Warning: This will include spoilers for the first story arc of Wizard101

It was a quiet day in Ravenwood. Malistaire had passed on to the afterlife. All was right with the world. However, Bartleby, the Grandfather Tree in Ravenwood, still felt uneasy and strange. He was still missing his other eye. He then noticed Anna DragonBlade, The Hero of the Spiral.


"Hello, Bartleby! I have something for you!"

"Another potion from Ambrose?"

"Nope! Can you open your empty eye socket for me?" She started climbing up. Bartleby did as she asked.

"Child, what are you doing? What is-"

Anna inserted his missing eye into his eye socket. He looked shocked.

"Oh my, that is a strange sensation…. I remember….yes...I remember...Anna, thank you. But I require time to myself...time...to remember.."

"Alright. Bye Bartleby!" She teleported back to the commons.

She returned a few days later.

"Bartleby? How are you feeling?"

"Very strange. But it is nice to be able to remember everything. To foresee the future once again. I assume Ambrose sent you to check on me?"

"No? I came here myself. I thought you said you could foresee the future?"

"Major things, not minor. I am happy you are here, though. I do enjoy talking to students."

"Don't you talk with the other trees? Like Bernie or Torrence?"

"They are busy talking to students. But...I do miss talking to Mortis."

"But Mortis isn't dead-"

"WHAT!?" He boomed.

Anna covered her mouth. "Child! Is it true? Please, tell me!"

"I can't!"

"Tell me!"

"I can't!"

"Please! Tell me!"

Anna teleported back to the commons. She ran to Headmaster Ambrose for advice. "Headmaster! I've broken my promise! I told Bartleby that Mortis wasn't dead! Now he's demanding an answer! What do I do?!"

The Headmaster stroked his beard, keeping calm and then looked at her. "Given that the chaos in our world has been eradicated, I don't believe the truth would hurt Bartleby. I think it's time he knows."

Anna nodded. "Alright, Headmaster." She made her way back to Ravenwood, and Bartleby gave her stern eyes.

"Do not run away again, tell me the truth! Is Mortis alive?!"

She got scared again. "Yes! He's in Nightside with the Death school! He's alive and so is the Death school caretaker!"

Bartleby went silent and stayed silent for a while. Anna finally worked up the courage to break the silence. "Bartleby? Are you okay?"

"Anna….how could you hide this from me?"

"Headmaster Ambrose told me not to tell anyone. When we found out, Malistaire was still running rampant."

Bartleby looked up, then back at her. "I see. Well, at least I can put my mind at ease about him. Are you shaking?"

"You're scary when you're upset." She blurted out.

Bartleby began to laugh. It was the kind of laugh that would put anyone at ease. "Oh, Anna, you are so funny."

"Thank you?" She looked confused, but then shrugged it off.

"Anna, can you tell me about your adventures? Some of them must be hilarious!" He smiled a bright smile.

"Well...I guess I should start from the beginning. The Headmaster met me in Golem Court, and we began talking when we heard a crash from Golem Tower, and when we went inside, there was Malistaire!"

Bartleby listened intently to all the stories of her journey. He seemed happy.