Today was an ordinary day for the number one most unpredictable ninja. Today, he has just defaced the Hokage Monument and even pranked some ANBU.

"He went and did it again!"

"I thought that you learned your lesson after the Genin exams!"

"Ha! Ha! You guys should have seen the look on your faces!" Currently, said boy was being chased by his intended targets. At the same time an airship landed. Just when Naruto thought he made the slip, an arrow nearly chopped his head off.

"You know, that was pretty gutsy what you did back there."

"Don't encourage him Hawkeye."

"Come on Fury, it was a good prank."

"I am in trouble aren't I?"

"No, but my previous offer still stands."

"Sorry Furry but I still want to be Hokage."


"Ah come on Fury, you are still not mad about the time I painted Coulson's face with graffiti." There was no answer from the man known as Furry.

"This ain't my first rodeo kid. You know better and we'll discuss this later." Said Fury and before he knew it, the duo left along with the airship."

"That was fun! Time to see my friends." Said the boy, happy about the thought. Honestly, he just wanted to forget being scolded by Fury.

In the center of Konoha there was a large tree. A few years ago it wasn't there and for some reason it just appeared one day out of the blue. Soon all over, random places appeared all across the Shinobi Nations. Some people were a bit wary because of the advanced technology the people possessed while others pitied them because they were in an unfamiliar area. Some ninja even visited these new towns after hearing that the people there were having trouble making adjustments to the situation.

Naruto himself has even been to those places. One was located underground and the second being that tree that was smacked in the middle of Konoha. Naruto smiled after looking at the large tree and was excited to tell his friends about his adventure in Wave. On top of the tree was a treehouse that looked more of a house than a regular tree house to play in. There was even an elevator inside the tree's trunk just to get inside.

"Hey guys, let me in!" Honestly, he didn't have to shout since there was a speaker right next to the elevator.

"Good grief, Naruto you didn't have to shout." Said a kid's voice that sounded a bit annoyed. Suddenly, the elevator opened and Naruto went inside.

Once inside, he saw three kids who were about his age. The first kid had brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a red long sleeved shirt with a red and blue striped pattern on each sleeve. He wore blue shorts and brown shoes that seemed way too big for his feet.

The next kid was another boy. He had dark skin, wore a red and black jacket complete with a plain white shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers. The last of the bunch was a girl. She wore a long sleevedwhite tank top with a pink spider, wore extremely short shorts but wore long black boots to make up for it. She had blue eyes and short blond hair that was dyed the color pink at the very bottom.

Right now the girl was very annoyed with Naruto and his boyish antics and if not, she was furious. When Naruto saw how angry his friend was, he knew that he was going to be in trouble.

"You're late."

"Sorry Gwen, ran into Fury."

"What did you do this time?" The girl now known as Gwen said a bit annoyed.

"I defaced the Hokage monument. I think he is still mad about what I did to Coulson."

"Dude, they are ninja. How can they fall for the same trick twice?"

"I don't know Miles and it is maybe because they are gullible and they can never catch me because I am awesome!" Said Naruto who was proud of himself while Gwen rolled her eyes

at his boyish behavior. In the meantime, Gwen was occupying herself by working on her new drum set and was trying them out for a new song.

"So Naruto, do you want anything to drink? I think we still have some leftover cola in the fridge."

"Sure Peter, but we seriously need to do something about the fridge. Some of the villains try to sneak in here just to raid the fridge." Naruto said taking the can from his friend.

"This reminds me of the time you tried alien food in Underground Akihabara. How can you stand that stuff is beyond me." Miles said shivering in disgust at the memory.

"What happens in Underground Akihabara stays in Underground Akihabara and besides that place is where nerds can socialize and buy comics and junk. Naruto likes it." Peter said smiling.

"So Naruto, are you still sure about bringing your entire team here. Some of them are unstable."

"I think it will be fine and besides, I really want you to meet them!" Said Naruto who was excited about the thought.

"Sorry that I am late, I was lost on the path of life." It was Naruto's Jonin Sensei Kakashi who seemed to come out of nowhere. At the same time, both Sakura and Sasuke were there as well.

"Sorry that we are late and we would have been on time if somebody wasn't running late!" Sakura screeched at the top of her lungs. It wasn't until she saw someone they didn't know going through the fridge.

"So you guys want anything?" Peter asked, trying not to be rude. However there was no answer.

"So any reason why we are meeting with fresh academy students today?" Sakura asked out of curiosity.

"Actually, these kids are experienced fighters so they will be joining in our ninja ranks next year so for now they will be shadowing us for the day. Not that we will be doing any actual missions today. In fact, we'll just use the day to get to know each other." After Kakashi explained what was going on, a smile crept up on Naruto's face and everyone knew that nothing good will come from that. The next thing they knew was that they were now literally underneath Konohagakure no Sato and what surprised them the most was that there was an entire city too. Sasuke was even in a fighting stance when he saw a few aliens passing by.

"This was not what I was expecting." Said Sakura after witnessing a fellow human eat something alien and was grossed out at the site.

"Welcome to Underground Akihabara and here I am the king!" Naruto bragged only having teammates to just look at him in response.

"New visitors approaching, scanning faces for new passports." Sakura nearly jumped when she saw it. It was a robot and in the ninja world, they only existed in the movies. "Scanning complete, here are your passports, we hope that you enjoy your stay." Sakura was still a little spooked and accidentally bumped into an alien that spoke to her angrily in another language.

"Excuse me?" She could not understand a word the creature was saying. The alien then pointed to one of the passports which were actually just necklaces with a single crystal tied in the middle.

"Watch where you are going pink banshee!"

"Rude! You were the one that bumped into me first!" Yelled inner Sakura.

"Whatever." Sasuske said after choosing his own passport while Kakashi took the last one. While walking through town both Sakura and Sasuske were receiving glares, mostly by the alien population and it made Sakura uncomfortable. Sasuske didn't care while Kakashi read his perverted book.

"I am so excited for you to meet the old man!" Said Naruto and when they stopped, they stumbled upon a comic book shop. Naruto then kicked the door open and said,"Old man, I am here to pick up the new comic I ordered!"

"Hey Naruto, did you get in trouble for painting the Hokage monument again?" Said a random customer.

"Yo Naruto, does it kill you to open the door like a normal person?" Said another while a few more waved hello to him. Naruto, however, ignored the comments and went straight to the front desk.

"Guys, this is Stan." Peter introduced.

"Ah, Naruto. I have what you were looking for. I see that you have been following up on Spidy's adventures."

"What can I say, I can relate and those mobs and New York are brutal. I was shocked when Jameson announced that he would send reward money to those who would unmask Spider-Man."

"Those were the simpler times."

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked.

"Before we came to your world, super heroes were in danger of having their privacy invaded because of the government's new law. It was called the Archives which stated that all supers were to either give up their secret identity or have their names registered in official government documents by joining the military. This led to the second civil war between two heroes: Captain America and Iron Man. Captain America believes that since supers are American citizens, they had the right to privacy while Iron Man believed that all supers should be kept under watch due to his own mistake with his creation of Ultron. Then, Thanos happened.

He transported half of the entire universe's population to a world where there were too little people; your world and some people were even gifted with your chakra thanks to the infinity gauntlet. The infinity stones were then scattered across your world. There are six stones in total: mind, power, reality, soul, space and time. With all six, the wielder would have unimaginable power."

"That is interesting, I must have it to avenge my family because I am an avenger."

"Good luck with that. Your only obstacle would be the three factions; S.H.I.E.L.D who is searching for the stones so that they would not fall into the wrong hands, then you have A.I.M who are searching them so that they could use them to study for science and then you have Hydra who want to use them for world domination."

"Yeah, Sasuke-teme so don't even try!" Naruto shouted. Then all of a sudden, the store was silent. Nobody moved except for Naruto who was now growling loudly. It was soon revealed that there was a short chubby kid. He wore a lot of jewelry, had poofy hair and was currently sucking on a lollipop. His clothes were even screaming spoiled rich kid.

"I am here to pick up a comic please."


"Uzumaki-san." That was when he saw Sakura and said,"It is nice to finally meet you. You must Sakura. My name is Charles." The child then kissed Sakura's hand and then tried to flirt with Gwen. As a result, both girls were a bit creeped out and disturbed.

"Get lost Otaku-teme! They are not interested!"

"Apologies, I am here to pick up my order."

"And what would that be?"

"Oh, nothing but issue number 365."

"But that issue is supposed to be super rare! How did you get your grubby hands on that!"

"Sweepstakes, if you paid attention then you would have known."

"Hey! I may be hyperactive but I am not stupid!"

"Nerd bonding." Sasuke said with a smirk.

"You know, there is a tournament today and I heard that the prize is that special comic."

"All right, sign me up!" His teammates sweat drop and thought 'All of the over a comic.'