The Lust of Gryffindors

Chapter 53: Snakes in a Lion's Den

"Are you feeling alright, Professor?"

"Rather tired, my boy, but on the whole I'm doing well."

Harry looked at Dumbledore's new arm, which now had yellow stripes moving up and down its length, like a psychedelic barber's pole. He made no attempt to hide it. He even seemed to be proud of it.

"How's your, er, new appendage working out?"

"Quite well! So much more colorful than a real arm. Who needs two of them anyway?"

Harry smiled. The Headmaster was in jovial spirits, even though he looked exhausted. The fight with Voldemort had taken a lot out of him, as had the aftermath at the Ministry. Fawkes, still quite young-looking, chirped soothingly from his nest. His master settled into the chair with a sigh.

"I'm glad you're okay, sir. Hogwarts is going to miss you."

"Thank you. I'm leaving her in good hands. Professor McGonagall will do an excellent job, I'm sure."

"Who's taking over for Professor Snape?"

"That will be up to your new Headmistress to decide. I believe she intends to interview applicants within the month. Probably for the Divination position too, alas."

Harry wouldn't mourn the loss of Trelawney any more than he would that of Snape. She had been the cause of much trouble in his life, even if it hadn't been intentional. And though he had newfound respect for Snape, he was relieved that the man would be gone.

"And the head of Slytherin House?" he asked.

"That's still under discussion, but it will likely be Professor Sinistra. She is a Slytherin alumna, and a very competent woman."

He had to fight back a blush. Images of Sinistra moaning as she rode him filled his mind. It might be difficult to look the Professor in the eye after that experience, even though it hadn't really been her. He didn't know much about her, other than that she was a good teacher. With any luck, she would aid their attempt to change the culture in Slytherin. It wouldn't be a bad thing to put the women in charge of the place for once.

Dumbledore smiled benignly. "I would just like to say how proud I am of you, Harry. And to apologize once again for my part in everything you've gone through. I hope you have a very pleasant next two years."

"I appreciate that. So do I."

The Headmaster gestured at the Sword of Gryffindor on the wall. "I also hope you never have need of that again, but if you do, I'm certain it will answer your call. You have proven yourself to be the worthiest of Gryffindors."

"I guess. Why was I chosen to be the one in the prophecy?"

"Who can say? Why was Voldemort gifted with such monstrous power? The prophecy may be fulfilled, but unless I miss my guess, you have not finished doing great things in our world."

Harry's heart swelled, thankful for the praise, but also thankful that Dumbledore would no longer be pulling his strings. "Thank you. And thank you for the way you handled Voldemort. You're not going to just disappear, are you?"

"Of course not. I'll be staying on as Chief Warlock, at least until things become stable again. After that, I'm unsure. Perhaps I'll return to Hogwarts one day to teach an elective. Or meet up with some old friends abroad. A month in Venice sounds quite tempting, I must admit. Their gondola rides are a delight."

He almost laughed, not able to imagine the Headmaster, with his long beard and iridescent robes, sitting in a gondola. "You've definitely earned it. You know you're always welcome at Grimmauld Place."

"Thank you. I do intend to keep in touch with both you and the new Lord Black. There is much work to be done in the coming year. And I have a feeling your godfather would appreciate my advice when it comes to navigating the political world."

"I'm sure he would. He could probably teach you how to effectively waste your new free time too."


Harry breathed deeply of his fingers as he stood above the Pride and took in the scene. He'd finished another session with Desiree Sandoval not long ago. Once the Head Girl had discovered how talented he was, she'd sought him out for more 'stress relief.'

He had no complaints about that. She was a little shy when she was naked, but he enjoyed complimenting her and teasing her until she begged for him to take her. She was a thick girl, with a nice ass and big, soft breasts. He delighted in squeezing every inch of her, and reprimanded himself for not making a move on her ages ago.

The Pride was mostly dead tonight. A handful of people were studying, including Katie, Pippa, Martigan, and McLaggen. Harry had already completed his revising for the night, and his good mood remained strong.

He strode down the stairs, deciding to stir things up a bit. Katie looked up and smiled, then returned to her reading. That just wouldn't do. He still owed her for the niffler incident. He approached her seat and pulled her out of it, engulfing her lips in a lusty kiss.

She stiffened in surprise, then relaxed into it and squeezed his crotch. Pippa laughed as she pulled away with a glazed look in her eyes.

"Merlin. What brought that on?"

"Just bored and felt like kissing you. Do I need a better reason?"

Katie smirked. "I can taste another girl on you. Been having a go between someone's legs outside the Pride?"

"Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies."

She laughed. "You've turned into such a whore, Harry."

"I have you to thank for that. In the mood for a study break?"

"I suppose you could talk me into it."

Pippa just watched as they kissed and slowly removed each other's clothes right in front of her. Katie massaged his cock until it was hard, and he sat down in the seat she had vacated. She straddled him and resumed their kiss. He teased her little breasts until her nipples poked into his palms and her dampness spread across his thigh. He spread her lips with his fingers, plunged one inside her, then broke their kiss to lick his finger dry.

"Somebody's really gagging for it tonight," he said.

"Listen to you. Two years ago, you almost passed out the moment you saw me naked."

"I've grown up a bit since then. Thanks for helping that along. It probably saved my life."

"Saved your balls from bursting, more like, but you're welcome."

"You never know. Things might have turned out very differently if you and Angelina hadn't been desperate for a piece of me."

Katie smacked his face playfully. "Don't get cocky. I'd have to shag some humility back into you."

"That sounds positively awful."

"Merlin, do you two lovebirds need some privacy?" Pippa asked.

"Nope. Katie just needs to be reminded of how much we enjoy her company. And her little boobs. What do you say, Pippa? Shall we make her squeal?"

"I suppose we could. I'm getting bored with Charms anyway."


Harry lifted Katie by the hips and faced her away from him, so Pippa could have access to her front. Katie realized what he was doing and squatted above him while he held up his cock. She sank down on it with a pleased sigh. He pulled her close and squeezed her breasts while kissing her neck.

Katie closed her eyes in bliss and ground her hips, moving his cock around inside her. Pippa leaned into their chair to kiss her. One finger went to her clit, and soon all three were gently writhing on the seat.

Harry lay back and closed his eyes too, simply enjoying the sensation of Katie's body pressed against his. She was warm and wet and he was content to let her massage his cock for as long as she wanted. Pippa teased her clit with her thumb and kneaded his balls with her fingers. He could hear their wet tongues playing together. No one was in a hurry, and Katie rocked against him for ten minutes before she finally started panting.

Pippa rubbed faster, and she came with a groan, her contractions squeezing him without sending him over the edge.

She lay limply against him when she was done. "That was nice."

"Yes, it was," he said, and deliberately tried to leave a hickey on her neck.

Pippa laughed. "Do I get a turn riding the Potter Express too?"

"Absolutely. It's ready to depart this very instant."

Katie smiled and removed herself from him. She smacked Pippa on the ass as her friend straddled Harry in the seat and rubbed his swollen crown against her clit. She too sighed as she lowered herself onto his cock.

Pippa draped her arms over his neck as she began riding him. She looked into his eyes, and both smiled at the goofy intimacy of the moment. He had a different kind of intimacy with each of the girls in the Pride. With Katie, he didn't have to be Harry Potter. She wasn't interested in the baggage that his fame carried. She wanted to get drunk, shag, and have fun. With Angelina, it amused her to boss him around and watch him try to turn the tables on her.

There were different dynamics with Ginny, Susan, and Cho too. Not to mention Tracey and Daphne, both of whom had more affection for him than they would admit out loud. He couldn't help but wonder how they all might change in the coming years. Ginny sometimes seemed to be angling to replace Ron as part of a new trio.

Whatever happened, no one could replace his bond with Hermione, and it was painful to imagine her cultivating a close one with someone else. They weren't perfect for each other as a couple. There was no question about that. Sometimes he needed a Katie or a Tracey to give him a rest from her intensity, or her lack of interest in things like quidditch. She definitely needed the occasional break from his moodiness.

But she was still his partner, and what was a perfect partner anyway? He didn't ever want their closeness to diminish, whether there were Dark Lords to vanquish or not. They would have to talk soon. Thankfully, they were still young, and had years to figure things out.

He rested his hands on Pippa's hips as she rolled them. Her eyes were closed now, and her lips parted as she focused only on the hard cock buried within her. He captured them with his, and she moaned as his thrusts grew harder.


Hermione chewed on her quill while she waited on Harry and Ron to show up. There was no real point in meeting in the library rather than the common room, but it was an ingrained habit. She was as ready for OWLS as she could be. She was just going through the motions of revision now. Her lack of anxiety was making her anxious, and even she realized how absurd that sounded.

It was a wonderful feeling though. There were no more big mysteries to solve. No threats of imminent death. Just tests to study for and ambitions to pursue. It felt so mundane. Thank Merlin the Pride was there to breathe life into things.

She could tell Harry was happy too. She couldn't resist a smile every time she saw the relaxed expression on his face. They had been through so much together, and he deserved to have nothing more to think about than summer vacation and sex with his friends.

Hermione was ready for the summer to begin as well. She intended to take full advantage of Harry's freedom and be a frequent visitor to Grimmauld Place. Before that, however, she needed to visit a pair of twins in Brazil. She had convinced her parents to spend two weeks there, presenting her with the perfect opportunity to further her 'research' with the Azevedo twins.

It would be interesting to interview the girls—though they were now grown women—who had supposedly suffered from the same condition she did. She no longer considered it something to worry about. Indeed, part of her was actually grateful for it now, no matter how much of a whore it made her seem to outsiders. She didn't want it to last forever. Her libido would definitely complicate her adult life if it did. But right now, when she was free to indulge herself—that was another story.

With no horcuxes or dark rituals to research, she planned to spend the next two years exploring every single aspect of the intersection between magic and sex. The definitive book on the subject was just waiting to be written.

Harry turned the corner and slid into a seat across from her, dropping his bag on the table.

"Sorry I'm late. Ran into Cho on the way down."


"That girl is voracious. She pulled me into a room, abused my fingers, and left."

Hermione laughed. "That's what you get for being so desirable. You've got girls from all four houses chasing you now."

"I do, don't I? How did that happen?"

"There's probably a prophecy about it somewhere. Have you convinced Tracey and Daphne to visit the Pride yet?"

"Nah, they're still thinking it over. I think they plan to interrogate you too. Pretty sure they don't believe me about what we get up to."

"I'll be happy to tell them every detail."

"Don't go overboard. Tracey will probably laugh her ass off; Daphne might run away."

"I'm perfectly capable of seducing Slytherins now, thank you very much."

"I'm well aware of it, dear partner. I still want to see you in action with Parkinson. Hell might freeze over if she visits the Pride next year."

"You never know. She's more timid than I expected behind that smart mouth. She might enjoy being dominated by a room full of Gryffindors."

He smirked. "You're going to be controlling the whole school by the time we leave."

She caressed his knee with her foot under the table. "Only if they're lucky."

"We can't be too obvious about our guests next year. McGonagall wants cooperation, not naked students in the halls."

Hermione winced. "That was the most embarrassing conversation of my life. How do you think she even knew we were members? Surely she's not spying on us."

"Probably has a house elf keeping an eye on things. They do clean up in there."

"She might be able to smell all the sex on us with her feline senses. Do you suppose she can detect who's sleeping with whom in the whole school?"

"Merlin, stop talking."

She smiled innocently and tickled his thigh with her toes. "You didn't enjoy it when Tonks morphed into Professor McGonagall?"

"No. You couldn't have pried my eyes open with a crowbar. Speaking of Tonks, though, I have news."


"I talked to Sirius on the mirrors last night. Guess who's moving into Grimmauld Place."

"Are you serious?"

Harry laughed. "Nope, that's my godfather."

She kicked him under the table this time. "Stop that. I hate that stupid joke. Hate it."

"Couldn't resist. Sirius asked her if she wanted to move in. There's a bunch of empty bedrooms, and she's paying rent on a flat she barely sets foot in."

"When does she move in?"

"Early August, I think."

Hermione smiled. "How convenient. I'll be back from vacation long before then."

"And ready for loads more research with Tonks, I'm sure. Loads and loads of it."

"Well, she's such an enthusiastic test subject. I bet she'd be willing to participate in all kinds of experiments."

"Merlin, I hope so."

Their eyes met and both laughed. Their night with Tonks had been one to remember. All three had been exhausted by the end. Even using lust potion against her, there had been no clear victor. The trio had left open the prospect of being together again, but made no definite plans. With her so close at hand at Grimmauld, however, they might be able to bring her further inside their little circle.

Harry reached beneath the table and removed a shoe. He extended his foot until it lifted Hermione's skirt and rested between her legs.

She raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing? We're in the library."

"Two can play footsie. No one can see. I always did want to get you off in here."

"Ron's supposed to be here soon."

"Guess we better hurry then. Spread your legs, Prefect Granger."

She sighed and did so, then scooted her ass forward in the seat. She guided his toe against her clit, even though it was covered by silk knickers.

Harry's eyes sparkled as he rubbed circles around her clit with his big toe. She pushed it down until it was pressing up against its underside, and wriggled in her seat. He could feel her warmth and dampness grow even through his sock.

They watched each other in amused silence. Her breathing grew a little heavier as his toe pressed into her with more and more urgency.

"Getting close?" he whispered.

"Not too far."

"Look at me when you cum."

It took another two minutes to overpower her. Hermione held his gaze and tried to keep her eyes open as she spasmed against his toe. She couldn't quite sit still, and Harry loved watching her vain attempt to maintain her posture. Finally, she took a deep breath and sagged in the seat.

"Best study session ever," he said with a grin. He removed his foot from beneath her skirt and she smoothed it. "Maybe we can use the cloak in here some time."

"If we sneak into the Restricted section, definitely."

"The Hermione Granger I remember from before the tournament is having a conniption right now."

"She'll get over it eventually."

Their timing couldn't have been better. Ron turned the corner and made his way to their table, huffing for breath. He lurched into a seat and tossed his bag to the floor.

"Sorry I'm late. Tamsin needed a good shagging after dinner."

"No worries, mate."

"You better be treating her well, Ron," Hermione said. "That's not something to brag about so loudly."

He rolled his eyes. "Yes, mum. You need to lighten up. Then maybe some bloke would pull you into a broom closet."

She couldn't resist shooting Harry an amused look.

"I'm serious," Ron said. "You're driving yourself barmy in here. Just look at you—you're all peaky like you just ran through the halls."

Harry almost burst into laughter. He shook the table trying to repress it. Ron smiled proudly, assuming he agreed with him.

"You needn't worry about me, Ron," she said. "Just make sure you're being discreet."

"No need to be discreet. Everybody knows she's addicted to me now."

Hermione narrowed her eyes. "Just answer one question for me."


"If you heard Ginny's boyfriend talk about shagging her like you're doing right now, what would you do?"

His ears immediately turned red. "I'd fucking castrate him. Who is it?"

She sighed. "Never mind. She doesn't have a boyfriend. That's all I needed to know."

And just like that, Ron ensured he would likely never gain entry into the Pride.


Harry smiled as he looked down on the scene below them. There was a hand in each of his, though he couldn't see them. Daphne and Tracey stood next to him under disillusionment charms. Daphne was wearing his invisibility cloak for good measure.

They had finally succumbed to their curiosity. He was surprised at the timing. It was only two days until OWLs began, and most people were frantically cramming as much information as they could into their skulls. His Slytherins apparently needed a little break.

It helped that Daphne had grown more comfortable with Narcissa's—and his—interference in her life. She had deduced from her father's letter that the new 'arrangement' was likely a result of both blackmail and bribery. Quite a strange combination. Astoria was thrilled, having long nurtured a crush on Draco. Harry didn't understand how Narcissa could blackmail a potential future relation, but he had given up trying to understand how traditional purebloods thought. As long as it helped his friend, he could accept it.

The girls had picked a good night to visit. He wouldn't have allowed them to come for a real party. Daphne would have had a stroke. There was still a decent number of people in the room, even if the majority of them were quietly studying. The Pride was a welcome escape from the library, which was filled with anxious students.

Katie and Pippa lounged on a couch together, reading from textbooks. Angelina and Alicia were in a corner looking unusually serious. Martigan and Owen Dibley appeared to be practicing Transfiguration. Demelza read a book by herself, but she was nude and absentmindedly teasing her clit. Her legs were spread, and even from this distance he could see that she was soaking wet.

Not everyone was studying. Lavender was riding Dean on a loveseat in the middle of the room. She alternated between wriggling and slamming her hips down on him, swallowing his entire length. Her head was thrown back and her mouth wide open. Her moans should have been loud enough to fill the room. They had been, in fact, until Martigan grew annoyed and hit her with a silencing spell.

Further away, Hermione was giving Neville one of the slowest, most sensual blowjobs he had ever witnessed. She had covered his cock in flavored lube until it shined, and now stroked and twisted her hands along it while suckling on his head. She knew Tracey and Daphne would be watching tonight, and was no doubt delighted to be on display.

They had been standing in the alcove for fifteen minutes, giving the girls a chance to grow accustomed to the sights and sounds of the room. Harry cast a muffling charm so they could talk.

"This is what it's like," he whispered. "What do you think?"

Daphne didn't answer, still too shocked to form a coherent response.

Tracey squeezed his hand. "I think you all belong in St. Mungo's."

He chuckled. "It's pretty tame tonight. Everyone's stressed about OWLs and NEWTs. Normally there would be a lot more sex, noise, and laughter."

"More than this?" Daphne breathed in astonishment. "Some of the people studying are naked! That girl is masturbating in public! And Granger—Merlin and Morgana, I can't believe she's so shameless."

"She knows you're up here right now. Probably wants to show off a little."

Lavender began riding Dean with abandon, pulling his head into her breasts and impaling herself with his huge cock.

"Bloody hell, he's a centaur!" Tracey exclaimed. "That thing would rip me in half!"

"Brown clearly likes it," Daphne murmured. "What a brazen whore."

Harry squeezed her hand. "Be nice. We're all friends here, and we take care of each other. You're rather brazen yourself when you're under my thumb."

Tracey giggled at her friend's huff. They watched as Hermione straddled Neville and slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Hermione had even moved the seat to give them a better view from the alcove. They could see him splitting her lips as she rode him.


"We can do anything you want now," Harry said. "We can just stand here and watch. I can get us drinks. We can go to the bed behind us and relax. You can walk down there invisibly and roam around. You're free here."

Daphne snorted. "Free. Just because I have some newfound freedom, Potter, doesn't mean I intend to debase myself with mad Gryffindors."

He went behind her and squeezed her invisible breasts. She always returned to her sarcastic, formal demeanor when she was uncomfortable, but he knew now that it wasn't the real her.

"Don't be a brat, Daphne. There are good people down there, unlike some I could name in Slytherin."


He kissed her neck. "Just relax. They don't even know you're up here. But all that sex is turning you on, isn't it?"

Harry parted her invisible robes and ran a hand down her thigh. She shivered, and he reached between her legs to cup her mound. He pushed her panties to the side. A finger slipped inside her with a soft squelch.

"See? You're soaking wet."

He wrapped his larger body around hers, caressing a covered breast with one hand while the other gently teased the lips of her pussy.

"I'm going to make you cum while we stand here and watch them," he whispered. "Don't take your eyes off Hermione. Look at Neville's cock filling her. See how wet she is? Just like you are."

She didn't reply, but he could feel her chest heaving as he caressed her. Her nipple was nearly poking through her shirt. Harry slipped two fingers inside her and she widened her stance. His thumb went to her clit and rubbed small circles, and she leaned her weight against him.

"They would love you and Tracey here, Daphne," he said softly. "But even if you never come back, I'll be your lover for as long as you want. And you can fantasize about this place every time that ache in your belly rises."

"Merlin, Potter," Tracey muttered. "You're getting me off too."

"You'll get your turn next," he said with a smile. "But first I want these images seared into Daphne's brain."

Harry kissed her invisible cheek and slipped a third finger inside her. She unconsciously writhed against them. He spread her wetness to her clit and rubbed it back and forth ever more firmly. Her breath started coming in small pants, and he knew she was close.

"Are you watching them?"

"Yes," came the breathless response.

"Good. See the way Hermione is riding him now? She can do whatever she wants here. She might ride Dean next. She might go lick Demelza's cute little clit until she cums. She might come up here and ride my face in front of you. She's free, just like you are."

Daphne grabbed his hand, pushing it further inside her. Her walls squeezed his fingers and he pressed down hard on her clit. She couldn't stop a moan as her body trembled against his and her pussy contracted around his fingers.

He kissed her once more on the cheek. "Welcome to the Pride, Daph."

Harry removed his fingers and pulled Tracey's disillusioned body closer, wrapping his arms around her. "Your turn, my other hot serpent. What do you want to do?"

There was a long pause. Tracey was clearly very turned on too. Her body felt warm, and she was breathing heavier than usual.

"They really wouldn't hex me if I walked down those stairs?"


"No. They might make a joke or two though."

"Take me to a bed then. And take this spell off. I want to see their faces when I walk by."

Daphne made a choking sound, and Harry laughed.

"We'll make a Gryffindor out of you yet. Brave enough to come with us, Daphne?"

"Not on your life! What are you doing, Tracey?!"

She grinned. "Causing a scene. You should join us."

Daphne glared and pulled Harry's cloak tighter around her body.


Harry filled his hands with Tracey's breasts as she rode him with increasing vigor. She still preferred this position, and she loved it when he cradled and kneaded her breasts. She was panting hard, pressing her clit into him as she ground her hips.

The curtains were closed around them—she wasn't quite that brave—but he could tell she was aroused by the knowledge that so many Gryffindors knew that she was fucking Harry Potter on this bed. Her blush had been fierce as they strolled through the Pride, but she had met their eyes with a smirk.

"You like them gossiping about you out there, don't you?" he said.

"Yeah," she breathed, releasing a few inches of him and then filling herself. "I think I gave Longbottom a heart attack."

Harry laughed. "You got some applause, and the twins aren't even here. Pretty impressive."

"If that contract doesn't protect me, I'm going to fucking kill you."

"It will. No one here would blackmail you anyway."

"They better not speak to me in the halls either," she answered with a grunt, squeezing him as hard as she could with her soft walls.

"I'll make sure they know."

Neither Tracey nor Daphne quite grasped that half the Pride already knew they had access. Angelina and Martigan had made certain that their presence wouldn't offend any of the regular members. They still had to be careful with guests, especially when those guests were Slytherins. But most knew that Harry and Hermione would be taking over next year, and were fine with whatever they wanted to do.

He already knew that there would be more guests than in past years. The Room of Requirement was too great a resource not to use, and they were just promoting school unity, after all. It was as good an excuse as any.

Harry thrust into her a little harder and reached down to tease her clit with his thumb. Tracey bit back a moan and rode him faster, pulling out most of his length before making it disappear again.

"Let them hear you," he said. "Don't be silent. Let them hear a Slytherin getting off in the Lion's Pride."

Tracey let go and whimpered as she bounced on him. He thrust into her hard, each one producing a smack of flesh. She moaned loudly as her pussy spasmed around him. He pulled her hips to him and followed her into orgasm seconds later. His cock pulsed and painted her walls with thick bursts of cum.

Both took deep, contented breaths as they came down. She dropped her head, letting her hair fall forward to cover her face.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. I've gone completely insane."

Harry kneaded her breasts tenderly. "Nonsense. You're just a Gryffindor in green and silver. Don't forget you pulled me into a broom closet after the Yule Ball."

"That was a long time ago."

"Seems like yesterday to me. Turns out it wasn't really a mistake, was it?"

She smirked. "No, it wasn't."

From the glint in her eye, he suspected she might learn to go wild in here over the next two years. The Pride had a way of turning shock into fascination into wantonness. He couldn't wait to see it.

The curtain nearest the wall parted and an invisible presence slipped in. Daphne removed the cloak from her head, leaving it floating in the air.

"Daph!" Tracey exclaimed happily.

"Shhh!" she hissed. "Don't be an imbecile."

"Oh, lighten up. They just heard me shagging the hell out of Harry."

"So did I. And I just watched Granger get taken by Martigan and some other boy at the same time. He came right in her face! This place is a bloody den of iniquity."

Harry couldn't stop his laugh. He'd never heard her use so common a phrase as 'bloody.'

"Don't forget what happened in the Chamber of Secrets, little miss pureblood princess," he said. "You've been spit-roasted too, and you like watching me fuck Tracey, even if you won't admit it."

"Not in front of an audience!"

Even Tracey laughed at her indignation. Now that Harry knew how to read her, it was obvious to him that she wasn't truly outraged. She just felt that she ought to be, and was playing the only role she knew.

"Did anyone mock her or degrade her?" he asked.


"Exactly. Everybody's here for fun, and we treat each other well. And not everyone is so public. Some people come to the beds and close the curtains, just like we're doing."

Daphne sighed and pouted. He found it adorable. It was such a remarkable contrast with the girl who had once barely deigned to speak to him.

"It's okay," he said. "If you don't like it here, you don't have to come back. But who knows how things will change? Maybe you'll decide you like pretending to be a Gryffindor sometimes."

"There's no reason to be insulting, Potter."

Harry reached out to squeeze her invisible breast. "Back to Potter, are we? You're both my friends now. Gryffindors take very good care of their friends. Even the Slytherin ones."

"You're all mad as hatters," she muttered, but still parted the curtains so she could take a peek at whatever debauchery was happening outside.

"That's the magic of this place. Ten galleons says you come back next year. Tracey will, won't you?"

Tracey grinned. He could always count on her to push Daphne's boundaries. "I think you could convince me if you begged. And bribed me with more Polyjuice."

"There you go. Are you going to make her come alone?"

Daphne's fair skin blushed. Before she could retort, the curtains parted again and Hermione jumped onto the bed. She was stark naked and there was still a stripe of cum across her face.

"Hello, my new Slytherin friends!"

Daphne gaped at her but Tracey laughed. "Granger, you are such a raging slut. I never would have guessed."

"Thank you. Were you watching me?"

"Of course."

"Good. You haven't seen anything yet." She looked up at Daphne's hovering head. "Would you two like some more company? I'd be happy to stay, but I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

Daphne's gaze moved uneasily between the three of them. The invisibility cloak was still wrapped around her body. Despite the rapport that had been developing between her and Hermione, she was still clearly intimidated by the situation. "This is your club, but if you're asking me, I prefer boys."

"So do I. But it just so happens I have some Polyjuice left. And I know how to use Harry's cock just as well as he does."

"You do not!" he retorted.

Hermione winked at him.

"Would you like me to prove it to you, My Lady Greengrass?" she asked formally. "My work is always very thorough."

Daphne glared at her, unable to form an answer.

"It's not like you haven't already touched my body. I donated a hair just for your use," Hermione added with a teasing grin.

The silence stretched out for a very long moment.

Daphne deflated and sheepishly looked away. "Could we take turns with a half-dose?"

Tracey roared with laughter until Daphne turned bright red and hissed at her to shut up.

"I'll be right back," Hermione said gleefully.

Daphne turned her glare on Harry. "You are spelling those curtains as tightly shut as they can go."


Author's Note: Sorry about missing last Sunday, but I was exhausted and didn't want to do a half-assed job of editing the chapter. Hope you enjoyed Tracey and Daphne's introduction to the Pride, even if things didn't get super wild.

The final chapter will be out in a week. As always, thanks for reading.