One month since he time traveled and john could not stop thinking about alba . His mother found out about his a ability after he disappeared during a haunted house exploration. He told her his mom about alba and his mother playfully teased him about it. One night he was getting ready for bed . He brushed his teeth and climbed into bed and went to sleep. He woke up a few hours later to go to the bathroom and after going pee he heard a thud. He walked to where the sound was coming from and found alba lying naked on the floor . She was the same age as last time she jolted up covered in sweat john ? She said smiling. Hey alba I am glad to see you . Sorry if I time traveled here I was having a nightmare. It's ok he replied. What year is it she asked same from last time he replied except its November 8th Its only been 2 days for me she said . Well it's like you said about time travel it can be longer or shorter for us. Can I have some clothes she said shivering its really cold . Ok he said he ran into the closet and grabbed a nightgown and handed it to her. It's my moms from when she was a little girl he said it doesn't smell . Alba sniffed it ok she said slipping it on over her head. Wow you look pretty in that nightgown john said while staring . Thanks you said . You want to share the bed or do you want me to sleep on the floor ? john asked . We can share alba said and they climbed into bed and got cozy. I couldn't stop thinking about you john said me too alba said. Does your mom know yet she asked. Yes she found out on Halloween at a haunted house . Wow she said . Your mom must of been scared. She was. She had no Choice to believe after that happened. How about we get some sleep alba said kissing his cheek . Good idea john said and turned off the light. The next morning john woke up and alba was gone only her nightgown was there . His mom came into the room. Morning john she said then noticed the nightgown. Why is myold nightgown in your bed? his mom asked. Alba came last night and she needed something to wear. Shame she didn't stay till morning. I would of loved to meet your girlfriend she teased rubbing his head. Mom ! John said embarrassed . Let's have breakfast now his mom said. Alright john said and went with his mom to the kitchen to have breakfast. He wondered when he would see alba again.