"Hey Walt"

Walter was surprised to find his Tad in his office doorway, watching him as he went over scripts. "Hey Taddy. What's up?"

"We are heading to the Lake House for the week, taking the kids …well… Imp, Hawk and Tony and Angel anyway. Can you with the house and animals? We are taking the dogs … not Grub. I think we've accepted that he loves Bethy more."

"He's getting old Tad. Man … He's gotta be what… eighteen?"

"Twenty" Ianto said softly "He will be twenty this year love. He's very old. Fragile. Seems to think he's a pup still. Why I am letting him choose where he wants to be. Hawk is too young, too much noise and bluster for him now. He's not going to see another winter I fear. For a large dog to live this long … Really didn't know if he was going to last this one to be honest, didn't want to jinx it."

"Wow. I … really? If only Myf…." Walter stopped speaking, knowing as well as his father that she had a hard life, the fire that she saved them in not helping her in that respect. He also knew the there were others watching out for this old dog with affectionate interest, he was still so strong for an old man.

"It is a testament to how well we raised him, cared for him and loved him that he has got this far. This will upset Ton, not like badger but still … letting him choose his spots, choose where he wants his last days in the sun … that's kind now."

"So.. the naked cat of Babs?"

"Princess Percivalle is the ..ah…fifth one? Pee-Pee just always looks weird, not matter which one. She has three of them at the moment. Prince Pompous and Prime Maxima. Don't ask why. I gave up. You know her names never make sense. I call them all Pee-pee. Seems to piss them off" Ianto shrugged as Walter roared with mirth.

After all this time, his Tad can still surprise him.

Three of them around the place ... he had never noticed.

Ugly little shits.

As bad as the lizards.