Blue and Red Sisters of Heroine

Musutafu, a bright city like others in the country where everyone is living their usual every day life even to those with Quirks as they use them to become heroes protecting the innocent from those who would misuse their powers for evil deeds.

"Hey Satsuki, where are we going exactly?" A girl asked.

She is a fifteen-year-old girl of medium height and mid-length black hair with a single left-swept red highlight on her bangs. Her blue eyes have peculiar gear-shaped pupils with eight grooves around the edges. She wears a simple white shirt with a red ribbon tie, a black miniskirt, white sneakers, and a black & white jacket with rolled-up sleeves. Breasts sizes: G-cup.

"I told you, Ryuko, it's a surprise, but it won't be long now." The girl named Satsuki said.

Satsuki is a tall slim woman with an angular face similar to her mother's. She has long dark blue tinted hair that goes past her thighs and blue eyes. She has rather thick eyebrows. She wears a light-blue dress shirt with a white jacket, and white fancy shoes. Breasts sizes: G-cup.

"Can you at least give me a hint?" Ryuko asked.

"Come now, your big sister is just giving you a reward for passing the UA entrance exam." A woman said walking alongside her daughters.

She has multi-colored hair, with a silver color on top that are sharp like rainbow-colored wings on her head and Maroon/silver color eyes. She wears a simple white short shelve shirt, pale white-blue pants, and yellow sandals. Breasts sizes: I-cup.

"It would be a nice reward, mom, if you can just tell me what it is." Ryuko said growing a little impatient and bump into Satsuki's back as she stops.

"We're here." Satsuki gestured to the wide beautiful beach.

"Whoa, we're at the beach?" Ryuko shocked.

"Yes, I thought you deserve some time off consider all the training you worked hard on to get in." Satsuki explained.

"Wow, thanks sis!" Ryuko hugged her big sister as she hugs her back.

"But if we're going to hang out at the beach, then why couldn't we go to mom's private island?" Ryuko wondered.

"I have thought about suggesting that, but Satsuki stopped me saving it might be too much since you're starting class tomorrow." Ragyo explained.

"I also did a little research on this participatory beach. It used to be filled with trash all around until someone decided to clean it up within ten months all by himself." Satsuki mentioned.

"Just one guy did, was he using his Quirk?" Ryuko asked.

"I don't know, I think the rumors was a boy about your age moving the trash." Satsuki said.

"Did that rumor say about the boy having green hair." Ragyo asked as she points at a person running on the beach.

The boy is somewhat short for his age, his round face framed by a short mess of fluffy dark-green hair which sticks up at odd angles around his head, casting noticeably dark shadows onto itself. His eyes are large and somewhat circular, their irises the same green color as his hair, which at times are very watery, usually stretched quite wide, giving him an innocent appearance. He has a set of four symmetrical freckles in diamond formations, one on each cheek. He wears green a sleeveless tank-top and black running shorts.

"(That guy, where have I seen him before?)" Ryuko thought wondered to herself.

"Hey, you!" Ryuko called out as she runs up to him.

"Oh, huh, hello?" The boy flinched.

"Are you the one who cleaned up this beach?" Ryuko asked.

"Y-Yeah, that's was me. I was cleaning up the trash for my physical body training to help get use to my Quirk." The green hair boy answered nervous.

"Is that right, pretty impressive. Not many people give shit about picking up after themselves, glad to see someone with the right mind." Ryuko patted him on the shoulder causing him to blush.

"I'm Ryoko Kiryūin, what's yours?" Ryuko introduced herself.

"Oh, I'm Izuku Midoriya. Excuse me, but have we met each other before?" Izuku asked.

"That's weird, I was wondering about that myself." Ryuko said.

"Perhaps you two met during the practical exam." Satsuki walked in with her mother behind.

"The exam…?" Ryuko and Izuku said at the same time.

It only took ten seconds until the realization exploded in their heads and gasps as they pointed at each other.

"That's right, you were there!" Ryuko and Izuku said at the same time.

"Guess my hunch was right." Satsuki smiled.

"Guys, this is the guy I told you about who punched that giant down in one hit!" Ryuko mentioned exciting.

"I-It wasn't that big deal." Izuku stuttered.

"(Oh, he's a cutie.)" Ragyo thought licked her lips.

"Mother, stop your thoughts." Satsuki glared.

"What? I wasn't thinking any dirty thoughts." Ragyo shrugged.

"I never got the chance to thank for saving me and that girl from that debris falling on us." Izuku bowed.

"Hey, hey, no need for that. I was just doing what anyone would have done." Ryuko blushed a bit.

When Izuku raises his head, he looks to see Ragyo causing his eyes to widen and his joy sparkles like stars.

"NO WAY! You're the Life Fiber Hero: Clothing Angel! You were once a young teenage villain who a dangerous clothing organization that wanted to control people through clothes as your Quirk is a superior version of Best Jeanist that you can make fabrics of strings from your own body and they're stronger than steel! After the battle against Best Jeanist and All Might, you were reformed into using your powers for good and giving birth to two girls!" Izuku excited, going all fanboy on Ragyo as she giggles.

"Oh my, you seem to be quite the fan for me." Ragyo winked making Izuku blushes.

"Sorry, I'm just a big fan of heroes and I learn all about them as I can." Izuku explained.

"I can tell, you seem to posses a great mind." Satsuki complimented.

"Hey, I heard you only had zero points during the exam. Did you get in?" Ryuko asked concern.

"Surprisingly, yes. I managed to earn enough rescue points to get in, now I'm one step closer to becoming the Greatest Hero in the world just like All Might! I want to be the hero who smiles to show everyone everything is okay." Izuku determined, raising his fist in the air.

Ryuko didn't know why, but her heart suddenly races up a little from just hearing Izuku's words and her cheeks became a little pink as well.

"That's a pretty cool goal, most want to be heroes for fame and money, but you're an okay guy in my book." Ryuko smiled.

"Th-Thank you." Izuku stuttered.

"Hey, Izuku, was it? I was wondering if you could help me with something." Ragyo said.

"Huh, what do you need help with?" Izuku asked.

"Well…" Ragyo glanced at Ryuko and use her flesh threads to take Ryuko's clothes off revealing a two-piece red and black bikini.

"Could you give Ryuko opinion on the bikini I made for her?" Ragyo asked playfully.

"MOM?!" Ryuko embarrassed as she covers herself and Izuku's face becomes completely red with steam coming out.

"WellitwasnicemeetingyouallbutIgottogonowbye!" Izuku said fast and ran away off the beach and headed home.

"Honestly, mother, can't you behave?" Satsuki sighed.

"What? I really wanted to see how he thought of Ryuko like that." Ragyo giggled.

"Fuck it, mom! Stop using me as a model!" Ryuko yelled while her face is still red.

"But you have to admit, that boy certainly a unique aura around him like I was being drawn to him." Ragyo commented.

"I must admit, I felt the same way even though we just met." Satsuki nodded.

"Me too." Ryuko agreed.

"Now, how about we get on with what we came here for." Satsuki suggested to start having fun on the beach.

(Tomorrow, First Day at UA High)

"Damn, stupid girly uniform." Ryuko complained, struggling with the tie.

"Now Ryuko, you must wear the uniform as you are now a UA student in the hero course. You'll have to get use to it." Satsuki stated.

Ryuko groans as she hates wearing fancy clothing like a dress or a school uniform like this, sometimes she wished the school would allow their students to wear their clothes however they want like some schools do in America.

Then her thoughts stop when she spotted Izuku standing in front of the classroom door where she is assigned to.

"Hey, Izuku." Ryuko greeted, getting his attention.

"Oh, hey Ryuko, and you're Satuki Kiryuin. I heard you moved up a grade from your heroic performances and excellent grades." Izuku said.

"I am, it looks like you two will be in the same class." Satsuki pointed out.

"Oh right, I've been meaning to ask yesterday if your arms and legs are okay after what you did to yourself when the exam ended." Ryuko remembered, she never got the chance to ask Izuku about his injuries.

"They're doing great, Recovery Girl helped them, so I'm okay." Izuku answered.

"Your Quirk must be pretty powerful if you hurt yourself like that. It's like you never used it before." Ryuko said making Izuku nervous with sweating like bullets from behind.

"Is that right? Have you not train with your Quirk when you got it?" Satsuki asked.

"Actually, I'm a late bloomer. Right now, I have to be careful whether I use my Quirk at 0 or 100% while I'm trying to get better control at it." Izuku explained, also making sure not to spill about One for All and All Might's secret.

"I see, then perhaps I can give you little advise. If you can't handle your Quirk at 100%, then perhaps you should be trying to small the smallest percent you can, that way you can use it without damaging yourself." Satsuki offered this advice.

"Whoa, that's simple yet I never realized it! Thank you so much!" Izuku thanked as he bows.

"You're welcome, but you better hope to better yourself otherwise you'll be wasting UA's time." Satsuki warned causing Izuku to be scared.

"Hey, no worries, I'm sure you will do great." Ryuko assured.

"Well, I better get to my class. Good luck, you two." Satsuki bided farewell as she walks away.

"Okay, you ready for this?" Ryuko asked with a smirk.

"Yeah, let's do this." Izuku nodded.

"Alright, let show them what we're made of!" Ryuko opened the door to greet their new classmates.

"Take your feet off of that desk now!" A boy with blue hair and glasses demanded.

"Huh?" The ash hair blonde boy argued.

"It's the first day and you're already disrespecting this academy by scuffing school property, you cetin!" The glass boy scolded.

"You're kidding right? Your old school put a stick up your ass?" The ash blonde boy mocked.

"Sheesh, shit is already hitting the fan." Ryuko said.

"Oh boy, not them." Izuku said nervous.

"Hmm, you know those two?" Ryuko wondered.

"Yeah, the one sitting is Katsuki Bakugo. He used to be my friend when we were little kids, but he stop being my friend after he got his Quirk and his ego grew as well though I still admire him for having a ambition and the motive to keep pushing forward." Izuku mentioned Katsuki.

"Okay, so he's a stupid jerk with an explosive ego." Ryuko termed of what she understands.

"Yes, when you put it like that. The other guy, I don't know his name though he seems to be a strict guy and scary when he is." Izuku explained about the other guy.

"Guess he's more of stick in his ass for the rules." Ryuko commented.

"Ah, good morning." The glass boy greeted to them.

"My name is Tenya Iida formerly from Soumei Junior High School. It is an honor to meet you." Tenya introduced himself as he walks over to them.

"(Does he think of himself as a robot or something?)" Ryuko thought.

"Sup, I'm Ryoko Kiryūin." Ryuko greeted back.

"I'm Izuku Midoriya, it's super nice to meet you." Izuku greeted nervously.

"Midoriya. You realized that there was something more to the practical exam, didn't you?" Tenya asked, confusing Izuku.

"You must be very perceptive. I completely misjudged you, I admit as a student, you're far superior to me." Teyna said.

"What the hell is he talking about?" Ryuko asked Izuku.

"About earning the rescue points during the exam that we weren't mentioned about it." Izuku explained, Ryuko understands that now.

"Hey! I recognize that messed-up hair! Falling boy!" A brown hair girl smiled as Izuku turns around to see the girl he met at the UA exam. Breasts sizes: E-cup.

"(Oh my gosh, it's the nice girl who talked to me! She looks good in that uniform.)" Izuku thought, completely not paying attention to what she's saying and turns to Ryuko.

"(Actually, Ryuko does like cute in the uniform too.)" Izuku thought complimented on Ryuko in the uniform, then his face got all steamy when he suddenly remembers Ryuko in that bikini yesterday.


Ryuko's instinct kicks up and catch a girl who was flying at her holding her like a pole and sat the girl down on her feet.

"Hi, Ryuko!" The girl greeted exciting.

"Sheesh, Mako, you really need to calm yourself down. You always look like you're on a sugar rush." Ryuko sighed.

Mako is a young teenage girl with brown eyes and brown hair that is styled in a bowl cut. She wears the UA female student uniform. Breasts sizes: D-cup.

"I can't help it, we're in the same class together!" Mako smiled and saw Izuku and Tenya.

"Hi there, I'm Mako Mankanshoku! I'm so glad to be here! To be honest, I was a little nervous when I decided to enter UA as my high school but seeing all those awesome and crazy heroes stopping bad guys and saving the day that inspired me to be a hero too! So, I worked really, really, really hard and pass the exam which I thought for sure I was gonna fail, but nope I got in and now I'm meeting new friends like Ochaco Uraraka here though I'm super glad that my old friend is here too making this the best day ever!" Mako bragged fast happily.

"Wow, she sure is… colorful." Izuku commented.

"Yeah, that's Mako being Mako." Ryuko chuckled.

Ryuko looks at her new classmates each looking different and unique in their own way, though she notices Katsuki is glaring at Izuku with intent hatred toward the green hair boy in his eyes.

"(The hell is his problem? Izuku said that they used to be friends, but does he also have a grudge against him too?)" Ryuko thought wondered what's going on between Izuku and Katsuki.

"So, do you think we'll be doing besides orientation?" Ochaco asked.

"I'm more excited about the teachers here! They're all Pro Heroes meaning we'll get to learn some super cool stuff!" Mako excited.

"If you're just here to make friends then you can pack up your stuff up now." A man said behind the Ochaco and Mako.

The student look outside the classroom seeing a man inside a yellow sleeping bag.

"Welcome to UA's Hero Course." The man said and drinks a plastic container juice.

"(What is that thing?)" Ryuko, Izuku, Tenya, and Ochaco mentally gasped.

"Oh my gosh! It's a giant mutated caterpillar with the face of a zombie drinking blood that taste like strawberries!" Mako freaked out.

"(Caterpillar?)" Her friends thought confused.

"It took eight seconds before you all shut up except this chatter box." The man said as he takes off the sleeping bag.

"That's not gonna work. Time is precious, rational students would understand that." The tired-looking man lectured.

"Who the hell is this guy?" Ryuko whispered to Izuku.

"I don't' know, but if he's here than he must be some kind of pro." Izuku believed.

"Doesn't look any Pro I've ever seen." Ryuko said.

"Hello, I'm Shota Aizawa. Your teacher." Aizawa revealed himself.

"(Our teacher?!)" Ryuko and Izuku thought gasped.

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Izuku have not only met the Kiryuin family, but he also classmate with Ryuko as they start their heroic journey together in UA High School though it looks like they will have to survive a certain worn out-looking teacher and what he has plans for their first day. I also made Ragyo a good woman and mother for Ryuko and Satsuki as I'm sure you notice how they felt toward Izuku upon first meeting.

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