Hotch put the phone down with a sigh looking frustrated.

"What did he want." Rossi demanded, looking through the window of the gas station.

The unsub, Jeremy Ross, had holed up in a local station taking everyone inside hostage.

"An exchange." Hotch says looking at his team.

"What kind of exchange?" Derek asks, having a feeling he won't like the answer.

"We send in a negotiator and he sends out one person. After that ever demand met one more is released." Hotch says.

"We can't do that Hotch." Derek says.

"I know."

"But we have to." Emily sighs.

Hotch nodded. At this time there was no other way to guarantee the hostages would be released safely.

"Who's going in?" JJ asks.

Hotch looks down before looking up again at Spencer with a sigh. "He asked for you."

"No. Not happening." Derek says. "I'll do it."

"If we try to send in someone else though people might die." Rossi says.

"I'll do it." Spencer says, already reaching for a bullet proof vest.

"You can't!" Derek exclaims.

"Do you doubt me?" Spencer asks, putting the vest on.

Derek stuttered. "No, no it… it's just that.."

Spencer turned to Hotch. "I can do it."

Hotch nods even if he didn't look happy about it. "Wear the com unit. Don't take it off for any reason and leave your vest on."

"You got it." Spencer says, putting the com in his ear and the microphone onto his vest strap.

"Be careful pretty boy." Derek says.

Spencer nods before carefully walking to the gas station door, hands in the air. One of the hostages opened it and let him in before locking it behind him.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Derek mutters under his breath.

"You and me both." Rossi says, watching the windows.


"My name is Doctor Spencer Reid. You asked for me."

"Yeah I did." The unsub said waving his gun around.

"Why don't you put the gun down so we can talk Jeremy."

Jeremy waved the gun in his direction and it took all his willpower to not flinch away. One wrong move right now and he would be dead.

"No, you put your gun down. Kick it over here." Jeremy demanded motioning to the weapon on his hip.

Spencer slowly moved his hand to the handle and pulled it out of the holster.

"Now!" Jeremy yelled. "Put it down now!"

Spencer bent down slowly. "I'm putting it on the floor."

"Kick it over there." Jeremy demands.

Spencer kicked the gun away from him and stood up slowly again. He looked Jeremy in the eye. "Before we talk you need to let one of these people go."

Jeremy whirled around and looked at the five hostages. The store owner, a female college student, and a mom, dad, and their small boy.

He pointed to the child. "GO!"

"Go honey it'll be okay." The mom says. "We'll be okay."

The child started crying but ultimately listened to his mother. He ran for the door, unlocked it, and ran outside. From the corner of his eye he saw Derek grab the child and bring him behind the line of police cars. Spencer let out a breath. The most vulnerable was safe now, that was good.

"Okay now we can talk." Spencer says calmly.

"Medical supplies. I need medical supplies." Jeremy says pacing.

"Can I ask why?" Spencer asks.

Jeremy whirled on him lifting his shirt to his chest. There was a long gash along his abdomen that was slightly bleeding. It would need stitches.

"Okay, I can get you the supplies, But, you have to let the student go." Spencer says.

"Fine, FINE!" Jeremy yells.

"I'm going to tell my team now." Spencer says moving his hand to the mic on his vest. "I need some gauze, peroxide, and a suture kit."

"You'll have it in five minutes kiddo." Came Rossi's voice in his ear.

"It'll be here in five minutes." Spencer tells Jeremy.

They fell into silence. Jeremy was still pacing in front of the hostages. Spencer stood as still as he could, hands still in the air. He was looking over the hostages for injuries.

The dad had a cut above his eyebrow. He must have tried to fight Jeremy but ultimately was taken over. Everyone else just looked scared.

"Supplies heading your way." Rossi's voice came through the com.

"Jeremy the medical supplies are on their way."

Jeremy turned towards the door. "Take the girl and go get them then bring them here."

The girl scrambled up and ran to Spencer who carefully walked her towards the door. Spencer opened it to see Derek holding a first aid box. Spencer gently pushed the girl out the door taking the first aid box.

"You okay pretty boy?" Derek asked quietly.

"I'm fine, do-"

"STOP TALKING." Jeremy yelled. "Get back here!"

Spencer nodded and pushed the door closed again.

"Lock it!" Jeremy demands.

Spencer locked the door and walked back to Jeremy.

"Come here."

Spencer walks forwards slowly, holding the box out to Jeremy. The man shook his head.

"I don't know how to do it. You're a doctor, you need to do it."

"I'm not that kind of-" Spencer started to say but was cut off as a hand connected with his face.

"Reid?!" came a voice over the coms.

"You'll do it!"

Spencer straightened up.

"Reid are you okay." Came his boss's voice in his ear.

Spencer shot a look out the window and gave a small nod. He saw his team relax just the slightest.

"Okay I'll do it." Spencer says. "You'll need to lay down though."

Jeremy looked conflicted before nodding. He slowly got onto the floor and Spencer sent one more look out the window before kneeling next to the man. He opened this kit before freezing when he heard the sound of a safety being turned off. He looked towards Jeremy only to seen the man's gun aimed at his neck.

"One wrong move and you die."

Spencer swallowed and nodded. He slowly put the sterile gloves on and pulled out the peroxide.

"This is going to hurt." He warns.

Jeremy nods and takes a breath.

Spencer, as carefully as he could, started cleaning the wound. Jeremy groaned beneath him. He held his breath, praying to whatever deity existed that Jeremy wouldn't accidentally pull the trigger. After a tense minute the wound was clean. Spencer let out his breath and reached for the suture kit, once again warning the man it was going to hurt. After he got his nod he started the stitches, knowing that they could be better if someone trained had done them. Jeremy groaned, hands twitching. Finally, it was done, and he taped the gauze down.

"Done." He says, slowly standing and backing up.

Jeremy breathed for a moment before getting to his feet. He looked to the hostages and then back to Spencer.

Spencer didn't like the look in Jeremy's eyes. The silence was tense as Jeremy planned his next move. He walked to the hostages.

"Get up."

They stood, hands in the air.

"Stand over there." Jeremy pointed with the gun.

The three ran to where he pointed which was in front of him and Spencer, blocking the two from his team's view.

"Reid what's going on." Came Hotch's voice.

Jeremy looked to Spencer. "Come here."

"Reid answer me." Hotch demands.

The agent walked forward slowly but regretted it immediately as Jeremy grabbed him by the neck, pulled the agent to him, and put the gun to his head.

"GO!" Jeremy yells at the rest of the hostages. He turned them towards the window.

The three ran out of the building leaving Spencer's predicament in full view to his team.

"Where's your mic." Jeremy asks.

"Shoulder." Spencer says.

He feels Jeremy's hand find the mic and then he's talking. "Get me a car and fifteen minutes and you get your agent back."

"Stay calm kiddo. We'll get you out." Came Rossi's voice.

Spencer gave a subtle nod, knowing his team could see him.

"Let him go Jeremy." Came Hotch's voice over a megaphone.

"Get me the car!" Jeremy demands again, pressing the gun into Spencer's head.

"We can't do that Jeremy." Hotch says calmly.

Spencer's mind was going every possible outcome trying to figure out what to do. Jeremy was preoccupied with talking to his team and keeping his eyes on the window. Closing his eyes for a moment and taking a deep breath he executed his plan hoping it works in his favor. Carefully and painfully slow he raised his hand to where Jeremy was holding the gun to his temple.

"What are you doing?" Derek demands in his ear.

Spencer ignores it for the time being, creeping his hand higher hoping Jeremy doesn't feel him moving.

"Spencer you need to stop." Came Derek again.

Spencer gave a single, slow shake of his head.


Taking a deep breath, he grabbed Jeremy's hand and grabbed for the gun. He pushed up just as the gun went off. The bullet hit the ceiling. Jeremy went to punch Spencer, but he ducked, twisted Jeremy's wrist forcing him to let go of the gun. Spencer quickly stood up straight and aimed the gun at Jeremy's head.

He heard running and the door of the store was slammed open. The police rushed in and quickly cuffed Jeremy and pulled him out of the store.


He looked up to see his team running towards him. He dropped the gun to the floor before turning and vomiting. He felt his knees giving out, but someone caught him.

"You're okay." Came Hotch's voice. "You're okay."

Spencer gagged again, hunching over Hotch's arm. The man just held him steady as he dry heaved for a few minutes.

"Spencer, pretty boy."

Spencer looked up to see Derek kneeling in front of him. He gave a smile that probably came out more of a grimace. Derek pushed his hair out of his face and smiled back.

"You did good kiddo." Came Rossi's voice from behind him. "On that note, never do that again."

Spencer chuckled. "I don't plan on doing it ever again."

"Nearly gave me a heart attack." Emily says with a relieved chuckle.

Hotch helped him to his feet. Spencer took a shaky breath and shook his hands trying to dispel his adrenaline rush. JJ pulled him into a hug and then helped him out of the station.

The rest of the team looked to each other before letting out their own chuckles.

"That kid will be the death of me." Rossi says.