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February 8, 1982

Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire

Narcissa Malfoy appreciated a great many things about her husband. Lucius was pretty, fairly witty, delightfully lovestruck, and (most importantly) putty in her perfectly manicured hands.

The man had a few irksome habits– Narcissa had not been amused by Lucius' choice to be branded for a master aside from herself, nor had she appreciated having to put forth the small modicum of effort required to see him publicly forgiven for following said other master– but on the whole, the pros of their marriage outweighed the cons. Narcissa often listed those positives to herself when resisting the delightful urge to follow in her blood thirsty ancestors' footsteps and slip a spot of poison into her husband's tea, or use him as a ritual sacrifice, or abandon him with the Lovegoods for more than two hours.

Pretty, she would recite behind the safety of her immaculate occlumency shields; very pretty, certainly well-spoken, wonderful with his tongue. Delightfully conniving, I've never seen him use the wrong fork, that lovely thing with his tongue. Doting father, highly obedient, it likely wouldn't be easy to replace that silver tongue.

Yes, Lucius certainly did have his uses, a whole plethora of them in fact, all of which Narcissa had quite enjoyed bragging about over the years.

("Lucius had our entire kitchen redone recently– my husband is just so particular about making sure our high standards are met throughout the whole Manor," she'd said over tea with Rosalie Parkinson. "Oh, your husband keeps renovations on a budget? Your poor dear!"

"Lucius took me on a delightful little trip around Asia while I was pregnant with Draco… what is it your muggle did to celebrate my darling niece's birth again?" Narcissa needled Andromeda over Alice Longbottom's head, "Bought you a dressing gown and flowers? How…. quaint."

"Isn't this photo of Lucius and Draco just the sweetest thing? I can't imagine how any father wouldn't want to be as involved as he is– oh, so sorry darling, how careless of me! I forgot that you'd… misplaced… your most recent husband." Narcissa batted her eyes at Elvira Zabini, pointedly ignoring Sirius on her arm.)

Unfortunately, Lucius' newest… skill… was not quite as easy to hold over the heads of their friends and family.

"The floor plan and all dimensions are exactly accurate, and I found a charm that replicates any repair work needed– so any potential issues within the real house glow blue in the model. There's… a lot of them. Then I had the elf gather samples of every fabric, paint swatch, and wallpaper you'd listed, so that you can test anything you'd like here before committing.

If Andromeda finds out about this, I'll have to ritually sacrifice myself. It had been two days since Cassiopeia Black had approved Narcissa's wildly extensive budget for the renovation of 12 Grimmauld Place, and Narcissa was staring at a miniature version of the townhouse in her sitting room.

Lucius stood behind it, face hopeful.

"And the purpose of this… activity… would be…?"

"You've entirely too many wonderful ideas, Cissy, to not be given the opportunity to try them all." Lucius beamed, so dreadfully sincere that Narcissa couldn't even scoff. It'd be like kicking a puppy (or a peacock). "I wanted to support your newest project– even if it is completely unpalatable."

"Yes, the house elf heads alone are rather off putting, aren't they?" Narcissa murmured thoughtfully, stepping closer and narrowing her her eyes at the front hall of the replica upon realizing that her rather… committed… husband had even seen to copying those particularly gruesome details for her.

"Do you like it, my love?"

Very pretty, certainly well-spoken, wonderful with his tongue. Delightfully conniving, I've never seen him use the wrong fork, that lovely thing with his tongue. Doting father, highly obedient, it likely wouldn't be easy to replace that silver tongue….

"You've remade Grimmauld perfectly, Lucius," Narcissa finally allowed, resisting the urge to roll her eyes when the man lit up like a Yule log in his excitement.

"I simply knew you'd find it a great help! Here, let me show you all the spells you'll need…"

February 12, 1982

Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire

Narcissa scowled fiercely at the replica house.

She'd already remodeled it entirely to fit the vision she'd depicted during her walk through of Grimmauld Place— thirty seven pages of suggested changes had come to life in a matter of no time courtesy of her own rapid charms work and Lucius' transfiguration skills (she'd forgotten how much she like to watch him work– those clever hands! Those precise movements! It was the Transfiguration Club at Hogwarts all over again… including the aftermath, though minus a broom closet).

It had been a sweet way to spend an evening together, and Narcissa had found herself rather enjoying herself before they were done. She'd even decided to refrain from setting the ridiculous model on fire– instead, she'd add it to the nursery and call it a custom doll house.

But now it seemed all wrong. The colors didn't mesh as well as she'd planned upon second glance and everything seemed too light and bright— Narcissa was aiming for "horribly expensive but still cozy", not "cleanliness is next to godliness".

Put simply, her original thirty seven pages of plans simply Would Not Do.

Narcissa blamed the replica house entirely.

There was less than an hour till Andromeda and Nymphadora were expected for their weekly tea. Narcissa narrowed her eyes and covered the entire mess in a Notice Me Not charm so that her guests wouldn't be able to see it, firmly resolving not to give another thought to Lucius' ridiculous gift.

February 16, 1982

Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire

"Dobby! I asked for the castleton green dragon skin, not the hunter green dragon skin. I need the correct sample at once. How do you expect me to create perfection from such off color, substandard materials?"

"Yes, Mistress, Dobby is getting it right away." Dobby just barely managed to hold in a long, put-upon sigh by yanking firmly on one ear.

His master and mistress were in their respective studies, both working on odd miniature houses, both demanding incredibly specific supplies for their seemingly never ending projects.

Dobby was starting to see what the Supreme Leader Pip meant- witches and wizards really were hopeless.

February 24, 1982

Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire

"Auntie Cissy, why do you have a doll house?"

Narcissa sniffed delicately, raising a particularly lovely china teacup to her lips. "It's not a dollhouse, pet, its a scale replica."

"What's that?"

"Yes, Cissy, what is that?" Andromeda strode across the sitting room to peer more closely at the large replica, newly displayed on a marble column that matched Narcissa's tea table nicely. "And I don't actually mean what, to be clear– I mean why do you have this?"

"A lovely gift from Lucius of course- my husband supports my immense talents, Meda darling, I'm sure you wouldn't understand–,"

"That is strike two today Cissy, and we haven't even gotten to snacks yet. Do behave, Nymphadora would make a fuss if we had to leave before you broke out the cake you promised her–,"

"- and of course my talent was called upon to renovate Grimmauld Place–,"

"My daddy says your only real talent is spending too much money."

"Nymphadora! What have we said about repeating your father and I's discussions in public?"

"Oh this is hardly public, you're with family here, pet." Narcissa ran a possessive hand over Nymphadora's hair, currently the same bright blonde as her own, and smiled smugly at her sister. "And that helpful comment is your second strike so we may as well call it even now, Meda."

Andromeda rolled her eyes, turning her back on her sister to inspect the new nursery at Grimmwauld Place. "Really, Cissy, scale replicas? It just seems so… hobbyist of you."

"Hardly. A trophy, now, really– it started off as an exact replica, right down to the condition of the house. It made it quite simple to tell the contractors and curse breakers where to focus. And once structural repairs were made and all of dear Auntie Walburga's nasty little–"

Narcissa paused when Andromeda spun around to frown pointedly at her. "Little pitchers have big ears."

As one, the sisters glanced at Nymphadora, who covered her ears obligingly as she swung her feet from the settee. "Go on Auntie, I'll not hear you now!'

"Remember when Bella used to try that on Father?"

Andromeda snorted. "Fell for it every time, the old fool. Nymphadora darling, why don't you go find Dobby and ask him about that cake?"

The little girl dropped her hands from her ears and smiled sweetly. "That's ok mummy, I'm happy to stay right here with you."

"Oh, very well done delivery pet!" Narcissa clapped lightly, the motion so dainty it was amazing it produced even the faintest noise. "Lesson forty seven, emotional manipulation for information, is clearly going well. But the cake is waiting for you– and its chocolate cherry, so run along."

"Jolly good!" Nymphadora hopped up immediately, dashing towards the door (and managing to knock into only three separate pieces of furniture along the way). "Ta!"

"And don't stand in the hall and listen in while you eat your cake– go find Draco and play puppets! No explosions!"

Nymphadora's laughter carried back down the hall. "Yes mum!"

"She's coming along, isn't she?"

"I certainly never expected her to actually enjoy her time here– you're a dab hand with children though, Cissy, likely because you're still so much of one yourself—,"

"Excuse me, that is absolutely a strike–,"

"I mean, really, doll houses at our age–,"

"Our age? You may be running towards ancient but I am certainly not—,"

"And Lucius building them! Is this some sort of suppressed childhood thing or–,"

"Andromeda Black! And to think, people call you the open minded one of us!"

"Is this really an exact replica down to the magic on the house?"

"I've already told you that you absolute cow, and told you why it was helpful as well–,"

"Will it show ongoing work done and changes made?"

"Not unless I re-charm the real house. I wanted it to be stuck in stasis at the exact moment I deemed the project complete. As I said, a trophy. Also proof of how I left it in case Sirius breaks something and tries to blame me. Honestly, you'd think we were still seven and wrestling over the best broom in the shed."

"Didn't you break his nose for that?"

Narcissa scoffed. "Barely."

Andromeda fell quiet for a long moment, still idly inspecting the replica. "Did you end up using Fiendfyre on Auntie Walburga's old room?"

"More expensive than that, I'm afraid. It took four curse breakers and seven cleansing rituals– I paid extra to not be told what they found in there."

Settling back into her sear, Andromeda took a long sip of tea and eyed her sister speculatively. "You could make a lot of money selling these, or incorporating these into ward and house designs."

"A business venture, Meda? Really?"

Andromeda sighed, long and loud. "This is what I get for trying to be supportive."

Narcissa smiled smugly. "Don't be ridiculous– it's what you get for calling me old."

February 28, 1982

12 Grimmauld Place, London

"You have to be kidding me– a ribbon cutting?" Elvira Zabini gaped up at the front stoop of the London townhouse, which prominently featured a large bright green bow across the entryway.

"Now, now Elvira darling. Madame Malfoy put quite a lot of work into this. We'd be wrong not to allow for a bit of fanfare." Isobel Caldron patted her daughter's arm reassuringly before lowering her voice. "Besides, Cassiopeia suggested we inquire about some scale model method that Narcissa used– she thought it might make remodeling multiple estates at the same time a breeze."

"I suppose we should consider remodeling prior to deciding which to sell off– though the elf management Papa implemented has been Morganna's magic itself. Do you think Blaise would like the Prague estate being turned into a—,"

"Miss Elvira, Madame Calderon, lovely a pair as ever today I see. We're so pleased you could join us for this little Open House."

Elvira's back straightened as she turned, smiling coyly. "Really, Mr. Lupin, the pleasure is all ours. I wasn't sure if we'd have the opportunity to enjoy your company today or not."

"I'd hardly miss the chance to visit with you," Remus bowed gallantly over both women's proffered hands, reaching blindly behind him to drag Sirius forward to do the same.

Skipping over Elvira's hand (a mutual gesture, as she snagged it from his reach), Sirius rolled his eyes and pulled his leather jacket closer over narrow shoulders. "Oh Merlin– Moony literally is going to live here, so don't think that it's some special visit—,"

"Ah, yes– I'd heard that the two of you were close from Filius," Isobel stepped forward, flipping a black lace fan open with one smooth hand gesture. "He was quite excited when we spoke last week."

Sirius turned bright red. "That's- that isn't–,"

"My god, a ribbon cutting?" Alphard Black popped into existence to their right, irritated expression caught on the ribbon across the door.

"Now, love, perhaps we should consider that its been wrapped up like a gift for Sirius?" Melania offered as she appeared at his side, slipping a hand easily into the crook of her husband's arm. "After all, the amount of money Narcissa spent on this–,"

"I don't know if you could call asking him to live in this haunted mansion is much of a gift," Alphard offered, striding up behind them in an American flag themed button up purchased specifically to annoy his brother. He'd been sitting on a bench across the street watching them all arrive, unwilling to venture inside Grimmauld without an escort (or without finishing off the whiskey in his flask).

"There are scissors hanging right there- it's definitely a ribbon cutting." Arcturus sighed. "I suppose class is too much to hope for from that ridiculous woman."

"My dear Lord Black, you say that as if you'd know class were it to slap you in the face. Do leave your understanding of refinement to your wife," Isobel narrowed her eyes behind her fan before sending a perfectly benign smile in Melania's direction. "The Lady, at least, knows that her granddaughter was the one to stage this delightful little event."

(Behind her, Elvira and Sirius rolled their eyes in unison– Remus deftly elbowed them both.)

"You mean that Narcissa planned this–,"

"Planned this entire day, in fact." The Tonks family's arrival was colorful– literally, as Nymphadora had coerced her parents into wearing insanely bright yellow matching robes. Andromeda kissed Melania, Elvira, and Isobel on both cheeks while her husband shook hands all around (if Arcturus had tried to avoid him by side stepping behind his wife– well, it certainly wasn't an effective maneuver, as he shortly found his own hand being wrung in Ted's firm grasp).

"Cissy planning a ribbon cutting is hardly as unbelievable as you all make it sound— she once made me throw flowers for her while she did tricks on a broom for four hours." Sirius shuddered, his hand drifting to his nose without any conscious consideration. "I strongly recommend clapping when she gets here."

"Clapping for what, exactly?" Cygnus demanded, appearing with a theatrical pop and irritable expression.

"For your daughter, apparently," Arcturus gestured dryly to the front stoop, and Cygnus sighed.

"Just like her mother, that one, with such a penchant for dramatics–,"

Ted, eyeballing his father-in-law's decorative cane swirling through the air, snorted. "Oh yes, definitely got that from her mother."

"Listen you dirty—,"


"Hey! Grandpa Pollux! You're here! Did you bring me anything good?" Nymphadora had spotted Pollux's quiet arrival, even when the man attempted to side step their entire group to half-hide behind a tree.

Pollux smiled rather helplessly at his great granddaughter. "Well, perhaps," he said, hand reaching towards the pocket he'd stashed caramels in for this exact purpose. "But only if you can recite the full list of summer constellations for me."

"Father, why on earth are you so familiar with that child?" Cygnus demanded, shock spread across his features as Pollux and Nymphadora settle into quiet conversation and frequent candy consumption.

Andromeda smiled, eyes bright (and resembling nothing so much as the cat who'd got the cream). "Oh, didn't you know Papa? Grandfather has been Nymphadora's main tutor for months now– they're quite close. He knows that she's a great blessing to the family."

"We'll see about this– my Father won't be—,"

Arcturus cleared his throat loudly. "Cygnus, you'll leave your father alone if you know what's good for you. He's contributing to the family, which is more than I can say about–,"

"Hello, hello!" The entire Granger household poured out of Marius' car, bundled up in heavy wool coats and matching cream caps.

"DORA!" Hermione screamed, wiggling in her mother's arms for release as she spotted her favorite cousin. "Dora, Dora, Dora!"

Daniel waved a cheerful hand around the group before turning to Sirius. "Another big step for you mate! Need Ted and I to teach you how to keep house next?"

Sirius laughed, clasping the other man's hand firmly in his own. "I'll pass, thanks– Auntie Cass insists that I be assigned a proper house elf to keep me honest. Can't say I like the idea, but Remus has brought me around."

Helen snorted. "I can't imagine its hard to be brought around to the notion of never cleaning your own toilet."

Winking, Sirius nodded towards the house. "I don't even know how many toilets are in there, really."

"Of course you don't," Elvira (who was intimately attuned to the layouts of each of her estates and their associated values) muttered. Remus grinned beside her.

Lucretia and Ignatius Prewett suddenly popped into existence right on the stoop, both spinning in surprise at the sound of several loud conversations going on behind them.

"Darling, didn't we plan to arrive late?" Ignatius murmured softly into his wife's pale hair.

Lucretia shrugged at him a bit helplessly. "Apparently everyone had the same idea– oh hello, Mama! Did you see my owl this morning about your robes for the Ogden family dinner next week? Oh I'd really prefer you go shopping with me ..."

Ignatius watched his wife bound into her mother's arms resignedly, stepping down off the stoop to shake hands with his father-in-law for lack of a better option.

"This is quite the crowd, isn't it?" Marius murmured to Isobel. "Did Cass call an entire council just for a little house warming?"

Painted red lips quirked upward, Isobel shook her head ever so slightly. "Is there any such thing as a little house warming? That wouldn't do a bit of good for the new wards."

Eyes sharpening, Marius looked around consideringly. "In that case, I'm surprised there aren't more."

("More?" Agnes mouthed behind him, reasonably distraught. She promptly walked back to the car to retrieve her hip flask, which had been optimistically left in the backseat.)

Callidora Black Longbottom arrived with both an incredibly grouchy Harfang (much to Ignatius' visible glee) and a vulture-topped Augusta in her wake. The three were arguing loudly over blood wards, and their legality, and the purpose of sharing magic between families.

"Augusta, you of all people should be against this!"

"I'll not say it again! I'm here on dear Alice's behalf– she'd have gladly bled for her godson!"

"Gryffindors," Arcturus sighed loudly.

"Don't even start, boy," Callidora pointed her wand threateningly at her least favorite younger cousin. "Slytherins are every inch as loud and dramatic, as evidenced by us hearing you all bickering a mile away. What the muggles must think!"

"They're muggles," Cygnus muttered snidely. "They don't think."

"Listen up, you bigoted little–,"

"Papa if you don't refrain from–,"

"Cygnus! If I have to remind you of your place—,"

Daniel, Andromeda, and Arcturus eyeballed one another, falling silent in their surprise. The sudden quiet was so prevalent that for once in his life, Pollux was clearly heard:

"I'm disappointed in your manners, Cygnus. You bring shame to your mother and I."

Every person gathered in front of Grimmauld collectively gasped, the temperature seeming to drop by several degrees as all eyes turned to where Pollux stood with Nymphadora and Hermione.

"Father, how could you–,"

"That's quite enough bellowing. Please be respectful to all those gathered, regardless of your feelings. You're a Black, not a showgirl."

(Marius felt a cold chill creep down his spine. Pollux was channeling their father so perfectly that he half expected his older brother to drop him out a window.

"I'm not sure if we should be pleased or terrified at what we've created," his twin whispered in his ear, and Marius jumped half a foot into the air.

"When did you even get here?" he demanded. Cassiopeia blinked back at him, smug and silent.)

"My, what a… gathering." Lucius Malfoy, content to command attention in even the most tense situations, arrived with Draco in hand.

"Gathering," the little boy echoed solemnly, nose turned up in an expression identical to his father's…. Until he noticed Nymphadora. "Cousin!"

"Draco, we don't shout–,"

"Oh, let the kids play," Ted interrupted, mischief in his eyes. "Join us Lucy– we're starting up a meeting of the dads club. You're welcome to join us– I hear you have quite the talent for making toys these days."

Lucius spluttered.

"Were we waiting for anyone else?" Cassiopeia wondered aloud, only for Pip to appear at her side with an attendance list in hand. "No? Well, best begin then. Pip, go tell Narcissa we're all–,"

The front door of Grimmauld Place swung open, revealing Narcissa Malfoy herself on the threshold. Perfectly put together from the pointed tips of her ivory boots to the top of her blue feathered fascinator, the witch's fingers were nearly trembling in the most rare display of emotion.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure I invite you to see the masterpiece that Grimmauld Place has been transformed to. Family magic has called you here today to make your offering to the new wards that will protect this home. Without further ado…," Narcissa reached out to grasp the ornate golden scissors hovering in the air, and cleanly snipped through the thick ribbon. "Please come in. You are welcome under this roof, with these kin."

(Surprisingly, it was not Lucius who clapped the loudest, nor Andromeda. It was Sirius, who very much so did not want to reset his nose again).

When Narcissa was suitably pleased with the oohing and awing being done over her redesign (even Alphard had to admit he wasn't haunted by his sister's wraith, much to his eternal shock), she led the entire crowd to the kitchen to gather around the vast fireplace that the home's ancient wardstone was sat in.

Here, Cassiopeia took over.

"I call upon our family magic, upon the magic of countless Black's who have walked before us, and upon the magic laid upon this house when its first cornerstone was laid. I call upon the magic of those tied to this family, by blood, oath, or magic, and I call upon the loyalty and love of those who have gathered today."

Cassiopeia murmured a soft spell and her palm opened, blood pouring into the cup of her hands until she finally poured it out over the wardstone. Purple magic immediately flared around the stone, turning her offering a gleaming silver as it absorbed.

Arcturus stepped up behind her, best prepared of those in attendance for what was to happen next. Slicing his own hand: "I offer my blood and my magic to build new wards around this home. May they be ever vigilante and protect the Black family and its retainers from any harm that comes this way."

Melania followed. "I offer my blood and my magic to build new wards around this home. May these wards protect the Black family's most precious asset, our children, at all costs. May no harm befall another Black child in this home again."

Each member of the house warming party– more of a ward raising party, really– stepped forward, offering themselves to the wards one at a time. Some were brief (Harfang, notably, only offered his blood and magic with no further commentary), while others were rather verbose (Helen outlined the exact type of love, understanding, and mental healthcare that residents were in need of, and Augusta clearly detailed the exact things Alice had wished for her godson). The children were not expected to slice open their hands, of course, but they were allowed to carefully touch their hands to the wardstone, offering up a small bit of magic themselves.

The thick, cloying weight of old magic pressed down upon them all by the time they'd made it through the whole line of well wishers, and the room was tinted purple from sparks of magic dancing in the air. Cassiopeia stepped forward once more.

"The foundation of these wards is strong, and sturdy, and will be built upon for generations. Now, we ask magic to tie them to those who must be attuned to them within this home."

Pip, appearing behind Sirius and Remus in a protective suit designed by Cassiopeia for this purpose, shoved both young men forward. Stumbling back to the wardstone where Cassiopeia stood, the last two Marauders shared a long, heavy look as they held out their hands to the Black Family Materfamilias.

She drew her wand slowly across both their hands, reopening the cuts they'd only just healed moments prior, and pressed both against the wardstone. Breathing deeply, Cassiopeia began to hum– and the magic pressing them down in the room was drawn to her, drawn through her, sending her long dark curls crackling out in the air and sparking off her fingertips till she pressed her own hands over Remus and Sirius' and—

"The child's offering!" Isobel hissed at them, voice hoarse, and Sirius nearly jumped out of his trance as he remembered to pull the small lock of Harry's hair from his pocket to be absorbed into the wardstone.

Cassiopeia continued humming, but opened her eyes to look at Pip. At her mistress' nod, the house elf disappeared briefly, only to return– with company.

"Mopsy is joining herself to this household now," Pip coached the little elf at her side, her personal apprentice over the past several weeks (Mopsy was also her youngest cousin, but that had just made ordering her around easier). "Go ahead, like we were practicing."

Mopsy, who's eyes were uncommonly large even for a house elf and who looked entirely too excited for a self respecting house elf who'd been dragged into a ritual she thought above her station, snapped her fingers and slapped her long fingers against the wardstone with a rush of magic.

Cassiopeia hummed even louder. The last sparks of magic around the room rushed into her, and she pushed down on all three hands on the wardstone, and finally—

"Merlin," Sirius whispered. "I feel it. I actually feel it." And having said as much, he dropped to his knees in tears. Remus dropped beside him, arm over his shoulders, eyes wide as he too was suddenly overcome by the sheer amount of power and magic and good intentions that the Grimmwauld poured through him.

("Masters is being very inappropriate in front of guests," Mopsy murmured, but she was looking reverently at the ward stone. Before today, Pip was the only house elf who had ever been actively built into the family home's wards. She was equal to Remus and Sirius in the eyes of the house, and she hardly knew how to handle it.

"Pip is telling you, Mopsy must be strict with her wizards but expect them to be hopeless.")

"Refreshments anyone?" Narcissa cheerfully stepped around her crying cousin and his best friend, gesturing to the door to the dining room. "We've prepared quite the bountiful spread for you in thanks for your participation today. And if anyone has any questions about the remodel…"

Only Cassiopeia and Pip stayed in the room with the weeping new residents of Grimmauld Place. "It feels right to me now."


"It feels right. The magic here- it's clean. Fresh, normal, happy blood magic and sacrifices, nothing polluted or…," Cassiopeia hesitated a bit when she saw Pip shaking her head. "Well, anyways, it'll be a good place to raise a child."

"Thanks, Aunt Cassie."

"The wards- you may not see them yet, they're so fresh to you, but they're a bit different than any I've experienced so far. I hypothesize this is because of the offerings made today, as offerings do give life to wards. Traditionally we would have stuck to a script, however it was an interesting experiment to see if—," Cassiopeia paused again at Pip's silent prompting. "Anyways, you'll actually be able to see any magic clinging to anyone in the house. It'll be interesting who visits, won't it?"