John and Alba were having a picnic on the grass in her backyard while John's mom was on a date with her new boyfriend. They were sitting there laughing while they ate and played candyland.

This is fun Alba said . John nodded his head in agreement and gave her a kiss.

As they started to eat the cupcakes Jill had made. They suddenly heard faint crying.

Did you hear crying? or am I imagining things ? John asked.

I hear it too Alba replied. Where is it coming from ?

I think from over there John said pointing at the bushes.

They walked over to the bushes and started searching but they couldn't find anything. Suddenly john pointed to a Bush and said over there . They quietly approached the bush and pulled back the gasped when A little girl around 5 or 6 fell backwards. She had green eyes and black hair and suprisingly she was naked.

The little girl nervously backed away from them.
It's okay ! Alba said. We won't hurt you. The little girl stopped Nervously. Where am I ? She asked. This isn't Detroit. The last thing I remember was that I was at home playing on the swing and the next thing I knew….

You ended up here naked Alba finished. Yeah the little girl said suprised.

You must of time traveled john told. Time traveled? The girl asked suprised. It's 2009 see Alba said showing her a newspaper with the date.

But it's 2008 the girl said. And where are my clothes ? When you time travel you don't get to bring your clothes with you so your naked. John said.

It's a condition Alba said . Me and john have it too that is how we met she told the little girl.

Let me get you something to cover up john said grabbing the picnic blanket and wrapping the girl in it.

I am john and that's Alba what's your name ? John asked.

Nia the girl replied. That's a pretty name Alba replied. Now let's get you to my house and get some clothes. They walked over towards the house while Nia asked more questions.

How does this time travel thing work ? nia asked.

Sometimes it is stress or emotion . Sometimes it just happens Alba said. My father is a time traveler

They reached the back door where they were greeted by Claire.

Hey guys Claire said. She then noticed nia wrapped in the picnic blanket.
Who is this ? She asked.

This is Nia and she is apparently a time traveler too Alba told her mother. My gosh Claire said suprised. She then put her hands on nias shoulders.

Don't worry come with me and we will get you some clothes she told nia. Holding her hand they went upstairs.

Why don't you and john wait in your room Claire told alba.
Alba nodded and dragged John by the hand to her room and she closed the door.

This is cool John said. We have a new friend who is a time traveler.

I know Alba replied . I wonder if we know her in the future? Makes sense John said. Suddenly Nia came in wearing a oversized purple shirt that went down to her knees.

Hope you don't mind if I borrow your clothes Nia told them.

It's okay Alba replied. So how do I stay here Before going back ? nia asked.

Sometimes a few sometimes a day. Maybe a few minutes. Alba explained.

Claire suddenly came in with some cookies. Would you guys like some cookies ? claire asked sure they said as clare gave them the plate.

Thanks they said as Claire left the room.
They continued explaining about the chrono impairment and how she would likely travel to them at random times. They also told stories about their experiences.

They continued laughing for a few hours when suddenly Nia felt lightheaded and noticed she was fading. What's happening to me !? She asked nervously.

Your time traveling again John told her. Til we meet again Alba told her and nia nodded as she vanished, the t shirt falling to the floor.

John your mom is here . Claire said as she came into the room and noticed the shirt on the floor.

She left ? Claire asked. John and Alba nodded.

John went downstairs and greeted his mother.

How was your day? Jill asked.
Alba and I met another time traveler like us . John told her.

Cool jill replied.


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