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She had to wonder just what or who she upset in her past life for this to be happening to her. After all, at the age of seven, she wasn't actually responsible for killing someone so karma couldn't come for her throat. She just wished someone had told it that. Feeling her already injured ribs brush against the stair railing, she knew that running away wouldn't be a possibility forever. If she was being honest she didn't think she would even make it another few inches much less down the stairs and out the door. Hearing her cousin laugh she resisted the urge to snap at him much like the small dog owned by Aunt Marge was snapping at her heels.

Following her list of chores for today, she'd been cleaning Dudley's room while he played a new game on his computer. Who needed a computer at age seven? Seriously she had no idea where they'd gotten the money for that. The dog, that she was convinced was evil, had been dozing on his bed until she entered to do her job. After that well, let's just say it was now a free show with her as the entertainment.

There was a step about two from the top that had always been a bit weak. Her uncle complained about it enough that she could recite his rant from memory. She knew the instant her foot hit the step that she was either going to tumble down the stairs or learn to fly. A large part of her hoped it would be the second option. Unfortunately whatever deity had been watching over her since she was born decided to take the day off leaving her with worse luck than a starving politician.

Her knee buckled as the wooden step cracked and sank under her foot. For just a moment she felt someone's, Dudley's, hand brush her arm then she was falling. Due to the overwhelming amount of fabric-from her cousin's old shirt-on her arms, she didn't have nearly enough time to throw out her hands to catch herself. Slamming her eyes closed as her stomach flipped she barely registered someone, Dudley, screaming her name. Later she would think how nice it was that he cared. Feeling her head hit something, the step, she cried out seconds before something in her arm snapped, her radius, then she landed on the floor at the base of the stairs.

By the time she opened her eyes again, there was something wet in her hair. She should've been in pain, she knew that, so it was strange that she felt nothing. Instead, she couldn't feel anything past the numbness in her limbs; in terms of pain rather than anything else. Looking up at the ceiling she vaguely realized the demon dog was chewing on her ankle before a thin pointed face was looking down at her in worry. Her aunt did care; nice to know. The sound of arguing had filled the air but for once it wasn't aimed at her.

"Easy sweetheart, just breathe…Vernon get that damn dog out of here!"

Wait, was this her aunt? She was acting weird. For one thing, the woman had just called her sweetheart instead of a freak. For another, she was pretty sure that the woman was crying. The tears running down the woman's face were slightly scary; she'd never seen the woman like this before. Was it simply because there was a possibility that she would die that the woman was acting so strangely? Either way, she didn't like the expression on her face. Opening her mouth she tried to tell her she was alright only to be shushed immediately.

Hearing a screech, she closed her eyes trying to make herself as lifeless as possible. Usually, that sound would mean she was in trouble. Feeling a gentle hand brush over her forehead, she relaxed slowly as the chewing sensation on her ankle faded. Did that mean the dog had left her alone? The thundering sound of footsteps echoed around her seconds before Marge started screaming.

"Don't you dare touch my dog!"

"Get the hell out of my house!"

Flinching at her uncles shout, she bit her lip as a door slammed open. He was angry, nothing good happened when he was angry. Part of her wondered why her aunt and uncle even cared; they never had before. Although they had never harmed her physically, they'd never stopped Dudley from doing so. Opening her eyes slowly she felt slightly dizzy as a gentle hand reached out to touch her uninjured wrist. Looking up at her cousin she was shocked to see the real worry on his face.

Strange, she'd never expected them to ever worry about her. The looming shadow of her uncle was all the warning she got before his arms were under her and she was being lifted off the floor. Feeling the pain rush through her body all at once she couldn't hide back a scream that tore at her throat. Hearing a choking sound from her aunt, she closed her eyes trying to block out the pain as darkness came rushing to meet her.

The world wasn't bright or filled with color but instead, it was a monotone grey that made her feel as if she was drowning in a sea of lifelessness. Reaching up to touch her head she didn't feel wetness nor was there anything wrong with her arm. Looking down at her hands she wiggled her fingers. She didn't feel the agonizing pain from earlier or the numbness. Was she unconscious, that seemed like the best answer. However, this didn't feel like a dream.

"How observant for a child."

Twisting she frowned at the man standing behind her. He wasn't human, she could tell that from the way shadows seemed to cling to him. Watching them swirl around his feet she didn't feel afraid. Instinct told her, he wasn't going to harm her and after living with her family she had very good survival instincts. Glancing at his face she studied his dark crimson eyes for a moment before paying attention to the scar running across his left eyes into his hairline. The black locks seemed to part around it. Reaching up she touched her own scar on her forehead causing him to smirk.

"Amusing," he mumbled before his hand twitched. Jolting she bit her lip as the world around them transformed into a forest clearing. Eyeing the pond she wondered if she could swim in it before noticing the dark shapes flowing under the surface. Stepping closer she couldn't hold back an awed sound at the teal fish swimming just beneath the surface. Her reaction caused him to smirk as he said, "I see blue is your favorite color."

Turning her attention back to him she nodded slowly. It was obvious that he found her reaction amusing although she had no idea why. She didn't even know what gave him the idea that she liked the color. Perhaps he could read her mind. He wasn't human so anything was possible. If so then there was no reason for her to speak, but at the same time, he could have just seen her reaction.

"I'm definitely reading your mind. You're a clever little thing," he stated. Flushing at the praise, she shifted nervously as he moved to lay a gentle hand on her head. His touch was cold reminding her of a freezer or snow. She was so focused on the coldness she almost missed him saying, "right now your uncle is driving at a breakneck pace to get you to a hospital. During the drive, he'll lose control of the car and send both you and your family into a collision course with another car. None of you will survive."

"They're going to die!"

Grabbing his wrist she didn't doubt his words for a moment. While her family might've hurt her, they were still her family. They didn't deserve to die trying to save her life. It wasn't fair and she wouldn't accept such an outcome. She wouldn't let them! Maybe she could die instead of them; her life had to be worth something if he was here telling her this. Tightening her grip on his arm she opened her mouth to snap at him only to stare in confusion when he started laughing. Well, roaring might be a better description. Blinking at him she wasn't prepared when his other hand curled around her chin.

"Your life for theirs? Very well girl, I will take your life in exchange," he announced. It felt like she was frozen, literally, as his eyes changed from red to gold. Shivering she felt afraid for the first time since she opened her eyes, however, she also felt satisfied. Her family, even if they didn't deserve it, would live. Dropping her hand from his wrist she shifted under his gaze even as the shadows curled around her feet. Looking at the girl with amusement he said, "your relatives will live until they're old and grey. Your body will die of a heart attack in a few moments thus causing them to pull over and avoid the other car. They will live, you will belong to me."

Every word felt like it slammed a chain into place around her body, but she didn't look away from him. He might be frightening but she wouldn't regret her choice. She'd chosen this nothing would take that away from her. Besides he'd said her body would die, she doubted he'd chosen that wording carelessly. Still, if he had the power to make such a deal; was he a god or a demon? Hearing him chuckle, she was relieved when he released her.

"How do you know they are not the same thing?"

"I don't, both have their good and bad qualities," she said softly. Grinning at her words he stepped away the glee almost leaking from his body.

"Tell me clever girl, which do you believe I am."

Tilting her head she studied him closely. The darkness and red eyes might mean he was a demon yet that seemed like too simple an answer. He was too confusing for her to throw him into a neat box in her mind. She had no idea what the way his eyes turning to gold meant either but gold was the color of gods. Still, what was the point in trying to understand him when she'd made a deal without hesitation? He'd dragged her here and presented her with a choice and she'd chose. It no longer mattered what kind of being she'd sold her soul to.

"True, but I do want an answer next time we meet," he said much to her confusion. Shivering as his grin turned wicked she realized what was happening just as he said, "your body just died. You officially belong to me. Do try to be entertaining."

Eyes widening, she didn't mean to reach for him but she couldn't stop her hand from grazing his shirt. Only just now did she realize that the dark clothes he was wearing were made of liquid shadow. Feet sinking into the ground she heard him laugh seconds before the ground shattered like glass. Scrambling wildly she looked up seeing an explosion of blue as everything faded to white.

Watching the girl fall away, he stumbled as the form of his brother slammed into him hard enough to disrupt the world around them. Shoving him off he barely had time to smirk before a fist was impacting his cheek. Reaching up to grab his jaw he ignored the other man's ranting in favor of laughing. Despite the golden blood dripping down his face, he felt vindictive glee. This was what he wanted; a way to finally get to his thick-skinned older brother. Seeing the veins on the other man's neck bulge he chuckled.

"Fool! Because of you hundreds of innocent souls are going to die. Do you not even care that you've taken away the girl-who-lived? This isn't a game Chaos people are going to die if you don't give her back."

"Nah, she's mine. Your just angry I've taken one of your heroes, right Fate? Besides she sold her soul to me because you were to busy playing around to notice she was dying. If you want to keep something you can't look away when you see something shiny, I think you were the one who taught me that," he said unable to keep the glee from his voice. Feeling his shadows lash out wildly, he didn't bother to push back his victorious grin. Watching the realization flash in his brother's eyes he wanted to cackle.

"That was you? You distracted me...that's…"

For once his elder looked completely shocked. He'd finally pulled one over on the man who could see everything. He'd finally won. The taste of victory was sweet, but he wanted Fate to grovel at his feet. There would be no greater sight than his arrogant brother on his knees. Chuckling he felt his shadows curl in pleasure at the thought. He'd taken his brothers champion now he would rip apart his pride.

"You stole from me, so I stole from you," he said the words hanging in the air. The world around them shifted in response to his emotions even if his golden brother didn't notice. He'd won and they both knew it all that was left was to rub it in the other man's face. Making sure to keep mocking in his tone he said, "Aria belongs to me. Come near her and I will destroy another of your little heroes, however, I could be convinced to lend her to you."

"Your bargaining with the fate of an entire society!"

"I know! Isn't it glorious!"

There was no greater feeling than the pleasure of seeing panic and pain on his brother's face felt. This was the moment he'd been waiting centuries for. He would cripple him until there was nothing left until he begged for forgiveness and mercy. The torment his brother must feel having to grovel for the help of his own champion was enough to make the blood dripping down his face feel like nothing. He'd finally won.

"Your insane…"

Instantly his grin vanished as the shadows around him lashed out and chained his brother to the ground. The cry of pain that echoed around them as his shadow chains burned ice cold wounds into the man's skin. Forcing his brother to kneel felt so satisfying, especially because he knew the man would have scars. Injuries made by a divine weapon would never heal, he would know. The initial rush of rage at his brother's words didn't fade at the idea. Kneeling before his elder he reached out to grab the other man's chin.

"I am Chaos. You would do well not to insult me in my own domain," he warned. Frost crept across the other man's skin before he pulled away. Standing he loosened his shadows but didn't withdraw them. Despite his show of force, he had no doubt which of them held the most power. Watching the other deity slump in defeat, he felt a pleased smirk drift across his face.

"What do you want, little brother?"


She supposed she should be afraid any other little girl waking up in an alleyway would be, however she felt no such thing. Instead, she felt grateful that there was no pain, despite how much her body had hurt earlier. Reaching up to touch her head she froze at the sound of thundering footsteps. Shrinking in on herself, she tried to be as small as possible as the door a few feet away opened. Flinching as it slammed shut, she didn't dare glance up even when something impacted the alley wall with enough force to break the brick.

Listening to a male voice rant about idiots, she felt tiny. If he could shatter stone it was highly possible he could do the same to her. That made him worse than Vernon; at least her uncle couldn't break a brick. Hearing a roar of rage she whimpered as something heavy rushed past her and shattered against the wall a few feet away. Unfortunately, or fortunately, her action gained his attention causing the man to still.

"Shit," he mumbled before stomping over to the girl. Narrowing his gaze at her cowering form he frowned. She was tiny, and it was made even worse by the large clothing hanging to her frame. Martel would stab him for letting a kid stay out in this weather. It was almost winter and it would be snowing tonight. Reaching down he picked her up by the back of her shirt easy. The frightened way she grabbed his hand helped him keep from dropping her as he carried the kid into his bar. It was slightly different than carrying around a kitten; not that he carried around kittens in his free time.

Within seconds his minions had snapped their gazes in his direction. All their eyes landed on the child in less than a second and he could already hear them asking if he'd kidnapped a kid. They really had no faith in him, did they? Searching the room for someone to take the kid, he decided to toss her to the only woman chimera he had. They were both female so it should work out.

"Martel! Incoming," he shouted seconds after seeing the chimera woman. A panicked scream echoed in the air as he tossed the kid at the woman. Eyes widening, Martel caught the child easily only to wince when the kid's nails dug into her shoulders. Apparently, that was all the sign the kid needed to release her. Most children would have clung to her regardless of how she felt about the action. Frowning at the idea of the kid being observant enough to notice her discomfort she turned her attention back to the smirking man. He'd done that on purpose for his own amusement; he could have just handed her the girl. Glaring at her boss, she lowered the child to the ground gently before kneeling to study her. Pushing the dark hair away from her face, the chimera raised an eyebrow that the faded scar decorating the girl's forehead but ignored it. Instead, she focused on the pale skin that seemed a bit too clammy to be healthy and the dark circles under her eyes.

"What did you do, kidnap a kid," Dolcetto asked. He sounded shocked but there was no surprise at the idea.

Feeling his eye twitch he resisted the urge to kick the dog. Crossing his arms, because seriously did he look like someone who would kidnap a child. Why did he feel like he didn't want the answer to that question? Sighing, he felt his annoyance grow as he pulled out a chair to sit down. The scraping sound caused the child to jolt, her electric blue eyes finding him as she ignored Martel's attempts to gain her attention.

"No idiot, I found her outside," he snapped but there was no heat in his voice.

"A street brat," Roa asked. The rumbling voice caused the girl to glance at him for only a moment before she returned her attention to the Homunculus.

"Probably," he said. Leaning forward to study the kid, he noticed the way her eyes narrowed at his action. A slow grin spread across his lips as his interest sparked.

The blue of her eyes reminded him of Alchemy, he briefly wondered if the girl would be any good at the art; it would definitely be interesting. Even if she wasn't he could feel there was something special about her just from the way her eyes tracked his movements. She wasn't just some dumb kid that managed to find herself outside his door; there was a scary intelligence in her eyes. Especially for a kid.

She wasn't a Homunculus, he would have noticed that, so it definitely wasn't Envy paying him a visit. More than that however she was tiny, underfeed, and obviously didn't trust him. All three of those things drew his interest; if there was one thing he couldn't stand it was kids getting hurt. Up until the age of twelve at least, after that, they were on their own. The only thing he didn't have in his menagerie was an Alchemist; if she had the potential to become one, and his gut was telling him she did, then he wouldn't pass up this opportunity.

"Hey kid, what's your name?"

Considering him for a moment, she frowned. Eyeing the tattoo on his hand she wondered if she should lie before realizing that it didn't matter. From the fact she'd died, she doubted this was the same world she'd just been in just moments ago. The air was different; it felt charged somehow. Meeting his purple eyes she could tell he was dangerous; it hung around him like a fog, however, she didn't know if he was dangerous to her. Hearing the whisperers around her she didn't take her eyes away from his own.

She knew he was waiting for an answer and she would give him one. The sharp-toothed grin on his face should have terrified her. Instead, she pulled away from the blonde woman to walk toward him. He looked even more dangerous up close, but she wasn't afraid. Just like with the creature earlier, he didn't give off an aura like he was going to attack her. If anything he seemed amused by her actions. She didn't mind being the subject of his amusement if it meant he wasn't attacking her.

"Aria," she said softly. Seeing his grin widen she tilted her head at the pleased gleam in his cat-like eyes.

"Well kid, I'm Greed the Avaricious, want to stay with us?"

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