It was a rare weekend where the team had to come into work to finish up paperwork. They'd been so busy the last few days with unsubs that they needed the time to catch up.

Spencer hobbled in on his crutches an hour later that he usually would but only because Hotch would have sent him home for the day if he didn't take the extra time to rest.

They day was passing peacefully. His friends had signed his cast, he'd gotten a few cards, and Penelope had given him some flowers to brighten up his desk while he was stuck there for the next three months at the least.

Spencer was just glad he was getting a break from the hell week he had been experiencing. It seemed like everyone else was glad too.

Derek was glancing his way every once in a while as if to make sure there wasn't some crazy unsub stalking them. JJ came around more often and Emily shared her chocolates with him. Penelope had snuck a tin of cookies on his desk while he had been getting his third cup of coffee for the day. He knew Hotch and Rossi were glancing at him from their offices as well.

He ignored it all with a smile knowing that they just cared about him and were worried.

"How's the leg?" Derek asks as they eat their lunch in the break area.

"Sore." Spencer says. "Hopefully, it won't hurt the whole time."

"It won't." Derek assures him. "Had the same broken bone when I was in middle school. It'll stop hurting in a week or so and just be itchy."

Spencer sighed. "Great. I don't know what's worse."

Derek laughed and they continued their lunch talking about what kind of case they might get next.

It was nearly three pm and Spencer was hopeful that today would be a normal day.

That was until the alarms had started going off.

"Come on!" He yelled from his desk.

There were a few snickers, but the seriousness of the situation quickly took over.

All the floors were going on lock down and all the elevators had stopped. Someone had entered the building unauthorized and was dangerous.

Hotch and Rossi came out of their offices to talk to the team.

"Jack Martin escaped from jail last night and he's on a mission." Rossi says.

"We were all on that team." Emily says. "Is he after all of us?"

Hotch looked pained. "No."

"Don't tell me." Spencer says closing his eyes. "Don't you say it."

"It's you Reid." Hotch tells him looking apologetic. "You're the one who figured out it was him."

Spencer just groaned and sat down heavily in his chair. This week had been too long and he just wanted it to be over.

"We're going to gather in the conference room and hopefully SWAT will get to him before he gets to us." Rossi says. "And if he does get to us, well, shoot on sight."

The team nodded and stood up to go to the conference room before a gunshot stopped them in their tracks.

The stairwell door broke open and the one and only Jack Martin came bursting out.

"Great." Emily whispers, pulling her gun out.

Spencer just sat in his seat waiting for whatever was about to happen happen.

"Reid, get up." Hotch says as the team circles his desk in a protective pattern.

Spencer just sat there, wondering if his plan would work. He's just really tired of people coming after him. He almost laughed at the idea he had in mind.

"Doctor Spencer Re-id." Came the sing-song voice of Jack. "Where are you?"

Spencer stood up and grabbed his crutches. "I'm right here."

Jack grinned maniacally at him and walked forward. Everyone had their guns pointed at him, but the man also had his gun pointed at one of their own.

"Come here boy." Jack says.

"Spence don't do it." JJ says.

"Listen to her kiddo." Rossi tells him.

Spencer just shrugs and hobbles forward. "I heard you wanted me."

And before Jack could get a single word out Spencer just whipped his crutch through the air, smacking Jack in the head. He got a glimpse of confusion and maybe a little awe from the man before he crumpled to the floor.

The room was silent.

Spencer just nodded, turned around and sat back down at his desk. This prompted movement form the others. Another agent came forward and cuffed Jack and dragged him towards a holding cell as he woke up.

The team just stared at Spencer.

"You just gonna stare?" said man asked.

"Spence that was… Awesome." JJ says impressed.

Derek just started laughing, replaying the moment in his mind. "That was the most amazing take down I have ever seen."

Slowly the rest of them also started laughing, Spencer even chuckling a bit too.

"I can't even be mad." Hotch says. "Even if you put yourself in danger."

"Oh, I wasn't in any danger. You guys all had your guns out and I wasn't going to let him talk like other unsubs do." Spencer says.

Hotch nodded, conceding the point.

Behind them all came a sigh from Rossi. "You're turning my hair grey kiddo."