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March 3, 1982

Daily Prophet Morning Edition

The Boy Who Lived: Custody Dispute Determined!

Article by Rita Skeeter

James and Lily Potter have been memorialized, celebrated, and mourned since October 31 of 1981. Their legacy is no mere statue, no matter how grand (see page 2: Honoring Our Heroes– New Monument Unveiled in Godric's Hollow). Instead, the Potter family lives on in their son Harry, better known to us all as The Boy Who Lived.

But where has he been?

Immediately following the tragic sacrifices made by his parents, young Harry vanished completely from the public eye. Popular speculation at the time suggested he had been sent to live with the Longbottom family; however, the attack on Frank and Alice Longbottom at their home and the subsequent adoption of their son by Frank's mother, Augusta, led to the rejection of this theory (see page 7: Experimental Treatment Nets Results! Augusta Longbottom Shares Update on Beloved Auror Couple).

With the Potter will sealed so quickly that even the most enterprising reporters could not discover where young Harry had been sent (and you can be certain that this reporter did try their hardest to bring you this coveted news!), rumors ran rampant. Lesser publications suggested that the beloved Boy-Who-Lived was sent to America for martial arts training, that he was being raised by the Roman Vampire Coven, and that he had been shipped to extremely distant Potter relatives in India. One fanatical conspiracy theorist even suggested that Harry Potter was actually Bellatrix Lestrange's love child, and that the 'Death Eaters' had taken him in to be raised as the next Dark Lord (see page 12: Reasons to Stop Reading British Magic Revealed)!

Just when it seemed that we would have to wait till our beloved young hero received a Hogwarts letter to learn what became of him after his unwitting participation in the fall of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, shocking information was brought forth in what is being lauded as the court case of the century: the erroneously delayed trial of Sirius Black.

Black's trial included overwhelming proof that we did not, in fact, know what had happened on October 31st. It brought more questions to light than it did answers (see page 14: Pettigrew Hunt Updates) and culminated in the absolute conviction of all in attendance that Black was not only falsely accused, but also the magically sworn godfather of one Harry Potter.

Cleared of all charges, Black quickly moved to petition Gringotts for assistance opening the Potter will and gaining custody of his godson. Direct negotiations between the Black and Potter families' Gringotts representatives and legal council with the Ministry resulted in the expedited scheduling of a custody case– a custody case we have been anxious to see for months now.

Dearest readers, I know many of you have personally worried over our young hero– I have taken the liberty of including some of your most passionate letters here:

"How dare they send that poor little lamb away from us who want to see him loved and cared for as he deserves!" – Mindalen Prince, 87.

"As a father, I'm horrified that there is no Ministry record of where the boy was sent– how can they confirm that he is cared for?" Jansen Blake, 43.

"Even if the public doesn't need to know where James and Lily's little boy is, their friends ought to! Why, to go from being an honorary family member one day, to not knowing if the child is well…" Molly Weasley, 32.

This reporter agrees with you full heartedly. That's why I have gathered not only information about the results of the custody hearing held yesterday (March 2), but also dug around to find out more about where Harry Potter has been until now.

A source at Gringotts readily admitted that Albus Dumbledore was initially responsible for sealing the Potter will. "Who else do you think has that much pull?" Unfortunately, they could not expand on the reason why, other than to note that the Hogwarts Headmaster and political power house likely wanted to avoid having his own decisions questioned: "After all, he took the wixen child, didn't he?"

He did. Harry was, in fact, taken to Albus Dumbledore immediately following the gruesome murders of his parents. We could presume the best: that Dumbledore was the one who confirmed the boy had survived the killing curse, and that he did not want the Department of Mysteries to lay claim to the child as a result. Or, based on the information that has come to light over the past months, we could wonder about the worst: did Dumbledore intend this young, bereaved boy to be a political pawn? (See page 9: The Dumbledore and Potter Families' Shared History).

Regardless of his motives, we can definitively confirm that Dumbledore opted to place Harry with unknown supporters in the muggle world, hidden beneath powerful warding that prevented the most dedicated seer from finding hair nor tail of the child.

Harry was brought into yesterday's hearing by none other than Minerva McGonagall, only recently released from St. Mungo's following a battle with a rare form of Dragon Pox and known to be one of Dumbledore's closest friends in addition to being the Deputy Headmistress and Transfiguration Mistress at Hogwarts. When questioned, McGonagall only noted that she had picked up Harry from his previous residence that morning as a favor to her employer, who appeared thrilled to see both Minerva and young Harry in person.

This reporter quickly realized that whoever Dumbledore had placed the child with was not planning to attend the trial themselves. We can easily discount both Hogwarts teachers for having tended to young Harry over the past several months— with McGonagall's illness and Dumbledore's continued stay in the public spotlight, there would have been no conceivable way I could have missed a child in either of their residences. Which begs the question: Why did Dumbledore's foster family of choice not attend?

Harry himself did not seem particularly concerned by this absence– in fact, the boy was incredibly excited to be reintroduced to his godfather, Sirius Black, who attended alongside QC Granger and his Gringotts representative. I myself nearly shed a tear at the sight of the small boy running across the Wizengamot chambers into the arms of his dearly missed 'Uncle Padfoot' before the room was even called to order.

To the surprise of few, the actual court hearing was brief (see page 7 for voting details). Minister Bagnold herself stated a firm desire to continue righting the wrongs done to Black upon his imprisonment, and noted that restoring his rightful custody of the Potter heir was a large step in the right direction. Albus Dumbledore, in his position on the Wizengamot, agreed heartily with this before praising Sirius for prioritizing the care of Wizarding Britain's number one darling. The case was concluded in less than 23 minutes.

The only other attendees of the custody case were the extensive Black family, led by Materfamilias Cassiopeia Black. "Of course we all came. It is of the utmost importance that my dear sister Dorea's grandson be properly welcomed into our family. My nephew, Sirius, is well prepared to raise the boy the way his parents and grandparents wished, and with the support of the entire Black family behind him, we know Dorea's grandson will go far."

Narcissa Malfoy nee Black was gracious enough to provide photos of young Harry's first night with his new family. "We had a spectacular little party for him, of course. He met the other Black children of his generation: my own son, Draco, our dear Hermione, and my darling niece Nymphandora. I just know they'll be the sweetest of little friends– after all, every Black knows that family comes before everything."

Honoring Our Heroes– New Monument Unveiled in Godric's Hollow

Article by Jean Blackberry

After months of work by acclaimed artist Edmond Amateis, a tributary memorial for the Potter family was unveiled this week.

Amateis was selected to complete the Ministry sponsored commission out of a pool of thirty separate volunteers. His application stood out due to his age and experience.

Raised by muggles in Rome, Italy, Amateis spent the majority of his youth and initial arts training in the United States. Like many wixen who achieve fame in the muggle world, Amateis was forced to stage his own death prior to retirement (see below footnotes for research regarding the lifespan of wixen vs that of muggles). He elected to move to Hogsmeade to avoid any suspicion, and has since opened a small commission based art gallery.

The Potter's memorial features James Potter, Lily Potter nee Evans, and an infantile Harry Potter standing together at the site of their final showdown with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Spectators who participated in the unveiling argued fiercely over whether the statue captured the essence of the young family, though Amateis insists that he has represented the heroes of Wizarding Britain to a tee.

Experimental Treatment Nets Results! Augusta Longbottom Shares Update on Beloved Auror Couple

Article by Tori Brooksmith

As a child learning about the Unforgivable Curses in my Defense Against the Dark Arts classes, I was confident that Mind Controlling Curse was by large the worst thing that could happen to a person. The idea of losing control horrified me, as it did the majority of my class— what could be more horrifying than losing your sense of self?

And then Frank and Alice Longbottom were attacked.

No other person is recorded as having endured the same breadth of torture that Frank and Alice Longbottom did at the hands of Lestranges and Bartemius Crouch Jr. during the Blood War. While many disappeared, and many more were tormented, the majority of the Dark Lord's victims were killed in cold blood. Those whose minds were reported broken were exposed, not to extended bouts of the Torture Curse, but to brief stints of brutal and illegal Legillemancy.

Frank and Alice Longbottom, on the other hand, suffered for hours. They were subjected to pain so severe that their magic and bodies were left with no option other than to cut the connection between mind and body in a desperate attempt to free their minds from their raw nervous systems.

Though their exact symptoms varied slightly, the couple were originally checked in to St. Mungo's for the same treatment based on the cause of their plight. They left behind a (safe!) son, to be cared for by Frank Longbottom's mother, family Matriarch Augusta Longbottom. Months passed with no results, no relief, and eventually Healers determined that they could not be helped.

Enter Cassiopeia Black.

Madame Black is an internationally renowned potions Mistress, an avid proponent of the muggle concept of 'Science', and, most recently, the Head of the Black Family. She is credited with the revival of her family line following the embarrassments brought on by several (newly disowned) members of her line (see previous article by Rita Skeeter, available in stores near you! For more information).

Madame Black created a medical team composed of her nieces, Narcissa Malfoy nee Black and Andromeda Tonks Nee Black, as well as eclectic researcher Pandora Lovegood to begin righting the wrong done to the Longbottom family. This symbolic gesture, meant initially to restore the balance between these two ancient families, has netted results far and beyond the comfort that Madam Longbottom once hoped to bring to her son and daughter-in-law.

Our first view of this success was shockingly obvious during the trial of Sirius Black earlier this year, when Alice Longbottom was actually able to participate as an active witness for the defense.

Now, Augusta Longbottom is pleased to provide Frank and Alice's friends and kin with another spectacular update. "Those girls have managed to completely alleviate their pain. Not only is my Frank and his sweet little Alice at peace, they're also now starting to interact with their son– my grandson, Neville. They may not be having long conversations or running down baddies like they used to, but they're going to be able to rejoin our family again with just a little bit of additional daily assistance. Even if Madame Black stopped their progress here, I'd be thrilled. As it is, I'm being assured that they believe further rehabilitation is possible over time."

Andromeda Tonks nee Black was gracious enough to provide some additional information regarding the experimental treatment her team has devised for the Longbottoms' benefit. "Morganna herself has smiled on this project— you can tell just by the rate we've seen improvements. We've relied on a creative combination of muggle and magical healing, memory care, ritual magic, and previously unheard of potions to get to this point. We plan on publishing, with Madame Longbottoms' consent of course, in the future, so that other long-term curse exposure victims might have new opportunities for treatment."

Pettigrew Hunt Updates

Article by Jia Xiao

The Ministry has been incredibly tight lipped about the ongoing manhunt– or should we say rat hunt?- for accused murderer and fidelius betrayer, Peter Pettigrew.

Pettigrew's last known whereabouts were the site of his most vicious crime: the murder of muggles Charles Hooper, Shirley Pearce, William Christensen, John Matthams, Patricia Slater, Donald Carver, Ronald Lester, Carol Stone, James Eaton, Dai Gillespie, Mary Abraham, and Thomas Watkins. At that time, evidence suggests Pettigrew actually removed his own finger prior to transforming into his unregistered Animagus form (that of a rat) and disappearing through the muggle sewer system. Pettigrew famously shouted a false accusation at Sirius Black at the time of the murders, resulting in Black's unlawful imprisonment at the end of the Blood War.

Pettigrew's image was released to muggle authorities as well as being pasted across Wizarding Britain, however, there have been no tips from muggle or magical citizens to help narrow down the search. It is assumed he may travel in his Animagus form for safety, so please be on the lookout for any rodents missing a single digit on their front paw.

If you see Pettigrew, please contact….


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