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"No. I wanna go to Ginny's sleep over." Rebecca insisted. The eleven year old was stood face to face with her mother. It was a busy Friday night but Becca didn't care. Her mum – Veronica "Ronnie" Mitchell – had been overly overprotective the past couple of weeks. Maybe it was because Auntie Roxy had a new boyfriend who sold the 'extra magic snow'? Becca wasn't stupid, the 'snow' was literally cocaine – hokey cokie, charlie, sniff..she was eleven but she

wasn't stupid.

"And I've said you aren't going. I need to help Auntie Peg and you need to keep your cousin Bradley occupied – you know how sad he's been lately." Ronnie met her daughter's – the typical 'Ice Queen' stare.

"What about Dad? He can go with Bradley." The youngest Mitchell continued to argue.

Ronnie flinched but not so obviously that her daughter spotted it. "He's helping Auntie Tanya with Baby Oscar."

The two entered into a staring competition but the elder of the two eventually beat the younger version of herself. "You're going and that's final. I'm your mother, I make the rules and you follow them. End of story."

Rebecca huffed and stamped her foot in a Roxy-like fashion before marching up the stairs to get changed into something more suitable to a wedding ceremony. She loved her mum and the rest of her family – including her father (Jack) – but sometimes she just wanted people to see her for just 'Rebecca' and not just the Mitchell/Branning cocktail. Her dad hadn't constantly been in her life but she was still a 'Daddy's' girl in a somewhat tomboyish sort of way – something her mother had always despised. And Ronnie? Well, Rebecca's mother had been a helicopter mum but not in the traditional sense. Ronnie was overprotective and disapproving but yet Rebecca couldn't remember the last time she had receive physical affection from her mother. When was the last time she had been hugged and kissed 'goodnight' or 'good morning? Her pre-teen mind couldn't remember. Unless the time when Aunt Rox had stumbled in drunk counted?

Ronnie rolled her eyes and entered the bar area as soon as her little girl was out of sight. 'That child of mine has way too much attitude.' the frosty blonde thought to herself as she pulled yet another pint of lager. She couldn't blame Becca though. Ronnie knew that both herself and her 'wildchild' sister had well and truly rubbed off on the eleven year old. Rebecca was the perfect combination of Ronnie and Jack. She had the blonde hair and blue eyes but the shade of blonde was more of a mousey colour – a mix between blonde and brown. They eyes weren't piercing blue but they weren't a chocolate shad either

Ronnie found it understandable that there was still no justifiable conclusion to the whole nature vs nurture debate. Her daughter was the epitome of the saying 'the proof is in the pudding'.

"Ron? Ronnie!" Ronnie blinked at the sound of his voice and met his gaze briefly before looking back at the beverage she was in charge of.

"What?!" She spat out irritably and gestured to the crowded bar. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

Jack scoffed and brushed off her snippy tone. "Is Becky ready? We're ready to go to the church." He told her.

Ronnie had a strange smirk on her face as she looked to Jack's right. "You have a little something just here." She told Tanya and pointed to her own left shoulder.

Tanya twist and moaned when she saw the distinctive patch of baby sick. "Oh for crying out loud...I'm going to have to go back home. I knew this wasn't a good idea." She whined half jokingly and half deadly serious.

Ronnie smiled a little falsely and Jack shook his head in a dismissive manner. "Don't be silly," he said quickly before Ron could make any comment, "I'm sure it will just wipe right off." The charming man assured and went to wipe at the vomit but Tanya jerked back a little disgusted.

"No. Don't be ridiculous. I'll change and meet you back here." Tanya told him and was already halfway out of the pub.

The Vic's doors had just slammed shut when Jack quickly turned to face his daughter's mother. "If you wanted me to take you to the wedding you should have just said so. There's no need for the Green Eyed Monster." He told Ronnie cockily that familiar shit eating grin on his face.

Ronnie rolled her eyes as she busied herself with another order – pouring herself a sly drink in the process. "Bec will be down soon. She was giving me grief about going. It was that girls sleepover tonight." She told him nonchalantly.

Jack inwardly sighed and thought about his next words before verbally expressing them. "You should have just let her go to her sleepover."

"Jack, I've never even met the kid or her parents. The reason why we decided to stay in Walford is because I knew her and Roxy would be surrounded by family – that's what they both need this time last year. Family is everything." Ronnie pleaded with Jack. She wished he would for once be on her side. He never seemed to get where she was really coming from.

"Ron, she's a kid. She doesn't want to be at some boring fake wedding. Sleep overs are the best at that age." Jack exclaimed exasperated. He hated the thought of his little girl growing up – the thought of her having a boyfriend one day terrified him – but he knew that her becoming a teenager and eventually an adult was inevitable.

The two parents entered into a stare down when a voice from behind Ronnie broke them from their intense trance.

"Fighting about me again?" Rebecca asked rhetorically with a raised eyebrow. Her eyes flicked between her mum and dad. She had seen this picture enough times to know that the club owners were arguing about something.

Jack grinned and shook his head. "Of course not, Princess. Your mum was just saying that true love doesn't exist." He rolled his eyes jokingly, proud that he was able to think on the spot. "We both know that isn't true though, right?"

Becca gagged at her dad's cheesiness and looked at her mother. "Just to let know – I called Ginny and told her I was sick. Thanks for making me a liar." She said sarcastically. "Where's Bradley?" She asked as she scanned the pub, hoping to spot her older cousin who was a geek but in a 'cool' way.

"Uh...he's around. I'll be waiting out front so when you find him meet outside." Jack told his daughter and watched as she skipped off to find her cousin. "You need to loosen up, Ron. If you want me to stay so we can talk then don't say anything...If you don't then just tell me to buzz off." When Ronnie remained silent and instead followed their daughter with her eyes, Jack gave a small nod and took a seat in a hidden corner of the public house.

The ex copper was determined to get the older Mitchell sister to open up. He didn't care if it took weeks or moths. All he cared about was her and his daughter – as long as they were happy, healthy and safe, he didn't care about anything else.

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