John was a 8 year old boy who did not have many friends . He and his mother were really close since his father died when he was 2 years old. He was constantly bullied by peers for being shy. One day after walking home from school he arrived at his house . His mother was not home yet . He was walking into his house when suddenly he tripped and just before he hit the floor he suddenly landed on grass. Confused he looked around and realized he was not at his house. He felt a cold breeze and looked down realizing that his clothes were gone and that he was completely naked in a strangers backyard. He quickly covered himself with his hands even though no one was around . He walked around when suddenly he heard a noise and felt a hand on his shoulder. Startled he fell down and looked up to see a beautiful girl around the same age as him with blond hair and suprisingly did not have any clothes on as well. Hi the girl said I'm alba John john replied . He noticed that she was looking down at his waist and covered up again sorry alba said I never saw a boy naked before you can look at me to if you like she lifted her arms up with a smile still on her face . Thanks John said but why are we naked and how did I get here the last thing I remember is tripping thinking I'm going to him the floor suddenly I'm here naked. You must of time traveled like I did alba said . Time traveled ? john asked confused. Yeah its called chrono impairment it's when you are stressed or scared you end up time traveling to different locations but when you time travel your clothes don't go with you so you're naked. How long will I be here ? john asked depends Alba said a few hours a day or few minutes but when you get back it could be a short time or long time compared to how long you were at the place you traveled to . Do you know a place we can go ? I don't want to be out side naked john said .sure alba replied grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the back door of the house. Alba grabbed a key from under the rug. This is my grandpa house . The key is under the rug if you ever return here. How do you know if I'll ever return here john asked? She said when you time travel somewhere you travel to places you have connections to maybe this is one of them. Alba opened the door and lead him inside . Let's go to my cousin's room alba said dragging john by the hand pulling him into a room. Her she said tossing him a shirt . John put it on looking down it went down to half his thighs that's my cousin's shirt alba replied as john looked back at alba wearing a t shirt as well. How do you know so much about this chrono impairment john asked alba . I inherited it from my dad but unlike him sometimes I can choose where I go alba told john. That is nice john stated is your mom a time traveler no alba said she met my dad when she was a little girl and fell in love with him and they married and had me she said. You must be beautiful like your mother john said without thinking . Alba blushed you think I'm pretty yeah john replied I think your a very beautiful girl. Thanks alba said I should be thanking you john replied you helped me when I didn't know what happened . Your welcome alba said and I think your cute alba replied before kissing him by surprise. John suddenly felt lightheaded and next thing he knew he was on the floor of his house naked . He knew it wasn't a dream because he was naked. Johnny he heard his mom call . Quickly putting his clothes on he ran to greet his mother. How was your day his mom asked john who was thinking about alba . Good he replied and they went inside.