Ianto was cautiously holding the phone as he waited for the call to connect, his Taddy's voice finally coming on but he knew immediately that it was voicemail, Eugene's 'posh' voice.

"Taddy, it's just me, Ianto. Calling to say I love you and am sorry I missed our call today. I will call again tomorrow in case you are in the room." Ianto sighed, closing the call as he often did. He called at the same time every day, an agreement so that on a good day they could talk. On a bad day he would be so excited to hear from him 'after so long' and he never forgot who Ianto was. He always remembered his boy.

Ianto rose from the chair at the table, leaving the phone where he had placed it down and walking to the windows to stare out at the helicopter slowly rusting in the field out back, the Goats loving the fact the doors were removed to allow them access.

He drummed his fingers.

He rang the main company for the Twilight Cruises, getting one of the women he knew on the line "Hello there Carrie, This is Ianto Harkness-Jones. I have been trying to call the boat. Is there a reason my call isn't connecting but going to voice mail?"

He listened, sighed and then said "Right. I did not know that. Thanks for the info."

He sat at the table and Ton turned from the bowl of food he was preparing for the goats "Is everything OK Taddy?"

"There is a storm out at sea, the boat is caught in it and the atmosphere is so thick that phones can't get through. They are talking to them via the on-board computers and everyone is fine. Just … cut off."

"Oh" Ton nodded going back to the apples he was cutting into bite sized pieces "As long as they do not get struck by lightning or something weird."

"No darling, that would not happen" Ianto assured him, "After all … it's a huge boat."

"So was the Titanic" Ton said sagely, pushing the door to the wet room open to go outside and feed the silly goats that were all patently waiting for him to arrive.

Damned things could tell time.