Chapter 1: Percy?!

I was running through a forest full of trees, then I heard a roar echo in the distance. I looked around wildly trying to pinpoint the direction it came from. "Rose! Come on!" Luke called from up head. I hadn't realized that I had skidded to a stop, my breathing speed up, where had everyone gone? "Rose!"

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm coming," I called, I had heard their footsteps up ahead. I took a deep breath and keep running. I caught up pretty quickly, I saw Grover's fuzzy legs through the trees. Then I saw the monster that was chasing us in the corner of my eye. A cyclops. And it was closing in on us.

We about to go over the crest of the hill when it caught up with us. "Guys, go! I'll hold them off!" I heard Thalia's voice sound from behind a tree. Her spiky black hair showed through the leaves. I held back, not wanting to leave my friend behind, then I felt a hand pulling arm closer to the crest of the hill.

I looked over and saw Annabeth pulling me with tears spilling out of her eyes, some threatening to escape mine as well. I took a step away just as Thalia got lifted like eight feet in the air and thrown into the trunk of a tree, she slid down, unconscious. I let out a strangled sob as it picked her up by the throat. Then the last I saw was her hit the ground, and a pine tree sprouting from her chest.

Then everything faded to black.

I woke with a start, I was covered in a cold sweat. Luke was also sitting up and when he saw me awake, he slid down next to me. I smiled with a tear sliding down my cheeks. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and just sat there with me until I had calmed down. I took a deep breath a rested my head on his shoulder.

Luke was like a big brother to me, I had been at camp for five years now, and I still didn't know who my father was. I had run away when I was seven looking for answers and I just couldn't deal with Gabe anymore, but for it, I had to leave my brother and mother. They were kind to me, but my stepfather hated me.

When I had got to Camp I had learned that the Greek Gods were real and my father was one of them, let's just say that I don't like them too much. I mean my father still hadn't claimed me, and they never seemed to give us any help when we were on the run. No advice, no weapons, nothing.

I took a deep breath and looked over at the clock. It read 6:30 am, I sighed and pulled away. I stood and picked my way across the floor towards the door, I opened it and was momentarily blinded by the sunlight. I groaned and stepped out, and made my over to the shore of the canoe lake. I sat down in the sand and sifted it through my fingers, breakfast wasn't for about an hour, so I should be fine. I mean I wasn't very hungry anyway.

I closed my eyes and just breathed. I missed my mom and my brother. I felt a tear escape my eye, why did my life have to be so messed up? I just want to be normal for once! I mean I guess I was when I was younger, like before seven. My life had been moving too quickly, I mean I'm 12 and I already know how to use a sword for the gods' sake!

My day was going fine, all the normal activities, like canoeing and archery. Then there were the things that you would only do at Camp Half-Blood, like sword-fighting and flying lessons, like on a pegasus. My favorite pegasus was named Midnight, she was coal black and, really, really like sugar cubes. She also made amazing jokes. She was happy to let me fly around on her, and I was loving it. I never liked air travel, but flying on a horse was different, seemed safer. Okay, I know that sounds crazy, riding on a horse without a seatbelt, or a cabin with walls and seats, but I'm not normal.

I had missed breakfast, but Annabeth had convinced me to go to lunch. After my first meal of the day, I had my afternoon activities, but I didn't put my whole heart in them.

Once the torture of having to be around other kids was over I made my way back to the Hermes cabin, I let out a long sigh when I got back to my sleeping bag. I laid down and closed my eyes, the sun was too bright sometimes. I guess I'm not a child of Apollo...

I must have drifted off because Luke shook my awake for dinner. "You really should eat more, you didn't come to breakfast," he looked worried about me, but I rolled over. "Rose, please. What happened to the Rose I knew before we got to camp?"

I turned around and sat up, "It's just that I miss my brother, we were so close, then Gabe came and I just couldn't stand him! I stayed there for two years and all he did was torture my family!"

Luke offered me his hand and pulled me up, "Come on, let's go get some dinner." I smiled and followed him out of the cabin. It was getting dark outside, but I saw something moving by Thalia's tree.

"What's going on up there?"

Luke looked over and shrugged, "New camper, a little trouble getting across the border?"

I looked back over and asked, "Should we help?"

"Sometimes people like to prove themselves, I think we should leave it to them."

"But they could hurt themselves!" I ran over to the hill, but Luke grabbed me before I could get halfway there!

I glared at him, but went to to the Dining Pavilion with him. I asked in my head for some blue pancakes and scrambled eggs, and they appeared on my plate. "You do know that those are breakfast foods, right?" He asked when he looked over.

"I missed breakfast, and it's my favorite meal of the day. Plus, breakfast foods are easy to make blue," I said matter-of-factly.

Luke looked confused, "You know, I still don't get why you like blue food."

"It's just something that Percy, Mom, and I used to do," I said remembering the blue cakes that Mom would make us for our birthday. I smiled and walked over to the fire and scraped part of my eggs into it. Dad? Please give me a sign.

"Guys! We have action at the border. New camper, and he just passed out with Grover!" I heard Clarisse yell over the babble of campers. I rushed over to where she was pointing and knelt over them. I saw some familiar messy raven black hair. I shook my head. I'd deal with him later, I tapped Grover hoping to wake him up. Of course, he had passed out.

"Grover! Grover, get up!" I punched him lightly on the arm, but I guess after five years of training light meant very hard to others. He yelped and leaped to his feet, "I didn't think that would work, I'll keep that in mind for later use." Grover started to stumble, so I put my arm under his arms so I could support his weight. "Come on, let's get you to the infirmary."

"Get him, I can walk now," Grover muttered.

I nodded, and let him go. He started to stumble down the hill. I went over to the boy on the ground, then I saw his hair again and I picked him up. I went back down and entered a room with many cots and some medical supplies. I set him down on an empty cot when I saw Chiron come in on his wheelchair. "Could you bring him into a room in the Big House?"

"Sure..." I was confused, but followed him out anyway. We came to a sick room meant for people with serious injuries or if they were sick. "Why here?"

Chiron looked at me with what looked like pity etched on his face, "This is the boy that I posed as his Latin teacher to watch over him."

"You mean this really is my brother?!" I felt the second tear that day escape my eye. I had missed him so much! Maybe I could even see Mom again.

I looked outside and I could see stars start to appear. "I should get to bed, it's getting late." Chiron nodded and went back to the Hermes cabin, and laid down to sleep. Hoping for a dreamless sleep.

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