

Roy smiled as he watched her slumber peacefully. He kissed her forehead. "Sleep tight, Riza."

Then, he went to sleep as well.

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